School Custodians Get Green Light To Carry Firearms In School

In what is said to be a first of any school system in Ohio, the Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education approved the carrying of handguns by its custodial staff. Breaking News, Weather and Sports

On January 9, 2013 the board voted unanimously, 5-0, to allow handgun training for four custodians in order for them to carry weapons at the Williams County K-12 school after the shooting that took place in December at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The design of arming the custodians is to thwart incidents of violence and prevent tragedies like the one that occurred in Newtown, school official claim.

"Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn't happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures," Superintendent Jamie Grime said. "Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect."

School board President Larry Martin said, "Our main goal is to offer safety for our students while they are in the classrooms and in the building. We have to do something and this seems like the most logical, reasonable course to go with."

The Toledo Blade reported:

Before voting on the resolution, which was approved 5-0, village Police Chief Jeffrey Lehman met with the board and superintendent in executive session to provide advice, suggestions, and his professional opinion, said Mr. Martin, a school board member for 20 years.

School officials also reviewed the resolution with the district's Cincinnati-based law firm, Ennis, Roberts, and Fischer, LPA, to determine whether gun possession by janitors in the classroom is legal under the state's concealed-carry license law.

Mr. Grime said their legal counsel advised that Ohio's gun law allows for school boards to authorize employees to possess weapons on school grounds if they pass the requirements of the concealed-carry law.

The custodians will be trained by instructors with the Tactical Defense Institute of West Union, Ohio beginning in mid March. They will go through a two-day training class and the school district will pick up the tab.

While I think the custodians could take care of their own class and save taxpayer money and I would like to see the rights of teachers and principals go uninfringed, this is a great step forward. I'm sure the school is making a very wise decision and since the word will most definitely be out, I'm betting that mass shootings won't be taking place at Montpelier.

For those that 'poo poo' such things as arming school officials, like Jason Linkins from the Huffington Post, I suggest reading Rusty Ray's excellent commentary, including interviews he conducted with school board members.

Listen below to the interview:

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  • Mike Young

    It is about time the School Boards and School Officials become Pro-active and create this policy.

  • http://immigrationbuzz gary rose

    How is this Good Security Telling Bad People who to Find My My?Now I know they the Criminal would look not First for a Janitor?Ok Crooks are Smart But This How Smart do you have to Be????

  • Thomas W Beckham

    These folks need to be highly commended for using available resources and common sense. A person's character isn't defined by their job title. The condescension of some posting here proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I seriously doubt any parent wouldn't rather have a custodian with courage defend the life of their child over a cowardly CEO (just an example, not an indictment). The custodians were armed at this school because they were the best resource available. A different school could present other choices based on the personnel available. The point here is the children attending this school will see their vulnerability shrink by the simple fact someone is armed and the news is out. Real studies by the FBI, Harvard University, and John Lott prove just the possibility of someone being armed is enough to make someone planning a mass murder look elsewhere. The only locations experiencing a rise in gun violence carry the moronic label of "Gun Free Zone". A two year old child quickly learns not to hit someone who hits back. Why this lesson seems to be beyond the learning capacity of adult gun control supporters is a mystery. If they are so convinced this phrase conveys safety, why don't I see t shirts saying "I refuse to defend myself", "Potential Victim", or "Unarmed and Proud". How about a sign in their yard stating "Gun Free Zone" or "Criminals Welcome". I've a sign in mine saying "Nothing in Here is Worth Dying for".

  • icemancold

    Well it is about time these people decide that armed people are needed in Schools. Hopefully this will stop the Muslim Dictator and his cronies from brainwashing another mental case to kill children to further the gungrab that ultimately will make it safer for the MUSLIM to announce that he is SUPREME DICTATOR.

  • Don Cartmill

    Arm the whole facalty and staff. Require an annual qualification / recertification on safety and proficiency of all who are willing to carry/arm themselves. Go to the following site for the clearest possible explanation of why guns are civilization.

  • Roger Halstead

    There are two qualifiers. Qualified and trained. Whether teachers, management, or custodial, not all individuals have the temperament or psychological make up to be qualified to carry weapons.

    If they would qualify, then train them.

    I think this is a step in the right direction.

    Remember, President Clinton set up a fund for things like this that resulted in thousands of schools getting armed protection.

    The left thought the NRAa suggestion of training and arming school employees was terrible, but I didn't hear any mecomplaint from them about Clinton's plan.

  • http://-4=2 WASP

    It doesn't matter who or how many staff are packing. WHO should be a secret. BUT, what needs to be public knowledge, and clearly posted, is that SOMEONE on the premises IS armed. That in itself would discourage nearly all the psychotic cowards like the nut at Sandy Hook.

  • Dwayne Oxford

    Good deal! Most custodians aren't handicapped by the liberal arts "higher education" brainwashing as are the "teachers".

  • ignition

    After ten years in a supervisory capacity in public schools, it seems to me that arming the janitorial staff is a move in the right direction. However, teachers, administrators and janitors need protection from the very rare events such as was staged-hollywood style in Connecticut. Such events are carefully planned in an attempt to frighten parents and the public into frenzied responses. Which we have observed. Such responses are then spun to support the communistic-NAZI left to pursue the goal of disarmament of the citizenry. As demonstrated by all dictators throughout history, disarming the citizenry is a necessary step in establishing a total dictatorship.
    The current movement is different.
    Germany has very strict gun laws, similar to the chief, violent-crime city of the world, Chicago. Yet, rigid laws control neither experienced criminals nor teenagers - nor anyone else - who has flipped out. Teenagers have demonstrated in Germany that flipped-out youth are similar to experienced criminals in acquiring a gun or guns to carry out their psychotic ideation.
    I applaud veteran organizations that are organizing to protect public schools. On the other hand, evil officials such as in Connecticut, who conducted the farce event at Sandy Hook do not publicize such events aforehand, and consistently lie about them afterwards. Nor does the NAZI-communist element in USGOV, such as current Obamacrats, reveal such violent, un-american attacks aforehand. Similar to 9-11, only participants and co-workers are notified. Their ability to stick together and lie about events is unsurpassed. We Americans must also develop the habit of sticking together - and swiftly.

  • nanblan

    Why not the principals and assistant principals? Since they're in charge, shouldn't they be the ones determining if and/or when a gun might be necessary? No offense to custodians, but I personally don't feel they should be making these type of decisions - and they're definitely not paid enough for having to take on such a responsibility.

  • William Wallace

    Wonder why 4 custodians... why not every member of the staff who is ready, able and willing to take on the task? Imagine how many people would even dare take on a school that is heavily armed?

  • Bill Johnson

    Bay City Independent School District, Bay City, TX has an armed police force on duty. Those officers are trained and equipt to take on attacks. The closest thing to an attack has been a letter to the Bay City Tribune threatening an attack at one of the schools.

    This is definitely a deterent. It also is an honorable post deployment job for combat veterans. I'd like to see that training and arming go to the school bus drivers and selected teachers also.

    Study of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence should be Mandatory in all American school systems. Negative training such as I've heard coming from University campus lately should be routed out and booted off campus.

  • Larry

    We are so pleased to see the school board arming school staff. It is the right thing to do to stop shooters quickly.

  • InalienableWrights

    Why do Christians celebrate the turning of their God given rights into revokable permissions?