Gun Control: Colorado Democrats Are Ready To Spark A Revolution

Colorado Democrats seem Hell bent to impose sweeping and tyrannical gun control measures, including banning the standard shotgun. It seems that they are pushing for a civil war or worse an entire revolution.

Anthony Martin reports,

Democrats who run the state government in Colorado, however, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the warnings and protests of citizens.

On Monday, the state Senate passed a gun control package that bans so-called "high capacity magazines," thus limiting the number of bullets a citizen is allowed to place inside the gun. Gun rights advocates say that this hamstrings citizens who face home invasions, rape, burglary, and robbery during which a citizen may need many more rounds of ammunition to prevent and stop a potential deadly encounter with criminals, many of whom commit their crimes with one or more accomplices.

The gun control bill also bans the private sale of guns, citizen to citizen, by requiring those who wish to sell a gun to a family member or friend, give a firearm as a gift, or hand down a gun to a son or daughter to get a background check on the one receiving the gun. Up until now citizens who own firearms could sell their own property to whoever they wished.

Notice that this is not merely an attack on the Second Amendment, but it is an attack on personal property rights of the citizens of Colorado.

Now anyone that knows me knows I have no problem with Colorado's law legalizing marijuana. I find it incredible that the State looks to make illegal something that grows in nature. However, they are more than willing to legalize pot while at the same time attack the very duty men have to defend themselves with arms, a Constitutionally protected right and attack it into oblivion.

The Democrat control freaks in Colorado are doing nothing different than those in Washington, D.C. So many gun control bills are before Congress and we are hearing about a possible alliance with domestic enemies of the Constitution by those in the Republican Party now in attacking the Second Amendment.

Fox News reports,

A divided Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday narrowly approved a Democratic bill expanding required federal background checks for nearly all gun purchases, but put off immediate consideration of an assault weapons ban.

The panel approved the measure by 10-8, supported by all Democrats and opposed by every Republican. Expanded background checks is at the heart of President Obama's proposals to curb firearms. The sponsor is Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

Understand that Colorado is moving in such a radical manner that pro-Second Amendment activists have vowed civil disobedience for any and all new laws that infringe upon the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Understand that this is not something to be taken lightly and I'm referring to legislation and civil disobedience.

However, I would like to provide a word of advice to Democrat legislators in Colorado. Remember when the British made similar attempts to doing what you people are trying? If you don't, read this and then understand that you are enemies of the United States Constitution and the people of Colorado, though you have been duly elected. Understand you will be the first people to face your constituents should you want to continue your traitorous actions in the Colorado State House. You will only micro manage free men's lives so much before you push too far. My suggestion is to exercise wisdom in this matter, but with your actions it's quite telling that you have none.

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  • cmjay

    The DEMOC - RATS from CALIFORNICATION who moved to Colorado to escape the influence of the LEFT are doing exactly the same STUPID thing. Now they expect a different result. Unfortunately , no one can fix STUPID.

  • WASP

    If the libtard-infested State of Colorado's citizens allow these crooks to violate their constitutional rights, they're getting the gummint they deserve. On the other hand, if they grow a backbone and want to get on with the inevitable shooting war that's needed in the whole country, there are plenty of patriots who will help.

  • Jeff Thomas

    revolution is at our door step and if you god damned libs want civil war we can do that too...

  • Walt

    These people are preaching to an empty house. Everybody who can read knows that in every country and in every state that has banned firearms that crime has gone up exponentialy. The easiest way to increase violent crime is to ban firearms. The criminals love it and have a field day.

    • cmjay

      Unfortunately , their followers can't read or don't bother to know what's happening to our country. They are just sitting on their derriere all day texting with their FREE cell phones while waiting for the handouts.

  • thomas gentile


  • davienne
  • Joseph C. Evangelista

    what part of " Vote The Bums Out " Have we missed.