SC Reps Push Legislation To Force Homeschoolers Under Statist Regulations

Representatives Doug Brannon(R), Michael Anthony(D), Joseph Jefferson(D) and Jenny Horne(R) introduced a bill in the South Carolina House on February 5, 2013 that would seek to require standards for home schoolers in the state by making it mandatory that children educated at home must take and pay for annual testing.

H. 3478 would require all home schoolers to take state approved standardized tests, would require South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools and all third option groups to report names, not numbers, to the Department of Education each year and would eliminate all third option groups effective July 1, 2014.

Most Christians that educate their children at home have always stood against the state in this manner and hold the following words of God as their mandate:

"And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. --Deut 6:6-9

We believe it is not only our right, but our duty before God to educate our children and that is not apart from him, which is what the state public education system is about. The question is one of what jurisdiction does the state have in the jurisdiction that is my home? They have none, unless there is a crime committed.

My children nor any parents' children are the property of the state, but rather are entrusted to our care for a limited time by God. Therefore, we are the responsible party to teach them and rear them.

Brannon is one that motioned to table the vote on school choice legislation in 2011 (H. 3407). While Brannon lamented the money coming into the general fund that would be lost, it was most telling that he is definitely a statist when it comes to education.

"One person’s choice should not come at the expense of others," he wrote. "Because this bill would have resulted in a significant reduction in general fund revenue, this so-called choice would have come at the expense of others in the form of less money for other services provided by the state of South Carolina."

Apparently the state's choice affects home schoolers and they don't have a problem doing that.

In addiion, one would have to ask then if the SC lottery is really helping education or is part of the general fund. One would have to ask why our property taxes specify a vast majority of property taxes, which are immoral at their core, go to education. Obviously the state has a problem restraining itself in its expenditures.

H. 3478 has backing by both Republicans and Democrats. Since its introduction on February 5, Mr. Jefferson has removed his name from the bill. Good for him. I'll also note he's a Democrat.

I spoke with Mr. Jefferson via telephone and he said after reviewing the bill he found it to be "not appropriate." He was also very kind and commended me as a home school father for our families efforts.

However, with bi-partisan support here, there is a danger that this will be pushed through and signed into law.

State Senator Larry Grooms (R-District 37) took issue with the legislation. He said that this new bill that has been introduced is designed "to take rights away from parents."

"We're not going to tolerate this,"Grooms said. "I'll do everything I can to kill this bill. It's offensive to home schoolers. It's offensive to parents who love their children. Children are best raised by parents, not government."

I believe the state will try and push this through and I believe it is because many home school parents want their children to be able to be on sports teams at the local public education facilities.

Don't get me wrong here. As home schoolers we not only supply tax money to educate everyone else's children in the public education welfare system, but then we go beyond that and purchase the curriculum and books to teach our own children. As those who pay in, I believe it is well within our rights to take advantage of that which we pay for. However, by doing so it is opening up a door to allow the state to mandate other things in the education of your child. I suggest we stop running after state funded anything where public education is concerned.

Perhaps these bureaucrats don't have enough to do or perhaps they think they have a responsibility to put their noses where they do not belong, but we must hold them in check.

The bill is currently in the House Committee on Education & Public Works.

Call and write to your representatives and let them know you are opposed to this gross abuse of power and overstepping of authority into the jurisdiction of your home.

Click the names below for the contact information of those who sponsored the bill.

Doug Brannon(R)
Michael Anthony(D)
Jenny Horne(R)

Also encourage Senator Grooms to stand strong on this issue. Also thank Joseph Jefferson(D) for stepping back from the legislation because it was not appropriate.

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13 thoughts on “SC Reps Push Legislation To Force Homeschoolers Under Statist Regulations

  1. It seems that these representatives stirred up a storm they didn't expect. There is discussion of a letter that Rep Brannon wrote to the house leadership requesting that the bill be kept in committee, presumably to die there. His letter says that his cosponsors "concur".

    I live in Jenny Horne's district, and when I first read of this bill, I sent her an email, and the next day I called her office in the district, as well as her office in Columbia. I am still waiting for a response (one week later).
    I also called my state senator at the same time I called Ms. Horne. He called me back within an hour.

  2. I thought it was the end of the world... and it was (Pacific Overtures).

    As a Yankee, I hoped ( and read- over at Occidental Dissent) that SC was one of the last bastions of freedom, sanity, and the CLEAR VISION that the Obamanation is a dictatorship like unto Soviet Russia or Hitler's Germany.

    Homeschooling IS the ultimate act of DEFIANCE against a corrupt, antichrist state. We who homeschool know that instinctively, and yet, so few realize that we are training independent minds to THINK.

    And FEDGOV fears this. Those horrid reps that have dreamed up yet one more incursion into the dying country known as America, should be tarred and feathered. At the very least, your readers should inform themselves, via fiction, if nothing else.

  3. From the 1940's to this day I have opposed the control that States have over Schools and students. Further, the amount of lies about our form of government and the lies about the Stata in General. Throughout History
    Governments have done all they could to take your children away from you. They want them to serve the State. Until the formation of the USA all Goverment was Stateist.

    While looking through the property records for the County of the city of Heidenheim, Gernmany I found a real estate transaction from 1849
    with a property description which incleded the listing of Poebel (people)
    alond with the other livestock. The USA had been a free nation for almost seventy five years. And this is one of the great reasons that
    prople from other countries want t come to America. For Opportunity and
    for Freedom. Our State Schools do not teach that.

    We need to not only oppose sending Christian children into public schools and to be able to retain the taxes, that are paid to the State,
    for home schooling.

  4. I don't understand these people who say homeschooling takes money away from the public schools. They're still going to get the same amount in property tax and have fewer children to teach. The amount spent per public school student goes up with more people homeschooling.

  5. So the ruling class liberals are trying to please the perverts in the Homosexual lobby, by try to make even more obstacles for home schoolers? Those bureaucrats should be listed for removal from ofiice come the next election.. If SC folk want to keep the kids free of perverts, then they have to get rid of their statist representatives.. Cheers for Larry Grooms as he is standing up for the children... Joeseph Jefferson is actually looking to keep his job, well good for him... The rest of them can and should be replaced...

  6. The State needs to stay out of home and private schools. The public schools in SC are weak!! Those of us who provide for a high standard of learning need know help from the state. It would sever you better to fix the public schools issues than to intrude with out cause on home school children . Home school and private school student out perform and test higher than public schools . This is a bill not needed. The test score already speak for them self.

  7. @detroit1887 Nice thought ! However, not logical for the Obamacrats, and does not harmonize with their destructive agenda - - .

  8. Do they have the 2/3 in both chambers to override the coming veto? Even before that, do the loonies control enough of the state senate to push this tripe through?

  9. They just want to make sure home schooled children are as educated as public schooled children. That'll be easy enough.

  10. What do you expect from a Gov't giving free housing,free schooling & now free meals to your kids.This is just another law to get more onto the system. Then they change the rules, when they get enough people on the system! For cost effectiveness, they will take your kid at birth to be raised by THE GOVT for the GOOD of the GOV'T & the COLLECTIVE EQUALITY! Wake up! if your able body then take your own responsible for your kids! I applaud homeschoolers & ask them to fight the TAKE OVER of the government into your family! Inner cities you are being ENSLAVED to the government allowing the rules to be change!WAKE UP

  11. Is it the possibility the real agenda here is about control, and the States ability to indoctrinate the children, filth coming out of "intelligent teaching."
    S.C. as with other States, when you took GOD out of the schools you invited Satan in, and yes he is a marvelous teacher, he taught us, to lie, cheat, steal, murder, sodomy, drugs, disobey our parents, deny GOD, rebellion, hate our brother, kill innocent babies, fornicate, idolatry, adultery, divorce and remarriage, witchcraft, violence and the list goes on...yes the State and our teachers really know how to educate...lets see now who do I want to educate my children?


  13. So these education cops can't keep kids in their schools that are corrupting our kids and now they want control of the parents who wish to educate their children in a private settings. When is the government going to stay out of our private lives? ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!!!!