Get Your Resistance On Against Tyranny On February 23 (.223)

In a response to the 23 executive orders issued by Barack Obama on January 16, 2013, a grassroots effort is underway to show resistance against the Obama administration's attack on the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms. The website Day of Resistance has been founded in order to bring people together on February 23, 2013 to stand in defiance of this administration and all lawmakers who seek to undermine the Constitution's Second Amendment.

One of the organizers of Day of Resistance is John Hawkins who runs Right Wing News. He also is a columnist at

Hawkins laid out five consequences of Barack Obama's re-election:

1) Barack Obama feels empowered
2) The Republicans In Congress have lost their nerve
3) The conservative grassroots is demoralized
4) The Democrats want to take our guns away
5) The Democrats are overreaching

As a response to this, Hawkins writes:

This is why we're organizing Day of Resistance rallies all across the country. Barack Obama, the Democrats, and even the Republicans in Congress need to be reminded that the Tea Party is still here and those of us in the grassroots are not sitting down, shutting up, or giving in. That goes double for Americans who care about their Second Amendment rights. The Democrats believe they can demonize gun owners and try to take your guns away without having to worry about any consequences at the ballot box. We need to show them that they're wrong.

We're off to a good start. This effort, which was begun by Dustin Stockton of Western Representation PAC and The Tea is less than two weeks old, but we're already getting close to the 100 rally mark and dozens of new protests are being added every day. Tiffiny Ruegner of Women Warrior's PAC has even done a press conference promoting the event in front of Diane Feinstein’s office.

Want more information? Keep an eye on Right Wing News and The Tea Party News Network. Want to help? Share the videos (here and here or the graphics), forward, tweet and email this column, volunteer to help, or sign up to organize a rally at Day of

I found it very clever that the use of .223 was also applied to the Day of Resistance. This is the caliber of ammunition used in AR-15s which have been demonized by the Left as being responsible for mass shootings. It has not been. Rather it is evil people with evil intentions who are responsible, not the weapons.

Sign up at and then find out where the rally will be held in your state here.

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  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    We need every Constiutution Loving American out to show that we won't stand for what these New Communist Party DemoRATS and the Head RAT ABOMINATION are trying to do. Pass this along, we need everyone to be at these get togethers otherwise they will be even more empowered to destroy America. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • http://-4=2 WASP

    You got that right, Doom. Those idiots and a bunch of other fascist-democraps, are proving to be the most successful gun salespeople in history, and they don't know it. The beauty of Unintended Consequences. They are also the most successful recruiters for the NRA in history. Just think. All these new guns added to the half billion or so that already exist in the US. It does a body good.

  • TexasOlTimer

    I never thought I'd see the day when I couldn't pick up .22LR to take my grandkids out to plunk! You can't even back order it!

  • Cliff
  • DOOM

    Will I be able to buy .223 ammo that day? I can't find any since Obama and Feinstein entered the gun sales profession.