Did Feinstein & Boxer Make The Claim 'Turn In Your Weapons and Gunman Will Turn Himself In?'

According to the Palookaville Post, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and her sidekick Senator Barabara Boxer, during the midst of the manhunt for Chris Dorner, called for disarming law enforcement and private citizens, claiming, "When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.” It's been circulating all over the internet. The problem? The story is satire. Given Feinstein and Boxer's views on guns, even I fell for it.

The post claimed that a Senate communications intern, speaking on behalf of both Senators said,

“The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt. When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

Their response was to the alleged gunman, a former Los Angeles Police Officer, who is accused of murdering at least three people and wounding others and the shootings that have taken place by LAPD in the search for Dorner.

Dorner's manifesto was a mixed bag of ideology. On the one hand Dorner seems to make a good case of how corrupt the LAPD is and I might add, how they have demonstrated themselves to be those that used excessive force in the midst of this manhunt. On the other hand, he also seems to just go off the deep end. I can somewhat understand his frustration, that from his perspective, the LAPD had basically backed him into a corner. However, I completely disagree with the alleged manner in which he is said to be dealing with it. One does not become a vigilante, taking out their own justice on anyone, especially the innocent people who have been killed.

Ironically the manifesto made several hypocritical statements about gun control.

The post went on to cite another "unnamed Riverside, CA alderman. While I wrote to the Palookaville Post, since they do not claim to be a satire site, to verify the authenticity of the story, others had made a similar attempt on their Facebook page as well and the response was " Don't make us bring in 'Segretti'...."

FreedomOutpost has a few gentlemen who, on occasion, write satire, but our policy has been to make people aware in the article that it is satire and most satire sites will have that information in their "About" section. Palookaville Post doesn't provide that information. Their about section reads,

The majority of decent hard working Americans already understand the exceptional values our nation has introduced to the world. However, some of today’s young people, and others occupying the misinformed minority, should be inspired to appreciate and emulate the goodness of their fellow citizens. Our mission is to provide that inspiration.
The now defunct Palookaville Post newspaper was founded by Palookaville mayor Terry Malloy, an ex-prizefighter who rose to prominence after bringing down the corrupt leadership in the local unions. Following Malloy’s example, The Post has relentlessly pursued the truth, exposing all the facts, then letting the chips fall where they may. The online version of the Post looks to continue that noble endeavor.

As of yet, there has been no response to my FB messages or email sent to them.

I apologize for the earlier post, which referenced this article as fact. However, maybe this will be useful and instrumental in clearing things up that are being passed off as true.

I will say this, according to the ideology of Senator Feinstein concerning firearms, this should be her logical conclusion.

UPDATE: Palookaville Post finally responded to my email and as such indicates they cannot be taken seriously. Here was their reply:

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your interest in our recent article. "Segretti" advises Ace
Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsentwins to never reveal his sources or their intent,
and he will follow that advice. I can however confirm that 97.5% of all
information on the Palookaville Post has been certified correct by spell
check and Robert's Rules of Order.


The Paperboy...

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28 thoughts on “Did Feinstein & Boxer Make The Claim 'Turn In Your Weapons and Gunman Will Turn Himself In?'

  1. brianconway__NY says:

    Gee. That really doesn't sound like a bad idea. We can all sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya and eatin that rainbow stew. Ah, the beauty of it.

  2. Basement Jaxx said it best about Diane and Barbara, the Feminist Senators from the land of "fruits & nuts" we call California, when they recorded their song entitled; "Where's Your Head At"... They need to have their power cord disconnected - like awhile ago... I hope they are willing and able to read these comments, but; there heads are embedded so far up each others obturator foraman, they can neither see or hear reality. How sad for them - they must still be in Fantasy Land at Disneyland. How did they ever get to the Senate?????????????????????????


  4. Your first hint that this is satire - Palookaville Press.

    Ironically both Feinstein and Boxer already have their tickets to Palookaville. However, these two elected officials may not have actually said to turn in your weapons and the crooks will lay down theirs, but that must be how they actually feel if you take into account their own actions on gun control.

  5. The two lesbians from S.F. are both as stupid as ODUMBA is ,,,,,,

  6. Either they watch to much scripted reality TV or smoking way to much burlap! Was there not some show called Dumb & Dumber at one time?
    Lets face it, they want to disarm us (they call peasants) get rid of the unlike thinkers along with most people over 45! It's all out of the ill-loons playbook! They see us like we (many of us) see rats, digging holes, eating our food & ear lobes! We citizens who want to keep the rats from damaging our hard earned homes, property etc put the rat poison out and happy to see the rodents taking the bate. That's what these camel dung lovers are doing to us! They schemed behind closed doors, raped us of our saving, stole what we & our employers paid into Commune Security and tells us we don't have a right to the land (Federal etc) they bought w/our monies including the arms and ammo they'll use to kill Americans with! America is made up of many ethnic's forming a nation legally, any race of people that falls for their lie will be forced to drink the kool-aid and there will be no one around who would give a dam! Those who call themselves the elite will be tossed in Hell less than 10 yrs from now! Their god Sa-tan hates them as much as he hates all of God's special Creation! Lucifer compared to the Lord is not even a pimple on a quarks ass!

  7. This new format for posting sucks.

  8. If the two in question were not certified nut cases on most things, but especially gun control no one would have been caught by the satire. IQ test for all politicians, 70 or better. A higher requirement would eliminate most progressives.

  9. And don't tell me I post comments too quickly. Keep up.

  10. Even if they didn't say it, it is as stupid as anything else that has come out of any of them.

  11. William Wallace says:

    Problem is, it isn't far from what they would have claimed if they had thought of it first. We just give Feinstein and Boxer some ideas for their next public speech.

  12. Oh really,,, These two dipshultzs must have had their brains fried in the last solor flair up!!

  13. These two women are worse than twits...they endanger the very people they've been elected to protect. They are an embarrassment to the mentally challenged.

  14. Human nature is to take advantage when opportunity appears. If you are the only one with a gun, you are King. Giving up when you have all the cards would be a joke, no one is that stupid. These woman are obviously mentally deficient.

  15. That anyone would believe that any member of Congress would make such a comment shows the lack of esteem we hold for Congress. But the remark isn't that much over the line from comments some members of Congress have recently made.

  16. Of course, you all know that Feinstein and Boxer are pulling everyone's leg for it don't work that way - take our guns away and we get killed - very dangerous telling their idiot friends to turn their guns in and the killer won't kill them - STUPID!!!!!!!

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people accept the most outrageous claims as long as they are directed against the opposition! All it takes is common sense and reading the byline of the piece to know it is satire. A reporter named Jimmy Olsontwins? And people believe that? Seriously?

  18. Dumb jews

  19. What kind of fantasy world do these idiotic women live in?? It isn't any reality I understand. If they get away with taking all of the guns away from the law abiding citizens, criminals will have freedom to do whatever they want and turning themselves in won't be one of those things.

    How stupid can Democrats get??? And these stupid Democrats keep getting re-elected time and time again!!! These two women have been in Washington too long! They really believe all the garbage they spit out and they really think that they are doing the right thing but they haven't read the Constitution lately!! Retire, old ladies!! Go back to your bankrupt state!!