• Floyd

    Heads should roll.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christislife Julia Hufford

    Hasn't the "installment" of Richard Cordray been declared an Unconstitutional Act by our Supreme Court? Why is he even a factor yet? Of course, Silly Me! I forgot that according to our President, (and apparently, a gut-less Congress, HE is certainly "more Supreme" than they!

  • Jim213

    I agree it is not much different then what the Feds did to social security ! The time has come to put ALL your money in ammo or canned food !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pocono-Shooting-Range/100001567268553 Pocono Shooting Range

    This is the End result of any Socialist government.

    It does not mater if it is intentional or not. In the end... everything belongs to the government... including the people.

    • WASP

      In the end, the gummint will blow through every cent in the country, and collapse anyway. As they say about Socialism,"Sooner or later you run out of other people's money." That what's happening in the Union of European Socialist Republics, and that's what the ruling class is trying to do here. The Soviet Union had 70+ years to make socialism work, and they failed. The former Soviet slave states had over 40 years to make it work, and they failed. If repeating the same failed actions over an over and expecting a different outcome is insanity, socialists must be--no, ARE-- the craziest nut jobs on earth.

  • David Lynn

    I seem to remember many years ago reading a very convincing case that the Fine Print in banking documents actually gives partial ownership of any currency you put into a bank to that bank. You maintain an Equitable Interest in that currency, but like a mortgage on your house, or a car loan, the bank has part interest in the property as well. And as we all know, even if you "own" your house free and clear, you don't really own it if you stop paying the taxes on it. So, maybe, by way of the Fine Print, it's not really "your money" anyway. Especially since "modern" fiat currency really is only evidence of a debt, which is why it says it's a "note" right on the face of it. ... I do not swear that what I just wrote is The Truth and how it really works, maybe it's just "Patriot Mythology." But given the shenanigans played by The State of the Banks in nearly everything, everywhere, I would not be surprised. ... As in reference to the Social Security funds, I read the House Committee testimony of the guy who originally set up the SS system. He testified, under oath, that they lied to the American People about the nature of SS, and that it really was a general tax from the beginning. But, he said that if they had told the actual truth about the tax, The People would have rejected it. So, according to the fine print, it was The State's to spend from the very beginning, just like when a con man has you invest in a phony deal. ... Just thinking in digits here.

  • Jude O'Connor

    Cyprus did what our government did when they grabbed our Social security funds and spent them and now they think the funds that are continuously going into the SS are theirs.