Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Marxists – All the Same

How can we even consider making a huge statement such as the title suggests in the most politically correct time in the history of what may be the last of the free United States? Actually it becomes a very simple task when anyone without a journalism background can find this truth just by doing a little digging into the Internet. In today's world we can become journalist by just doing some very basic research. Now if we can come up with what we are about to show, why is it that none of those so-called reporters out in the mostly lame stream media cannot find even more damaging documents and words? The answer to that is very simple; most of the media today is bought and paid for by the Socialist/Communist/Marxist groups out there! By the way, if any news media had been associated with, let's say the Ku Klux Klan, just how long would it be before the entire nation and the entire world had learned of it? You see, even though the Socialist/Communist/Marxist are far worse than any other group in the world, they will not state that because if the lame stream media does, then they lose all their money and their high "Elite" lifestyle.

Let's pull the curtain back on the Democratic Party, or the Socialist Party, and show that they are now working together towards the same end and that end does not go towards freedom, but instead it goes towards Socialism/Communism/Marxism. Take your pick, they are just about all the same! Let us begin by showing some words that are defined by the Progressive Caucus which, by the way, was once called the Democratic Party. Let us begin by showing that this group calling themselves the Progressive Caucus is also a very entrenched group of Democrats who also hold positions in the Democratic Socialist Party of America. This group has stated that they have what is known to them as the Progressive Challenge. Now let us just use their very words, no one else has written these words, but the very groups mentioned just before. Now what is the Progressive Challenge?

"The Progressive Challenge is a joint project of over 100 citizen groups in conjunction with the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The Institute for Policy Studies is one of the member groups."[1]

IPS: home page, Dec. 5, 1998 (archived by Web Archive and accessed on Nov. 8, 2010) (See -

Just what 100 citizen groups are they mentioning here? Well, the list is a large one and one that we have decided to just place a link to in case you wish to see just where these groups come from. You can go there yourself and find them, but let us warn you, they are not the flag waving, homemade apple pie, foot stomping music type of people. No, as a matter of fact, these groups could be associated with the Communist songs of North Vietnam, the Socialist ideology of Cuba, the many groups that think along the lines of Karl Marx. They are a bunch of anti-United States, anti-Freedom people that wish no more to honor your rights than a criminal would wish to honor your fear. Let us just show you what the Institute for Policy Studies is and maybe that will show what the ideology behind all of these 100 groups is all about. Here's what Discover The Networks has on them:

 "The Institute for Policy Studies is the largest and most influential of the far left think tanks in Washington. Since its founding in 1964 it has steadily followed a pro-Marxist line on foreign policy, defense and the economy and has spawned a large number of spin-offs, other think tanks and public affairs organizations following the same radical agenda.[2]

To put its policy recommendations into action, IPS built networks of contacts among Congressional legislators and their staffs, academics, government officials, and the national media.

In 1978, in an article in National ReviewBrian Crozier, director of the London-based Institute for the Study of Conflict, described IPS as the "perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB."[1]" ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 The War Called Peace: Glossary, published 1982

2 ↑ Communists in the Democratic Party, page 68  

We see that the group most noted here might well have a link to the old KGB, which is most definitely still around. It has to be stated here that one Russian leader named Nikita Khrushchev had once stated that Russia would bury the United States without firing a shot! Well, if we look deeply into this one group within our beloved halls of Congress now calling themselves names such as the "Progressive Caucus," the "Black Progressive Caucus," and the "Progressives," they all can, through these groups, be linked to Communist thinking groups and if not to the Communists, they can be linked to Socialist and Marxist groups, all with the same idea. They want to destroy the United States!

Just what does the Progressive Caucus wish to do with the United States in the world of political views? This is where we once again have to warn you that, what you are about to read will burn your eyes if you believe in the Constitution and Freedom.

 According to Democratic Socialists of America, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is a key component of the Progressive Challenge;

Our challenge for the 21st century is to provide economic security for all, reverse entrenched discrimination, achieve a sustainable use of both human and environmental resources, and build a society that values and embraces all its members. Toward this end, dozens of progressive organizations have joined forces with the Congressional Progressive Caucus to launch a series of dialogues and working groups entitled The Progressive Challenge. A centerpiece of this effort has been the drafting of the following 8-point Fairness Agenda for America. The Fairness Agenda (the full text is also available) is based on seven principles:

1.      Dignified Work

2.      Environmental Justice

3.      Economic Redistribution

4.      Democratic Participation

5.      Community Empowerment

6.      Global Non-Violence

7.      Social Justice

We can see just what the Progressive ideology boils down to. Look at their list of what they wish to do and take a look at what Barack Obama wishes to do, they are along the very same lines and in most instances, they are identical!

1. Dignified Work – That which is meant here is work that fits the Progressive agenda, not what the individual desires.

2. Environmental Justice - This means that we have to cave into the environmentalists no matter if they are wrong or not, also it shows the justice as being used in a Socialistic ideology rather than being just a word associated with true Justice!

3. Economic Redistribution – This is just what Obama has been stating all along, where the rich have to share their wealth with those whom just do not wish to work, now the real Socialistic Ideology becomes as clear as a pane of glass!

4. Democratic Participation – Now just what does this mean? It means that the Democratic Party will guide their people through the process to obtain this ideology!

5. Community Empowerment – Does this sound like what Obama is wishing to do? It has to be stated here that the only community empowerment that will be done by these Socialist/Communist/Marxist thinking people will surely lead to the downfall of the United States as the older people of this nation knew it!

6. Global Non-Violence – Here we should note that Obama has and will continue to promote this ideology as much as he can. It should be noted that since Obama has been in office he has backtracked more than he has moved forward!

7. Social Justice – This is seen on a daily basis and Obama has used this very phrase himself many times over. Social Justice is nothing more than a code word for achieving a state where the people are kept in the dark, given food and shelter, and told when to vote, how to vote and where to vote! In other words, this leads to a state of Socialism/Communism/Marxism. Take your choice. They are not what the United States is about!

This is but a small part of the ideology behind the Progressive Caucus, the Progressives and all the other Socialist/Communist/Marxist groups now working their way into the House of Representatives where some 70 Congressional members are proud participants in the Socialist Democratic Party. One Senator that did display his name to the Socialist Democratic Party was Senator Bernie Sanders, who had a huge input into the Socialist Democratic Party.

Should a real reporter dig even deeper into this mess, he would not have a job nor a place to live because he would be labeled a racist, a trouble maker, and all sorts of things except the one thing that a real reporter should get for disclosing this. He should get a Pulitzer Prize for outstanding reporting about a number of groups not representing the true spirit of the United States!

If what we have shown you here gets you mad, makes you sick, or makes you wonder how this happened, think back to the election of 2012 and remember just who you voted for or if you voted at all! If you do not wish to see your nation, the United States of America become a Socialist/Communist/Marxist country, vote against those who are part of any of these groups shown in this article. If you do not get rid of these people and elect more of the same, the United States will be no more and your freedom will vanish one Article of the Constitution at a time.

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  • Francisco Nejdanov Solomin

    George Orwell, who opposed communism quite effectively, was a democratic socialist, as am I. Democratic socialists in Cuba are pushing for serious changes in hope that Cuba will one day adopt democracy and human rights: Many of these Cuban democratic socialists are members of the Catholic church, which also is aware of many distinctions on the left that evade your analysis: It is a free internet, and you can believe what you want, and you can equate me with Stalin if you want, but, thankfully, some of us on the left are able to grasp differences that evade your analysis yet work within democratic coalitions around the world to bring peaceful positive change, like food stamps and health care to poor people.
    Brother Francisco

  • Judy K

    I would include many Republicans as well.

  • zagozana

    So the political philosophy you guy represent is.... FASCISM.
    The unrestricted economics of the criminal class corporate community.
    You see no reason to question the ethics of those who want everything for themselves.
    BP, Exxon?Mobil, Big Pharma, etc., etc....
    You want them to run the world?
    CHAINY is the perfect example of this type of personality.
    Oh, and your Supremest Court gave person-hood to corporations.
    It's all down hill from here...
    When the rich own everything. Look it up...

  • CaptainJamesKirk

    Socialism is the "lure" of both the Marxists and the Fascists. When viewed this way, socialism becomes the root of all evil.

  • john4637

    I believe that we are headed full steam ahead into a justified civil war which will escalate into the largest donneybrook ever fought on this planet! May God have mercy on us! Obama is a human Satan!

  • Kenneth Bowman

    EVIL doers all fit in the same profile who feel justified in stealing from others instead of earning what they want and need. So completely STUPID they think they know how to make society work when the scum cannot even fun their own miserable life.

    Want to know what the Lord believes about liberals? Read Isaiah 32 of the Authorize King James Version of the Holy Bible!

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    You left out the NeoCons - RINOs. We have many committed Socialist Republicans, Globalists who are redistributing the wealth of our nation, insisting we bow to Global interests instead of taking care of our own country and giving respect to freedom and capitalism.

  • Paul Leslie

    The dems strip away their own mask and reveal their true identity when you read their statements of belief. Start the sordid trail with Woodrow Wilson - the father of democrat progressivism, and read those who held the same ideology and pushed the same statist practices. You come to the present day leader of the subversive socialists = Obama. These un-American, anti-American operatives have renounced the Declaration of Independence and denied the authority of the Constitution.

  • Mikey McNiel


  • jerry1944

    I c the rep. are about the same my self they run Romney the father of healthcare to lose. I know they complain about it then give in so they don't have conservative values

  • Cody Flecker

    Might as well add some Republicans as well.

  • Brian Tennant

    2/3RDS TO 4/5THS of the dumbass Republicans are just the same as those Democrats. If you voted for Romney you are one also. Romney is no different from Obama.

  • A. Levy

    I have enclosed a video which is the history of political correctness, ie. Marxism. It dates back much further than most people realize. It clearly shows how PC was "deliberately" created to destabilize and destroy America, from within. it also shows how very deeply it has infected our society, so much so, that by subscribing to it, we are basically committing national suicide. I hope you find it as informative as i did.

  • David S. McQueen

    It's really the epitome of hypocrisy when the Marxists insist that the Republicans (who the vilify as the party of "big business") also insist that Republicans are socialists. Generally, the Democrat Party is composed of Marxists and the Republican Party is composed of capitalists. Gene is a moron.

  • Reformed Gene

    True words, with one glaring exception. How could one even pretend to leave Republicans off this list of Democrats, Socialists, Communists and Marxists.
    Who gave us Homeland Security?
    Who shoved the Patriot Act upon us overnight?
    Who is the emasculated “grand old party” who have accomplished little to nothing of value in decades? With a very few notable exceptions, the Republicans are deep in the same murky waters of socialism as are the Democrats. To suggest a vote for them would be blatant hypocrisy and nothing short of a sin.

    • jimsdun

      Actually RG, the author left out one group. The establishment Republicans are no different than the progressive democrats. We call them RINOs, because they abandoned Republican principles. Bush, Cheney and McCain are all RINOs.

    • A. Levy

      You are 110% right RG. In fact, voting for the same elected lying crooks in govt. "should be" a reminder to the voters of Einsteins definition of true insanity, which is, "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results". It should be, but unfortunately it's not.

    • Jan Dinkins

      I don't think this sentiment applies to the Tea Party Republicans.

  • Spyder Dalton

    Lets not leave out the Atheists parading around trying to remove God from everyone's lives...

    • A. Levy

      The removal of religion is one of the top priorities needed to establish a Marxist society. of course, having a weak, gullible, and totally mindless population also helps.

    • Bob Coffey

      We are over half-way there.

    • KDS

      But were not going to the finish line quietly in the night!

    • CaptainJamesKirk

      That is a very dumb thing to say. Liberty provides space for religion. That doesn't always work in the other direction. The Tea Party must embrace the atheists and the libertarians to defeat the "unholy" Marxist enemy. We have nothing to fear from freedom loving atheists. It is Marxist and the fascist ideology that is the enemy.

    • Eagle2758

      Hey Capn, how many people did Hitler really murder,eh

    • CaptainJamesKirk

      HItler murdered people because he was a fascist. If you are suggesting that religion stops people from murdering people then you clearly have no knowledge of history.

    • Jude O'Connor

      Saw it on the History channel last week that 3 million Russian soldiers were killed by Germany before we entered the war.

  • CTConservative47

    Dr. Bill, you are one dumb bunny--how appropriate, since it's almost Easter. The Pilgrims, NOT the Puritans, started a socialist experiment at Plymouth Plantation to share from the common store, as did the Jamestown settlers in Virginia, but found it failed miserably, and they soon abandoned it. They soon discovered that it led some members of the colony to live off others and not do their share of the work. Sounds just like
    Obama's followers on welfare and food stamps who have discovered that they can
    do just fine on a range of government handouts paid for by working Americans. But it buys votes, and that’s what
    it’s all about.


Only the most tortured definition of "promote the general welfare" can lead one to make it mean income redistribution or anything else approaching the socialist’s definition you
    support. The Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they
    could see what Obama and his idiot followers are doing.

    Hooverites? Are you kidding? Do you realize--no, I know you don't--that Herbert promoted a wide range of interventionist economic policies that FDR criticized as "big government, then proceeded to expand beyond anything Hoover had done. Both were big government interventionists and both failed miserably. The Depression didn't
    end until after World War II, not because of Keynesian "stimulus." Henry Morgenthau, FDR's Treasury Secretary, admitted as much.

    You conclude by suggesting that anyone who doesn't agree with your wildly inaccurate and tortured understanding of history is a "bigot." That's the last refuge of the scoundrel, one who can't advance an honest and correct analysis of historical events, but must
    resort to mindless ad hominem. 

 You must have been snoring through history class.

    By the way, this is one of the weakest "recoveries" on record. And it's non-existent to the 15% of the population still unemployed who have been dropped from the statistics because their unemployment benefits have run out. Compared to Reagan's first term,
    which set the stage for the longest peacetime expansion in world history
    (1983-2008), it's downright pathetic.

    Almost four years into the “recovery,” the employment picture is still grim. It’s not just the unemployment rate that been declining very slowly, but underemployment is also high. This includes those who would like to work but have given up looking, and those
    working part-time because they cannot find full-time work. And there is little sign of recovery from an unprecedented collapse in labor-force participation, as many bail out of the workforce entirely.

 But perhaps the starkest trend is the spike in long-term unemployment. Prolonged joblessness has always risen during recessions, but has never shot up the way it did after 2007 or stuck around so long into the
    “recovery.” You can blame Obama's anti-business animus for that, as well as
    Obamacare, massive new regulations, higher taxes on job creators, and hostility
    to energy production to appease the radical environmentalists.

    If you understand that Obama was mentored by a Stalinist, Frank Marshall Davis, for eight of his formative years, you can understand why he would say of businessmen: “you didn’t build that.” Obama has never overcome that Marxist indoctrination, which explains why he is, at heart, an ignorant man, and someone Prof. David Gelernter correctly characterizes a PORGI Airhead—one who was “educated” by politically correct, post-religious, globalist “intellectuals” (PORGIs) and came out seeing the world exactly as he was taught. Of course, Obama had a head start with Frank Marshall Davis. Obama has never seen anything but through a far-left prism, not through a lens of reality.

    Remember that Obama was a “community organizer.” In that role, he did NOT teach people how to fish. He taught them how to steal other people’s fish through the political
    process. It was all about voter registration to gain through the political process what they are unwilling or unable to gain through honest labor. Obama has simply expanded his “community organizing” efforts to the national stage. Nothing Obama did while in Chicago did anything to advance genuine advancement of the people he claimed to be “organizing.” It’s no wonder, his administration has been such an abject failure.

Thanks for laying your brain all out on the line for intelligent people to see how the mind of a leftist operates.

    • Kristy Littlefield

      Great post...

    • Jude O'Connor

      The Hippies of the 70's tried it too and found the same thing.

  • Bob Coffey

    They are indeed the same. You can also throw in perverts, murderers, loafers, and every type of degenerate known to man.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Beating the drum for more fact free, anti-intellectual, mindless propaganda I see. Readers should realize the first colonists in the New World, the Puritans, were akin to socialists, the U.S. Constitution enshrines promotion of the Common Welfare and the nation's advancement came with concerted effort??? Don't listen to the history re-writers, the separatists and bigots who mess with your history and put nonsense into the ether as 'fact'. Only through 'digging' into our past and learning from it can we advance back to the great nation we've been in the 20th century and under Obama are resuming since recovery from the Great Recession, the Hooverites induced into our economics.

    • Bob Coffey

      Let me summarize your post "Dr.": Lie, blather, babble, lie, lie, lie. What is your doctorate in, basket weaving?

    • DrBillLemoine

      Notice you condemn without thought or reason. Where is any lie or blather, basket weaver?

    • Blusportie

      Nice try, Doc. The Puritans need to form a communal sort of life in the early years wasn't based on everyone prospering; only surviving - until such time as they became entrenched enough to hopefully prosper. And "Common Welfare" does not mean and never has meant what you would like it to. The Founders desire for common welfare only meant that each citizen have an opportunity - not a result.

      Now there's no crime in being a Communist, and you've every right to be one. But please don't try to convince us that it's raining while you're pissing on our heads.

    • DrBillLemoine

      You clearly don't know the Puritans. Check out the history channel. Such Christian thoughts--not!

    • Brian Tennant

      the history channel... lmfao... and the public schools run by the government teaches the none statist view of history also...

    • PierceArrowV12

      You are mostly right, Blusportie. Actually, the first Puritan Pilgrims from the "Mayflower" tried a communal life for only a short time, and so many of them died because of the communal arrangement. When William Bradford became governor of the colony, he quickly went against the communal system imposed on the Pilgrims by the charter, divided the land among the families, and he ordered all families to farm their own plots of land. All families worked harder and more productively, and the colony began prospering so quickly.

    • PierceArrowV12

      Under Hoover's leadership, the federal government raised taxes and spending, and helped turn an economic slowdown into the Great Depression. Under Franklin Roosevelt, the government raised taxes and spending even more, making recovery very slow. The Democrats repeated the failed ideas of Hoover and Roosevelt when they took over the Congress after the 2006 elections. After Obama was elected, the Democrats made things worse.

    • DrBillLemoine

      Quite wrong. Hoover, the compleat businessman/president, did exactly the wrong things around 1929. He followed the free market procedure to leave the economy alone (not raising spending as required) when spending was the prescription for stability and growth. Roosevelt later corrected this with jobs programs, plenty of spending and slowly brought us out of the Depression. The slowness of recovery was Republican resistence to spending what was needed. It took the serious spending of WW2 to end the bad times economically. Actually the Repubs were given their head amid the decade to test their recovery theory and we slipped backwards. The Great Recession started in 2008, not 2006, with the stock market crash and big businesses folding without adequate regulation removed by Bush/Cheney. After 2009 and Obama, Geithner, Sommers et all, things turned around (with a little help from Republican Paulson) that stopped the jobs hemorrhaging and market downturn. Where are you getting your false timelines and information?

    • 1AmericanThinker

      Actually it was the 2006 democrat congress that caused the 2008 crash by insisting that banks loan money to people who put no money down and by Freddie/Frannie then buying all the bad loans.

      For a detailed explanation see:

    • DrBillLemoine

      Actually the greedy banks ignored their standard guidelines and loaned to unqualified people creating questionable assets they risked in derivatives that crashed everything. Robosigned documents are the proof which banks can't even verify ownership. Leveraging shaky mortgages was the downfall of banks, not the congress. Take an economics course and then comment other than regurgitate right wing talking points.

  • wrongheifer

    I completely agree...