Military Veteran Says Obama Is "Greatest Threat to America & World Since WWII"

Retired military veteran Lt. Col. Ronald G. Marlar received an email from the Obama campaign "Organizing for Action" in which he was rudely encouraged, "You should forward this." The email contained a video link to the Obama website where Sami Rahamim tells of his father's murder in a mass shooting that took place in Minneapolis in September 2012. While my heart goes out to Rahamim's family and I'm sure Lt. Col. Marlar's does as well, it was the emotional appeal for more gun control legislation that got under the retired veteran's skin, prompting him to write letter in response in which he said that Barack Obama is "the greatest threat to the US and the world, intentionally or not, since WWII.

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Marlar's service to the United States spans over two decades, including service in Vietnam. He is also reaches out in efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Israeli Jews and Muslims in America and abroad.

Lt. Col. Marlar's letter to Obama was also sent to Freedom Outpost and Mr. Marlar graciously gave me permission to present it to the audience.

Marlar points out the differences between his own father and Rahamim's father. Understand that Rahamim was a Jewish immigrant from Israel whose own parents had left Iran in the 1940s, Reuven started a sign business in the basement of his home in Minneapolis’ quiet, kind of out-of-the-way Bryn Mawr neighborhood. Marlar did not express any resentment against Rahamim's success or his legal immigration, but spoke of his father.

"My dad died at age 58 working as an exploited union laborer in a plant related to the national defense industry," he wrote. "He had served in the US Army as an enlisted man during WWII."

"At the time of my dad's death due to his work," Marlar continued, "I was in the US military, a combat veteran of the Southeast Asia War - the quagmire that JFK had gotten us into and LBJ had continued. I served for 21 years on active duty, 38 years total in uniform, fighting first against Communists, then against Islamic jihadists. I ended up partially disabled, missing body parts - thank God none ever visible - as a result of my service to the country."

Marlar also wrote of his son's service to our country. "My eldest son served 20 years in the US Armed Forces fighting Islamic jihadists and Socialists-Communists, first in Bosnia and Kosovo - the needless interventions that Clinton had gotten us into. Then my son fought in Iraq, during George W. Bush's tenure as President, after the Islamists had been decimated along with their Taliban Islamist training camps in Afghanistan."

He then recounted the oath that he and his son had taken saying that they were "without expiration dates to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

He also spoke of the fact that both he and his father had served with "some fine Jewish men and women, people of many other races, colors, ethnicities, national origins, creeds and faith beliefs." He contrasts the former days of the USA being a melting pot to the fragmentation that has occurred "by Obama with his philosophies, policies and actions."

Then, like the men our country has been known to produce, he then declares the real threat to America and it's not firearms.

"Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama, his handlers, the henchmen and women in his oppressive, tyrannical, despotic, evil Marixist, Islamic-influenced regime are the greatest threat to the US and the world, intentionally or not, since WWII."

Marlar's family has a long history of military service since before the American Revolution. As such, he asks the the following of the Obama campaign, "Has Obama ever served in the US military, in combat? Have you? Did Sami's father? Do you believe Sami will do so?"

His point was to demonstrate that he and his family actually fought, sweated, bled and gave their lives for the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, which the Obama administration is Hell bent on destroying.

He then blasted "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." Your work and this piece in particular is propaganda in the model of Joseph Goebbels. It appeals to emotions not reason, and that is so wrong. We studied and learned how to recognize propaganda in US schools in my school days. You cannot fool me or others."

Marlar told me "I most certainly do not expect a reply from Obama, his handlers or his henchmen or women.... They are deaf, blind and dumb to any feedback from people like me."

However, Lt. Col. Marlar is optimistic about dealing with the propaganda coming from the White House. "I hope we can flood the Organizing for Action (OfA) website with our stories about Gun Violence," he told me to the point that Obama's handlers, henchmen and women are forced to shut it down. It is nothing but a propaganda tool against the best interests of all US citizens and visitors.

Here's the video that demanded Lt. Col. Marlar respond, because unlike Barack Obama, Mr. Marlar takes his oath to support and defend the Constitution seriously, including putting his life on the line.

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  • justme

    Thank you!!! We need more people to tell the truth!

  • Conrad Gabbard

    A lecturer on the "Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis, to overextend and bring down Government, by overloading the U.S. welfare system and bankrupting the nation," indoctrinated in both Communism and Islam (Communism with a god-head), in a position to lead a soon to be reborn Islamic Caliphate cannot be seen as anything BUT the most serious threat our nation has ever known. Only Glenn Beck ever reported on the Cloward-Piven connection, but it checks out - and what, pray tell, are Obama's policies, appointments and Executive Orders doing for or to our country?

  • James Maxwell

    I retired from the AF and keep a weapon handy at all times. Not because I distrust nor
    fear those around me but those that would take away my freedoms. Since I live in
    Texas where we beleive in protectign ourselves, our families and our property I
    have the means and the freedom to defend myself. I have taught my family members
    to respect life and the rights of others. But I have also taught them how to used
    firearms if and when necessary. They have been taught to respect any firearm as
    though it is loaded at all times, never to pull or point a weapon at anyone unless you
    have though it thru and there are not other options. But if and when you are forced
    to pull a weapon understand the repecussions and the fact that you may take a
    human life. That is the last thing than I or any one would ever want to do as it
    will impact your life as long as you life. That include those who are in combat
    situations where the choice is not as simple but just as tramatic with the first pull of
    the trigger.

  • becky

    You bet he is the greatest threat - this country has EVER seen. Not just since WWII. He is destroying us purposely and undermining our world-wide reputation so there is, in fact, no stabilizing force for good anywhere in the world. Since he is a muslime, I believe part of his end goal is an Islamist Caliphate. The other goal is a One World order where only HE (so he thinks) and his pals rule.

  • Michael Shuster

    Another propaganda filled video from the gun grabbers of America. The shooter was mentally ill read, The perpetrator was identified as Andrew John Engeldinger, a 36-year-old resident of Minneapolis for twelve years, who was raised in Richfield, Minnesota and graduated from theAcademy of Holy Angels.[5] He was formerly employed by Accent Signage Systems, but recently fired from the business.[1][7] According to neighbors, Engeldinger was a loner who never engaged in conversation with anyone, while a former coworker described him as not eating lunch or taking breaks with other employees. Engeldinger's parents and other family stated that he had some sort of mental illness and resisted treatment, eventually becoming estranged.[5] Early reports state that he began shooting upon returning after being fired were incorrect, authorities said Friday, according to the NBC article. He was in the front office after being fired, and then went to the loading bay, and authorities said there were clear indications he may have targeted certain people. A search of his home uncovered packaging for 10,000 rounds, indicating that he was heavily armed and had practiced shooting quite a bit.

    Enough said.

  • Average Joe

    And if daddy had A gun in his desk he would most likely still be alive and mabye one or two of his employes would be alive as well. That means DADDY FAILED to keep his people safe. In my buisness there is A gun pointed at the door and cash redgesters all day long. Nobody sees them, Nobody knows abought them. One has been fired twice stopping two badguys cold! My employes know I will pull the triger and keep them safe.


    I greatly respect and honor the Marlar men for their service to and for America. Sadly, I feel that our efforts in the Middle East have not really had much to do with the safety and protection of America and "We the Sheeple", but rather for the Oil Barons around the globe. Not only has it secured certain oil rights(and not necessarily for America), but it has cost trillions of dollars and too many lives. The sad thing is, many returning and still active, seem to being questioned as to whether they will fire on American Citizens or not. The coming "Uprising" is not by chance, but by plan and a long involved one at that!! Everything revolves around money and a One World Government. There is only one family that can afford to finance either or both .... a good study of world history will reveal it! God help us and open our eyes and ears that we may see and hear, Amen.

  • Old Timer

    Obama and his minions, in fact, his followers and low knowledge followers are the whorst threats toour Constitution, freedoms, and in fact, our nation, "the worst blot on this shining light on the hill of this earth's humanity since the hords of Genghis Kahn. As a Korean veteran, USMC, 1952 I also took the oath of enlistment and have never rescinded it and even as I am well into my twilight, no, my years of the dusk, with two of my children and one grand son, Marines, am not willing to allow this nation to be destroyed as long as there are people of faith and honor willing to preserve it at the poles or as otherwise required. God save us.

  • http://CAPTCHA Orlando Llenza

    I served in the US Air Force for over 32 years. I did not get drafted, I volunteered to serve during the Korean War and beyond. I swore to defend the Constitution and that is till standing although I am retired from the military. The President, elected by buying votes with our tax dollars, does not respect our Constitution, is adamant in breaking our economy and feeding ronrng ideas about what America stands for. He is not an American, he is a Muslin by birth and education, was not born in the USA and should have never been elected as President.

  • tom

    my dad risked his life in 3 theaters in world war 2, with a purple star to show, for the current tyrannical to occur the likes of which would make herr adolf and mssrs. mussolini and hirohito salivate.

  • RonMar

    Here is a sample of one of the stories from the five I submitted to the Obama website:
    Threatened at a marina - For some years I lived on a boat in a downtown marina on city public property. A much older friend and I had been doing some repairs on my boat when I noticed a teenager on a bicycle riding on the floating walkway where my boat and many others were docked. Boat break ins and thefts had been commonplace at the marina although access to the walkways was through key code gates.
    My friend and I were ready to leave. I was carrying a substantial amount of cash on me to pay my friend for supplies he had bought and his labor on the boat repairs. A concealed weapons permit holder I put my holstered handgun - a .380 Walther, semi-automatic, 7-round capacity - in my waistband under my loose shirt front and a 6-round capacity magazine in my pants pocket.
    As we exited the gate the teen on the bicycle circled in front of us with an open switchblade knife. Threatening us he said he was going to cut us. I told him he had better leave. As he continued to circle getting closer to us each time as we stood outside the locked gate I lifted my shirt to let him see the handgun. He took off quickly on his bicycle.
    Knowing the concealed carry and other gun laws of the state prohibited “brandishing a gun,” I used my cell phone to call the police immediately. The police separated my friend and me to hear our stories independently. The police also interviewed two other witnesses to the incident. I had not even seen the witnesses since I was focused on the threat to my friend and me.
    After hearing our stories and descriptions of the teenager one of the police officer told us, no problem, we know the boy. He just got out of juvenile detention, and the police would go to his house, pick him up, and expected him to be back in juvenile detention that day.