Why Will Stewart Rhodes Not Call Out Pima County Sheriffs Deputies In Death Of Iraq Vet?

On Memorial Day, May 2, 2011 Stewart Rhodes the founder of the anti-militia group called Oathkeepers along with another Oathkeeper leader Sheriff Richard Mack held a rally for Jose Guerena, a U.S. Marine and Iraq Vet who was murdered (shot at least 50 times) by members of the Pima County Swat Team. During rally, Rhodes said, "I want to make it very clear we are not here to criticize,condemn or persecute the individual deputies on Pima County Sheriff’s Dept."

The following information is not an attack on the many fine members of Oathkeepers. It is to simply point out that its leader has and is speaking from both sides of his mouth and falls short of taking a hard core stand against the growing police state. Is Stewart Rhodes a Oathkeeper or Gatekeeper?

Note: At the 37 sec mark in the video below you will see and hear what Stewart Rhodes has to say about the Police who murdered Jose Guerena:

I want to make it very clear we are not here to criticize,condemn or persecute the individual deputies on Pima County Sheriff’s Dept.


Pick up Rhodes' comments at the 4:50 mark.

Why is this story relevant after 2 years? To begin with we are now seeing more and more reports of Police Abuse in our nation. Innocent people are being injured and killed by law enforcement officers who are violating their oath of office. Our Govt has now approved the use of and are adding 30,000 drones to assist police departments. Many of which will be armed. Now combine this with the fact that the present administration is currently attempting to implement legislation that will permit the killing of American Citizens on US soil based on just mere accusations. We also now live in a nation that has passed and approved legislation that allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens with out due process and denying them their constitutional protections via of the NDAA. The excuse that those who violate our rights are just following orders is unacceptable. It was not accepted as a legitimate defense in the Nuremberg Trials and and should not be accepted today. Case closed!

Unlike Stewart Rhodes, I will go on record and openly condemn, ridicule and persecute the Pima County Sheriff Dept. Patriots who claim to be so much about freedom and how it's on the march, seem to want anything but freedom! If they come for our freedom we must strike back with vengeance that will stun them! If your anger and outrage are not on the forefront then you are already dead, at least to me anyway.

Stewart Rhodes however stated at his rally that

I want to make it very clear we are not here to criticize,condemn or persecute the individual deputies on Pima County Sheriff's Dept.

Really Stewart? Why not? Why do you seem unwilling to criticize, condemn or persecute the individual deputies who clearly violated Jose's rights?

Rhodes goes on to talk about how his Uncle has served for over 25 years with the Pima County Sheriff Dept. Stewart, what the Hell does that have to do with the unwarranted shooting of Jose? And how is it relevant that your uncle served with those vile murderous jack-booted thugs?

The founder of Oathkeepers goes on with more rhetoric, and says its not about this, its about the Constitution and Declaration Of Independence. Well Stewart, if you really feel that way then why do you refuse to criticize, condemn or persecute the individual deputies responsible that clearly violated their Oath by destroying Jose’s rights? Rhodes attacks departmental policies but won't attack those who have the blood of a U.S. Marine and Iraq vet on their hands.

It is to be noted that the Pima County Sheriffs Department initially claimed (PDF) Guerena fired his weapon at the SWAT team. They later acknowledged that not only did he not fire, but the safety on his gun was still activated when he was killed. Guerena had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home. After ushering out his wife and son, the police refused to allow paramedics to access Guerena for more than hour, leaving the young father to bleed to death, alone, in his own home.

So if Stewart Rhodes claims to be about the Constitution why does he still refuse to criticize, condemn or persecute the individual deputies on the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, who robbed Jose of his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Note: The deputies responsible for this heinous murder have since been cleared of all charges. Rhodes where the Hell are you?

Here is the helmet video cam from the officers as they murder Jose Guerena and here is an article discussing the numerous changes in the police officers story line following the shooting and the open, postmortem, character assassination of Jose Guerena.

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About Jim Stachowiak
Jim is the founder and editor of Freedom Fighter Radio. He refers to himself as an "Armed Infidel and Crusader Against The Beast’s Organized Religion of Government (The BORG), Islam, and any other Satanic Death Cult that would destroy our Liberty." Jim believes in and speaks out when he believes people are completely out of line and espousing views that endanger the United States Republic.
  • FreedomFighterRadio

    Note: At the 37 sec mark in the video below you will see and hear what Stewart Rhodes has to say about the Police who murdered Jose Guerena:

    I want to make it very clear we are not here to criticize,condemn or persecute the individual deputies on Pima County Sheriff’s Dept.

    To hear and see the video proof of Stewart Rhodes making the above statementClick herehttp://freedomfighterradio.net/rhodes1.flv

  • People Against NDAA

    The underhanded attacks in this article are not only devoid of facts, a dangerous assault on a man's character, and following the current regime's agenda of "Divide and Conquer" to the letter, but also puts the life of Stewart and his family at risk.

    The questions asked in this article are not worth answering. One lambasts Mr. Rhodes for not doing enough to "persecute" the deputies, while another claims he is guilty by association.

    The logic in this article, that Mr. Rhodes is somehow a double-agent for failing to "persecute" the Pima Co. Sheriff's deputies, is absurd. It is contradictory to the mission of Oathkeepers, to reach out to Law Enforcement and Military and remind them of their Oath, to take the time to "persecute" and "condemn" individual deputies.

    If Jim wants this question answered, he can just ask it. Instead, he chooses to attack the very man who could answer the question best.

    The claim that Mr. Rhodes has "proven ties to Nazi sympathizers who support child killing Nazis and they have endorsed Rhodes" is also ridiculous.

    Claiming a 3rd party association and endorsement by Nazi sympathizers is an inexplicable tie to the Nazis, and therefore makes Mr. Rhodes a turncoat, is such a leap of logic as to boggle the mind. If 3 degrees of separation to the Nazis is enough to make someone a traitor, all German-Americans should just yell "Heil Hitler!" and get it over with.

    Finally, accusing someone of being a double-agent, even in question form, is a dead-serious accusation. It does nothing to advance the cause of liberty, and you're playing a dangerous game with a Patriot's life, organization, and family.

    FreedomOutpost is usually a solid, well-researched news source. It's time to recognize the absurdity of the claims in this article and pull it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jim.stachowiak.9 Jim Stachowiak

      We the host’s of Freedom Fighter Radio have both served the country in uniform. We both have also taken the Oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic! Now we are concerned about the seeming compromise of those who are so-called oath-keepers, who are seemingly silent on anti-troop rhetoric being posted on Alex Jones site. There have been at least two articles talking trash about our troops,in as many month’s! This group known as oath-keepers is now in question by us, as is Alex Jones. Truthfully, we want to know what is going on here? Oath-keepers an organization of active/veteran military and police, who is founded by Stewart Rhodes. Rhodes was interviewed approximately three weeks ago by Alex Jones. This occurred in between the two articles with anti-troop messages appearing on Alex Jones site!

      Freedom Fighter radio is dedicated to and always will stand by the heroes of the past, and of the present,who have sacrificed their lives, and fortunes, in the defense of liberty. We stand dedicated to those men and women, who have fought for Freedom in every corner of the world. They fought and died for liberty against Americas enemies.

      Now today there are those who would chisel the memory of their sacrifices from the history of the greatest nation to have ever existed THE UNITED STATES. The enemies of freedom walk upon the land that men and women of honor have protected with the blood spilled from their veins.

      Political prostitutes grip tight the reins of government, and traitors plunder and empty them into the coffers of the enemy. Evil men sit in high places and degenerates do their bidding. How much more of this sickness must men and women of honor endure before they hurl this scum into oblivion?

      Oath Keepers founded by Steward Rhodes, who Sheriff Richard Mack is also a board member of, have been silent on the recent written attacks on our Military. “Oath Keepers” are apparently nothing more than “Gate Keepers. Stewart Rhodes a veteran has recently been interviewed by Alex Jones, whose site ironically recently stated that not one soldier active or retired should be thanked. Oath Keepers has received a platform to air their views, by Alex Jones through his websites. Yet not one word in regards to the anti troop rhetoric on Alex’s website from oath-keepers! Do birds of a feather flock together? Alex Jones is apparently a shill, as this site has already exposed.

      In light of the recent tragic loss of Seal Team 6, this silence about the written attacks that have been posted on Jones site, seems to us a betrayal of their fellow veterans. But then again, there are others who have gone before them who have apparently betrayed their fellow soldiers like Kerry, Murtha, McCain and Carter.

      That means all of you who have, and are serving have not contributed to our Freedom according to Lew Rockwell, and Alex Jones along with some others! Seems like these sorts of people have aided and abetted those that are promoting anti-troop, and socialist agendas! These people seem to be playing both sides, and giving the enemies of America a platform from which they spew their treasonous Anti-American rhetoric.

      We are openly stating that both Stewart Rhodes, and Sheriff Richard Mack have to date remained silent about this issue arising from Jones’ apparent berating of the brave men and women of our Armed Forces! Both, are ironically members of Oath Keepers. We have confirmed that Oath keepers has sat through interviews with Jones who is giving a forum to Socialist, and Communist Front groups. As well as others who are working to strip us of our 2nd Amendment.Yet not one word of condemnation from Rhodes or Mack as of yet.

      Rhodes and Mack cannot claim that they are unaware of these facts, as we have sent emails and left messages.

      There can be a number of reasons for this. These possible reasons must be examined!

      1. Could Steward Rhodes be playing both sides in an attempt to pacify any real hard-core resistance to tyranny as he appears to be anti-militia?

      2. Could Oath keepers be a plan by the Govt. gathering the names and info of any and all who are trained so they can know who to watch? Those who join Oath keepers using their real names can likely GUARANTEE that their information is being harvested and stored for a later date. Groups like his arent just there for the warm fuzzy feeling they give you inside, and they are apparently not there to help you fight off the infestation which is wrecking our country! (Research what a 5th column is)

      3. Cointel-Pro? (Controlled opposition)

      We have contacted them both and again as of this post these men seem to have no problem with those who say this about our Troops Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So.

      Note: Oath keepers headed up by Stewart Rhodes needs to be made aware of the fact that this is not the first time Alex Jones has gone against our Troops, and he must come forward and stand against this garbage. Email your thoughts about Alex Jones and his Anti-Troop agenda and this blog to Stewart Rhodes head of Oath-keepers.

      [email protected]

      Alex Jones is finally letting his true colors shine through! We have been warning people through our show and site that Alex Jones has been givingsocialists and other UN-American scum a platform via his shows, and website! Yet claims to be Anti-UN

      Well, as of August 8, 2011 Alex has posted an article named Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So”.

      Alex has shown us his true colors by allowing this garbage to be put on his site. Alex, since you do not stand behind our troops I invite you to stand in front of them. Those are Americas sons and daughters which you are denouncing some of which are family to your soon to be former audience!


    • http://www.facebook.com/jim.stachowiak.9 Jim Stachowiak

      Note Dan Johnson the founder of PANDA does not see islam as a threat and does not have a problem working with people who have a anti gun political record such as Cynthia McKinney former socialist congress woman of Georgia.Dan does not have a problem with people who promote an islamic perspective of liberty such as William Coley an islamic apologist.supports the Muslim Student Association.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jim.stachowiak.9 Jim Stachowiak

      Well Dan since when did asking questions endanger ones life?

      We also want to point out that Stewart Rhodes has not addressed the internal and external islamic threat to America. http://freedomfighterradio.net/2013/04/20/are-stewart-rhodes-and-chief-mark-kessler-islamic-apologists/

      It is a fact that his organization has leaders and members who do not seem to see islam and Shariah Law as a threat to our nation.

      If Rhodes has nothing to hide why does he seem afraid to answer a few questions?
      Dan’s Contact Info

      Johnson, Daniel [email protected]
      People Against the National Defense Act
      707 Ridge St. #303
      Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
      United States

  • http://twitter.com/PatriotWatchdog PatriotWatchdog

    I've read many slanderous, ridiculous articles about various patriots in the liberty movement over the years, including about Mr. Rhodes, his organization, as well as those I run. Usually though, it comes from the socialist/Marxist radical left. This article mirrors the kind of sensationalist yellow journalism found in the Southern Poverty Law Center's smear campaign reports they call "intelligence." Is Sheriff Joe a racist, nazi-loving baby killer too? J.T. Reddy endorsed his efforts. Mr. Rhodes will survive the absurd smears in this article. Mr. Stachowiak's journalistic integrity will not.

    • http://FrontPorchPolitics.com/ Tim Brown

      Um, saying someone has ties to a nazi sympathizer is a far cry from saying they are one or that they engage in that. Clearly in your question about Sheriff Joe, you are indicating that you do not distinguish between the two.

  • Wallbanger

    I was at the Memorial Day event in 2011, and was privvy to conversations leading up to it with Oath Keeper leadership. Some these dialogs were very heated about OK even being involved with the José Guerena event. Stewart spearheaded the need for OK to organize and participate in it. Two board members resigned because Stewart committed OK to the event. Their concerns were of losing support from law enforcement members by condemning the actions of fellow law enforcement in Pima County, Arizona. Stewart, rightly in my opinion, felt that this killing of José Guerena by Pima County SWAT had to be addressed because it dealt directly with the mission of OK to get military and law enfocement to "stand down" when given unlawful orders! Having been there myself, I understood the context of his words were directed at the policy of Pima County Sheriff Department to deploy SWAT because they knew José was a trained Iraq War Marine Veteran...disregarding José rights according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Stewart put ALL of law enforcement in our country on notice that this tradgedy should never be repeated because a citizen, or a veteran, is exercising their Constitutional rights to protect their home, family, and person! Stewart was condemning the increasing tendency to use militarized force for simple search warrants. He did not want to alienate law enforcement by directly condemning the officers involved. For just as it was WRONG to violate a citizens rights and take away their chance for their day in court, he did not want to prejudge the actions of the SWAT team members. Maybe he could've chosen his words better, but I think his overall message was to stop this from happening ever again as a matter of "policy" by law enforcement. Isolating that one sentence makes it appear he was giving the SWAT team members a free pass for "just following orders", which was not he case.

  • Stephen Smith

    There is simply no excuse for Stewart Rhodes not coming out forcefully and roundly condemning the actions of the Pima County Sheriff's Dept! This is one of the primary reasons I left Oath Keepers two years ago - we were NOT ALLOWED to criticize either police when they senselessly brutalized American citizens, or criticize Iraq war vets when they committed atrocities against innocent people in Iraq! I maintain that you cannot reform something (i.e. make police and military more civil and humane, respecting and following the Bill of Rights) WITHOUT criticizing them openly when they FAIL to do the above, as they clearly did in the case of brutal uncalled-for murder of Jose Guerena! In fact this whole "protest" rally OK staged right after the Guerena murder has the surreal feel of a CIA-inspired psy-op to it. Let's go out to protest this senseless murder, but please don't say anything bad about the perpetrators, cause they are in uniform!

    Stewart Rhodes in indeed talking out of both sides of his mouth, and I refuse to respect him at all anymore as a result of this.

  • Don S

    In addition to the comments above, I would like to point out that Memorial Day is, and always has been, at the end of May not on May 2nd.

  • http://weroinnm.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/where-is-america-today-2/ WeroInNM

    Obamanista army of cyber warriors to smear American patriots!-Posted on Northeast Intelligence Network-By Douglas J. Hagmann-On February 8, 2013:
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Jon

    Jim Stow............. Behaves like a plant. Why discredit the Oathkeepers?
    What does he want? I think he is a Agent Provocatuer....If he had something important to add to the conversation he could have done so. Why does he attack? For me, a retired Police Officer, Vietnam Vet and Patriot, I can see how detent with the Cops is a difficult thing to cultivate. I think Rhoades used judgement.

  • wibbys1

    I never did feel comfortable with the oath keepers thing--now I know why.
    There is a time to speak up and call a murderer a murderer--no matter what badge he carries.

  • JJM123

    It's pretty clear that Jim Stachowiac is a BO plant. An attempt to discredit the OathKeeper organization to allow another Katrina violation of our right to self preservation. After all when unlawful orders are issued, we can't have patriots considering such a distorted document as the Constitution.

  • http://opy david tubbs

    this man really bothers me

  • freedomringsforall

    God please help us to retain all our rights and freedoms.

  • http://freedomfighterradio.net Jim Stachowiac

    To Charles LaFoe Obummer plant? Really well I have stoo d up against Obama more than any of you have ever done go see this video of the obam efigy burning done in public with other patriots!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxjPHAg0T64&list=UUrgGPyG_WNdfIymy28ajyzA&feature=player_embedded Also I will be adding future proof that the admin of the oathkeepers facebook page robert hass is also directly connected to nazi supporters and people engaged in making threat of death and rape. The post if you read was not against OK members but the compromise of rhodes.

  • Russ Hinds

    I hope Stewart Rhodes simply made a common mistake in his weakness. We all have some weak moments in our thinking and courage. It would have been appropriate to add that those who shot the marine will have to live with the fact that the shooting was unjustified for the rest of their lives. The cowardly panic stricken shooters need to be informed of their outragious behavior, and swat team breaking and entering needs to stop. The suspects can be apprehended in other safe ways such as on their way to the grocery store or in the parking lot. We need civil law enforcement, not jack booted thugs and brown shirts breaking down doors and shooting everything that moves. There are a lot of other videos showing unreasonable force resulting in the innocent being injured or killed.

  • Oldsoldier

    "Stewart Rhodes however stated at his rally that

    'I want to make it very clear we are not here to criticize,condemn or persecute the individual deputies on Pima County Sheriff’s Dept.'

    Really Stewart? Why not? Why do you seem unwilling to criticize, condemn or persecute the individual deputies who clearly violated Jose’s rights?"

    Has it occurred to you that OK is governed by a board of directors, some of whom are law enforcement personnel? I suspect that Stewart is somewhat limited as to what he may say on behalf of the organization.

    How does that make him a "gatekeeper"?

  • Tom H

    I would think if you go to the oathkeepers.net site you will find the articles written by Rhoades concerning the NDAA section 1021 and the Patriot Act. How these are an act of war against America and its people. That America is not a battle ground and we are not unlawful combatants. there are States in the union where being part of organized Militias is illegal for that States laws. Although stated in the constitution that are the people and by right of the constitution they are part of America. Staes have decided to become in many ways as unconstitutional as the Fed Guvment has become. As a national speaker Rhoades has to be cognicent that there are forces in this country that would like Stewart, Alex Jones. Judy Wood and others to go away permenantly. It is not conducive to attack forces that are on your side of this battle. This is how the Libtards destroy the right. They stay together until they defeat us then they start their own little battles. I cna go to any site on the web and find fault with some part of anyones believes. It always makes me curious as to the motives of those that attack my allies? Watch the opening youtube video of the ten orders Oathkeepres will not obey. Then start your spin about the faults of Oathkeepers.

  • Charles LaFoe

    another obummer plant to catch us off guard???