Obama Eligibility Case Requested To Move To Oral Arguments At US Supreme Court

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court was asked to move from conference to oral hearing concerning the Obama eligibility case. Dr. Orly Taitz's application, to be heard on behalf of Edward Noonan, was denied by Justice Kennedy on December 13, 2012. However, the application was refiled and resubmitted to the Chief Justice on December 26, 2012 and listed as "Distributed for Conference of Februrary 15, 2013, according to the SCOTUS website.

According to Suzanne Eovaldi, "February 15, 2013, Attorney Orly Taitz brings her request to move the Obama eligibility challenge from conference to the oral hearing stage at the US Supreme Court. She is moving forward in spite of the fact that four African-American Supreme Court clerks refused to allow Taitz to see the signature of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who denied her petition originally. 'But I resubmitted to Justice Roberts, and he sent it to the conference,' Taitz said."

"The California attorney is asking '…how do we know that he (Kennedy) ever saw the brief?' Eovaldi writes. "In no uncertain terms, clerk James Baldin told her that 'I (Taitz) [was] not allowed to see the signature.' This denial of her right to see Kennedy’s signature 'does not make any sense.'"

"Attorney Taitz is presenting evidence that 1 1/2 million invalid voter registrations were filed in the state of California!" Eovaldi concluded. "She is asking US citizens to 'please, write and fax SCOTUS and demand to see the order by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who allegedly originally denied my case Noonan v Bowen before it was sent by Justice Roberts to the conference.' Is not this the very least we can do to attempt to clear up this matter?"

Not only is the claim that the birth certificate posted online at the White House website alleged to be a forgery and with good reason to suspect so, but also Obama's passport records have never been released nor has his college transcripts.

Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Flagged By E-Verify[/caption]Additionally there is the issue of his Social Security number allegedly being from Connecticut. Marv Dumon writes,"The SSN apparently fails the government's own E-Verify system and generates the name 'Harrison J. Bounel'. Bounel appears to be a relative of Michelle Robinson Obama. The incidence was first reported in the mid-2000s when a background check was conducted on Barack Obama when he was in the process of purchasing a home in Chicago. The purchase became a public scandal when it was discovered that Obama had received a favorable price (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) on his mansion from a convicted felon and lobbyist."

Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Flagged By E-Verify

Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Flagged By E-Verify

Concerned citizen and "employer" of Barack Obama, Linda Jordan, even went so far as to write Obama to have him verify his information, after his Social Security number failed the government's E-Verification.

Keep in mind that only about one percent of cases such as the one engaged in yesterday by Ms. Taitz are elevated for further review by all nine Supreme Court justices.

On the day that Barack Obama was to deliver the State of the Union address, Taitz declared that the Selective Service Certificate that is used by Barack Obama was never assigned to him.

Taitz has not been the only investigation into the identity of Barack Obama. Most people are aware of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation. Arpaio referred to the issue as a "national security" iissue. He even took his information to delegates at the Republican National Convention in 2012.

Even Christopher Monckton, commonly referred to as Lord Monckton, expressed his insights into Obama's birth certificate and eventually declared him to be an illegal president.

Obama's attorney argued last year that the online birth certificate is "irrelevant to his placement on the ballot” in the State of New Jersey, basically conceding that it was a forgery.

Even Israeli science determined that Barack Obama's online birth certificate is a forgery.

What is more amazing than people not looking at this evidence seriously is the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama, along with the Kenyan Ambassador have all openly declared that Kenya is his place of birth. Many other people have said that as well.

Similar lawsuits are continuing in California and Washington against the man formerly known as Barry Soetoro.

For a great Constitutional explanation of what the Founders had in mind about the term "natural born citizen," I suggest you take the time to read Publius Huldah's article on it.

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91 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility Case Requested To Move To Oral Arguments At US Supreme Court

  1. A message for Andrew Forrer: Barack Obama was NOT a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. He was a Lecturer.

  2. You have to admire attorney Orly Taitz's persistence in this case. This could invalidate Barack Obama as president. Also, if our congressmen would put pressure on the necessary parties to reveal who the surviving Benghazi survivors are, we may finally learn the truth behind the Obama/Clinton coverup. We should not let up on this investigation. The men who died trying to save Ambassador Stevens deserve to have those responsible brought to justice.

  3. I PRAY we will soon get a long lasting, clear, resolution of this.

    Even those who believe and support SCOTUS in Minor v Hapersett and NOT Wong Kim Ark NEED a clear DECISION....
    .....to quiet those who bark at the moon and suggest the we believe in magazine articles over SCOTUS

  4. He is not eligible and is a part of the largest act of TREASON against the American people in History along with all 545 in Washington DOJ included!
    If you are tired bof the lies CONTACT the North American Law Center and get involved! We are focused on the congressmen and senators who have refused to act in our behalf with the OATH they took when entering office.

    We start with one the another and we will see a domino effect, rats abandoning a sinking ship. Why do you think BAGDAD CLINTON left office think about it, she is over her head in the TREASONOUS act in BENGHAZI that murdered Americans. Balance Of Powers ACT get involved !!!!!

  5. To quote the previous worthless Secretary of State:
    'What Difference Does It Make?'

  6. In 1875, the U.S. Supreme Court case of Minor v Happersett decided that "natural born citizens are those born in the country to citizen parents". This has been national law for about 137 years. His father was never a citizen of the U.S. therefore Obama ll has never been a natural born citizen.
    In addition, over 25 independent document experts have found Obama's certificate of live birth to be a bad forgery. Guess what? No valid birth document---no valid citizenship. What country does he have proof that he was born in it? There's more. at the time his mother remarried an indonesian, Barry became Indonesian in order to go to school there. Indonesia requires that. Once a foreign citizen of the U.S., natural born status can never be regained. If anyone can provide written irrefutable proof he is eligible I will award them $100,000 USD. You must first pay $5,000 USD Application fee for written response from a constitutional attorney.

  7. We can only hope & pray somehow this imposter is exposed and eliminated from this country.

  8. Silent Knight says:

    I really hope a positive result (0bama's impeachment, removal from office and imprisonment) comes out of this.
    0bama makes Nixon look like a model citizen. And Nixon faced impeachment with far less against him.
    Mid-term elections are next year.
    The proceedings for impeachment alone will take about a year.
    No telling how long the SCOTUS will bounce this around its' chambers.
    Looks like the long overdue stage for this is set.

  9. I figured we'd be screwed again... yep, screwed again.

  10. It is fairly obvious that the fix is in. If this were a conservative President all stones would have been overturned to "bring the matter to light for the sake of justice". "Justice" Roberts has already proved himself to be owned by others. The highest ranking legal prostitute in the land.

  11. Did he win any states that required voter I.D. ? Don't think so. Rotten to the core DICTATOR WANT TO BE.