Legal Immigrant Schools Gun Grabbers In Connecticut On Gun History In America

Following Bill Stevens' passionate defense of the Second Amendment at the Connecticut State Capitol at a public hearing on gun violence, legal immigrant Henson Ong gave his testimony. Ong recited America's own history with guns and gun control and declared that the problem of mass shootings was not the availability of guns, but rather the change that has brought about such things was "societal decay."

This is another video that deserves five minutes of your time. You will be cheering him on!

Ong, who says that English is not his first language, spoke rather eloquently and poignantly to the issue of guns and morality. Most telling was his elaboration on our own history with firearms.

Most readers will appreciate the way he introduced himself, "I am a legal immigrant and an American by choice." His statement received a round of applause.

He said that his opposition to the proposed bills was because they would "do nothing to deter future crimes."

Ong then launched into schooling the elected representatives before him.

"Gun control does not work," he said. "Your own history is replete with high school rifle teams, Boy Scout marksmanship merit badges. You could buy rifles at the hardware stores. You could mail order them, delivered to your home. Your country was awash in readily available firearms and ammunition, and yet in your past you did not have mass school shootings.....what changed? It was not the availability of guns suddenly exploded or increased. It actually was decreased. What was changed was societal decay."

Again, more applause took place as he made the statement about "societal decay."

"If gun control actually did work," Ong continued, "Washington D.C. and Chicago would be the safest cities in your nation, but it is not. They have the toughest gun laws and the highest crime and murder rates."

Ong cited that there are some people who refer to the AR-15 as a "weapon of mass killing," which undoubtedly was a stab at elected representatives like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein and other anti-Second Amendment domestic enemies. He then proceeded to turn the tables on them by stating, "There are a few government agencies which disagree with that characterization." He spoke of the recent solicitation by the Department of Homeland Security concerning select fire rifles that are chambered in 5.56 NATO, which the AR-15 was based on, with a thirty round magazine is "suitable for personal defense use." He then cited the particular solicitation number for these weapons by DHS.

Ong then addressed the question, "Who needs an AR-15 with thirty round mags?" His argument was one I have made and that was to bring attention to the Koreans during the LA riots, who took up arms against the looters when the police abandoned them. They did so in order to protect themselves, their families and neighbors, businesses and property.

Had they not had AR-15s, AK-47s and Rugers, "Their businesses would have burned to the ground like other businesses in their neighborhoods," said Ong. Instead, "Their's stood, because they stood their ground."

Ong then took a piece of history from the other side of the world, specifically Tiananmen Square. He said, "Had the 10,000 students at Tiananmen Square not been unarmed, things may not have resulted in so many of them disappearing." Obviously he is speaking of them being openly killed.

"In your own laws, United States v. Miller," Ong continued, "it was made clear that the type of firearms protected by the Second Amendment were those specifically useful and common for military use, in defense of the state. I would like to note that the state is not the government. The state is the people."

Again, applause erupted from those attending.

"In Lewis v United States 1980," he added, "it is stated that the Second Amendment guarantees no right to keep and bear firearms that does not have some reasonable relationship to the preservation and efficiency of a well armed, regulated militia. It has nothing to do with hunting. The militia spurred debates in the (Constitutional) Convention shows plainly enough that it is composed of all males physically capable from acting in concert for common defense and further that ordinarily, when called for service these men were to appear bearing arms, supplies by themselves and of a kind in common use at the time."

Though the moderator attempted to interrupt Ong, he continued, "The Ar-15 is the most common and popular rifle in America."

He then concluded with a statement by Judge Andrew Kozinski in the case Silveira v. Lockyer:

"My excellent colleagues have forgotten these bitter lessons of history. The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime usually do, but few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed only for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed. A free people can only afford to make this mistake once."

Once again applause erupted from the crowd.

It's amazing to have to be taught our history by a legal immigrant isn't it? I send out major "props" to Mr. Ong! You Sir are the kind of immigrants that America needs and desires within her borders. You came legally. You have established a home and you know and cherish and love the land that you live in and you believe in her ideals. Perhaps Mr. Ong should run for one of the elected representatives seats that he addressed.

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39 thoughts on “Legal Immigrant Schools Gun Grabbers In Connecticut On Gun History In America

  1. Although I have nothing but contempt for illegal aliens, invading our Republic, simply because they know they will have all their needs taken care of by the taxpayers of America, I simply love legal immigrants that have come here from some Communist police state, to make America their home. They have seen the other side, where there was oppression, and lack of liberty, and have chosen to live and prosper in America, where our Founders created the greatest experiment in human history in the history of the world, through much death and suffering.

  2. Mr. Ong, I salute you, Sir. You are a great American!

  3. Well said, Mr. Ong! You and people like you do this country a honorable service! God Bless you, Sir!

  4. Mr. Ong most definitely put the idiots to shame. He is smarter than all of them put together. He can reason, look at the facts and come up with an intelligent conclusion compared to the idiots in politics who look at the facts and ignore them unless they agree with their Marxist agenda.

  5. Actually Hitler had more logical and responsible gun laws than the US does now. He also forbade vivisection of animals, came out against smoking, discouraged alcohol abuse, fought for workers rights, and made it on the cover of TIME magazine what three times?

  6. Well stated Mr Ong - I salute you.

  7. Mr. Ong cleaned their Glock, I mean clock.


    Great statement Don, I was a recruiter for the US ARMY assigned to work Lakeview HS back in '80 to 86. Is almost laughing matter how Chicago keep implementing laws and still have one of the highest crime areas. The gentleman was right on the money. We should bring more people like him and send the politicians to third world countries. After all that is their agenda, for the USofA to become so weak; Then they can be the new dictators of the new USSA. Germany with Hitler and his administration comes to mind.

  9. Our current crop of elected representatives in Washington, along with their unelected and unsupervised bureaucrat underlings does not understand one important fact in history.

    What touched off the American Revolution was "The Shot That Was Heard Round the World." British troops were sent to Concord to seize an armory possessed by the colonials. When confronting the American colonists, the commander in charge of the British troops said, "Disperse, ye rebels." This ultimately led to the secession of the American colonies from the British Empire, a secession that was never intended by the colonists until after this attempt at gun-grabbing. The colonies were full of Native American tribes who were unsympathetic toward the colonials, and these tribes were occasionally encouraged by the French in Canada to terrorize the American colonists. The British were only concerning with protecting themselves while imposing tyrannical measures on the colonies, and could care less about defending the general population -- their safety in tyranny came first.

    The American colonies had little or no chance of driving out the British, but miraculously, historical circumstances worked out in their favor, as if Divine Providence were watching over them.

    Given the current state of our country's impending divorce from any form of religion, other than warlike hatred, when the ATF shows up and says, "Disperse, ye domestic terrorists!" which way is Divine Providence going to be looking?

    Both sides in this had better beware, because (believe in him or not,) God will have more effect on the outcome of this than either side.

  10. The start of the down fall in the USA was NAFTA which a lot of people predicted. Then another was immigrants with their value system which did and does not come close to ours. Also this PCC (political correct crap) has gone way to far and allowing these groups to DEMAND we take care of them even if they are here illegally. We have a Congress full of law breakers that get away with so much our kids say to themselves if law makers do not have to follow laws, sports figures do not have to follow the laws and BANKS have screwed us all then why in the hell do kids have to follow the laws? We have shown them that they don't as long as they have the money or connections to insure they keep getting away with it.

  11. Not only is Henson Ong an American by choice, he is an American in spirit and action. I am grateful to have him as a brother and a neighbor in OUR country.

  12. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)

    I am a legal immigrant same as Mr Henson Ong. I attended Lake View High School on the north side of Chicago and I was one of those members he talks about “Your own history is replete with high school rifle teams,...". "It was not the availability of guns suddenly exploded or increased. It actually was decreased. What was changed was societal decay.”

    Everything he said in the article I have said at different times. It seems that only the recent legal immigrants from oppressed countries value and are committed to preserving Americas constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. It is why they immigrate to the US - for freedom. To you, who are born here and have never experienced oppression, I say read his testimony carefully maybe even several times and think about it seriously.

    We have a lot of gun control laws on the books which are not enforced against the criminal element. What makes anyone think that more laws will make a difference. Mind you, I do not condone or excuse any of the shooters but look at the shooters and not the guns they carried. Ask yourself why did these shooters "go postal". Could it be that they were bullied (Columbine) or part of a Jihad (Ft. Hood) or mentally impaired? What was it in their life that made them go berserk. Media does not tell the whole story and often slants the story to further their own personal agenda. But, what I did recently see on Milwaukee news - the Milwaukee police department response time is over 20 minutes. Ask yourself what can happen in 20 minutes and how many people can be killed in 20 minutes. There was a call to 911 in the Connecticut shooting. 20 Children and 6 adults were shot multiple times. How many would have been saved if only one person on the scene had a concealed carry weapon and was able to return fire at the shooter? I just wonder. Movie that I saw recently "Have you heard about the Morgans". Look at the tail end of it and watch how the Wyoming people took care of a gunman at the Rodeo.

  13. Emmette Boone says:

    Any person who, after giving an oath or affirmation of fidelity to the US Constitution as a condition of accepting an office or appointment, speaks, writes or behaves in a manner inconsistent with that oath or affirmation must be considered to have withdrawn their oath or affirmation and, by consequence, to have resigned from said office or appointment.

    The Second Amendment clearly defining a right which shall not be infringed, even to the extent of providing an advantage to the state for that right remaining so un-infringed, any person having accepted an oath or affirmation of fidelity to the US Constitution who behaves in a manner infringing on that constitutionally protected right must be considered to have resigned from the office or appointment to which they were entrusted upon giving their oath or affirmation as a condition of accepting said office or appointment.

    That said, we need to hold some special elections to replace people who have vacated their offices by repudiating their oath of office.

  14. What can the common person do to change the direction we are headed??

  15. Thank you Mr. Ong. There is nothing WRONG with your delivery and use of the ENGLISH language. You spoke better than most AMERICANS. You are INTELLIGENT, ELOQUENT and PRECISE and gave a compelling argument how lucky we are to be AMERICANS. You make us all so proud.

  16. With that kind of eloquence and determination I'd vote for him.

  17. Leroy Veritas says:

    Excellent stuff. His information on the murder rates in DC is out of date, but other than that he's on point.

  18. Fantastic job by an legal immigrant turned American.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. He should run for office!!! Intelligent, prepared, to the point. What's not to like?