Blacks, Guns & Crime

Juan Williams, a black commentator, wrote an interesting article recently entitled “Race and the Gun Debate.” (Wall St. Journ, Mar 27, 2013) Among the statistics he cites are that 54% of all murders involve black victims, virtually all of whom were probably killed by black murderers, and yet blacks comprise only 13% of the population.
These are familiar numbers, but, as Williams points out, although more than half the “gun problem” can be laid at the feet of blacks, the gun debate never seems to mention this. If it were mentioned, the obvious thought that might occur is maybe it’s blacks that need to be regulated and not guns.
Three years ago I wrote the following in the prologue to my book They Came For Our Guns, They came For Our Freedom:

“The single most important factor that has caused the political left to demand an end to private firearms ownership is that the underclass has, over the last fifty years, expanded exponentially, bringing with it an exponential increase in crime. Many of these criminals come from the single-parent families encouraged by the welfare system, a dysfunctional government give-away favored by the far left. The absence of fathers has led large numbers of children to seek gangs as a substitute for parenting not available at home. Not content with having created an entire class of welfare-bred criminals, the political left now seeks to protect this underclass by rendering ordinary citizens defenseless against crime perpetrated by these criminals.”

In sum, both blacks and whites are part of this criminal underclass, but, as Juan Williams points out, blacks, a 13% minority, are doing 54% of the dying and probably 54% of the killing. That needs to be said.
Why is this happening? According to Juan Williams, the out of wedlock birth rate for blacks is now 72%. This leads to more than 70% of black mothers being on welfare raising more than 70% of black children without fathers.
That’s part of the problem. Another part, Williams says, is:

“a dysfunctional gangster-rap culture that glorifies promiscuity, drug dealers and the power of the gun.”

So now we have black culture of violence financed by the welfare system producing what are – by any measure – distorted values. One might think this needs to be addressed.

Not so. The President of the United States recently invited the gangster rapper Jay-Z to his inauguration. Jay-Z is the black poster boy for the value system that Juan Williams says is destroying the black community. Inviting him to the presidential inauguration is, by implication, an endorsement of the mindlessness characteristic of Jay-Z and his supporters.

But Obama is not a moralist. He is a politician who panders himself to the black vote and avoids criticizing the criminal culture that has enslaved his people. Obama made no move toward gun control until a white madman killed young children at Sandy Hook. In Obama’s mind, that single act instantly transformed the “gun problem” into a white (not black) problem. It is about white misconduct, not about blacks, black culture or black behavior.

Guess what. It’s still about blacks. They are victims and probable killers in disproportionate numbers. An occasional white maniac does not erase that. People who want to reduce homicide by gun need to focus on curbing a black culture that has caused the problem in the first place.
Banning guns to cure black murderousness, crime and cultural deficiencies is like banning popsicles to deal with an outbreak of the ebola virus.

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About William Lafferty
William Lafferty is a retired lawyer. He retired from the position of staff attorney for the Pennsylvania supreme court. He also worked as a part-time instructor at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin and a j.d. degree from Duquesne University. He is also a writer of novels which you can find at his site.
  • eddyjames

    When the Constitution was written, And the right to keep and bare arms was recognized in the 2nd Amendment. We as a country didn't have the problem with all the murders committed by Blacks. Because their right to own guns didn't exist until after the War of Northern Aggression and the 14th Amendment was enacted. It also gave us the problem of anchor babies and illegal immigration. If God is dead, he was murdered by liberals giving 9mm to gang members.

    • juandos

      "If God is dead, he was murdered by liberals giving 9mm to gang members"...

      Well now! That is truly a great line...

      Well said!

      Is't amazing that the same people who constantly whine about gun violence and continually attempt to gut the 2nd amendment really have damn little if anything to say about the people actually murdered in Barry's home town...

      Let's see these gun control nazis go into those neighborhoods and try to get those guns off of those streets...

  • HongryHawg

    Gun control will encourage a race war. I can't decide if that is what is wanted by the current administration or not. Regardless of the real unspoken intention (it's not safety), a race war will be the result.

  • Guest

    Were there any details in these proposals of how they would address the criminal element that is ultimately responsible for the vast majority of crimes committed in this country with guns? No, because that is not the real issue here. They aren't interested in making our streets safer. They want the guns of those they feel are easy targets, those they believe will turn them over if it is illegal to have them....the law abiding citizens. If the question is 'how do we protect ourselves from the criminal element and reduce violence', then the proposed amendments would look vastly different than those presented yesterday. If however, the question is, 'how do we DISARM America, thus fulfilling a hidden political agenda,' then the amendments they tried and FAILED to pass yesterday were perfect. When the strategy doesn't match the objective, there is usually something missing. And, in this case, it's the real objective that is missing...Disarming America for political reasons.