Flu Shot Given To Pregnant Women Causes Death Rate of Unborn BabiesTo Rise By 4,250%

While I'm certainly not at all a fan of the politics/progressive agenda of the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW), it does baffle me how the government has such an interest in forwarding the progressive agendas of feminist groups, yet when these groups uncover something sinister that implicates the government, there is sudden silence.

That silence, in the face of evidence, proves that government is loyal to no one, no cause and certainly not freedom and truth, because they push forward their agenda; picking and choosing "causes" only when they benefit their Marxist and One-World end game.

From The Sleuth Journal:

Documentation received from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) states that between 2009 and 2010 the mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations have increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women. Eileen Dannemann, NCOW’s director, made abundantly clear that despite these figures being known to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (Thimerosal) has once again been recommended to pregnant women as a safe vaccination this season.

Outraged by the CDC’s total disregard for human life, Ms. Dannemann accused the CDC of ‘willful misconduct,’ saying that they are responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies. She stated that the CDC deliberately misled the nation’s obstetricians and gynecologists and colluded with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) to mislead the public by advertising the flu vaccine as a safe vaccine for pregnant women when they knew fully well that it was causing a massive spike in fetal deaths.

In a letter to Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ms. Dannemann wrote:

“Not only did the CDC fail to disclose the spiraling spike in fetal death reports in real time during the 2009 pandemic season as to cut the fetal losses, but also we have documented by transcript Dr. Marie McCormick, chairperson of the Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Group (VSRAWG) on September 3, 2010, denying any adverse events in the pregnant population during the 2009 Pandemic season.”

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has become increasingly influential in "health" policy in the United States, along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  Since these organizations are largely made up of doctors and scientists that are well-linked with lobbying for Big Pharma, it is no surprise that information that reflects badly on the ad campaigns to pressure people with vaccines, would be left out.  Even if it means lives are at stake.

How the information was gathered demonstrates that the CDC is not interested in clearly representing factual information, risks, benefits and reactions, but is only interested in ensuring the full marketing and implementation of a near forced immunization and flu recommendation schedule-from the above linked article:

Because the H1N1 pandemic vaccine had never been tested on the pregnant population, and to lessen the intensity of fears of the unknown risks, Dr. Marie McCormick of the CDC was employed to keep track of all adverse events during the 2009 pandemic season, including those adverse events in the pregnant population. Dr. McCormick was responsible for sending monthly reports to the Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS), citing any suspicious adverse events.

According to Ms. Dannemann, NCOW has been unable to obtain access to these monthly reports. After sending a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC, she was told that she may have to wait 36 months to access what should be published public reports.

The Mercola letter continues:

“The Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) and CDC were confronted with the VAERS data from NCOW on September 3, 2010, in Washington, D.C., and then again by conference call on September 10, and then again in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 28, 2010. On both September 3 and September 10, Dr. Marie McCormick clearly denied that there were any adverse events for pregnant women from the 2009 flu vaccine.”

In a time where nearly every media outlet is pressuring "responsible parents" to fully vaccinate without question, and urges all people, including pregnant women, to receive the flu-shot, the vast majority of Americans have no idea that there are even any questions, risks or even potential drawbacks to vaccinating.  The elderly line up for their flu shots at clinics, doctors offices and pharmacies as if it's part of necessary life.  Pregnant women visit the OB office for shots for whatever the doctor says is "good" and they are rarely armed with questions about the need, or the safety of the injections.

The article continues:

To emphasize their point, on October 28, 2010, NCOW requested that Dr. Rene Tocco present their data at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC’s Dr. Shimabakuru gave a presentation on significant adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, such as cases of Guillane-Barre Syndrome, which appeared to have risen three percent, claiming it as an insignificant signal.

No mention at all was made of adverse events related to pregnant women. Unfortunately for Dr. Shimabakuru, his attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the audience were foiled when he was challenged by a member of the audience asking if the vaccine caused adverse events in pregnancy. Feeling cornered, he reluctantly looked in his bag and sheepishly presented a slide that corroborated the NCOW data, confirming that the CDC knew of the spike in fetal deaths in the fall of 2010. [2]

So, why did Dr. Shimabkauru have a slide containing compromising evidence in his bag? Why did he decide to hide the slide? Surely, if he had prepared a slide outlining this crucial data, it would have made sense to include the slide in his presentation. After all, a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths is far more significant that a three percent increase in Guillane-Barre Syndrome.

Ms. Dannemann believes that the existence of this slide, along with the omission of it in his presentation, confirms that the CDC knew of the spike in fetal deaths by the fall of 2010 and was attempting by any means possible not to make it public.

Outlining a catalog of events, Ms. Dannemann believes the CDC’s continual cover ups puts the lives of pregnant women and their unborn children in serious jeopardy.

“Continuing the vaccine program without notifying the public or the healthcare practitioners of the VAERS miscarriage/stillbirth incoming data was clearly a purposeful decision," writes Dannemann. "The CDC, aware of their own incoming stream of early vaccine adverse events reports, clearly decided to allow the obstetricians to continue, unwittingly, murdering and damaging the unborn so that the CDC’s blunder of recommending the double-dose vaccination of pregnant women could be kept under the radar.”

The article then went on to point out that, "despite evidence that the CDC knew of the 4,250 percent increase in fetal death reports in 2009/2010, in order to ensure the continuance of the vaccine program for pregnant women, the CDC published a study in AJOG authored by Dr. Pedro Moro of the CDC in the fall of 2010. The study articulated that there were only 23 miscarriages caused by the single flu vaccine in 19 years between 1990 – 2009, an average of 1.2 miscarriages per year. This study formed the basis of a CDC worldwide publicity campaign that the flu shot was safe for pregnant women by willfully and strategically excluding the 2009 pandemic data, which was available to them."

Dannemann said, "Both the CDC and AJOG were well aware of the fact that physicians and the public were awaiting the results of the 2009 H1N1 untested vaccine on pregnant women, amid solid assurances to the public at the beginning of the pandemic season that the CDC was on top of collecting any adverse reactions to the vaccine by establishing the Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Group chaired by Dr. Marie Mc Cormick (VSRAWG).”

Dannemann stated that by including the 2008/2009 flu season’s data but excluding the available 2009 data from the 2009/2010 flu season in the study published in AJOG, Dr. Moro was able to give the impression that the 2009/2010 pandemic season was covered in the data, which of course it was not. Ms. Dannemann believes that this was a deliberate act on his part because he was aware of the fetal death spike in the 2009/2010 data at the time of preparing the study and purposely excluded the 2009 pandemic data from the study to hide this fact.

This study was published all over the world in the fall of 2010.

In summary, the article displays what the CDC failed to disclose to pregnant moms, while still pressuring pregnant women to obtain the shot "to protect them and baby."

Christina England, the author of the article concludes, "Aside from fetal deaths, the CDC initiative to increase uptake of vaccines in pregnant women continues to fuel the increases in the levels of neurodevelopmental, developmental, behavioral abnormalities, and chronic illness in the surviving children. Due to omitting reports of fetal deaths, the CDC enjoys success in increasing the uptake and number of vaccines in the pregnant population. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is now recommending not only the flu shot (with mercury) but also the Tdap vaccine."

Please do stay informed people.  Despite all the governmental, public school, and cultural pressure to vaccinate without question, we need to be very concerned with a)  what we allow others to inject in our bodies, and b)  the motive for doing so.

It is simple to state that the motive is to keep us healthy, but the research on the safety and effectiveness of the motives and results of immunizations and flu shots proves otherwise. The information simply is not popular, because there is no money in these findings.  There is simply no CDC, WHO, AAP, etc., profits to an alliance with the non-use of injectible toxic substances.

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About Andrea
I'm a Christian who is married and madly in love with the husband God gave me, who works as a CPA while I stay home to homeschool and mother our eight children, whom we count as blessings, not burdens. An "anti-feminist", I enjoy making our home a sanctuary; a place to truly enjoy being..not just a landing spot. My hobbies are the art of homemaking, natural medicine, old movies and gardening. I Live in Northern Idaho where Bibles, homeschooling, large families and guns are welcome...for now..
  • A. Levy

    Women, and everyone else, need to ask themselves a simple question. "Has the govt. ever said or done something, anything, that you consider to be effective, correct, or intelligent"?

    Why would any sensible person take the advise of govt.-controlled flunkies?

  • armadillo

    The Hippocratic Oath is dead.

    May I add Science is dead, also.
    With global worming (or whatever they are calling it today) faux science, faux medicine: drugging small children who won't sit still - ADHD and creating violent monsters by filling them full of "legal speed" .

    All industries are tainted by the progressive machine; worshipping at the altar of Baal.

  • Tammy

    My phone won't even work right. You want conspiracy theories.. Agenda 21 is real and Bill Gates is on board with vaccines and de population. Find him on u tube speaking about it. This is real. It's all about the money and nothing about your health. Think...is there any money in you being in health???? No.

  • Tammy

    I was urged by my employer to take the fly shot in 1997. Worst decision ever made. I had never had one before but felt compelled to take out for job. Immediately had wierd symptoms. Within a few weeks could hardly lift my arms or walk. I finally got into a neurologist, I thought it maybe a pinched nerve, I was not told about the risks. The doctors denied any possibility that the fly shot was the problem. So after becoming paralyized and weak, I was misdiagnosed with ALS, told I was going to die ...and go home and make best of time left. I lost my daughter..my husband and almost my life. I had Chronic GBS. A nurse finally helped point me the right way. Vaccines ARE NOT safe. I would encourage everyone to rethink getting them unless they really want to risk being sick for more than a couple weeks. We are talking devastating problems and maybe your life....for the Chance ..at not getting it anyway. They can't predict the strain that will hit. Please be smart and think first. Your immune system is forever compromised when you take these shots. Don't be Bullied.

  • Victoria Christine

    Gotta comment on this article too.. the only time in my 49+ years that I have had the flu was when the Army gave me a compulsory flu shot.
    Since 1999, I've taken no medications (and no shots obviously) at all. And in this 14 year time period I've been sick with a cold... twice. No ailments, no surgeries, nothing. And my son who IS 14 and who has NEVER been vaccinated for ANYTHING.. has not been sick since he was six. Go figure. THEN my ex husband's mom who he just visited in Russia is alive at 86 years of age. The men in Russia die younger (if they're drinkers which the vast majority are..) but the women live amazingly long.. for 2 important reasons.. they eat food from their own gardens.. (Sorry Monsanto) AND have little or no access to medical care. Sorry America.

  • Victoria Christine

    Dear Andrea Roltgen, How are the public schools in northern Idaho?
    When we finally leave DC, the question of where to park is pressing.
    (home in NYC is no longer an option!) Thanks for a reply to the email given. Regards and thanks for a great article too. Victoria

  • Madelyn Reuter

    Even 51 years ago my 7th Day Adventist OBGYN told her patients to steer clear of engaging in making love if either the husband or wife have or had the flu within 2 weeks. The danger to the baby has been around for ages. As an aside, this health conscious Doctor would not allow any relief from cold symptoms except hot lemonade!!! I would venture to agree with you, karol smith and pearl. Birthing and raising healthy children appears to be a thing of the past since individual common sense has deserted the psyche of our younger generations of women. Science be damned is all I can say from what I have seen and heard.

  • http://captcha karol smith

    I can only wonder if this is part of a population control plan tied to Agenda 21. "The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food." John Holdren,  (Obama's Science Czar) Eco-science,  Population, Resources, Environment 1977 )

  • pearl

    This is not merely profit seeking in disregard of human life, which would be evil enough. No, this is far more sinister. It is a deliberate effort to achieve two distinct ends. 1. To decrease live births and kill infants in utero. and 2. To determine how obedient pregnant women will be when advised that this shot is in their best interest and for the good of their baby.
    Clearly, the data prove the single vaccine was safe (if not effective) prior to 2009. The 2009 vaccine was developed to harm. If this were not the case, they would surely have withdrawn the double-dose product and reverted to the safe injection in the years subsequent to the spike in fetal deaths.
    Therefore, I reject the articles statement that,
    “The CDC, aware of their own incoming stream of early vaccine adverse events reports, clearly decided to allow the obstetricians to continue, unwittingly, murdering and damaging the unborn so that the CDC’s blunder of recommending the double-dose vaccination of pregnant women could be kept under the radar.”
    This was indeed no "blunder" ; it was a planned event, and the final proof is that the double vaccine remains the weapon of choice by our inoculation experts to this day. And don't be fooled by the doctors either. They certainly observed spikes of these sorts in their own practices, yet continued to advise their own patients to put themselves in harm's way. The Hippocratic Oath is dead.