First Man Arrested Under NY's Unconstitutional SAFE Act

Thirty-two year old Benjamin Wassell of Silver Creek has become the first victim in New York's unconstitutional SAFE Act. That's right, I used the term "victim" because these are completely unlawful laws being enforced.

The western New Yorker is apparently the first person to be charged with violating the state's unconstitutional gun law.

According to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Mr. Wassell was charged on Thursday with three felonies related to the sale of illegal weapons.

According to Schneiderman, Wassell twice sold weapons (semi-automatic rifles) that New York decided they wanted to ban in clear violation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Officials claim that Wassell sold the weapons later in the same month that the SAFE Act was passed and again in February. He sold the weapons along with 300 rounds of ammunition.

Now, here comes the interesting part and to demonstrate that this has nothing to do with legality, but about disarmament. Wassell was released on his own recognizance, though he is charged with numerous felonies.

In other words, the court doesn't see Mr. Wassell as dangerous. They just want his guns, which is what this is about. They want a disarmed populace.

Many in New York are already pushing back against the tyrannical actions of the New York State House, Governor and now police departments. Rallies are taking place, lawsuits are challenging the legislation and efforts to repeal the SAFE Act are all underway.

One thing that New Yorkers need to be aware of in helping people like Mr. Wassell is jury nullification. Rally around this man and support the law of the land, rather than capitulate to the unlawful laws of tyrants in your state. If the criminals in office will not listen and they insist upon pushing and pushing against the people, then start exercising jury nullification to help your fellow citizens. In the event, that these officials want to continue to overstep their bounds, it's eventually going to lead to where many of those trying to confiscate guns are going to be killed in the process and not just by the gun owner they are after, but the communities will begin to come together and fight back. Lord knows I don't want to see that, but the reality is the British kept doing stupid things like this to our forefathers until they had enough and started fighting back and it wasn't peaceful fighting. For now, nullification is the process to seek.

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  • Suffolk Property Inspector

    Some one said to recall him and vote him out. I cant agree more.The way that this former state prosecuter sneakily passed this law is criminal I can not beleive that this was allowed to happen. No public hearings This slime should be ashamed for his blatent disregard for the law. Lets all get together and have him recalled

  • So What

    Why is DHS buying 1.2 Billion round of hollow-point and sniper rounds?
    Are they getting deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq?
    No, they are deploying here!
    1.2 Billion rounds with each American's name on every bullet.
    We need our guns for protection of America.
    We need to draw a line in the sand.

  • Brian Bertha

    Nullification might keep him out of jail (which I agree with ) but it wont get his property back. This was a sting on top of everything else

  • Michael Jerome Oliver

    Jury Nullification this author is advocating can also be called "Jury Tampering" by outwardly asking people to act against established law, whether you agree with the law or not, is considered "Jury Tampering" by the government. It is unlawful to influence jury members in their constitutional duties. If you want to fight against the ban, I'm all for it. But don't go breaking another law just because you don't agree with the law he/she is charged with. Also, People considered "Dangerous" are released all the time pre-trial. This may be his first arrest or any number of things.

  • disqus_flXmFgsWOe magazine capacity may be changed read this

  • chris foltz

    War has been declared... death to tyrants!

  • mike slaney

    Force the State of NY to take it to court not state but Federal court, go out side the box, and if they will not take you to court you take them. There are Constitutional law teams that just love this stuff, they have not a leg to stand on.

  • Scott Giblin

    Any "AMERICAN" regardless of position that willing works to destroy the constitution should be treated as a traitor and handled accordingly.

    • jonbcaliman

      Exaaaaaaaaaaaactly.....G A L L O W S

  • Johnny Swancey Sr.

    Now the dominions will start to fall. I Sure that Mr. Wassell will be suing New York for violating his constitutional Rights. It would be nice if Mayor Bum-berg had to pay this Law Suit out of his own pocket. I would like for all gun owners in New York get together and file a class-action suite against Bum-Burg and take all his billions away from him. That would be pure Justice,

  • R.Young


    • jonbcaliman

      Hey Troll! GFY

    • R.Young

      Such a POTTY MOUTH does your MOMMIE know you talk that way!

  • Sid Cranston

    Entrapment. This man is to be made an example of. There is a stirring of support for him as his court hearing is Wednesday, 10:AM in Silver Creek, NY. If we don't stop this now, the whole nation is going to have to deal with the same, if not more!
    I think NY is kinda a trial balloon, to see what will happen nationally.

  • Eric

    They're pushing for a Civil War,.... and they're not going to have to push too hard and they're going to get it!!! When it happens (God help us) look no further than the CURRENT White House for the cause to this problem!!! I've NEVER owned a gun, but I will soon!!! I'm a law abiding citizen that has NEVER been arrested for ANYTHING!!! How many people are where I am currently and what are you willing to do about it, regardless of the state you live in???

  • Kevin Scobell

    impeach cuomo and all his cronies.tired of all the nazi style tactics.

  • Bill Chriswell

    Please..stop w/ crybaby crap

    • jonbcaliman

      Why? Because it's what you and your ilk want?? GFY

  • Guest

    The people can nullify this law, the jury must return a not-guilty verdict.