DHS Solicits For More Various Caliber Ammo To Buy

Ammunition is in short supply. The demand has increased dramatically which takes its toll on the market. However, the Department of Homeland Security doesn't seem to be affected by the demand at all. In fact, it's got over $37 million of tax payer money to spend on brass and lead for fiscal year 2013 and it's soliciting again for nearly 90,000 round in various calibers. This is in addition to their own claims of having more than 260 million rounds of ammunition back in November 2012.

According to the solicitation (HSFLAR-13-Q-00019), DHS is ordering ammunition in .45 long Colts, .45 ACP, .22LR, 30-30, 12 gauge shotgun shells, 410 gauge shotgun shells, .357, and 7.69x39mm. That's quite a spread for DHS.

The solicitation lays out the quantities for each of the calibers ordered:

.45 Long Colt – 4,000 rounds

45 ACP – 20,000 rounds

22LR – 40,000 rounds

30-30 – 4,680 rounds

12 Gauge #8 birdshot – 20,000

410 Gauge #9 – 10,000

.357 Magnum – 6,000

7.69x39mm – 5,000

Granted, the number of ammunition is down considerably on this order, but it is going out to Artesia, New Mexico, the same as the last order of 360,000 .40 caliber hollow points. The previous month that particular training center got 240,000 hollow points.

I previously took DHS' own claims about inventory comparing them with their previous three fiscal year's purchases and concluded that they are carrying over ammunition from year to year, though they claim they are not maintaining ammunition. All I can say is that the numbers don't add up to their claims.

It is widely known that Federal agencies do hide things in their budgets. We can all recall the Iran / Contra issue. We can remember various things hidden by Nixon, Johnson, and others. No doubt there is lots of things the public doesn't know about where their tax dollars go that if known, might actually lead to a march on Washington and a lynching on Capitol Hill. Those things are kept secret. Am I saying DHS is doing this? I'm not, but I am saying that they have "fuzzy math" and by having fuzzy math, they are proving themselves to be untrustworthy.

Again, these are small numbers of ammunition in the big scheme of things, but the fact that they continue to solicit, even when we were told their solicitations that were in the billions were to span over five years seems a bit contradictory. I've sent my findings from my previous article To Fox 19's Ben Swann in hopes that he will be able to dig further and help shine the light on what is actually taking place with DHS and ammunition. There should be nothing to hide here. After all the man that DHS ultimately reports to said, "The only people that don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide."

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83 thoughts on “DHS Solicits For More Various Caliber Ammo To Buy

  1. Considering how unlawful these agencies are to
    begin with and their apparent preparations for armed battle with
    citizens who refuse to go down, the states or at the least the
    manufacturers should halt all sales to federal and state agencies
    that are purposefully attempting to thwart ammo availability to
    citizens. That's what this is all about, a back-door move on attacking
    our 2ADM rights without being able to outright ban firearms yet.

    People, patriot's, if you love your country, your family and if you love God (if you believe in Him), then prepare yourselves for a long fight. A bloody fight. Govt. is afraid of us, what we'll do once we've had enough and rightfully so. They have trampled all over our rights for too long, our liberties, our God given rights that are lawfully protected. They ignore the Founding Documents to suit their purposes. Prepare yourselves for the eventual showdown that will last awhile. When they're buying up .22LR ammo which is already at a steep decline of availability as it is, you know they're closing in on trying to dry it all up. They don't want us armed, they want us disarmed. That alone should be enough to put some fear into us but we need to utilize said fear into tactical operations and plans because DHS, TSA, FBI, local police, federal and state governments (including most local ones) are going to employ as many people who will do the bidding for government. Their paychecks will be enough of a reason to keep them going at 1st but for us, we have nothing left almost. We will be fighting for a whole different reason and that is enough that we should survive.

  2. Eric Turner says:

    Your Ammo mfgs are regulated and eyeballed by ATF. If an ammo mfg gave the big middle finger to Uncle Sam it would be very easy to shut them down or halt the mfg of ammo because of some "violation". DHS spends billions of dollars now building their law enforcement division but what do they really do? What is their job? What does it require? These are simple questions people can't answer. Do they go after drug cartels operating in the US? That's the FBI and DEA's job, do they track gun smuggling operations in the US? That's the ATF's job wtf does the DHS do?

    • That money DHS and other agencies are using to amass a armory against us is OUR money. The manufacturers wouldn't get shut down right away and there are plenty of citizens who would buy up the ammo and other weapons to keep them in business.

  3. jespasinthru says:

    And people laughed at the preppers for stockpiling ammo four years ago, when it was cheap and plentiful. They saw this coming and prepared for it. Who's laughing now?