• Dean Larson

    Mike Stone, Sr.: You actually think OUR votes count?
    GW was never elected.
    He got into the WH only because he had a brother (and campaign manager, K.Harris) counting the votes and unConstitutionally stopped the count using the Supreme Court.
    His re-election was via a 'thrown' election (99.9997% certainty according to Dr. Steven Freeman, U of Pa based on exit poll data/see also Ohio results)

    Tim: 9-11? Me, too.
    I would stake my life that daddy Bush and all his ex-CIA students (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowicz, Abrams, Perle, et al.) masterminded 9-11 in order to get the "Pearl Harbor scenario"* needed to launch their
    NWO scheme. (they only needed GW to act as doorman into WH)
    All the Bush's, both Clintons, Cheney, Wolfowicz and Obama are NWO proponents (banks running govts). GHWBush's daddy was an
    international banker.

    * Term "new Pearl Harbor scenario" appears in Z. Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard", Wolfowicz's 'Defense Planning Guidance' whitepaper and in a letter to Clinton from "The Project for New American Century". It was felt we citizens would not allow American invasive imperialism without inventing an enemy first.

  • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

    I find it highly hypocritical for the bush's to be so worried about their privacy ! This family operates through decisions made by the bilderberger group , favors total destruction of American sovereignty, and has pushed through the most criminal, unconstitutional laws in history! (NDAA) And perhaps , the lowest blow of all, they attempt to gain credibility by claiming to be TEXANS, I am a true lifetime Texan, and believe me, the bush's are NOT TEXANS, either in blood or ideology! What really pushed me over the edge was when bush2 refused to criticize a communist oppressor simply because he occupies the white house, and I believe a crime by omission is just as serious as a crime by commission ! PLEASE AMERICANS VOTE NO ON ANOTHER BUSH PRESIDENCY!

  • Thomas Neith

    Hopefully he (the hacker) will use his time and efforts to crack and hack the drones over US soil so we can use them on Odumbo and DC!

  • Carol

    He can move over because the same thing happened to me and like dozens more so now he is a member of the same group that have been hacked.

  • detroit1887

    Who cares?

  • http://opy david tubbs

    we are really in trouble

    never forget, never forgive................pass it on

  • Brian

    With that much talent why waste it going through someone's trash pail looking at family correspondence? Two Presidents, out of office, out of politics, removed from participation. Need more lively targets. There's a Senator from NJ that might have some really interesting email.