Video Letter: Constituent Educates His Elected Representatives On Shotguns & AR-15s

This is a video letter from Suart Mills, a member of the family that owns the Mills Fleet Farm chain of stores in the upper Midwest to Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan, and Senators Amy Klobucher, and Al Franken. This video proves that a duck hunting shotgun is more destructive and lethal than a Huldra AR-15 modern sporting rifle. However, don't mistake that the author of the video is trying to say that shotguns should not be banned while AR-15s are allowed. On the contrary, he is merely demonstrating and educating the unaware public of the reality of what both weapons actually do. Be sure and pass this along to the uneducated.

The point of the shotgun vs. modern sporting rifle demonstration is in the (so called "gun-free") environments these mass shooting have taken place, the 12-gauge shotgun is more lethal than a MSR.

We were not trying to create a debate around shot sizes, effective long-range distances, choke tubes, etc. A skilled and practiced sportsman can feed a shotgun magazine tube somewhat comparably to a boxed magazine change. The quick feeding of the tube of my Remington 1100 20-gauge was a skill that I mastered at 15. The 12-gauge shogun is certainly effective for home defense, however it is by its very design a scattergun and may not be suitable for a situation where a precision shot is called for, and thus is not my preferred choice to deal with a defensive situation.

The entire point literally spelled out in black and white at the end of the video is that one gun is not morally superior to another and trashing our Constitutional rights is counter productive to ensuring our children's safety. The best and only way to protect our children is to do just that, protect them!

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  • 1-Fed Up American

    What the real issue is about Gun Control is the people we send to Washington to Represent our best interests have one Agenda to strip us of our freedoms and truely make this a Communist Country. They fear all gun owners because we do represent the biggest army in this country, so take the guns away and they have control over us.

  • sgmwlc

    Great job on the video. The problem with this is that most (all) liberals that believe in gun control will never see this video - nor do they care what the truth is.

  • David Weakland

    All good points in the comments. A very well done video letter. Very informative and hopefully simple enough for the "simple minded". My only concern/problem is the section calling for armed security at the doors of schools and increases in taxes to pay for them. I personally believe that responsibly trained school staff is a better choice. We already trust them with the safety of our children and allowing those who pass whatever requirements are established to carry will put them in a far better advantage point for protection of the children. It would also serve the tax paying public as no additional security personnel would be needed. It would literally be "a better bang for our bucks".

  • hiskid1964

    you let al frankin cheat his way in the election you get what you deserve

  • J J

    Thank you so much for this information - God bless you!!! I wonder if this video could be shown in the House, the Senate and the White House with attendance being mandatory!!

    The definitions of weapons and their effectiveness has never made their way into lawmakers discussed prior to Sandy Hook. And it doesn't seem that these lawmakers are interested in making informed decisions when they just continue to speak talking points put out by the Democrat Party. The realities shown in this video are exactly what the public needs to know but this knowledge will not make the main stream media. This crisis will be used to its fullest extent by ignorant Democrats to gain gun control will only affect the law abiding citizens and their 2nd Amendment rights. Criminals will still be criminals and the mentally ill will still be mentally ill.

    These three Congressional Representatives from Minnesota are idiots to begin with. The fact that they don't do their homework before opening their mouths is normal procedure for any Democrat. But they don't seem to be afraid to let their ignorance show or tell lies to please their party leaders.

  • freedomringsforall

    Thank you
    God bless you for doing this and for addressing it in a nice polite and yet straight forward fashion.

    God Bless yes we need to protect and defend our rights and freedoms.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    A good liberal never allows fact to interfere with the message.

  • Coltanaconda

    Very nicely done. Hopefully the idiots in our government will get it.

  • Coltanaconda

    But like he is not about gun control, it is about gun confiscation. Our idiots in washington dc want to disarm the populace.

    • Burton Trattner

      Only then can the commies reign over people. There can't be land reform until the long gun is confiscated. Chicago? No matter. For now keep your hand gun. Once they decide to grab it, without long guns, hand guns are useless.

    • Public_Citizen

      A carefull read of Feinsteins proposals, once you get past the smoke and mirrors, puts any firearm with a "grip" on the banned list. That includes just about every firearm ever made as there has to be some part of it shaped so that it can be "gripped" by the human hand.

    • LeSellers

      The problem is that your "idiots in Washington" are not "idiots". Quite the contrary, they are intelligent — intelligent and evil: they want to be our rulers, not the public "servants" they label themselves as being .

      An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject. It's no more complex than that; they know it and we know it, too. If we do not know it, we must end our ignorance.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • Don Bahn

      only ones to break into homes and pick up arms while no one is home.

    • marinevet

      An armed man is a freeman, a disarmed man is a slave.

    • LeSellers

      There's no significant difference between freemen and citizens, between subjects and slaves.

      Louis IV said it best, "L'etat, c'est moi." When men are subjects, they are forced to do what the state demands. They are slaves to the state.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • marinevet

      I disagree. A citizen according to Webster's third International dictionary defines a citizen as a person that owes allegiance to the government. A freeman owes no one. The ubiquitous "they" have been changing the definitions of words for decades. Furthermore, according to English common law, there were different classes of "subjects". But the bottom line is this, a subject still had rights, a slave had none. "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana.

    • marinevet

      I disagree.  A citizen is someone that owes allegiance to the government.  A freeman owes no one.  Don't believe me, look it up in a good dictionary.

    • LeSellers

      A "freeman", in history, was one who was not obligated to pay the scut (a tax).

      Freemen, who are also citizens, are those who are not coerced to do X, Y, or Z arbitrarily, by the state.

      Why you are harping on this (two responses saying the same thing to one message) is puzzling. Do you disagree that citizens and subjects differ in their ability to resist the arbitrary policies of a tyrant? Do you desire to be a subject?

      We have no need to argue about this. I want to exercise my God-given right to protect my family and myself. I believe you do, as well.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Ron G

    Excellent video.

  • tonebone

    Your message is well received by level-headed, mature, people without an agenda.

    However, the problem is, child-like minds of leaches, ahem, politicians, are not going to hear words of wisdom, their ears are too full of dollar-bills, stuffed there by anti-Constitutional tyrants, like the ones mentioned in your video. All of them have an agenda which is, to break this Country, and create a totally socialist state, where all people are completely dependent on the federal gov for their every need.

    But remember- a government that is able to give you everything you need is also able to take it all away, and for any reason they deem necessary.

    That being said. Anti-gun, or more correctly, anti-Constitutional people, are frightened by the accoutrements, or the cosmetics of ARs, AKs, SCARs, etc. They are so unaware of what they are looking at, whether an AR, AK, or a bolt-action, or a single-shot rifle, or a pistol from the 1900s, or today, that they are able to be brainwashed into believing an AR is somehow special in the world of guns.


    The 5 parts of all guns that are necessary are:

    The trigger/sear assembly

    The firing pin

    The chamber

    The barrel

    The ammunition.

    What is visible? The trigger and the barrel.

    The inside works? Sear assembly, firing pin, chamber, and the ammunition or cartridge.

    So, which part makes you nervous? The black or camo paint? the picatinny rails? Both cosmetics.

    Just as it is 100% impossible for a man to understand exactly what it is like for a woman to be pregnant and give birth. People have to realize, it is 100% impossible for a person, who has never handled and fired a weapon, to understand how firearms work, and to understand the inner workings of those firearms. PLEASE educate yourself by going to your local shooting range, taking classes in firearm safety, learn to shoot and then make your decision as to what my life, and the other lives of shooters are about.

    The sad thing is, gun haters aren't interested in understanding the hobby. They just don't like it and want it gone. Which is exactly what the Repubs under Bush did, when it came to giving any thought at all about invading a country that didn't attack us.

  • Charlie

    Really liked the video along with the message stated within. However think your words will ping off the ear drums of the dolts that are our employees in our government. Sincerely hope I'm incorrect,only time will tell. Our employees think that any infringement on our constitution is no big deal, prime example is DHS's TSA in the airports across our country, infringement of our forth amendment. Keep up the good work Stuart Mills hope your video changes some minds to once again follow the oath to protect our constitution.

    • har82

      Democraps don't - care - ,, what the facts are . Their agenda is to disarm Americans , PERIOD .
      They don't care about the mentally disturbed criminals ,,, who - rob and steal - for their weapons of choice . And quite frankly , I don't think ( I might be mistaken ) criminals - care - ,, about the new laws . THEY WILL NOT AFFECT THEM ,,, -1 - IOTA ...

    • old sarge

      Folks outside of the law will not be effected by gun control. They get their guns through some hook of crook. Take all the guns from the good guys and the bad guys will get them. Mabe from HS or ATG office. They did give guns to cartels in Mexico.

    • har82

      Here is some food for thought sarge . The cities , and government will soon be making some sort of pacts or treaties with - gangs - to police the very streets they - prowl - right now . And most likely arm ,, them as well.

    • old sarge

      The TSA can kiss my A$$. I will not fly from any airport in the US. If I can't walk to there or drive to there then I won't go.

    • Charlie

      Totally agree this is one big constitutioinal law breaking manure eating group

  • retiredmillwright

    Stuart is absolutely correct about the duck hunters shotgun being more destructive at close range than a semi auto rifle. I have killed many deer, hogs and even a alligator, that were in range of my model 1100 Remington semi auto shot gun down here in the thick woods and swamps. At longer ranges though I want my semi auto rifle. You deer hunters with a bolt action rifle who believe they are safe from gun control are very wrong. They have plans for all guns, first the semis then they will try to take your deer rifle. they called them sniper rifles in other gun control countries and took them right up. The UN hates both semi auto weapons and sniper rifles in the hands of civilians and that is who our ruling tyrants in Washington are listing to.

  • storibund

    As proof of the media's ignorance and mendacity, the AP - in an article about the hostage-holder in Alabama - changed the crazy man's weapon from "shotgun" to "assault rifle". No, really. They did.

    Bob Owens has screenshots:

    • tonebone

      I'm not surprised at all. Fascists are big on lying. They believe the lie is necessary in order to reach a goal. I guess their parents didn't teach them that lying is a bad thing to do.