Maryland State Senator Plays Chess While Ignoring Pro-Gun Testimony

Last night in Annapolis, Maryland a hearing was conducted on new sweeping gun control proposals for the state via SB 281, the Firearm Safety Act of 2013. State Senator Jamie Raskin (D), an anti-gun advocate, decided to ignore the pro-Second Amendment testimony that others were listening to and instead opted for a game of electronic chess. Just makes you proud doesn't it citizens of Maryland?

Senator Raskin purportedly playing computer chess while citizens were testifying.

Senator Raskin purportedly playing computer chess while citizens were testifying.

The photo seen here was provided courtesy of the Maryland Shooters Facebook page.

Many commenters on the page were, shall we say, a bit upset at his lack of performance in the role as State Senator.

The first comment pretty much sums them all up, "Nice way to pay attention asshole...can we impeach him? for obvious dereliction of duty?"

Another carried others sentiments, "Very disrespectful to the citizens who were speaking. Shameful."

One person even sent the picture to all the committee members and listed their emails to make sure they were aware that their colleague wasn't exactly giving a "fair hearing" to the speaker.

While Raskin obviously wanted people to listen on the Governor's gun safety package, which is not about safety at all but elimination of certain types of weapons, it doesn't seem he was interested in paying attention to the other side.

He also said it was time to act after the past couple of shootings that have taken place:

Only action the people want to see is the government stopped from restricting their Second Amendment rights. Perhaps if the citizens of Maryland would return this narcissistic politician back to his house and shame him, then things could move in the right direction.

He also falsely tweeted out:

The guy broke the law before he ever entered the school. Then he had the audacity to tweet to a partner in crime Valerie Ervin, who testified as an anti-gun advocate (bet he was listening the entire time to her), the following:

SB 281 deals with many things, including:

Altering the authorization for a person to wear, carry, or transport a handgun to be within specified limitations; designating specified firearms as assault weapons; prohibiting, with specified exceptions, a person from transporting an assault weapon into the State or possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, or receiving an assault weapon; authorizing specified licensed firearms dealers to continue to possess, sell, offer for sale, or transfer specified weapons under specified circumstances; etc.

Citizens of Maryland, your Governor has an agenda and if you don't speak up, you will do so to your own peril. The major points of his agenda are:

* An across-the-board ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms
* Restrict magazine capacity to no more than ten rounds
* Require a five-year state permit to purchase a firearm which would be obtained after prospective gun purchasers complete a mandatory gun safety class with a live fire component, submit their fingerprints to a state-run database, and undergo a state-funded background check with a potential wait time from application to approval of up to 30 days - permit is renewable
* Broaden the list of disqualifying mental health criteria and conditions
* Grant police additional authority to confiscate firearms
* Require an additional federal background check at the actual time of purchase
* Impose a seven-day waiting period before a purchaser can take possession of their firearm
* Restrict the purchase or possession of ammunition for certain firearms
* Require that persons moving into Maryland register all regulated firearms with the Maryland State Police and pay a $15 fee per application
* Ban persons from bringing "assault long guns" into Maryland unless the firearm was registered with the Maryland State Police before November 1, 2013.
* Impose mandatory training requirements for permits to carry a handgun
* Ban certain turkey shotguns with pistol grips and adjustable/telescoping stocks

Raskin and his supporters face opposition from thousands of pro-gun supporters who rallied on Wednesday in Annapolis to protest the Governor's gun control proposals.

Maryland Senate Candidate Danny Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, gave a speech at the protest and said,

"There's no such thing as gun control....there's only people control."

Listen to Bongino's speech:

bongino speech

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  • Eddy James

    What is a Turkey shotgun? How about enforcing laws against shooting somebody. Or committing crimes. Instead Of making more people criminals for exercising their constitutional rights. If they only made laws against robbery,murder our problems would just go away right? Nah, we'd still have too much government telling us what to do, say or think.

  • Charles

    all government officials, state, local, federal etc that propose an unconstitutional law should be arrested by the local sheriff immediately upon it being entered into the record for consideration and held without bail. The trial should be held within 30 days and if convicted the sentence should be carried out within 30 days of conviction. ALL sheriffs should act on this immediately. ALL means ALL

  • Keenan Lee

    Know your rights. Exercise your rights. Protect your rights. Vote the people who are taking them away out of office. Impeach, remove, recall every one of them.

  • J J

    Why should anyone be surprised at this display?? Congressmen, be they state or federal, get paid enough that they should at least 'act' interested in keeping their job. It's a sad thing that regardless of what these guys do, they have their job until the next election. And they will be re-elected if more media doesn't get on reporting this kind of behaviors. The only way this is going to stop is if the voting public gets informed, gets upset and gets revenge - fire these guys.

  • Bob

    This is typical of MD government. I voted with my feet and left the state.

  • Pete0097

    Why should this be a surprise. This is a state that basically ignores everyone that doesn't live in the Baltimore-Washington corridor. I used to live in Harford Co and we weren't allowed to even vote for our own school board. They had to be appointed by the govenor. We had to pay for whatever they wanted. The only reason it worked that way was because Harford Co always voted Republican.

  • bull57

    Citizens of Maryland I looks like its time to vote a few more politicians out of office. Time to take Your state back before the politicians infringe on a few more of your god given rights!