Kerry Praises Egypt's "Democracy" As Obama Slips Muslim Brotherhood Another $250 Million

The utter foolishness of the current administration continues to be seen as Secretary of State John "Swiftboat" Kerry gave praise to Muslim Brotherhood led Egypt for "their version of democracy" and released $250 million of American tax payer money into the Islamic regime's hands.

The Associated Press reports,

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday rewarded Egypt for President Mohammed Morsi's pledges of political and economic reforms by releasing $250 million in American aid to support the country's "future as a democracy."

Yet Kerry also served notice that the Obama administration will keep close watch on how Morsi, who came to power in June as Egypt's first freely elected president, honors his commitment and that additional U.S. assistance would depend on it.

The Capitalism Institute enumerates why this kind of aid should not be given:

  • We’re creating an arms race. Giving aid to Egypt and Israel is making tensions grow stronger, fueling an arms race that could end in bloodshed.
  • We’re aiding the future enemy. We have a horrible track record at this. We generally give cash and weapons to people who are going to kill our people within a decade or so. Let’s stop it.
  • It’s none of our bloody business. Egypt isn’t Texas, California, or New York. This has nothing — nothing — to do with us. Let’s keep our money out of it.
  • We’re completely and totally broke. We have an economic problem in the way of debt that will destroy our economy unless we get back on the right track. It’s not just bad economics to do this — it’s a symptom of a disease that really is going to kill us.
  • Stealing from Americans is wrong. Stealing is always wrong. Stealing to give to a tyrant is even worse. Stealing from Americans to give to a tyrant in another part of the world is just weird and insane — there’s no upside. We gain nothing. This isn’t good politics — it’s just weird, a waste, and a great example of how dark and twisted DC is.

"The United States can and wants to do more," Kerry said. "Reaching an agreement with the IMF will require further effort on the part of the Egyptian government and broad support for reform by all Egyptians. When Egypt takes the difficult steps to strengthen its economy and build political unity and justice, we will work with our Congress at home on additional support."

The American people are saying that we don't want to do more for these Islamic fascists. We are trillions in debt and yet we are slipping millions, providing F-16s, and $1 billion worth of German U-boats to a group that has already been at the forefront of telling us how our nation should be governed.

The day before Kerry's announcement, he hinted that the Obama administration is continuing to be behind Morsi, in remarks he made at the Marriott Zamalek Hotel in Cairo. During an impromptu questioning of Kerry by a reporter and the following question and answer took place. This partial transcript is provided by the State Department's website:

QUESTION: (In progress) heard his conversation with the opposition members. Did you hear anything from them that would suggest that they’re going to renounce their boycott of the election and actually take part?

SECRETARY KERRY: No, I heard very passionate people who are deeply committed to Egypt and to their version of the democracy that they fought for in their revolution. And I completely understand that. I wanted to hear from them. I explored their strategy and thoughts.

They’re deeply committed to human rights, to democracy, to freedom of expression, and to a real political process in which they feel they have a voice. America supports all of those things. And so listening to them was really important. There was a divergence of views in terms of the adamancy, but they all shared a sense that they needed to be more part of the process, more included, and they recognized the economic challenge, but they believe there’s also a need to fill the promise of democracy. And so do we. We believe that too.

Praising democracy? Really Kerry? Muslim Brotherhood member, Egyptian President and self-proclaimed Pharaoh Mohamed Morsi sought to grab all power for himself. They have only the form of civilized governing and giving the people a voice. What they really want is the power all to themselves and enforce totalitarian Shariah law upon the people of Egypt and murder the infidels there.

Additionally, the United States now, at least this administration doesn't support freedom if it is in opposition to their views. I mean it is already referring to American patriots and our Founding Fathers as domestic terrorists and training Federal agencies to view them as such. The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition at an alarming rate to the point that even Sarah Palin is claiming they are getting ready to deal with us using that ammunition.

The Obama administration has already said it doesn't need clear evidence to kill Americans and has, in fact, engaged in the killing of Americans abroad. John Brennan, nominated to head the Central Intelligence Agency by Barack Obama, has been questioned time and again about whether he thinks he has the authority to assassinate Americans on American soil and each time he dodges the question. Apparently he does believe he has the authority, but understands the political ramifications of affirming it.

All of this leads me to believe that the current administration does approve of Morsi's brand of democracy and that is why they support it. They do not believe in a Constitutional Republic, which is what we are, nor do they really believe in the United States Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers. However, traitors such as Obama and Kerry (and yes, I can imagine every Vietnam veteran living today wants to spit when he sees John Kerry representing the United States), are only too happy to take our money and support a system of government that is diametrically opposed to America, even contemplating supplying Syrian rebels made up of al-Qaeda terrorists, with weapons.

In case none of this makes sense to you, understand this: You and I are paying, with our tax dollars, to empower our enemies. Then our representatives pat them on the back to tell them what a good job they are doing. Doesn't that make you feel all safe and secure?

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  • Rich Knoch

    John 'Fraud' Kerry has 40+ years experience "selling out" the USA.

    Buckle up for more TREASONOUS ACTS!

  • disqus_hQ19w3VLjt

    All who vote for aid to our enemies should be tried for treason. It's the muslim brotherhoods goal to destroy the west so we funnel money and weapons to enable them. Am I the only one who thinks we are governed by stark raving lunatics?

  • Dave Grey

    So let me get this straight. Currently the US has no extra money. We are spending more than we bring in so what you are telling me is that we borrowed 250 million to give to egypt who may turn around and loan it back to us or use it & their newly aquired weapons (we gave them)to kill us. Time to abolish both parties, arrest everyone in office and start over.

  • jjtalbo2002

    What makes our stupid leaders from after WWII think that the USA is Mr Fix-it and Mr World Cop for all the religiously insane nations of this ball of mud? They blow our money and our blood for their nutty ambitions. Our blood pays for their desire to rule the far side of the world and men in dresses. Islam calls us "The Great Satan." They may be right, both for our Big Brother government and for the cowardly sheep standing in line for the slaughter.
    Enemy identifications has gone over the cliff of entropy. Enemy payoff used to be called "vigorish". SAD!

  • susandanielspi

    I thought they had to shut down the White House for tours because we are out of money. Where did this money come from for the Muslims? And what about the 2,700 armored tanks Obama just bought or the $1,000 uniforms for the TSA goons?

  • Goodforall

    When will the sheep wake up and realize that this administration is destroying our Country? I have never seen anything like this-absolutely pathetic!

  • chiefcooldude

    Looks l;ike Kerry had a face lift............

  • Edward Ebersole


  • Kristy Littlefield

    Why are we giving money to Egypt when we don't have any?

  • Ralph Collier

    Be very careful.....everything that is going on in front of our eyes is a magicians trick...misdirection.......the embassey, sequestering, 2,700 armored vehicles, 2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition, and on and on........he's really going after the United States Constitution and he's going to do it with the 2nd Amendment...what I can't understand is that all gun laws are unconstitutional....I didn't believe that statement until I read an article highlighting Constitution Scholar Publius Huldah.....a brillant lady. Please take time to read the following and then ask yourself...why is no one doing anything about this socialist in DC......

  • Chief47

    Now you see why this country is so much in debt. We have a president who couldn't balance a checkbook if his life depended on it, a debt that probably won't be able to be paid off by our grandchildren, and this thing they call a president is giving $250 million to a country that hates American and will probably use the money to support terrorist activities against us. We need to start calling Obama Ayatollah instead of president.

  • ralphwylie

    This can't be true! Cash and fighter jets for Egypt is impossible. Barry Soetoro Obama just told us that Sequestration caused us to not have any money for essential services for Americans.

  • EmmJaa

    What I want to know is why Congress keeps approving this nonsense? Congress is as bad as the WH.

  • fridihem

    Always moaning and whining, you guys never give up, do you. The USA for the past 50 years have been giving money to the enemies, didnt bother you before................think about it for a while, you know, use the few brain cells you have left.............the USA has given 100s of $billions to nations they dont really like, and many of these nations are and always have been MUSLIM ruled, by dictators, who hate YOUR GUTS.........but love your money...........its like your next door neighbour who you cant stand for one second, he is black, always scrounging, most likely a muslim, yet he knocks on your door..............and you lend him money....................are you stark raving bonkers

  • lana ward

    Obama is giving billions to our enemies and then cuts funding to programs that help and defend us. He is one evil piece of black!! America hating communist!!!

    • BigUgly666

      Obama is only 6% Negro, the rest is White Socialist & Arab

    • lana ward

      I know-but piece of black is one of my names for him

  • Gary Kimes

    Freedom of expression.. riiiight Mr Kerry. What about the rights of people who actually have a conscience right here in America? What about THEIR rights to express THEIR outrage at people like YOU!?
    You folks go to DC as though you are going there to account when in fact accounting has not been done there for years. You are directed there simply to grease the jacks to the debt ceiling with one hand while lobbying to undermine the constitution and its CHRISTIAN roots with the other.

  • Gary Kimes

    These actions should tell us that Dr Paul was the only one who has run for office in our lifetimes that saw the big picture. The thing about Dr Paul was his running exposed just how completely out of our hands the election process is and how completely America is owned by a cabal who has high-jacked our currency system to buy the new world order.
    It is sickening to me to day in and day out see the "should Obama be impeached" ads when in fact he was handed the presidency (with out being eligible) by those who want to see him destroy us. And we think we can impeach him? Hello!?

  • edd

    an now we have a person that should be on trial for treason for his actions in the late 60s or late 70s cant remember but him an Hanoi Jane should have both been tried convicted an shot for there actions during the VietNam War
    giving comfort an aid to the enemy

  • gnafuasusual

    If MB Morsi is deeply this and deeply that, why are they wanting Sharia (sp?) law? That is human rights at its finest? And, what is Morsi doing with that 250 million of our tax dollars or Soros's money? Making life better for Egyptians? Obama just gave Morsi a huge wad of money after Morsi was "elected" president. And, what is Morsi going to do with all of the American F-16s and tanks that Obama so lovingly gave him? And, wants to give Morsi even more!! It's a terrible thing to rise up against your own country but if "they" - whoever they are - come for your guns, do you have a responsibility to fight? The Constitution of The United States says Americans do have the responsibility to fight for their country's Liberty and Republic....The Republic for which we Stand.....

  • Pat Pettie

    John Kerry just said : " American has the right to be stupid." So, he has to prove it that he has the right to be stupid. He is acting stupidly - of course - in order to join obama's team, he had to be stupid otherwise he might out smart Joe Biden and obama.