GA Sheriff: No One Is Coming To Our State & Violating The Second Amendment!

Sheriff Clay N. Whittle of the Columbia County, Georgia Sheriff's Department, one of the largest Sheriff's departments in the State of Georgia, has come out openly and stated that he will oppose Federal and State legislation that attempts to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Columbia County. He has also joined other sheriff's in Georgia like Scott Berry in Boycotting Dana Safety Supply for his department's needs, since the company will not sell semi-automatic rifles to civilians.

Sheriff Whittle is proud to promote his department, stating "We are now one of only a few law enforcement organizations in the country to meet the standards necessary to gain the distinction of accreditation. We are also recognized as the first Sheriff's office accredited in the State of Georgia. Accreditation impacts citizens through consistency of services and professional delivery, and creates a work environment that is performance based."

In other words, when Whittle state what he states, it is coming from the mouth of a sheriff whose office is nationally recognized and accredited.

Whittle is a member of the Georgia Sheriff's Association, who have stated their position on the current gun control debate on the front page of their website. According to the GSA:

The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the 2nd Amendment. The sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms.

The sheriffs further agree to support any legislation that would effectively penalize criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.

In an interview with Freedom Fighter Radio, Sheriff Whittle was asked about his stand and the statement of the GSA, along with what people have to fear or not fear in regards to potential gun grabs talk that is coming out of Washington, D.C.

The Georgia Sheriff stated that he didn't know exactly what was going to come out of Washington just yet. He did say that there were,

"people were introducing bills that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but the bottom line with the Georgia Sheriffs is.... that we took an oath to support the Constitution, to include the Amendments, and that we are not going to allow anyone to come into the State of Georgia and violate the Constitution or it's Amendments, and that specifically carries with it defense of the Second Amendment."

When asked to define his understanding of what the Second Amendment is and what it is all about, Sheriff Whittle said that he believed the Founding Fathers were not sure that the Constitution, before the Amendments, spelled out strongly enough what they believed were their God given, inalienable rights. "One of which was for self defense," Whittle expounded, "and to defend themselves against tyranny."

"England was who we just had a war with and fought and won our independence from because of their tyrannical government," Whittle continued. "The original signers of the Declaration (Constitution) wanted to make sure that people understood that it was about defense of the country against a tyrannical government."

Columbia County Sheriff Clay N. Whittle

Columbia County Sheriff Clay N. Whittle

He went on to point out that some people talk about "hunting rights" and "self defense," but Whittle says that "is not the case." He went on to elaborate saying that the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution by the Founders to "defend the country, both from outside and inside tyrannical governments."

In a final question posed to Whittle, he was asked what his response is to those in the media and people like Gordan Duff of Veterans Today who reference National Rifle Association (NRA) members as "the enemy" or Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America being lumped in as "dangerous people."

"It's preposterous!" exclaimed Sheriff Whittle. "The people that make these kinds of statements are simply afraid of something in their own mind and in order to change their fear, they attempt to legislate you and I. It does not make any sense and I don't believe the average American is going to stand for that."

Sheriff Whittle is joining a growing voice of sheriffs around the country like Scott Berry, Ron Bruce, David Clarke and others, including police chiefs, who are reminding people of the value of the Second Amendment and standing up to tyrannical threats from the Federal government and State legislatures who are Hell bent on disarming the American populace.

Take time to contact your police chief or sheriff in your local area. Find out if they support the stand that these men are so courageously taking and give them your support.

You can hear the full interview here.

Additionally, Georgia Sheriff Scott Berry was also interviewed on Freedom Fighter Radio and you can hear that interview here. Finally, Police Chief Mark Kessler, who I wrote about concerning his desire to have citizens as a "reserve force" against federal intrusion, will be interviewed on Arising Republic Radio this Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9pm EST.

UPDATE: Jim, with, contacted the Sheriff's Department and confirmed that Sheriff Whittle is now getting calls from all over the country to do interviews on this subject.

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  • DavidE

    I am proud of our Law Enforcement Agencies that plan to stand up for the 2nd. Amendment and confront Federal Agencies that enter their state to confiscate our guns. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Mike Bell

    Good job Clay Whittle !!! Im happy to personaly know this Sheriff and he is legit !

  • One Eyed Jack

    I support the people of America that have the gumpshin to stand for what is OUR unalienable rights. I will gladly stand shoulder to shoulder with any other tru american as sheriff Whittle, to defend what so many Americans gave their lives for the past 237 years. Any man who dosen't want to defend their freedom to the death, is not worthy to call himself an American.
    We have the greatest Leader known to the entire world, his name is Jesus Christ. God protected King David in many battles during his reign. Sure there was lives lost, but because of David's willingness to trust and follow the Lord, he was not defeated. We can have the same victory, if we only put our faith and trust in God. We need to go back to what our founding fathers proclaimed " IN GOD WE TRUST". He will lead us through, but we must stand and fight tynanny anf the antichrist in the world. They all have an opptunity to know Jesus either now or after they have left this world. So fellow AMERICANS let's not sit back and let Satan destroy our freedom and our God given rights we have fought for, If they come to take away my guns, the will get them with warm barrels and empty magazines. They mak take me out, but rest assured, they wil be climbing over many of their own, besides I know Jesus and I will be welcomed into His presence. I am soon to be 67 years old, and my life will soon be over, but I am an Aerican CHRISTIAN and I know wher I will spend eternity.
    May God bless each and everone is my prayer.

  • Steve Moody

    This is MY sheriff!


  • mds2cents

    The neg propaganda has been discussing to say the least! Looks like our fore fathers saw it coming Americans killing Americans is pretty sad but with the use of threats and creating mass paranoia within the HLS
    they are even afraid of each other, they plan to use the same tactics on us having children tell their teacher who has guns at home and getting neibors or friends to tell on each other is unbelievable but we have a very determined psychopath controlled by the corporate Taliban out to be the dictator of not just us but the free world and we are the only ones in their way.....So be it!

  • Raider

    Looks like BHO is taking orders from Peking , they have offered to send soldiers to "help" disarm civilians if BHO needs them, also Peking is now
    demanding the dismantling of all US nuclear arms, and of course all civilian arms... also sheriffs and police will be disbanded as Chinese troops under
    U N authority will be on US soil to enforce U N law(s).
    If the US does not comply , no more loans to the National Debt, and our
    Govt. will collapse...
    Reference Info wars / M. Savage
    Folks, looks like the only thing that will stop such assault is the grace of
    God, so you best weapon is prayer !!!
    No, I do believe in armed defense, but it cannot hurt to have God's help.
    I love the old World War 2 song.... Praise the Lord and pass the

  • Pakinpastor

    Why is it that we don't go after these imposters for breaking their oaths to support and defend the Constitution agains all enemies, foreign or domestic. That they will bear true faith and alegiance to the same? That is in their oath and they are breaking it, by trying to enact these kinds of laws. That is treason. Now if we had someone with the balls to go after them, we may be able to stop this nonsence. But I don't think there are enough people with the balls in office to play a round of golf. Sickening.....

  • Recon Marine

    If legislation is passed that is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the supreme Court gives its AOK, doesn't automatically make that legislation any more constitutional then it was before the Court got involved.

  • Russell

    Check out the Arkansas Sheriffs Association web site:

    As an Arkansas resident, I am proud of our Sheriffs.
    God bless them!

  • Spoon

    Regardless of how bold, sincere and loud Top Cops (Sheriffs) are...the Jackal and his allies are all deaf. Thanks Clay Whittle for taking care of the residents of your county.

    I figure the report of a rifle, sadly, may get Uncle's attention. That's BHO's ultimate fantasy to be able to declare Martial Law. Hey Mr. O...good luck to you and your soon to be very limited number of Tories and turncoats. They'll quickly realize should America ever face such real and widespread hostilities/tragedies, that siding with WRONG can never be RIGHT!

    I pray for intervention...but prepared for the ugliness of possibility.