The Restoration Of The West And How To Do It

By any political, cultural or economic measure the nations of the West are in total decline. The historic virtues of hard work, free-market thinking and a common cultural integrity as well as religious and historical principles are gone. They have been subverted and replaced by an emphasis on rampant materialism and a consumer driven society that exceeds 70 percent of GNP in addition to private and public debt. Furthermore, a kind of parasitism has laid claim to Western culture by which sports stars, politicians, media darlings and financial scam artists get recognition and exorbitant incomes while real workers find their incomes falling and promised benefits curtailed.

Western society has lost its way. The main reason is the former political leadership of individual European nations and America, as imperfect as they were, have been co-opted and taken over by a corrupt power elite that uses its control over mob rule democracy and massive financial contributions to buy controlling influence over the "representative" governments of most Western nations.

This control has meant the political leadership and central bankers do not represent the citizens or the best interests of the nation at large. Instead, politics works to advance the financial and global governance interests of a small, secretive power elite. This takeover has bankrupted most nation-states and now threatens all existing fiat paper currencies as well as public and private wealth and retirement savings.

The Restoration

How can the remaining productive, freedom loving people of the West reestablish control over their individual nations and personal lives from an elite that considers us little more than sheep to be shorn and serfs to be pillaged and ruled?

Working through the existing controlled political process to elect a few more freedom advocates is a "feel good action" but in reality, the power elite's domination guarantees this is not a real solution; nothing will change since they control the parasitical, mob rule democracy. Actually, the fake political sacrament of democracy and universal suffrage is the agent of our serfdom rather than an opportunity to participate in genuine self-government.

We have to confront the institutions and false belief "memes" used to control and manipulate Western citizens, rendering us powerless to determine our personal or national destinies. We must restore localism and regional sovereignty over mega and supra-national governments and institutions along with protections to defend us from elite control. These include private free-market solutions when possible, limited and decentralized confederation governments, direct democracy strategies such as referendums that bypass elite actions, repudiation of sovereign debt used to enslave us and competition for paper currencies and central banks as well as audits for all institutions controlling us. We must destroy neocon control and their war making actions over governments and limit the growing cancer of mob rule and pillage of productive citizens. Finally, every people and regional part of larger government entities should have the right of peaceful, democratic self-government and secession as the ultimate bulwark against tyranny.

It is to this end I have developed the 12 Axioms of Freedom Restoration listed below:

  1. Advance Individual & Regional Sovereignty Over Elite & Global Governance Control
  2. Incorporate Human Action & Free-Market Thinking In All That You Do
  3. Promote the Political Benefits of Limited Confederation Government & Referendums
  4. Incorporate "Swiss" Direct Democracy to Control Representative "Mob" Democracy
  5. Work to Remove the Elite Domination Over Politics, Political Parties & Think Tanks
  6. Return Major Powers & Programs to States, Provinces & Regional Jurisdictions
  7. Encourage Governments to Repudiate Destructive & Illegitimate Sovereign Debt
  8. Guarantee Right to Declare Independence From Empires, Occupiers or Unions
  9. Create Public & Private Competition for Monopoly Currency & Central Bank Rule
  10. Audit Central Banks, Claimed Gold Reserves & All Government Entities
  11. Support a "George Washington Style" Peaceful, Noninterventionist Foreign Policy
  12. Return Voting To An Earned Privilege Rather Than a Mob Right to Pillage

More details and information will follow on each of the 12 Axioms in future editorials. Check back to Freedom Outpost for the next installment.

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About Ron Holland
Ron Holland is the author of several books, including The Threat to the Private Pension System and Escape the Pension Trap, and of numerous special reports and hundreds of articles on investment and political topics, many focusing on the interplay between politics and the investment markets. Selections of his essays can be found in the archives of and Ron also serves as chair of the advisory board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT). Originally from North Carolina, Ron Holland lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland from 2003 to 2004, and then divided his time between the US and Europe until 2012. Ron continues to speak publicly on the virtues of free-market thinking and the need for individuals to accept personal responsibility for their own lives. Ron Holland is a graduate of the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a degree in Banking and Finance. In his 30-year career, Ron has worked as president of International Retirement Consultants, an international consulting firm specializing in retirement planning, head of the trust department of First Citizens Bank & Trust in Greenville, SC, and as president of JML Swiss Investment Counsellors USA Inc., a Swiss-owned US securities broker/dealer licensed in 47 states of the US. He has held various securities and insurance licenses.
  • Chris

    I agree with your overall point of what we as a nation have become (in fact I'd say it's worse than your description).

    However, there's only one solution and it's most certainly not direct demonocracy.

    First on an individual basis, there's the need to turn back to The Great I Am that became flesh and dwelt among us, with repentance and baptism in His name.

    Then, as part of The Body of Christ (His Civil Body Politic), the MEN of that body must promote His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, none other. His Kingdom/Will on Earth, not man's via legislation allowed under the various constitutions or any sort of demonocracy.

    Anything short of this will be just that - short.

  • Roger

    Western society has lost its way. The main reason is...not what you described above. The only reason is that we have abandoned God, God's Word, and God's Law as the base of our individual lives and our society.

    We have what we deserve. American and western culture is shot through with greed, rampant materialism, laziness, selfishness, irresponsibility, and a desire that someone else pay for our lifestyle and supply our needs, wants, and desires. This is completely wrong and must be corrected, but it will not be changed because we change our political system.

    Society is made up of individuals. It reflects what those individuals are. Therefore, society cannot be made better by passing laws, enacting rules, or enforcing ordinances. It can only become better and freer BECAUSE individuals change themselves for the better. This can only happen as they become more like God (pure, holy, loving) and model their lives after the example set by Jesus Christ. "Love your neighbor as yourself." "If you want people to treat you well, then treat them that way."

    Even a purely libertarian world will have individual problems. The answer is not changing the rules to allow a different lifestyle, the answer is a redeemed and reformed life. For a further treatment on this, see my blog post,

  • Robert Alexander

    RESTORE truth, and get back to the real AUTHORITY of mankind's ruling authority - Christ the savior KING of kings, Jesus.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    If I might be so bold, there's a much better way to restore the Christian west. See blog article "10 'Radical' Recommendations." Click on my name, then our website. Go to our blog and scroll down to the article.

  • Gregory McDivitt

    This is hilarious! You guys can't even vote a left wing president named Hussein Obama out of office, and you're going to somehow implement this complete overhaul of the system? Good luck!

    • Andy Johnson

      The massive die off of liberals on the coasts will thin out the herd. Who do you pick to survive a dollar collapse? A gun wielding conservative or an unarmed hand to mouth liberal?

  • Kaitlin Steven

    The main reason is the former political leadership of individual European nations and America, ...

  • retiredmillwright

    I think the way things are going for the little working people,of America, like myself, a very good bit of advice is never give up your guns, buy ammo, long lasting food supplies and get ready to grow a lot of your own food. When America is spent and borrowed complety dry by the socialists its' going to come unglued and the great despression of our grandparents is going to seen like a cake walk.

    • jem

      The enemy publicly declared that to be their agenda decades ago. Hey, here we are. No one ever took them seriously.