Federal Government Urged To Patrol City's Streets

As if we don't have enough intervention in the streets of America by the Federal government, longtime race-baiter Jesse Jackson urged Barack Obama to head back to the streets of Chicago and stop the violence by ordering the Department of Homeland Security to conduct street patrols.

Reuters reports,

Before a march on the city’s South Side, Jackson, a former Democratic presidential candidate, said America’s third most populous city needed more help than Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent Garry McCarthy could offer.

“When the president shows up, it shows ultimate national seriousness,” said Jackson, a Chicago resident. He also called for the US Department of Homeland Security to help patrol the streets of Chicago.

Jackson led nearly 150 people on a march from Martin Luther King Jr College Prep High School, where Pendleton was a student, to the park where she died a few blocks away.

“My greatest fear about the gun violence in Chicago is that we’re adjusting to it,” he said.

Kurt Nimmo writes,

The 2005 USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act passed by Congress, however, established a “permanent police force” subject to the “supervision of the Secretary of Homeland Security.” According to the legislation, this new federal police force is empowered to “make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such felony.”

“The language conveys enormous discretionary and arbitrary powers,” former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, wrote in 2006. “Like every law in the US, this law also will be expansively interpreted and abused… Who is going to hold accountable a federal police protected by Homeland Security and the president?”

The Obama administration has yet to respond to Jackson’s demand. However, as gang-related violence in Obama’s hometown and elsewhere continues to claim lives and dominate headlines, it is entirely possible the federal government may directly intervene in Chicago as part of its effort to attack the Second Amendment and further meddle in local law enforcement duties under the hysterical cover of putting an end to “gun violence.”

Jackson had already gone on record with the Wall Street Journal in an interview that was posted January 30, 2013 and claimed that those "anti-government people" espousing what he called "Confederate ideology" would engage in terrorist activities unless the government enacts laws restricting one's ability to possess firearms.

While there are some out there who are clearly "anti-government," most of us simply want the Federal government to live within the boundaries our forefathers set. They are not content to do that and so continually are calling them to do so. That is not "anti-government." That is demanding that they abide by the law.

Jackson's use of the term "Confederate ideology" is simply short hand for those who believe in the Tenth Amendment, or State's rights, including the use of nullification of Federal laws in order to adhere to the Constitution.

He also called those of us that believe in the Second Amendment "domestic terrorists" with the ability to "do something" in our fight against a "tyrannical government."

Well friends, I'll say it again, I have never advocated violent revolution, nor did the founding fathers, but I certainly will encourage people to step up and act responsibly when it comes to engaging the real domestic enemies of the Constitution lawfully and peacefully. If attacked though, don't think there will not be a defensive play made by those who love liberty and desire to see the law followed. While we seek peace, it is those like Jackson and Obama who are set on bringing the violence to the people of the United States.

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368 thoughts on “Federal Government Urged To Patrol City's Streets


    imagine its Berlin 1934 and the friendly SS is put on the streets for everyones safety. this smells big time once again they push their agenda on us, im sick of these creeps in Washington.

  2. Excellent closing argument, Mr. Brown. It truly IS the like of Jackson and his ilk who are bring the violence to us. We must not make stupid decisions and do anything at all which would give Obama the upper hand. We must be patient, but with patience should come vigilance. We must be the watchmen on the wall of our freedom and liberty. All of us should join oathkeepers (oathkeepers.org), taking the all important oath to defend and support the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. One does not need to be law enforcement or military to take thta oath, simply an American! With that oath comes the promise to never help the enemy in disarming the American populace, nor to fire on Americans.

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

  3. Homeland Security can't even secure our southern border and they think they can stop crime in Chicago. LOL!

    • You don't seem to understand. The southern border was not only not secured but was intentionally held open so that millions more could pour in. Those that poured in vote for the commies and are most likely being trained by the droves to be the ones that will march on us under martial law. You know they are not pushing this fight without being ready. It would not surprise me if the Mexican army doesn't take part as well. As well as possibly thousands of military from other countries that are poised in various places within and without our country.

  4. oh my gosh, we are so on the edge... I can't imagine how much damage O intends to do in the next 4 years... it's looking as if he fully intends to force the spilling of patriots' blood, and the libtards will cheer him on.


    • THat is an absolutely 100% TRUE STATEMENT

    • Chicago has had the strictest Gun Laws, but it is not working and they do not wish to backpeddle, so they think these Chicago Mobster's and hoods will bend to the Laws that they have broken for over fifty years? I don't think so. With all of the cut backs and our country going broke, where do you think they will get the money? Most of their Police force and in some kind of Union. It is a scare tactic that cannot succeed. If we cannot keep our borders safe, how do you all think we can keep a crime ridden place like Chicago safe. It will be like throwing a glass of water in the Ocean. The people are self-governing a long time ago.

    • ExpertWitness says:

      Makes sense now why Rham had to go get himself elected Mayor. He gets to hold the door open and invite the DHS in.

    • Washington DC has been trampling on the residents there for a very long time. Had you not noticed the Liscence Plates? "Taxation without representation". Now for the rest of the country to not be represented, just like the tax payers in DC. have had to tolerate.

    • We have not had representation since 1928 when congress froze the numbers in the house. The population increased logarithmically while the # of rep stayed the same. Have you ever tried to argue a point with your rep. Ha you are lucky
      if you contact them if you even get a boiler plate response. That is taxation without representation.

  5. Yeah !!! start at inner cities... get rid of illegals, arrest gang bangers and pass out some good cheer to the homeless !

  6. this could well be his obamas start of marshel law. once its in chicargo it will just spread.

  7. I thought schools weren't where the shootings were because they already had armed guards there and it was all in the streets.

  8. I believe this would be prohibited under the rule of Posse Comitatus. I don't care if it's the Army or Homeland Security, it is government engaging in policing activities, an action best left to the states, counties and cities. Chicago has had 30 or more years to deal with the gangs there and have totally failed. Chicsgoans need to realize their local government has failed them and take steps to remove the loser politicians and elect some folks who will do what it takes to clean up THEIR mess - this is NOT a federal government issue. They also need to run the most holy right reverend jesse out of town on a rail!

  9. Don't these idiots know anything? That's ILLEGAL under the Constitution! Don't push it! AMericans are beginning to grow tired of your stupidity!

  10. Robbie Puckett says:

    So if the DHS has the authority to arrest anyone who has or us suspected of committing a felony -- without warrant, then why in the hell haven't they arrested Obama, Clinton, Holder, and any number of jihadis and communists in the administration along with a large number of senators - and also those who haven't filed or paid their income tax (Geithner, for example)?
    I don't think there is anyone is recent history, especially a sitting president, who watched the murder of Americans as did Ovomit!

    • ExpertWitness says:

      "So if the DHS has the authority to arrest anyone who has or us suspected of committing a felony -- without warrant"

      That is an interesting point that you have flagged in the article. There was an article a while back that indicated that by current estimates the average American commits three felonies a day due to to the expansive legal/regulatory bureaucracy we live in. DHS brownshirts could basically walk through the streets and pick who they wanted to arrest for whatever reason.

    • ONE simple answer, THEY WII NOT ARREST THEIR CREATOR. and they havn't the BALLS anyway Janet did not come with them.!!!!

    • One word {INVESTIGATION} we will never know of all the crimes of Fast&Furriousand Benghazi. Like they said, "We(they)are investigating."

  11. ExpertWitness says:

    What is Jackson going to say when DHS starts arresting and shooting black gang members in Chicago? He may whip up the sheeple to request DHS intervention, but they should be careful what they ask for.

    • Get real...they won't take out the black gangs...and you know it. They will find someone else to take out and make it look like it was their fault. It is their plan...you have not figured that one out yet?

    • ExpertWitness says:

      Very true. Gang violence will probably escalate and it will be blamed on those the ruling party want to eliminate who will then be rounded up and arrested. Sounds like another rendition of Kristal Nacht.

      Still, it would be interesting to hear how Jackson would sound if he got what he was actually asking for.

    • Weren't a lot of the black gang members recruited by the feds and given the designation DHS or ake bloods & crips

    • Jesse Jackson will have the "RULES" well in place,"NO BLACKS WILL BE ARRESTED LET ALONE EVEN SPOKEN TO,Havn't You People figured that out yet, Jesse,Al,Rahm, and Osama ae not only Anti-American they are Anti-White. they also have ex,? Gang Members in Government positions, Bobby Rush for one, former Black Panther. They want the Streets controled by the Black Gangs with NO RESISTANCE, and until the PEOPLE of CHICAGO wake up and VOTE these SUBVERSIVES "OUT OF OFFICE" they will predict their own fate.


  13. I would leave a real comment, but Big Brother is watching. So, just use your imagination, common sense, urge to remain free, etc, and do what needs to be done, before you can't.

    • west if your afraid. of big sis then you better get out now cause big sis is nothing to what she controls. west a line will soon be drawn an the price for drawing it will be real high. but it beats what is in store for us if we fail. failing is not an opshunt. ever..


    • Too late! That alone could already have earned you an "interrogation" session at the least, from which you may or may not return, or perhaps to urge your skittish, self-preservationist nature to turn in some real dangerous, rebellious people you know in your neighborhood, or perhaps in your family.

  14. I thought gun control reduced crime? With laws in Chicago, it should be one of the safest cities in America. Tell you a but about how well those thoughts actually work in the real world!

  15. If they were to rescind the Chicago gun laws, they wouldn't need the HS brownshirts.

    • Hope the brown shirts don't show up here till spring when everything is green so they show up in my scope better

  16. We need class action suit by all Americans for attempting to violate our rights. At $1 a piece for 330 million he would learn to shut up.

  17. That is one stupid SOB!

  18. the federal government does NOT have police powers, according to the Constitution. Those powers are reserved to the States, and their respective laws.

    • oldgreyhairedlady says:

      Yeah, but the Constitution doesn't mean ANYTHING to the rat pack that is running DC now. They figure a little piece of paper isn't going to stop them.

    • As Bush said about the Constitution.

      "it's just a fu*%ing piece of paper". Meaning it has NO effect on those we are forced to be ruled by.

    • i must have missed that one, but i can see Obama saying that.

    • They sure all act that way eh?

    • its great that you belive that johnnyb but in the real world this going aginst the constition has been going on since obama was elected. an shows signes of speeding up. no one will stop him. you did get it did you not no ONE. its going to take all of US an talk will do nothing.

    • So you think our Constitution has not been trampled already? They don't care. They have an agenda and they are going to carry it out come hell or high water. Better not get in the way...because they will come after you AND you know it. Violence is NOT going to stop OB's agenda....but packing up and shipping out this bunch of spineless rats in DC just might help. We need to be more vigilant and not try to be the nice guys when elections come. We need to monitor everything...check everything...make sure that we all push for ID to vote....get our borders secure....and keep eyes and ears open all the time. But they have the power...where will we get ours?

    • Why do you think obama wants 7000 rifles for DHS as well as his 1 billion plus hollow points? To keep us under control when the shits hits the fan, and it probably is not too far off...........

    • One hope is that most guvment workers don't know anymore about guns that muzzie ears does! !

    • Keep your ammo dry and your weapon handy.

    • Or else buy mil-spec NATO rounds which are sealed to prevent water degradation.

    • They will cheat and steal votes the same way they did in the recent election. 11 Million aliens given a pass to stay so they can vote for Obama? All the other illegal vote counting and Obama receiving over 100% of the votes? How else do you think he won, by cheating!! It will need way more than voting in 2014.

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      Vote Repubilcan ONLY in 2014.
      Obama will be GONE in 2016. (Unless some traitors make a move on USA before then to keep Obama in WH!)

    • Keep a very close watch on the Senate, especially the Republicans as they will try to go along coverty with the Democrats on a bill regarding illegal immigration or better called invasion. Whatever bill that is proposed will be named some innocuous catchy reform name but it will be amnesty. This is the word that politicians are petrified with fear of the voters when they think that they are being caught supporting amnesty. Use the word amnesty often and loudly and watch the people in Congress run quickly for cover. Beware of phrases like path to citizenship.

    • You get it in number`s if million gun owner`s like the gun day they had, but instead of the capital of states we march on the white house and congress peacefully holding are guns i think they would get it then.

    • For as long as the 10th Amendment is observed and respected and enforced anyway. States need to assert their sovereignty or they will lose it forever.

    • you are right. the stronger and the more independent the state, the less control the federal government has over it and us. the feds know this and that is why they try to keep the states in debt to the federal government. Welfare states are the governments best friends.

    • Absolutely!! But the powers that currently be have NO respect for the constitution.

    • The constitution doesn't have any bearing on the laws of this country today, and it seems to me that DHS obviously does have police powers

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      David: DHS was formed as a bureaucracy, and is run by `Crats, under Regulations.
      As such the freedoms listed under the Constitution are able to be usurped by Fed Regulations.
      Had their been challenges in Congress when the terror laws were signed by Obama, that may have stopped this move, but this has been in the planning for some years, it was not thought up in a bar by Frat friends.
      Think about it, to get Congress to agree to allow what has been passed, (That on a Pres Order American citizens can be jaled just because Pres states citizens a "threat"?
      Stalin had powers like that, and the Lefties all called him Uncle Joe!
      Some Uncle!
      He made more victims in Russia than were victimised by the Nazis in the Holocaust!
      Beware of Socialists with a PLAN!!

    • There were a lot of really bad people that caused autrocities around the world and the guy runmning our show will top the list. Subject: [freedomoutpost] Re: Federal Government Urged To Patrol City’ s Streets

    • You are correct, except Obummer signed an Excutive order in 2012 giving him the power to state marshall Law for any reason he see fit. We are all in deep chit.

    • Martial Law is the military. DHS are just civilian goons of the administration.

    • You better wake up. Homeland Security WILL be patrolling our streets very soon. FEMA graduated the first class of storm troopers on october.

    • Oh, I am awake, and you are right about FEMA and Homeland Security. The Constitution's meaning and intent is getting eroded more every year, by the ruling class. I wish the public was tough enough to to understand what is going on and vote all these lib dems and rep rinos out. Both parties are corrupted and get more so every year.

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      johnbbbb: Washington DC has a law which allows FBI to co-police Washington along with Washington DC police. And Washington State, is next to Canada.
      Washington District of Columbia is NOT Washington State!
      All you Constitution lawyers will know why DC is as it is!

  19. HELL F-ING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • forget about voteing we proable want last to the mid terms. america is set to fall all has been planed bullets bought to kill us with an guns bought an the army is being alined aginst us. we will be called terrious an the order will be given to kill by our marixs leader.

    • not really sotero its more like the banks
      chase goldman citi wells fargo and the rest of the world's richest a-holes that are hell bent on people being their servants and they want us to be their slaves
      hell we already are their slaves because to the usd and the fed
      we had a big chance to revers this but we f'ed it up by voting for the repubs and dems YET AGAIN!

    • YES, mass grave with bulldozer pushing dirt

    • totally david!
      all of these traitors need to get whats coming to them including that jerk rove

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      Talks cheap folks. You should ALL register with the Republican Party at their local office, and then start planning.
      Ronnie Reagan was writing about what needed to be dome back in the 1970s.
      He won eventually in 1980, and was able to change the USA onto the right path. Thanks to Ronnie, Russia is now where USSR used to be!
      He was intelligent enough to know how to use the media, with his radio talks on what he thought was wrong.
      And when he finally got elected, he made a big difference.
      (Although if you are a dimocrat just sittin there waiting for a hand out, he did not help you much , which is why we can not depend on the Dems to support policies OPPOSITE to those in place thanks to O!)
      Want USA to become third world and Socialist??
      Vote Democrat ! you know it makes sense!

    • Voting Republican, especially for conservative Republicans is just a start. Volunteer in a campaign or make calls for a candidate will help even more. I got the opportunity to work with some good people and even met a couple of Presidents as a result of helping.

      If you are really serious give $5. $10 or more when you can to good candidates as it will really help them out. Investing your money in America's future with decent candidates is very worthwhile.They may not always win but they are even less likely if you do nothing. Even one person can make a difference. Be that one person.

    • Has anyone told you yet Obama"s democrat? Geeeesh!!

    • And don't forget those 1.5 BILLION rounds of hollow-point pistol ammo that DHS has stockpiled, allegedly for "target practice". Guess who the "targets" will be?

    • They actually admitted that DHS ordered 7000 AK-47s for their defense! - NOT our defense against terrorism, THEIR defense against Americans.

    • But when DHS orders guns that can fire on full automatic, they are "personal defense weapons." If I want one that is ONLY semi-automatic, it's an assault rifle and much too dangerous for a civilian to have.

    • Perhaps they are insecure. This is another one of those "do as I say and not as I do" hypocrasies.

    • they could have at least bought" American" made guns.

    • I think the poster above is wrong. I understand that the guns are an AR-15 type

    • semantics.

    • That is what I have read also and would be more logical as they have purchased several hundred million rounds of .223/5.56 in the last 4 years.

    • That would have meant putting money back into our economy and they certainly aren't about that!

    • Yeah. DHS jurisdiction IS the US.

      Look, only an idiot and someone on the DHS team will say that it's [the ammo, the guns, the militarization of the local police, the military training missions over Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.] all part of a "normal" purchase, and "ongoing training".

      But to people like you, me, and other awakened folks, it is absolutely obvious that TPTB are planning to turn the US into 1950s USSR. And the idiot sheeple are helping them.

      In 70 years, interviews will be conducted with those that allowed/helped this transformation. Interviews from jail cells.

    • And they also ordered those "evil" 30 round magazines that no one is supposed to need. Guess they think 10 round magazines are inadequate too - might cramp their style.

    • Some people seem to forget one important item here.....We the people who are armed SHOOT BACK !!! With several million combat veterans out there, it is going to be one helluva bloody war I say. I will die on my feet rather than live on my knees. That oath I took back in 1950 when I joined the military didn't and doesn't have an expiration date except "upon death".

    • That's the very reason 'they' want to disarm all of us. The US has the biggest civilian armed force on the planet. Pretty difficult to oppress those that aren't willing, and can defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • A poll announced during the last 24 hours that indicates the 53% of all Americans feel that government is a threat to their liberty and freedom. People are noticing the change in attitude of government toward people and are concerned when they see agencies and police forces arm themselves to the teeth and become para military in nature.

      When people in government deliberately start doing things that they know are morally wrong, it is no wonder that they are becoming concerned about the people's eventual reaction to their actions.

    • Sure won't be paper silhouettes at the range.

    • and don't forget, we must get obuma out of our white house and his wifie and daughters. sent them all packing , get on a slow sinking boat to kenya, and wave good by,just make sure you hold that middle fingure up nice and straight.

    • Problem is then we get Hillary or someone "like" O. There needs to be a HUGE change in the Congress and that BIG WHITE HOUSE!!!

    • I just received the new secret service name for hilary. For top security is must be muslim sounding - Seldom Bin Laiden.

    • Oh, boy, will I get some mileage out of that one!

    • The problem IS we will get exactly what we vote for, that's what we have now. Keep on voting Dems or Repubs and nothing will change. Who do you think is running the government? Yes, it's the two parties that keep getting voted in.... Either vote a third party or quit-your-bitching.

    • Beelzeebub, the debil his self is what be tryin to run our gummamint

    • There should by a mental health evaluation before you are allowed to vote. Most Democrats would not pass it.

    • Computerized voting?? That means there will never be another fair election. Good luck voting the criminals out. Only people who are dumb and blind believe Obama won the election. He's probably THEE most hated person in America.

    • Paper ballots should always be an option at the polls, and should always be the option used.

    • sovereigntyofone says:

      Good point, however after Obama winning last election have you heard of anyone asking anyone to come forth with their paper ballots for recounts?
      I hate to say this and not attempting to insult you, but paper or computer it all winds up on a computer anyway. And we all know what the computer did with it, don't we?

    • But there's at least more evidence with paper ballots, and they would need to be hidden, duplicated and forged, or destroyed. Paper ballots can be guarded and followed. Electronic voting means elections are stolen with a keystroke, or a backdoor virus, and not even necessarily on site.

    • Actually Yes, those at blackboxvoting.org present challenges where they can best get the results with-in the purview dictated by their limited resources.

      The SCOTUS has consistently ruled that any citizen,including yourself; has the right to access such ballots, and can pursue them under the FOIA process.The folks at Blackbox will be more than willing to assist you or any others in that regard

      It's up to individual citizens to first shoulder this burden, and not to expect others to do so in their stead. If serious enough discrepancies are found, there are groups willing and able to further pursue such discrepancies.

    • Who are these groups and how do they follow a trail that is non-existant? Computerized voting mavhines only follow their programming. If they are programed to ignore th input from the voter and register the vote anyway that the programmer wants, where is the trail that can be folowed?

    • Jesse led a march of a WHOLE 150 people. Wow. Such a large number. And for that he gets coverage and publication of his call for our nation to receive the BROWN SHIRTS. Does he have ANY idea what he is doing? Probably. He is part of the problem.

    • If we can't get our boarders protected why should we protect Chicago streets when they have brought this on themselves.

    • What ceases to amaze me is...Don't they have their own police departments and divisions....I mean IT IS A CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! A nasty one at that but just the same it would be structured as any other city. DUH!

    • Having 'any idea' means using ones brain. So, no.

    • larryincamden says:

      Paper ballots should be the ONLY option until a way to prove that the vote is correct (computers that can not be hacked or misprogrammed)

    • I agree, but after 3 phone calls requesting a paper ballot, I was told they DO NOT exsist! I do not accept that answer! I'm old enough to remember WE in CALIF did have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I live in Missouri and paper ballots is the only way I vote. But they too can just disappear..

    • We still had paper ballots in San Fransisco, Every once in a while you'll read where those from areas where the most conservatives live will be found floating in the bay. But they don't always float.

    • The problem isn't guns. The problem is crazyassed ignorant mfers with guns. Exterminate the pests before all non government humans loose their god given right to self defense.

    • 13th Floor Looking Out says:

      Of course the hatred part would not apply if you're stupid, lazy, ignorant, self-absorbed, been coddled and spoiled while being told you're a unique and special snowflake.

    • Thanks to all those liberal/progressive idiots out there!!! We are more like Greece every day.....only bigger. We will make a much bigger dent in the earth when we fall !!!

    • "Vote: the instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country."
      ~ Ambrose Bierce

    • Everyone is waiting for Obama to start it. They just aren't paying attention. DHS just raided its FIRST house in New Mexico and confiscated 1500 guns from a collector and FFL dealer. NO charges filed. Just confiscation. And the owner did not fight back.
      Folks, you may be next.

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      There is no answer to State illegality except armed resistance!
      But, under this illegal immigrant there may well be more tiny raids on other collectors so small that they just get cursory mention (as above).
      Then when it becomes commonplace you will have no argument in Amend. 2, as "they" will be able to argue precedent.
      The fact that they will be unable to base their precedent on the Constitution offers some slim hope, but if Obummer carries on with the stealth tactics he will succeed, as Adolf of Hitlerite fame once did with a WHOLE COUNTRY!
      Tyrants are not intelligent...they are Cunning!

    • When was the last "fair election" ???

    • 2003! last fair election.......150% turn out? Buses full of out of county people voting...several times? 100% turn out in many other counties/precincts? And it was called a FAIR election????BS!

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      1984! when Reagan won fair and square.Remember him? The Media sure don`t! He was only responsible for the USSR folding as he brought it face to face with reality US REPUBLICAN style.
      I reckon that Reagan was mebbe the last real Republican President!

    • He was the last REAL President and we didn't even know it till this POS was "Coronated".

    • Remington 870 says:

      Forget paper ballots. Consider finger print voting. How can fingerprints be corrupted? But the Dems will figure out something and Chicago Chief Fornicator Jackson will be at the forefront advocating Marxist rule.

    • Sometimes you just cannot argue with the numbers. If these numbers are
      correct and true, the USA has bigger problems on their hands other than who
      was elected President.

      From Bill O'Reilly's message board..

      Most everyone suspected fraud, but these numbers prove it and
      our government and media refuse to do anything about it.

      As each state reported their final election details, the
      evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been
      reported in areas of OH and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying
      personnel to investigate election results.

      Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much
      more to come.

      * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama
      received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for
      Romney. (a mathematical and statistical impossibility).

      * In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of
      the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their
      polling locations - and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.
      (another statistical impossibility).

      * In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only
      98,213 eligible voters.

      * In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered
      eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

      * The National SEAL Museum , a polling location in St. Lucie
      County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

      * Palm Beach County , FL had a 141% voter turnout.

      * In Ohio County , Obama won by 108% of the total number of
      eligible voters.

      NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID
      and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

      Imagine that!

    • Nothing will be done in reality... There will be investigations and law suits and they will all be stone walled by the WH and the media. There will be no documents, records or files released so there will be no evidence available. Then the next big news story will pop up and everyone will move on.

    • I think that the vast majority of the people are anti-incumbent rather than anti-government. We have a wonderful system and framework of government that was set up by our country's founding fathers that has been corrupted and perverted beyond imagination by many of the politicians that have rooted themselves in power for the last 2 to 3 decades. Power and monies have been usurped at the expense of our freedom and liberty. This is wrong and the citizens need to demand an accounting by these ruthless politicians and bureaucrats for their misdeeds.

    • Unless we conservatives, 9-12 groups meld together and support REAL conservative candidates to retake the voting power of the Senate, we can do nothing - BUT 2014 election is soon upon us, so let's get together and do what needs to be done! Unite, get voter registration, be of one mind. Then we can carry out such needed items as IMPEACHMENT! Just writing and griping won't cut the mustard! !

    • "Impeachment?" Really...? HillBilly Clinton was "impeached" for getting caught getting a blowjob. He continued to serve as President. Why? Because impeachment is merely an act of censure done by Congress. You want $hit-for-Brains out? He MUST be charged and CONVICTED of felonious crimes resulting in imprisonment, and that's the ONLY legal way! Sadly, with the Justice Department, Congress and the SCOTUS in his back pocket or under his thumb, it simply is NOT going to happen.

    • Right on Bruce!... Nothing will change simply because you voted out the crooks and voted in MORE of the same party....again.

    • Did you not read what Jem posted above? It is fact. Even here in Colorado, in a small small town where we did not have electronic voting machines, I was blown away when I voted that all ballots were taken by this lady (that I had never seen before, and definitely did not look like she was from around here) and they were scanned into a machine sent here just for this election. They were converted to digital data and at the same time the paper ballots shredded into a sealed box. So much for any public counting of votes or verifying counts. I was horrified, and have heard not a word about it since. Our vote no longer means anything and I will never vote again until we accomplish a cleansing of our political system. It is over for hoping to vote out the scum. Why do you think so many Dems won this cycle when they got taken to the cleaners two years ago? They couldn't stand for that to happen again so they took care of the problem.

    • Supporting bona fide conservatives is the first step. Karl Rove and the elite are doing their best to undermine the efforts of Tea Party members. They are trying to make sure that worthless RINO candidates are re-elected, especially in the Senate. Karl Rove and his gang are just as opposed to conservatives as Obam, Pelosi and Reid. Beware conservative sounding names of political groups until you really check them out.

      Organizations like the National Senatoral Republican Committee masquerade as being conservative while promoting tepid, namby-pamby, give-in moderate Republicans. If you can afford it, try to give $5, $10 or even $20 for the candidates that are truly solid conservative no compromise Republicans who will be the only ones speaking up for you in government. Send emails to friends and relatives to keep them informed about important issues as many people will not bother to keep up with what is going on these days. One person can make a difference. Be that one person.

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      You first nofreebies4u, then we will all follow with our guns!

    • Way back when, we had a saying that fits this "gubmint" just perfectly. SNAFU !!!!

    • I say everything is FUBAR.

    • It's liberals like you NOELLE2013 THAT WE ARE HAVING ALL THE DOMESTIC PROBLEMS, you are the IDIOTs that voted obumba the main idiot into office, get out of your denial about obumba he's a insane communist we Republicans new that from day one, grow up!!!!!!!

    • Hey david i AM NOT A F-ING LIBERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • The dems are but 1 side of the same coin. You have been 'led to believe' one side is better than the other. They are the same in their direction for the US.

    • LadyforLiberty says:

      Fact: In Washington DC, the FBI have already got the right to patrol Washington alongside the Washington DC cops. They as a point of honor never use that power as they are aware of their own federal Duties.
      However, Homeland Security officers cannot be allowed to become de facto cops on the street, as we can already see the mess they are making in US today. And if they were allowed on the streets would that be a first step to disenfranchising Police Commissioners and Chiefs of Police?
      Whoever is doing this, they have a long plan....especially as these "Regulations" carry the force of a hidden and bureaucratic law. Bureaucrats to beware of are those who are unanswerable to due process!

      Jesse Jackson should stick to the racial rabble rousing he is accustomed to!
      But I am sure Obama is pleased at this, as it fits with his socialist plans, and all socialist governments the world over undermine a country`s culture long term before going for legal changes which citizens are powerless to prevent!
      Don`t forget, the USA has been a target of Communism since Kruschev used his shoe to make a point against the USA in the United Nations in the 1960s!

    • The United States has been a target of Communism since the early days of Stalin, and that was back in the late teens of the 20th century.

    • Some will accuse you of being paranoid...However, if they would simply open their eyes it is easy to see that we have never had such a corrupt government..Both dems and repubs. in power are corrupt beyond belief and completely disconnected with the will of the people.....For those that do not believe that government is attempting a coup d e'tat of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution -just look at the evidence....In NY alone it's now illegal to be sold a 16 ounce Coke...cigarette prices are approaching that of illegal drugs. Our government now suggests that if we are attacked by criminals to fight back by hiding or trying to overcome someone (that has a gun) with a pair of scissors......Just today the secret program of allowing Obama to kill American citizens (with drones) without due process was announced throughout the media. This country and our right are in huge trouble....those that ignore the evidence, that is right in front of their eyes, do so at their own peril....

      Never - ever --allow a runaway government to confiscate your guns...

    • Karl Rove and Karl Marx share more than just first names.

    • The DHS does not have authority to do this. To do so would be a breach of Posse Comitatus. Not the zero has been mindful of most of our rules of governance.

    • YES it is very much a breach of Posse Comitatus but this fed govt does not give a sh$% about the us constitution or our rights anymore!

    • Profanity is a feeble mind trying to express it's self forceably. F****Democrats.

  20. a) Jesse is a tard b) give chicago guns i mean this is what happens when you have STRICT gun LAWS GOOD JOB CHICAGO GOOD JOB...

    • Hey I think the cheeeecago gun laws are working great!! Its thinning out the scumbags by 5 a day!! Jessie jackson is a MOE-RON!!! Always has been ,always will be!! Purely an opportunist,hell thats how he makes his HO-money! Him & al not-so-sharpton both getz paaaid fo dey appearances, they use their own people as pawns and could give a ratz ass about deyz peeps! Scumbag crooks and racist too boot!! Maybe the two of them should walk da streetz of cheeeecago for a hour a day,minus their armed black panzies walking with them, They'll be popped by the end of the week, and THAT will be another blessing in the history of America1

    • that 15 year old girl was not a scum bag. And armed guards or not, if Jackson, Rahm and O are orchestrating this mayhem, they'll have no worries walking their streets. They'd be the king pins.

    • Not referring to the girl, which by the way, was a tragedy. And I believe you know the SCUMBAGS in which I was referring to! Also King-Pins always get theirs....remember Scarface? Open Range? High Plains Drifter? And those ass clowns yer referring to, will get theirs as well, and soon I hope!

    • ON a scale of one to ten this gets a fifty GOOD JOB