DHS Supplier Sells Targets of American Gun Owners

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a 21 year designer and full service provider of training targets for thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, is now providing a line of "No More Hesitation" targets. What is so unusual about these targets? They are of a "pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

According to the the website these targets are "”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

While I do recall live ranges using people that are non threatening in order to facilitate a reaction from trainees in which they might encounter innocent people while trying to locate criminals, this is a bit unsettling. Of course, yes there could be a mistake and as we are aware many people today are carrying concealed and you want to be ready to deal with law abiding citizens you might encounter that carry. I can see preparation for coming into a situation where there is a mass shooting and yet there might be civilians who are armed trying to stop the threat and police arrive on the scene. However, a little boy? or a young school aged girl? Additionally why label this line "No More Hesitation"? Is it to encourage shooting the person on the target? Furthermore, who is demanding these kinds of targets?

This doesn't seem to be an unreasonable question to ask. Especially with DHS purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition and placing solicitations for 7,000 fully automatic rifles.

When you begin to consider the leaked US Army Military Police training manual, which outlines how military assets are to be used to quell riots domestically, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil, along with characterizing Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists by DHS-funded studies, it makes for a pretty surreal and frightening progression of thought.

There has not been confirmation that any government agency has purchased these yet. Calls to LETargets have not been returned.

Below, are some of the targets manufactured by Law Enforcement Targets:


UPDATE 7:45pm EST: In case you are attempting to get to the site, it's getting hammered by traffic since the news broke. Some have said that calls have been returned and the page is pulled down. After about ten minutes of waiting, the page did load for me, so they had not pulled the page within the past hour.

UPDATE: LETargets, which can be contacted at 888-489-7830 to verify the authenticity of these products. The salesperson I spoke with said the page has been pulled, but they are continuing to sell these targets. When asked what their purpose was, she nervously didn't want to answer and pointed me to a spokesperson, Laren Helms, who has yet to return my call. Also, they seem unwilling to indicate whether federal agencies like DHS or the DOJ have purchased these particular targets. This may be due to privacy reasons, though it is tax payer money and this is not a national security issue.

For those charging Freedom Outpost with conspiracy theories, that is far from the case. DHS has yet to step forward to indicate why they need the amount of ammunition they have solicited for over the past year. They have not come forward to state why they need 7,000 fully automatic rifles that they refer to as "personal defense weapons," while the administration they serve under calls semi-automatic rifles "assault weapons." These are merely facts. Yes, one has to wonder about targets like these coming from a supplier to DHS and other law enforcement agencies and therefore there are most definitely questions. This is merely the information should others desire to question further.

Far from conspiracy, Freedom Outpost has demonstrated it's willingness to actually deal with the Sandy Hook shooting in a fashion that demonstrates that we ask questions and seek answers and have provided those.

UPDATE 2/20/2013 1:15pm: Just talked with company spokesman Laren Helms. Mr. Helms confirmed several things:

1) These are sold in low volume
2) The company does supply federal agencies like DHS and the DOJ with products
3) The could not confirm or deny that federal agencies had purchased these targets
4) That these items are used in "advanced law enforcement" training to "put law enforcement officers in unique situations that they may not have thought about or considered."

According to Helms, the use of the targets is determined by whoever is instructing the law enforcement officers being trained. They will apparently set up scenarios to determine whether the individuals in the targets are a threat or not.

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  • reggiec

    "The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”
    Like everyday honest citizens that might defend themselves against government tyranny.
    Note that these "targets" are for training employees of Homeland Security and the DOJ. The new possessors of about 1.5 BILLION rounds of hollowpoint ammunition.

  • Dennis

    funny how they all look like WHITE everyday type people.

  • http://nathanaelsblog.wordpress.com Nathanael

    I have seen a good many people post assumptions on this post perhaps I can clear some up

    1 No soldier, sailor or marine, will willfully turn his/her weapon on a civilian-unless otherwise forced to do so at gunpoint "=

    2.these targets are used to simulate hostage situations in training scenarios

  • http://yahoo Dennis W.

    Questions,that may never get answered! Targets with people of any color should not permited! We as tax payers need the answers to why Ammo in these Quanities are being purchased by any government enity!

  • Sum Tenem

    De-sensitization training. De-sensitize the en"force"ment drones to the humanity of other people. Like any war, the enemy must not be thought of as human.
    Whatever happened to the police department negoitators, who tried to talk people into surrendering, Seem like now the police just smash down the door.
    Interesting that the images portray people in postures that only CRIMINAL PERPETRATORS would be likely to see. If a real policeman were there, these people look like the kind who would not likely be pointing a gun at them.

  • alias

    The most murderous among us seems to be the cops and soldiers. Let's not forget the ones commanding them, their superiors all the way up to the white house. This is sickening. What happened to bullseyes? Not intimidatong enough or too small of a target?
    I really hope that there are more police and military that love their country, constitution and bill of rights more then they love the command structure that have sent them to do unspeakable things to innoncent people all on the premise of lies.
    Now I'm off to send this link to all the sheriffs associations. Have a nice day! Molon Labe.

  • A. Levy

    It seems to me to be a pretty stupid way for a company to get attention for it's products by using the fear and hysteria created by the MSM and the anti-gun Left. But, not being familiar with this company, i can't say if there's a political motive, (PC perhaps?) behind the images they chose to use.

    As someone who has been involved in several "real life" shooting situations, i can assure you that i never faced anyone who looked like any in those targets.

    As for the police, let me say this to poster Thomas Payne. After having served 34 years with the NYPD, and every day of that on the streets of NYC, today's police officers (are not) the officers of my time. (mid 60's to late 90's) Today's young officers, especially in cities controlled by liberals, have been trained in political correctness. Years ago, the NYPD had very high entrance qualifications. Today, those qualifications have been replaced by "diversity and affirmative action". (the NYPD just hired an overweight lesbian that is "under 4' tall"!)

    And, generally speaking, training for today's police officers is far from what it should be, even in major cities. "Real world" training might offend someone.

  • J J

    This is very telling - that Obama and DHS consider American citizens as enemies. And if we are the enemy, what does that say about how we should feel about them?? The huge divisive situation in America is because of attitudes like this. How can citizens come together when their government behaves like this??

  • Leslie Fish

    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Why don't we take photo-shopped pictures, make targets of our own, and sell them on the Internet? When some so-called Liberal group tries to denounce/sue/prosecute us, let's trot out photos of these targets and the comments supporting them.

    --Leslie < Fish

  • http://Yahoo.com Troubleshooter

    Hey Brent: do us a favor will you? After reading your post, I would like to be able to admire your photograph. Please post a link with one. You know, just to help us identify you.

  • ThomasPaine

    And let me add that we've clearly reached the point where policing is about killing anyone who doesn't submit to authority rather than trying to calm a situation down. Goes hand in hand with what I learned almost 2 decades ago (from someone who gave up trying to be a cop and instead decided to become a forest ranger) about police departments trying to weed out those who are "too intelligent" and prefer to recruit those who can mindlessly fill out paperwork. That's the type that won't question orders.

  • ThomasPaine

    Were all the targets white or did you cherry pick those for effect? Since the site's pages can't be accessed anymore I can't check for myself. Regardless, the arms and ammo stockpiling by DHS - an agency that should rarely have occasion to use weapons - is EXTREMELY disturbing...as are comments from both sides on this site. Yours especially, "Barock". I note that the racist from the right suggests putting people in camps but not killing them while the racist from the left suggests out and out genocide by suggesting killing mom and baby is a good thing. So we can see which side still has some morals even when they're bigoted.

  • Drifanwulf

    Why not a target of a soldier who has refused orders to confiscate guns or shoot his fellow Americans for daring to defend their rights. Geez I feel left out.

  • Dan

    They all to seem to be calcasun or light people of color. I saw no assault rifles . Looks more like indoctrination .

  • BrandyS

    bar rot, I have only one thought for you!

  • BillWhit

    The current Obama Administration are Enemies of our Nation and We, the People, especially Obama himself! DHS and TSA are the Private Army Obama said he wanted in a 2008 speech, now he has it, training it to kill Patriotic Americans. Obama is our Enemy, our most dangerous Domestic Enemy that America has at the moment. All muslims should be rounded up and offered a plane ticket back to their original homes, or be put into camps, like the Japanese during WW2, and that includes the muslim, Obama! He is the #1 A§§wipe of this Insanity!

  • Barock

    Kill all these white devils, just like in Django. Shoot for the belly and get two for one.

  • Brent

    This article is a bit off.
    As a self defense trainer (MN Permit to Carry & unarmed skills) I use these targets as a demonstration in permit classes: Pregnant woman shooting others with a gun - can you make a head shot and thus possibly save the baby (head shots are not easy in an active situation & striking the baby is still possible) . . . or would you chose to lay down and be shot yourself? Tough situation, but possible.
    Young children (pre-teen) have committed mass school shootings in the US, Old men with shotguns have killed people, etc, etc.
    Reality is that murderers come in every type and citizens who carry are just as likely to face one of these situations.

  • K. Lee, Mesa, AZ

    Why are all the people on the targets, white? Didn't see a single Hispanic or Black person target at all. When are they going to produce a target of Law Enforcement personnel or SWAT members for us to target practice? We need hesitation practice as well.

  • freedomringsforall

    May God bless and help all those that are coming together in like mind to defend our rights and freedoms.

    We are one step away from a total dictatorship.
    The 2nd amendment.