Mayor Wants To Authorize Police To "Disarm Individuals" During Crisis

Guntersville, Alabama Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give authority to police to "disarm individuals" during a disaster.

According to the new ordinance officers could disarm individuals, if necessary during disasters. Dollar says it grants authority to police officers to protect themselves.

"We are not trying to infringe upon anyone constitutional rights whatsoever. It's just to protect the workers working out there in a disaster," Dollar said.

This is a load of BS. They are not trying to infringe on people's constitutional rights, they are actually doing it! What about people protecting themselves? The mayor claims to be concerned for the police, but I see nothing in her statement indicating that she is concerned for the citizens of her town.

Demanding that this take place in the event of a disaster only makes the people more vulnerable, not safer. Just look at what took place during the disaster we named Hurricane Katrina here and here. This was a clear violation of the people and their property by the government and military. In fact, I can guarantee that if they attempted that around my neck of the woods, it would be the last time many gun grabbers would do so.

Guntersville Music Academy music teacher Paul Landry opposes the ordinance stating, "Well, it seems like an infringement on the 2nd Amendment and that's the biggest problem I have with it." He's right, only there is nothing "seeming" about it. It is most definitely that.

Dollar says that the town needs the new law and wants to model it after Tuscaloosa, which already has similar legislation on the books.

On March 4th this ordinance will be on the agenda at the next Guntersville City Council meeting. Citizens of Guntersville, if you find yourself in a disaster and the cops coming for your arms and you don't stand up at this meeting and be heard, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

UPDATE 2/27/2013: According to the Milla Sachs, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, she issued a statement a few days ago about this ordinance, which you can find here. The Mayor's office also presented a statement and the spokeswoman told me that the ordinance, which you can read its language here, was set to be pulled today and the wording was in line with the State law.

The obvious question I had, was if the State already includes this, why is it being included in the city ordinance? We can all agree that if a law enforcement officer is threatened that he can do what he needs to do to disarm the threat. The specific language reads, "As provided by Alabama State Code, any law enforcement officers acting in official duties may disarm and individual if deemed necessary. The officer must return the firearm to the individual before leaving or arrest the individual."

While the Mayor's office affirms that they stand by the Second Amendment and they are thankful many people are standing up for it. The real problem, as I see it, is the ordinance should not have been introduced, nor should the State have language like it does about disarming, simply because it is totally ambiguous. "If deemed necessary" could imply a lot of different things, depending on which officer is asked. The question I would have is, how many of those things are lawful?

UPDATE 2/28/13: Guntersville City Council dismisses proposed ordinance

The Guntersville City Council dismissed a proposed resolution that some thought would violate their 2nd Amendment rights. It would've allowed police officers to disarm harmful people, in emergency situations. The Mayor says the proposal was in no way meant to violate anyone's rights.

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83 thoughts on “Mayor Wants To Authorize Police To "Disarm Individuals" During Crisis

  1. So what you are saying, Mayor, is that citizens don't have rights when a crisis happens, right? What if the crisis is a crisis made up by the Obama administration? Just because the "authorized police" are out there doesn't mean that they are acting rationally and aren't going to become emotional, misusing or abusing their authority. This is a city authority misusing her authority in advance - how would she behave when a crisis does arrive??

  2. Maybe you people knew about this, I didn't and I can only say "It scared the hell out of me, then I got real mad." It was a News Film Clips of happening in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and it Shows What It Will Be Like If Alabama Passes that law...WATCH It for yourselfs...I Saw a 75-80 year old woman shoved down and punched in the face by Policeman...the Title is " Mindblowing-See -Police-Confiscating-Guns-From-Americans "found on yesterday....An UNBELIEVABLE MUST SEE !!!

  3. Disarm at your own peril. If anyone tried that on me, they woulld be looking down the business end of a very large caliber weapon.

  4. If this is the case, the Police need to set the example and "surrender" all their weapons. Then they can "request" the citizens do the same. (This is sarcasm).

    It is obvious, they need a NEW Mayor!

    Now, if you want to see something that does makes sense, watch the following:

    It would be FANTASTIC to actually have someone do this.

  5. Linda Miskolci says:

    ALL of them say they are not out to take anyone's "RIGHTS".....they are just protecting this group or person or that. That is crap. They are out to take the guns away so we are defenseless against our own gov't. Just as Thomas Jefferson and the Sons of Liberty predicted.

  6. Hey STUPID...that's when we need the gun the most. End of lesson!

  7. Under Alabama law counties and cities cannot not pass gun legislation.

  8. Jude O'Connor says:

    There's a video of the military collecting guns after hurricane Katrina, forcibly too. It's on U-TUBE. One person said they wanted a receipt for their gun and were told "No receipts". You don't resist when there's a rifle pointed at your head.

    • Right, that is the video I was talking about in my post...Nobody, police or military, nobody came and gave any protection after taking the guns..But the Looters and criminals had theirs,,,That one guy on the clip said gun smoke was so bad on some nights you could smell and taste it.....

  9. Orwellian States says:

    I haven't heard about a big problem of people shooting at cops in small towns after storms. Is this something new? When did Alabama go blue?

  10. So now we know what to expect from the police in case of an emergency. 1)Because the Police are so overloaded & under staffed us citizens should NOT expect them to come arunning for every little emergency. 2) On the other hand in real emergencies we CAN expect them to come by and confiscate our firearms and leave us citizens with NO MEANS OF PROTECTION at all. Some where someone thinks "We The People " are FRAKING IDIOTS. Go to your townhalls, town meetings, go where ever you have to and MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD. Any questions?

  11. Her duty is not protecting the police, it is protecting the citizens. And you can't do that by taking away their ability to protect themselves, especially in a crisis when the police are busy with other things. She needs a different day job.

    • Perhaps flipping burgers at Burger King ?

      Nah she would start a public list of people who order double meat and double cheese burgers with bacon as potential heart attacks while driving. Then call for them to have their drivers license confiscate.

      Maybe picking up dog crap out of public parks, I think we can all agree its annoying to step into fresh dog turd. She would provide her county and state with a valuable service and can work on spreading the word to please pick up the turds after someones dog craps.
      Ya I think that would suit her just fine

    • You really want to trust her with that much "responsibility?"

  12. Every one should be calling and writing the officials in Alabama, pressure from outside of the state goes a long way.

    As for this woman, um the cops already have guns so they can defend themselves. Honest law abiding people will be at home defending their houses not out causing problems. The only time the officers would be at risk is for knocking on a door during the disaster. Besides shouldn't the police have some other more important things to do in those kinds of events ?

    Btw you will never get your gun back, when this happened after Katrina. The state destroyed or sold off the guns. Owners with the original receipt showing their name and the guns serial number were not allowed to get their guns back. This is just a law that puts off confiscation until the next hurricane or or tornado. Then they confiscate and if there are any bans in effect guess what ? They just got rid of the previously owned banned guns all in one move.

    We cannot give up, we have to stay on top of these things. If we even slack up for a one minute to take a break they will win. OFA is already focusing in on the Hispanics in Texas to change get them to vote democratic to turn this state in to a state of liberal chickenshits. Sarah Palin even said on twitter that the real reason the feds are stocking up on ammo is for civil unrest after the countries financial melt down.

    Stand and fight, Be loud and be heard. Never register or hand over your firearms, they cant fit all of us in jail as long as we stand UNITED...

    • FEMA is already building "containment camps". Who are they going to 'contain'? It's NOT the illegals - the Feds are releasing them, probably to make room of American citizens. This liberal socialistic government and its politicians need to be voted out of office. They are detrimental to our FREEDOM!

  13. Can you spell STUPID?

  14. Where do these people come from? I know, government schools!

  15. Disarm law abiding citizens by police during a disaster? Are all Mayors in Alabama equally as stupid? Why would he/she want people shooting police officers to defend their own rights in the middle of a disaster?

  16. Time for a recall of the Mayor.....time for the citizens to say NO to having their rights infringed upon by UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION. ..

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  17. Authorize all you want to Darlin , you aint gettin mine...

  18. Her house should be the first to be checked for firearms.

  19. She'll be outta office soon. The Conservatives in Alabama won't stand for this. This was illegally done during Katrina in New Orleans and the people got rid of the mayor there.

    • Actually, they did not get rid of Nagan. He got "re-elected" even after the hurricane debacle. Instead of being re-elected, he should have been doing time in Federal Prison, for his actions (having the people's weapons confiscated).

    • Philip..... You are correct... BUT, lately I heard that Schoolbus Nagin is in trouble with the law... Don't remember exactly what it is, but I hope he gets to do time..

  20. A person comiing in my house to steal my legally owned and Constitutionally protected product will be met with lethal force as will any theif.