Joe Biden: Gun Control Laws Won't Work, But We've Got To Do Something

Ah yes, the wisdom of liberal Uncle Joe Biden, who also happens to be our Vice President. Biden made a statement to reporters on Thursday afternoon after having lunch with Democrat Senators at the Capitol. He basically said that even though they knew that nothing that they do will alter or even eliminate mass shootings, that they would have to still try and do something, ie. implement more gun control laws.

"Nothing we're going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to 1,000 a year from what it is now," he told the group of reporters.

"But there are things that we can do, demonstrably can do, that have virtually zero impact on your Second Amendment right to own a weapon for both self defense and recreation that can save some lives," he said.

What's makes Biden's comments somewhat hilarious is the fact that Politico reported that a staffer tried to stop the gaffe master. "As a staffer tried unsuccessfully to cut Biden off repeatedly, the vice president argued to reporters that none of the proposals would infringe on constitutional rights." Ginger Gibson wrote.

Biden had been on the Hill to sell Obama's gun laws as introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

"I'm not saying there's an absolute consensus on all these things," Biden continued, "but there is a sea change, a sea change in the attitudes of the American people. I believe the American people will not understand -- and I know that everyone in that caucus understands -- they won't understand if we don't act."

"The visual image of those 20 innocent children being riddled with bullets has, has absolutely, not only traumatized the nation, but it has caused-- like the straw that broke the camel's back."

While he wants to point to the support of evangelical Christians, a group of people I happen to be associated with, but not in agreement with on this issue, one must be wary of many of today's "evangelical Christians," who are all about feeling and emotions rather than truth. After all this is how this administration and the liberals have been selling their attack on the Second Amendment. They have been employing the emotional tactic.

I'd say, if you know that legislating more gun laws does not and will not stop shootings by criminals, then what is the point of implementing them? There can only be one reason I see and that is to eventually take the steps to not only remove these weapons from gun stores, but eventually to eliminate them from gun owners.

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271 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Gun Control Laws Won't Work, But We've Got To Do Something

  1. talljohn777 says:

    Morons running the asylum.....

  2. Maybe Old Joe can brush up on all those unenforced gun laws on the books and enforce them. He might tell the criminal element they will be shot on sight if they try to rob,break in a house or loot stores . Joe needs to understand the RIGHT of self preservation is hard wired into our personalities and takes president over Obama's BS gun control.

  3. Enforce the laws we have. You commit an illegal act with a gun, you go to jail. You don't get out on bail or get a slap on the wrist. Maybe we should call the Democrats screaming for the guns, the Stupid Party. You do not want to solve the problem, you just want control.

  4. MR. Vice President: For once I agree with you, "We've got to do SOMETHING!"

    But Sir, please let that "DO SOMETHING" be the enforcement of of the 10,000 gun laws ALREADY on the books?

    90% of those arrested are never held to account by Federal Laws, so I ask WHY NOT?

    Why do you ANTI-_GUNNERS only think in terms of limiting the rights of law abiding people, and give criminals a free reign?

  5. Here's an idea: lets start getting some of the 'crazies' off the street, and into asylums for the dangerous and violent, get the treatable into treatment, and ENSURE they STAY treated, get the others into some sort of helpful counseling, or companionship. ANYTHING to ensure they, and society, stay(s) safe! Most of the MASS killings have been by crazies, anti-societies, amorals, etc! When we can help or stop these, most of our problems will, also!

  6. Joe Biden - moron of the century.

  7. Shall Issue CCW laws work. They reduce crime everywhere they are enacted!
    Doing something WRONG, over & over indicates insanity!

  8. All the more reason to have background checks on politicians. What a nutcase.

  9. sovereigntyofone says:

    Joe Biden is proof that even the mentally challanged can become Vice President.

  10. Decay in parenting and Drs. prescribing medication upon medication that have so many side effects. Video games where killing people is played on a screen day in and day out by kids. Desensitizing them to violence as they control the control. Freedom of prayer and expressing our faith in our risen and living Savior Jesus Christ being outlawed in society is also a cause of taking out the conscience of right and wrong .

  11. He's a moron...ANY action taken will have an impact on the 2nd amendment. And the 2nd amendment isn't about hunting or target shooting..and personal protection ranks THIRD for reasons we have the 2nd amendment: 1. as protection against a tyrannical gubmint...2. to fight foreign invaders.....

  12. Hey Joe if you want to help...GO ON A VACATION

  13. Yeah,, Ralph, you are right. Also, I would suggest they start treating the criminals LIKE the criminals they are and stop molly codling them by treating the victims like they are the criminals. The politically correct took away capitol punishment away because it's too harsh, but the victims of murder and mass murder would not say that. My 18 year old brother was kidnapped and shot in the back and buried in a shallow grave with another teenager who were together. They both were killed just because someone wanted to kill somebody. They were both missing for 12 years when one night the murderer was at a drinking party and was drunk and the drunks were telling about the badest thing they had ever done. Guess what, someone was there who recognized the story and the next day called the FBI. They put this murderer in jail but he got out on parole in 7 years for the cold blooded murder of killing two innocent boys. He was released to murder again while two people had lost their lives because of him. They get 7 years in a prison that gives them 3 square meals a day, library, hospitalization, medication, medical attention, TV, internet, shelter over their heads, baseball field, basketball courts, and all the luxuries of a hotel.

    For stealing mere money, and embezzlement, people get 25 years or more, but for murder of TWO teens who will come home to their families again, they are out in 7 years. He PLANNED the murders and that made it first degree murder and because the state does not have capitol punishment he is free to live his life and kill again, and the next time he won't be drinking a d boasting about it. And the politically correct have ruined our society by their liberal insanity and this is why we are suffering today, and the obama zombies just can't connect the dots.

    The bad guys get the guns, while the justice system does NOT enforce the laws of the land and the innocent people are the sitting ducks. We become the victims of the criminals and the terrorists AND the rogue politicians, who want total control of the the citizen victims, use the excuse of gun control as the answer everything.

    The politicians won't even listen to common sense because their agenda is all that matters. People are just a commodity. We are all worker bees and ants working for them. They are so elite and powerful now that they think they own the government and our paychecks. It's gone to their heads, especially the career politicians who have made careers of making their dictator laws that they make themselves exempt from. Only the peons are bound to the laws that they make and amend. They have been in office so long that they put themselves above the laws and this is what they pass on to the new ones that come into their money making power control federalized organization.

    They herd and manipulate us to thinking we are still free. Taking our guns is the ultimate in losing our last freedom. This will be the end of our USA as we know it because it's the surrender of our personal sovereignty and the surrender of our entire nation, handing it over to them to do as they wish. obama was put in office to do this, and the new world order is why he did it. He HAD to push through the most heinous of acts to stir up a hornets nest for our people to protest gun control, and he KNEW exactly what to do to enrage our citizens for his gun control mandate that he has been working on since he was the Illinois senator. Why would a president and his vice president go on a campaign to rally the people to manipulate the gun control agenda? It will take the guns away from the innocent and the terrorist will keep theirs, and it will put the guns into the hands of the terrorists hands only. DUH! Still not stopping the terrorists, still not enforcing the already existing laws, and still not solving the real problem but making it worse because the innocent, like my little brother, are sitting ducks to the murderers. Common sense.

    To solve the problem, take the liberals out of office, and put some grass roots intelligent law abiding citizens in office who are in touch with reality and do not work for the new world order.

  14. Good ole Joe! He just can't help himself.

  15. Joe Biden if you want to fo something, Hire well vetted guards for schools.
    Train and arm the Citizens of the United States. Americans are better guards of their own than any paid guard ever bprn.

  16. The liberals are absolutely trying to incrimentally get to the point where they confiscate all guns. Just like they did with cigarettes. First it was no smoking on planes. That led to no smoking in public buildings, then bars and in some places public parks. Now they are pushing to eliminate smoking in houses where children live (after all, it is for the safety of children). If they get that, they will work on making it illegal to smoke in any house. Comrade Feinstein has already stated that back when she got the assault weapons ban passed, she would have made all guns illegal if she thought that Congress would pass it.

  17. Joey, such a good communist he is coming out.

  18. I think the words that describe the truth being told unintentionally are; "From the mouths of Babes". But in this case, we have "from the mouth of Bite Me."
    The estupido Gringo tells the truth and then tries to bend it to make the Administrations attempt to please the head-banging liberals by whining that -- They won't love us anymore if we don't "DO SOMETHING".
    Sorry, Joe, but you're right. The Libs you cater to are already pissed that your glorious leader didn't close Gitmo, free all the terrorists, imprison all the conservatives, fully censor the press, and stop all means for the average American to protect themselves.
    As usual, they long for the day that they can act as Hitler Youth and break windows, molest young girls, intimidate the elderly and recieve the blessings of their leader for a job well done. If they had their Druthers, the old "Kristal Nacht" would last for a month.
    C'mon Joe. The avrage 4th grader can see through your mail order grin and your wavy cadaver hair, like the cheese cloth window in a Carney strippers act. They can also smell the aroma of stockyard in everything you say.