Liar, Liar: Is That What You Say Obama?

"Liar, Liar" is the title to a Three Dog Night song, but here I'm using to describe the statements made by what used to be the most powerful man in the world. Yep, we are talking about President Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe we should change his middle name to Barack Hussein "Liar, Liar" Obama! He has told so many lies and the news media lap dogs go right on with the lies like they are true. But very few reporters are willing to confront Obama on his lies. How many times has Obama stood before the cameras and straight out lied knowing full well it was a lie?

We can state without doubt that one of the biggest lies he had ever told was about the amount of oil that the United States has available to use or drill for. Obama did in fact state, “…the United States has only 2 percent of the world’s oil….” Yet, the facts point to this as being an outright lie by Obama knowing full well that three states, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming alone hold more oil than the entire world has on hand. How can we make such a statement, simply put, Obama knows of this vast deposit of oil because the man he placed as interior Secretary, Ken Salazar stopped all drilling in Utah where enough oil could be recovered to run just the United States for at least 60 years, and President Obama knows this! "Liar, Liar" is that what you say Mr. Obama, is that what you say?

Now we have to move on to the next largest lie yet to be told, the cover up, and maybe it could also be called the “dust over” of Benghazi. No matter what it may be called, it is a fact here that President Obama did lie about when he knew about Benghazi and he also lied about why it happened! Even as recently as this past week, President Obama once again lied to cover up a previous lie, all about Benghazi! First, Obama said the attack was due to a video and he lied about that for two weeks, even though his advisors and his Secretary of State knew on September 11, 2012 that it was a pure first class terrorist attack. "Liar, Liar" is that what you say Mr. Obama, is that what you say?

In an article by Tim Brown, which shows that Obama discussed Benghazi just once on the night of September 11, 2012 with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it becomes clear that Obama has lied about what happened.

The Washington Times made clear that,

“The White House has said Mr. Obama was kept up to date on the attack by his staff, though after being alerted to the attack in a pre-scheduled afternoon meeting he never spoke again with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin E. Dempsey or then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Well, it seems that maybe somebody got a story mixed up here or was it decidedly done this way so as to not complicate the election where Obama may have lost had the truth on Benghazi really been told? Liar, Liar is that what you say Mr. Obama, is that what you say?

President Obama just recently stated, “If I can save just one child because of what I did, (referring to the 23 Executive Orders on gun control), it would be worth it.” But here again, Obama makes one statement and goes out and counters it with his abortion demands where over 3,000 children are murdered each day and yet he does not worry about them at all. Instead, he makes a huge showing of his passion due to a mad man who broke several laws before firing a single shot. Come on Mr. Obama, just how dumb do you think people are? Do you really believe what you state or is it a huge show like most of your campaign?

"Liar, Liar" is that what you say Mr. Obama, is that what you say?

How many more lies will come forth, like the ones of the first scandal, Operation Fast and Furious, a gun running operation of which President Obama asserted Executive Privilege into a fact finding commission even though he had no Constitutional right to do so. But some even say that that was his first attempt to seek a very tight gun control idea. Was it not the same Obama who was not yet elected to the White House that stated, “I will not do anything to obstruct the Second Amendment”? And yet, along come a couple of crazy men that shoot up people in public areas and he wants to declare war on the Second Amendment! Wasn't it also President Obama who called the Fort Hood shooting “work place violence” only because he did not wish to call it what it really was, an act of Terror?

Each time he does this, his lies become more and more inflamed and more and more directed at the Very Constitution he swore to “protect, defend, and preserve”!

"Liar, Liar" is that what you say Mr. Obama, is that what you say?

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  • scoggin

    Obama is a religion to his followers, and they have faith in everything he says, true or not.

  • raccman

    We were told by the Registrar of Hawaii several weeks if not months ago that the Obama birth certificate was counterfeit and there is no REAL record of his birth in Hawaii ! Isn't it strange that no one, not Hannity, O'Reilly, the Republican Party, the Supreme Court - NO ONE WISHES TO FOLLOW THIS UP ! Where pray tell was Barack Hussein Obama born ?
    Were BOTH his parents U.S.Citizens, as required ? When will the Charade end ?

  • Blusportie

    Obama is the most wretched coward and the weakest excuse for a leader in the history of this country.

  • Hotnike

    Obama, Brennan and Clinton need to be tried in a court of law for TREASON.

  • becky

    And our non-existent media follow him like a bunch of drooling puppies - sorry to the puppies.... All of this is SO easy to counter that it is also clear that the great majority of our republican "Leaders" are also traitors, along with the Communist-in-chief and all his appointees.

  • gwedem5995

    You know his his lying when his lips are moving.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Republican's need to start making exact statements
    like Obama and the Democrats will put nothing on
    Paper about they will cut only like the Auto Bailouts
    you can not even take notes during these talks
    They only put out Speaches therefore we have no
    way to prove these speaches are true or false
    there is no paper to leak we have nothing but to
    call them lies

  • Helen Tritt

    Everything that rolls out of Obama's mouth is a BOLD FACED LIE. He probably has NEVER told anything of truth in his entire miserable life. Every lie he tells perpetuates the other lies so he continues. Trying to cover up for the previous lies and not very successful at that because he is a massive FAILURE with all. He is incompetent, ineligible to occupy the WH and should not be there even as a janitor. He is an evil, sinister FRAUD and should be removed Immediately!

  • JF

    the problem is that Obama is supported by groups we are not even aware of and it is all about One World Government. Taking him on and taking him down is a task that everyone seems to fear and I have no doubt that death and thuggery is the real reason. We have no idea of what has happened to those who have tried. Look up deaths associated with Obama and you will get the idea.

  • Tim Lucas

    I would love to see a conservative paper in print from any city printing the truth. Obama is not the only liar. I want the oppertunity to support that paper. I would buy stock and even deliver the rolls of paper myself. I believe there is deep support for what's not being delivered today. The truth is a weapon of light and we certainly have a lack of it.

  • Gregg Kronski

    This is a crime. president Obama is probably the smartest person in the world. He, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Clinton, Frank, Franken, Boxer and Biden make up the most brilliant people on earth. Instead of criticizing the president maybe you should ask for forgiveness. Did you know that Cher, madonna, Clooney, JZ, Damon, and now even Tebow all say that he may very well be the messiah and it is OK to pray TO Obama now. He can perform miracles if he wanted to. Pray that he will bring you to a higher place in life where he and his team can share love with you. Obama cares and loves all of us. I wish I were gay so he would want me too.

  • http://FREEDOMOUTPOST phunyfarm

    Well. my goodness, yes the awkward, un-American leanings of the o "thing" currently occupying the white house have been understood from the onset, the 2nd term really "gave him his head" & chaos looks to be the supreme dictator here. NOW, what do you suggest we DO about correcting this major problem we have all acknowledged we have. WHAT
    DO WE DO?? Contact and badger all your reps, go to town hall meetings, stay in touch etc etc. ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN. I'm just seeing if maybe a group of like minded American citizens can come up with a rational way to correct our current national crisis. Surely, we can come up with some ideas that make sense...or is asking this just too old fashioned and simple minded (in your opinion,which PLEASE take pride in having one!!another right taken awayl.....) the end -enough...

  • Vancouver1941

    Everytime obama opens his mouth it is a lie beginning in his campaign speech in 2008."You can keep your doctor if you want to,nobody will take that away"or words to that effect and"Nobody who makes under $250,000 will pay one extra dime" in reference to Obamacare or the unaffordable healthcare act.There was a book published about a year ago or so that was titled 69 lies that Obama has told but that book needs updating every single day!! I was a registered democrat but wised up in Nov.0f 2009. I would never vote ever again for a democrat.

  • Harry Elston

    I like Mr. Mike Clark's comment. We need someone who believes truth is paramount; without it the Country fails. Bring this President from the shadows and into the light, that way he won't survive.

  • Mike Clark

    WE all talk about getting rid of Obama , how are we going to do it that is the question . You know Obama is never going to allow the national media ask him any questions about benghazi . CBS, NBC or ABC will never ask him questions the American People want answers too. So what we need to do is grab up someone close to him , one of his economical advisors or strategic advisors that know what ids going on in the WH . Brennan would be a good one also LEW his immediate advisor who has been one of the Architects of the last 4 years. Get him or her on Video , to spill their guts on what goes on beg\hind close doors . Most of the people that work for Obama , are all Academics and have no idea of what pressure means , if we put the pressure on them they will break. Then all we need to do is get it out on YOU TUBE , get a hold of FOX , I know some people there. Give the public the statements from this insider , all we need to do is have the person tell the truth and Impeachment , will start immediately. Then with AlJazzera the new TV station coming to America , they would jump on the chance to start their program with a Impeachment story on Obama. Once it is out there on the lies on Benghazi, records unsealed about Fast & Furious , Obama will fold up like a deck of cards , along with everyone in his administration. Once the truth emerges , other Obama officials will want some kind of deal , they wiill also be asking to testify , in order to not get jail time. Thats the only way you are going to out Obama, inside person after some pressure , will definitely start telling the truth.

  • W

    As mothers teach us to tell the truth, Obama's degenerate mother taught him to lie. about anything, everything.

  • A. Levy

    My goodness, after all this time, is anyone surprised to see that the Marxist-in-Chief is a liar? Has no one noticed that just about everything he says in front of the TV cameras is the exact opposite of what he does when the cameras are off? Do we still not realize that all the nation-crippling regulations coming from the Gestapo-like EPA actually come from the Oval Office, even though he then says, "i didn't do that"?

    My question is, do the American people even care?