Ted Nugent: Piers Morgan "Leave Us The Hell Alone!"

CNN's Piers Morgan finally went down to Texas and fired an AR-15. He did incredibly well for virtually no training and praised the weapon as "light and accurate." He even declared that it was an "exciting experience," but he still doesn't understand that guns don't kill people and he doesn't understand the Second Amendment. Ted Nugent though helps in telling him that he will "never understand" the need for those firearms and ultimately ends up frustrated at Morgan and tells him to "Leave us the Hell alone!"

Video showed Morgan at an indoor range where it looks like the target took a beating at the hands of the Brit with a semi-automatic rifle.

Morgan wanted to know, in a way that was not inflammatory, "Why, out side of hog hunting, which I get is a problem in Texas, anyone needs one of those and if the answer isn't very convincing, why the least we couldn't do to those poor families who lost people to that weapon is not just remove those from the equation?"

Nugent said that he had been monitoring his "gun debates." I assume those would have been with the likes of Larry Pratt, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones and Scottie Hughes and Dana Loesch.

"Go ahead and take it to the bank, you will never understand," Nugent said bluntly. He also called Morgan on his "bogus" gun violence statistics and pointed out that "tens of millions" of American families own semi-automatic rifles that never harm anyone and won't be used in a crime and that the "aberrations" that cause problems like mass shootings are such a small percentile.

Morgan continued despite being corrected, claiming that 18,000 a year commit suicide with a gun and yet Nugent pointed out that Japan has a higher suicide rate and they "can't get downwind of a gun."

Morgan sought to ask how many people were murdered with a gun in Japan in the last three years.

Nugent then hit the nail on the head by asking Morgan, "Do you care about murders or do you care about murders with guns?" He then pointed out all of the gun owners surrounding Morgan in the gun shop that he was in and the town he was in. He pointed out that they are generous, loving, harmless people and then went on to tell Morgan,

"Would you leave us the Hell alone!"

He then exhorted going after the bad guys and those that showed "murderous intent." Friends and family knew the people who have committed murder with guns in recent history were crazy, but no one did anything because, according to Nugent, "We were scared of hurting their feelings."

While Nugent implored Morgan to leave everyone else alone and go after madmen, Morgan said he wouldn't leave them alone.

More followed. As usual these two sparked some colorful debate, but one thing is clear: Piers Morgan is incapable of understanding the argument before him and he is unwilling to actually think through his own failed arguments that have been utterly destroyed.

Many kudos to Ted Nugent and I stand with him in telling Morgan and all gun grabbers to leave us alone and start dealing with the murderous element properly under the law!

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  • http://CAPTCHA Paul

    How come someone hasn't sent that POS piers morgan packing back to his slimey country. Or at least shut him up on live television, even with a very fast and hard right hand punch between the eyes, the most that would happen if you did, you would get fined couple hundred dollars, to me it would be worth it.
    The bad side to that would be that you would probably shot by his security force.
    It is time for this POS to get out of our country, NOW!!!!!
    We should not allow outside influences into our legislation or our government. Especially the likes of this POS.

  • Thomas

    Under the second amendment, US citizens have an absolute right to possess weapons of equal force to that of our domestic enemy, who are all those that threaten the life of the innocent, including but limited to, gangs, drug cartel, islamic terrorist groups. These groups all possess "assault rifles" and threaten us everyday. How will you defend yourself against a mob like those in the Rodney King riots? You better have at least an AR-15 with as many fully loaded 30 round magazines as you can carry!!

  • J. "Prof" Keeton

    Kudos Ted, Sadly you're casting pearls before swine(the zombie media & it's zombie audience). I pray for a unification of the common sense citizenry of this great land to minimize and drive out this evil cult of deceivers and their work to undo the rights to freedom our brave forefathers risked all to pass on to us. May God give you the strength to triumph in the good fight. God bless you and God bless America. Respectfully, "Prof"

  • http://FreedomOutpost Ken Marx

    Yea Ted! You are the most articulate person I've heard to date regarding this subject. Piers Morgan hasn't a clue. We are in America, not someplace else. Thank you for standing up to that interloper.

  • mike tonkin


  • http://FreedomOutpost JuanMan

    Pierced Organ has his hobby of interior decorator twister that we don't want to take away, so why does he want to take ours ? I'm telling you right now that this admin wants total control of his subjects. There are far too many questions about Newtown. And why do Lanza, Holmes, and Loughner look like psycho triplets ???

  • Arquebus

    In the past two years I have traveled all over Mexico. Everyone, with the exception of Guard Gated and patroled communities, has bars on all windows and doors. Iron bars and steel garage doors. It isn't enough. The people here live in fear. They are very polite to everyone because you never know who might have a gun and be fearless to use it on you. You see, the police, the military and the cartels are all armed. The police and military are underpaid and have to find other ways to supplement their income and so they are often employed by the Cartels. This makes a very large number of them criminals just like their Cartel brethren. When someone is kidnapped here, which happens often, their relatives are told to keep quiet or else he/she will die. There is no argument, they must comply because there is no one to turn to. This is what the government of the United States is seeking for it's populace. If they take away our guns they will have succeeded in increasing their power to absolute. Isn't this what all governments eventually acceed to?

  • Zoomie72

    Morgan will never "get it" because he doesn't want to. He has picked a side and will not really listen to anyone on the other side. He hounds his "guests" for answers to questions he has chosen the "right" answer to and will except no other answer. He listens to their answers only long enough to know they disagree with him, then he cuts them off and asks some other spurious question. And, yes, the Constitution does allow you to own a tank. Many of the cannon used by the American side of the Revolutionary war were privately owned. Many of the ships were owned, equipped, manned, and operated by private citizens. This is the background from which our founding fathers operated. This is the kind of thing they wrote the Second Amendment to protect. All the legal gun restrictions are unconstitutional. The founders would not approve of them IMHO.

  • thomas gentile