What Pilots Should Announce During The Flight

I know many in my audience will appreciate this short clip and desire that when flying, their pilots, co-pilots and other members of the flight crew are fully armed for protection. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “What Pilots Should Announce During The Flight

  1. anAmericanByChoice says:

    Thumbs up! When are we gonna get that for real!? LOL!

  2. Silas DoGood says:


  3. A flight is much more fun when the Captain becomes a tour guide, introduces himself and the crew; if he chooses to advise us "what equipment" he is carrying, that is certainly acceptable. It's even better if he advises we have a couple of "special guests" aboard (Federal Air Marshals), thank you!
    Watching "scary landings" was awesome; the one I remember best, is Captain Sullenberger's "Miracle on the Hudson" - -"yes, it was"!!

  4. William Wallace says:

    Love it. It's a joke, so don't get all twisted up on tactics and giving up the initiative by announcing who has a gun, etc., but yeah, imagine if we went on the offensive against terrorists by telling them, we are armed and we're not afraid to use it. That's going to be a great first step in taking our country back.

  5. Telling who has the firearms would make them the first target. Just say several people on this flight have Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson with them.

  6. Even better would be if they announced that every law abiding citizen that brought a gun to the airport was ISSUED ammo at the gate, and any criminals have no way to identify them.

  7. LOVE the ending tie-in of the Grand Canyon. Although.... if I were Captain, I would use a 9mm pistol packed full of Glaser Safety Slugs. We don't want a round going through a bad-guy, only to exit him and proceed to pierce the fuselage, while at 35,000 feet. Tasers with gas-firing, dual-prongs able to extend 15 feet, would be good too.

    But NO!!!! TPTB say we can't do that. TPTB don't fly commercial either.... surrounded in their bubble of heavily-armed guards, connected to agencies that read your emails, listen to your phone conversations, and are now, attempting to disarm you and your neighbors. While offering these tid-bits for personal security.

    DHS said on their website, "if you are being attacked, grab a pair of scissors to defend yourself".
    VP Biden says, if you are being raped, pee on him, or carry a tongue-depressor and shove it down YOUR throat and VOMIT on him. Thanks VP Biden for your caring remarks.

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  9. Why not make the announcement in the terminal prior to boarding ?

  10. I'm so glad that Freedom Outpost's comment section went
    back to the old way.

    • Me too. Now we have to work on Patriot Update. Hear that folks at Liberty Alliance. The new system is a pain in the ar$e. I stopped answering comments there because I can no longer download news clips to the site. And it's a hassle logging in. And also can you allow news clips on Vision to America.

      Thanks and much appreciated

  11. I love it.

  12. I would definitely fly with that pilot! Happily!

  13. Clever as the audio clip was, thanks to the anti-Second Amendment mob and radical nut jobs air travel has become an unpleasant ordeal. Sealing the flight crew off from the passenger compartment is a great idea on airliners, but trying to create a "safe zone" on aircraft by disarming passengers and the whole nation isn't. I don't go anywhere my gun can't go, so I no longer fly except by private aircraft although I was a military and commercial pilot. And infringing on my Second Amendment right to own and carry a firearm is not a legal nor smart thing to do.

  14. The pilots statement was kind of shocking because I've never heard such a thing. It's a reassuring call and I wish more large aircraft companies would adopt a similar policy. I'm proud that the crew were flying over Arizona/ Nevada and I would feel safer on such a flight. Kudos .

  15. Wouldn't the FAA have a s**t fit? What about some of the gun control nut jobs? They might actually refuse to fly claiming some unknown right to freedom from being made a target and leave the "friendly" skies a whole lot more safe for the rest of us.

  16. Whisperatnight says:

    I'm sharing.