Gun Makers Boycott Governments Hostile To Second Amendment

In a turning of the tables, liberty minded gun makers and companies that supply firearms, accessories and ammunition have determined that they have had it with anti-gun governments at the city, state and Federal levels, even if it means lost revenue. Several companies have announced that they will no longer be supplying equipment to hostile governments, police forces or first responders. New York and California have become the prime targets, making an example of out-of-touch politicians who continue to trample upon the Constitutionally protected rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms.

Breitbart compiled a list of statements from several of these companies:

LaRue Tactical

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.

Olympic Arms

Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity - will no longer be served as customers. 

In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York - henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people. 

Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC

The Federal Government and several states have enacted gun control laws that restrict the public from owning and possessing certain types of firearms. Law-enforcement agencies are typically exempt from these restrictions. EFI, LLC does not recognize law-enforcement exemptions to local, state, and federal gun control laws. If a product that we manufacture is not legal for a private citizen to own in a jurisdiction, we will not sell that product to a law-enforcement agency in that jurisdiction.

Templar Custom

We will not sell arms to agents of the state of New York that hold themselves to be "more equal" than their citizens.

As long as the legislators of New York think they have the power to limit the rights of their citizens, in defiance of the Constitution, we at Templar will not sell them firearms to enforce their edicts.

Templar Custom is announcing that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee will no longer be served as customers.

York Arms

Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York. As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.

Cheaper than Dirt

Recently, companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms have announced that they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states that deny the right to own those items to civilians. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy to not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and/or agents in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this policy.

Alex Newman at The New American writes:

The recent surge in companies refusing to do business with lawless governments hostile to citizens’ rights may have been partly inspired by Ronnie Barrett, owner and CEO of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. His company, which produces among the most popular .50-caliber weapons in the world, refused to sell the firearms to officials or agencies in California after lawmakers there some years ago banned civilian ownership of the high-caliber guns.

“It's hard to believe we live in such a dark time that someone has actually banned a single shot rifle. But as you will see, this is the cleverest of all gun bans, and the end goal is civilian disarmament, the confiscation of your tools of liberty, your rifles,” the respected CEO wrote in a piece at the time explaining his company’s boycott. “Barrett cannot legally sell any of its products to lawbreakers. Therefore, since California's passing of AB50, the state is not in compliance with the US Constitution's 2nd and 14th Amendments, and we will not sell nor service any of our products to any government agency of the State of California.”

Gun rights activists celebrated the decisions of the four companies to stand up for the rights of Americans. Analysts expect more firms to stand up soon, noting that otherwise, gun owners may choose to purchase from other manufacturers in the future. Across America, state governments, sheriffs, and even some city and county governments are working hard to protect the right to keep and bear arms regardless of any unconstitutional federal “laws” or edicts from President Obama to the contrary. Activists say it is time for all gun makers to join the effort or potentially face a boycott themselves.

While the big three manufacturers of firearms that sell to the New York Police Department, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Sig Sauer have not come on board, Freedom Outpost, as well as, Guns Save Lives encourage them to do so.

Not only is the Federal government out of its mind concerning Second Amendment restrictions, but so are the states, including more Democrats in New Jersey putting together a package of 20 sweeping gun-control bills this week with a vote scheduled for February 21. While some naively think that Christie would veto such legislation, don't hold your breath. Not only has he called for gun control to be a national discussion, but New Jersey has the second toughest gun control statutes in the country. While not enacting new gun control measures, he has not set out to repeal them either, claiming that the existing laws are sufficient.

Take time to contact gun manufacturers and voice your support for them to stop selling to governments (City, County, State, or Federal) hostile to the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30082
Email them here

18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833
Phone: 603-772-2302
Fax: 603-772-9082
[email protected]
[email protected]

Smith & Wesson
2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104
Phone: 1-800-331-0852
Fax: 1-413-747-3317
[email protected]

Additionally, here is the contact information for Remington:

Remington Arms Company, LLC
870 Remington Drive
P.O. Box 700
Madison, NC 27025-0700
TEL: 1-800-243-9700
Fax: 1-336-548-7801
[email protected]

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  • swanny

    eating our own is not the answer I would encourage sending a letter to the ones who have announced they won't sell to NY and tell them that you will buy their products...they are taking a hit in their profits and we need to tell them we will pick up the slack

  • state of Jefferson

    it would be nice if the ammo companies would quit selling to the feds so the public would be able to purchase some. its getting so bad you cant even find a box of 22 shells

    • Gary Gibson

      I'm with you. When are the gun and ammo companies going to look past their balance statements and say they will no longer do business with the federal government. Period.

  • http://Rightandwhere'sthehelpwhenyouneedit!!!!DisabledVET!!!! J Hass

    We need to keep it up and we need to arm all 2nd ammendent supporters!!!

  • Mike Jackson

    This sounds like a great idea on the face of it, but I can see a whole lot of ways that it might be hijacked and turned around to bite all of us in the a$z. Here's one scenario: if the Feds or their lackies aren't getting the armaments that they 'need' for our 'protection', that could easily be construed as a national security matter. Being a national security matter, I would imagine that the NDAA or some such scrap of parchment might be enacted at that point, giving them the 'legal' authority to confiscate any old thing that they feel is 'needed', to include entire factories complete with employees, who don't have an option to quit (that little bit about unlimited authority to allocate labor). And viola'! All of a sudden, the Feds own the firearms industry, to do with as they please, all in the name of national security. And under the NDAA's provisions, all Constitutional rights can be suspended 'for the duration of the emergency', so bye-bye 2nd Amendment, and you can bet that the duration of the 'emergency' will be TBD (to be determined). A little paranoid? Well, yeah, probably, but certainly within the realm of possibility, and of course there are a lot of smaller-scale bits of nastiness that they can throw out. The point being that they're unlikely to go down without a fight, and this is only the opening blow.

  • Greg137

    So gun companies are planning to no longer supply the liberal gun control nuts with fire arms, eh? It is about damned time! Why feed the hypocrisy further? Just supply those that Beleive in the right to own guns...

  • Gun Guy

    Let's get this boycott organized.

  • Patrick

    It's amazing states won't uphold the Constitution, I mean imagine if a state (let's say Mississippi, for instance) decided that for about 150 years it did not want to uphold an amendment of our glorious Constitution (how about the 13th, you know...for example). It's a good thing we have websites like this that are here to defend our Constitution from those anti-American, Constitution-hating politicians (who even though were legitimately elected by the majority of the people, but are surely illegitimate) that run states such as Mississippi.

    Get off your high horses and actually read the Constitution. Stop nit-picking at what you want the Government to control in your's OK for them to ban abortions or stop people from voting, but it's not OK for them to limit the size of your clip? If you need more than 6 shots to stop an intruder in your house than you are a terrible shot and should not be playing with a gun anyway.

  • Ray

    Thank you for helping true Americans protect their 2nd Amendment Rights! Please don't let them leave us defenseless!

  • Kenny

    Thank You!!! To all the gun and Ammo makers for joining in on the fight for these ridiculous gun control issues that "We the People" are being confronted with. Without your support it would go south of which I'm certain.
    It is good to see that there is an alliance with a mutual belief in making the statement that all of you are, to these out of control Politicians.I stand along side,with you !!
    Again .....Thank You !!! Kenny

  • Crime Victims against Gun Control

    I am the father of a murdered son that was murdered by a criminal that bought his gun at a local donut shop in Los Angeles. I am starting a facebook page Crime Victims Against Gun Control to attract like-minded victims that are oppossed to more restrictions on their 2nd Amendment Rights who realize and know first hand that gun control laws don't work in preventing criminals from illegally obtaining firearms, they only restrict those of us that are law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase and own firearms legally.

  • Carol2324

    All of which goes to show: DON'T MESS WITH AMERICANS!!! We'll find a way to kick your butt.

    God bless the red, white and blue!

  • Fr. John+


    I've included this article in a recent blogpost.
    Deo Volente!

  • Roberto

    I gret idea!! But why limit it to Federal Agencies, and and U.S. states and municipalities. Boycott sales to nations that have instituted gun control or have severely restricted firearms for self defense in Central and South America, Europe, and If the U.N. has been a buyer them too, since they´re adovocates for a disarmed public.

  • Rick

    The ETF is a nice idea, but would have no benefit to the companies that issued the stock. Once the initial public offering is made, the stock is simply traded by the public. The company got their money, so any further trading does not make the company any more money.
    Also, the down side of an ETF is that the manager keeps sucking money from the ETF as fees - it's better to buy your own basket of stocks and manage them - you'll probably do a better job too.
    I had 5 NASD licenses -

  • KY Republican

    Here is the deal. We need Wall Street to start an ETF (basket of stocks) that has a basket of companies of gun and ammo manfactureres who oppose the fight to destroy the 2 nd Amendment. Let that ETF manager pick and choose the companies of that ETF -- then be sure to get every citizen to invest in it and help those companies take up the fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment That will be a good start - many citizens will invest, AND the Govt will do all it can to destroy the ETF - but it will be difficult for them to win