Life At Conception Act Introduced By Senator Rand Paul

Senator and CPAC straw poll winner Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced the "Life at Conception Act" on Thursday afternoon. He then went to Twitter and tweeted the following:

According to Senator Paul, S 583 "does not amend or interpret the Constitution, but simply relies on the 14th Amendment, which specifically authorizes Congress to enforce its provisions.

From Section 1 of the 14th Amendment:

"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

The Life at Conception Act legislatively declares what most Americans believe and what science has long known- that human life begins at the moment of conception, and therefore is entitled to legal protection from that point forward," Sen. Paul said. "The right to life is guaranteed to all Americans in the Declaration of Independence and ensuring this is upheld is the Constitutional duty of all Members of Congress."

The substance of the bill reads,

"To implement equal protection for the right to life of each born and preborn human person, and pursuant to the duty and authority of the Congress, including Congress' power under article I, section 8, to make necessary and proper laws, and Congress' power under section 5 of the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Congress hereby declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to require the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child."

It also goes on to define the terms "human person" and "human being" as "each member of the species homo sapiens at all stages of life, including the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual member of the human species comes into being." Yes, it sounds silly that we actually have to go about defining what is meant by these terms, but it is a result of the corruption of our society and devolving into not thinking that the child that grows within the womb is not a human, but merely a blob of tissue.

Additionally, Senator Paul also introduced the Accountability in Grants Act on Thursday as well, which "would remove the authority of the EPA under Section 103 to award money to programs or activities that take place outside of the U.S. This bill would also prevent grant applicants in the U.S. from sub-granting awards to activities or organizations outside of America."

"At a time when our economy is struggling, we cannot afford to spend millions in taxpayer dollars for these projects," Sen. Paul said. "With a $16 trillion debt, we need to ensure accountability for taxpayer dollars at every level and this bill would be a step in that direction."

Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) has introduced similar legislation in the House.

This would be a major step forward, for if this legislation were to pass, then it would most certainly be a defining moment on the abortion issue. Life is given by God and as such should be protected, especially among the most vulnerable among us.

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27 thoughts on “Life At Conception Act Introduced By Senator Rand Paul

  1. Kayla Mays says:

    I believe in this because ive lost two(boy and only girl) children that i had to make funeral arrangments for, but yet they arent considered human in the government eyes and i felt them move and grow and i seen the sex of them both and i was 20 weeks or over,i heard there heartbeats,they had names picked out, and with both due to being negleacted even being high risk,the first time i got neglectful service because she wouldnt listen to me or check my cervix sooner the she did i was there for hours before she did(first and last time or should would have seen my water bag bulging) While i wasnt bleeding and dilated they couldve done a emergency cerglage instead she told me i was not in labor, and i had a u.t.i i was going home,and i lost my son, i wasnt even givin any medications to stop the labor or treated for a uti, and my labs said no u.t.i in my med records..but later i was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix,second time the dr decided to play the waiting game instead of treating me like a patient with a incompetent cervix and giving me a cerglage considering it was the intial plan after the nessesary testing and i was suppose to be sewed..i had to make funeral arrangments for the both of them and to me they where human and that our bound began a conception,when a woman has mornig sickness,headaches,the changes in her body,those are the things that bound you to your child and i cry for them still and always will because i lost pieces of me,how can it be that when they are in the womb in a human body they are considered human,and if the are born alive they are considered human,but if they parish from neglect or for some reason the child doesnt make it alive out the womb its a debate of them being human,we all know life starts from somewhere..but the key word is "LIFE:..the word conception to me is a medical term but life is life


    Instead of the Government funding Murder with a capitol M they should fund free contraception and free ADOPTION SERVICES!


    The evil craft of abortion among other things , was taught by the evil fallen ones . For the sake of all that is Holy which created the sanctity of life if you are so irresponsible that you can't use contraception in your fornication , then be a responsible mature adult and accept the consequences of your wrongful actions , you have nine months to seek out suitable responsible moral people who wish to adopt if you refuse your responsibility. Murder is murder it isn't a right it is a criminal act which should carry consequences not burdened on the whole of society.


    Tax paying Christians are held in complicity without representation under Roe v Wade which justice Scalia said is the most immoral judgement the US justice system has ever committed on society . Where in the constitution does it say there is a right to murder? It is time for Men to be Men and Moral leaders and demand respect for life ! There is no right to Life as was supposed to be guaranteed and they tyrannically attack and oppress and regulate the right to defend it under the second amendment also!

  5. Sensiblycentered says:

    What a hypocrite. Small government, indeed. Policing pregnancies. Invading families. This guy is sickening on so many levels.


      your ignorance will lead straight to hell you have no respect for the seed of life, tell me to get therapy ......go back under your rock atheist baby serpent! pregnancies shouldn't be policed but ROE V Wade should be repealed and defunded even supreme court justice Scalia has said it is an abomination and the most shameful act of our society.


      And your uniformed ignorance probably believes that their family invasion doesn't occur under their socialistic agendas implemented under Roosevelt's New Deal and government usurpence of private families through DHS & HHS &DFS/WELFARE. It is your ignorance which is sickening, my significant other is employed as a state clerk who processes the paperwork for government socialistic government family invasion ! THE government dependents need prevented through moral responsibility and the outlaw of Murder .
      And contraception and Adoptive processes not Murder! How invasive is it when the Government puts the children on Psychotropic drugs and creates monsters which murder other lives ? It is standard social service procedure , dope them up and abuse them. Small Government would be ending socialist intervention all together and providing free adoptive services. You would not believe the atrocities and abominations I hear of everyday! The government has created the dependents to enslave them and exploit them! You think you are sensibly centered when you are supporting MURDER and standing in the middle of the tracks with the Long Black train to hell barreling down on you!

  6. I know this sounds completely awful, but I don't want to pay the price for all of these unwanted babies either by my taxes or dealing with a lifetime of angry screwed-up teenagers. As it is, I'm being taxed to death to compensate for the illegals and the jackasses who don't want to work for a living. Sorry, but I can't help anyone else anymore, I've been working since I was 16 years old and I'm a vet of Desert Storm, I simply can't do no more I'm tired!. Most of these unwanted children end up in foster care where they are sometimes abused or with a single parent who can't afford to keep them and they grow up with issues. I live in an inner city area filled with examples of irresponsible abusive parenting. I see women punching, slapping their children almost every damn day of my life. It disgusts me! What kind of adults do you think these kids are going to turnout to be? Probably like the one in my local news recently who decapitated his mother. It's easy to be righteous when you live in suburbia, but when it's in your hallway and you have to call the police....enough is freaking enough. People complain about funding welfare, but they support bills like this which gives no alternative to people who may know themselves better than you do and is aware that they are not fit to parent. To irresponsibly create a precious life and place them unnecessarily in harm's way is beyond reproach. You can add your 2 cents and say what you like about me but my reality is not yours. I don't see loving parents very often, I see inadequate parents who hit their children like they wished they didn't exist and treat their kids like they are an inconvenience to their own lifestyle. What would my solution be? We need mandatory parenting high school education programs and a complete overhaul on our EBT and welfare programs. We have no programs for our school children so they can learn about transitioning to adulthood and that's a crime. Perhaps if these young parents were not filling their kids' faces with sugar and crap (allowed to purchase for free on their EBT card) they wouldn't run around like little out of control maniacs and have to be smacked.


      all most all that you said I completely agree with and can add the support of testimony of my significant others employment with a state office which as a clerk she processes the paperwork of the government dependents so she has first hand eyes on of the reports she processes of the things you speak of and yes this epidemic proportional socialist sickness is abused beyond the extreme , additionally they give and prescribe psychotropic drugs to these children and they age to committing criminal acts as a result of drugs and abuse !
      There is just one thing though that I might not attack you over but suggest to you on your reference to the papacy, If your view of God or religion remains effected as related to them you might want to consider researching their history and their reformations and the documentaries produced in reference to their global influence , with focus on the Jesuit order and re-read or study Revelations and the gospels of Christ. My opinion which I do not wish to offend you with is that the papacy is The Wolf in sheep's clothing. God bless and may the salvation of Christ sustain and provide for you in these difficult times! I think the state if it provided anything, other than socialist services , should provide contraception and it's role should end there because beyond that abominations occur.

    • But you're here...what if Jesus said, God, Father, I don't want to pay the price of dying of the cross...then what would happen to you and I...hell...lets not be a evil but show compassion and mercy as God have showed us. We could have a future doctor, teacher, etc.

  7. Ah yes, the phony Libertarian who wants the government off our backs and out of our lives, unless we're women. My personal, private life is none of your business. Go become a priest.

  8. The biggest problem with the 'moment of conception' is that no one knows when it happened, much less when it actually happens. Add to that, when a pregnancy can be confirmed, billions of moments later, it only confirms a statistical life, the probability that a live birth will occur many more billions of moments after that. The 'moment of conception' is now, and most likely will continue to be, unobservable in real time.

    As of now we can only say that the moment of egg fertilization is somewhere in between the moment of sexual physical male-female contact and 2 to 4 days later. The 'morning after pill has a chance of preventing fertilizations that have not yet occurred, birth control, and aborting those that have already occurred, abortions, none of which are even confirmable much less observable.

    In any case, I think Margaret Sanger got it right when she said, "The first right of a child is to be wanted" and until 'villages' are prepared to take over the total parental responsibilities for their unwanted living children it would be best not to be passing laws that will result in more unwanted children.

  9. George Wentzel says:

    God Bless Rand Paul and the other few with morality, integrity and dignity that attempt to conduct the peoples business amongst a malodorous group of filthy hedonistic debauchees!

  10. Concerned citizen says:

    Please consider the following before you support this:

    1. Is he and all his supporters willing to adopt the children the parents don't want or modify the adoption laws so children can be adopted within a few days rather than wait years to adopt or buy a child? If not sit down and shut up because I think there is nothing worse than bringing a child into the world who is forced to spend thei life being abused and neglected.

    2. Do you really expect everyone who doesn't want/ cannot afford children to stop having sex? Birth control does fail occasionally and everyone is not in a position to raise a child. In any case it would only be the woman who would suffer because the man can walk away. In very few places is child support laws/decions enforced especially in the low income communities as the wealthy will be able to pay for abortion, while the poor will not.

    3. Who is going to pay for children with known serious issues/illnesses that basically result in a child that cannot function and never will? I have several friends who have had to quit jobs and go bankrupt trying to care for a child with serious physical and mental issues as they cannot find anyone to care or help care for these children. And the mental, emotional, and physical toll on these families is inconceivable and these situation often end in divorce.

    Now think about what you would do if any of these things happened to you? Your daughter? Your granddaughter?

    • Yup. Old Doc Paul is playing with a short deck and your betting he can win...

    • Concerned citizen... I salute you...
      You are playing with a full deck and he is short a few cards and his followers are fooling themselves if they think the Hog wart will loose even more vote for the Republican'ts ...

    • Sensiblycentered says:

      Good points. Here are mine.

      Childbirth is too personal, too sacred, to be a fit subject for government machinations. It is between the mother and her God, and the families involved.

      A government large enough to police pregnancies and enforce childbirth is a government big enough to police pregnancies and enforce abortions. See: China. I don't want to live in a place like China, personally.

      No one has the right to impose their religious beliefs on other Americans. Tho my personal ethics preclude abortion as a choice for myself, I don't get to make that a law for anyone else. You don't, either.

      The moment a fetus is sustainable on its own, without enforced cooperation of another citizen's body, it has the right to protections of the state. Not before.

      Some things are best left to God.


      that will get you an eternal swim in the lake of fire and blood rain of fetuses poured upon you by demons. Life is between the creator God that blesses that gift and the freedom of that life to survive. Murder is Murder and you sanction it like the fallen Angels that taught the craft of destroying it and estranging it from the womb , you must come from the corrupt bloodline which has parasite dna.

    • Sensiblycentered says:

      You are clearly, and sadly diseased of mind sir. Please, get some help. Normal healthy people do not form such thoughts and sentences.

      I mean this sincerely. Get some help.


      I don't need any help I am perfectly healthy your the one who believes the great lies, just because you are ignorant to truth and support Luciferian murder and most likely the usurpance of the US government , you are the one who needs help because you have no respect for life ,sincerely learn the truth of life and get help from salvation .

  11. Dr. Rand Paul is right. Because of the US Supreme Court 57 million innocent, helpless human beings were betrayed and brutally murdered.


      and the religious persecution of Christianity continues under the papacy and socialist Marxism and any other ideology or government they can usurp.

  12. thank the Lord

  13. texan texan says:

    That loud "what" was the sound of a majority of Americans who totally oppose the life at conception idea. It couldn't even pass in MS. Rand just lost any chance at defeating Hillary. He's. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. thanks, rand. Ayn, of course, was against any abortion control. Nice he's for granting citizenship to illegals and legalizing drugs. But that's not gonna win enough votes. He's already backi g down on the citizenship thing.

  14. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

  15. Rand is looking good.

    Somebody remind me, what are his thoughts on an open border / foreign policy / drugs?