Constitutional Security Force Develops As Result of Police Chief's Efforts

I wrote last week about Police Chief Mark Kessler's call to citizens of Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania to join him and his police department in putting together a "reserve force" that could be called upon to help defend the city in the event of a foreign invasion or more precisely an invasion of the Federal government to confiscate firearms. Well, the response by readers and police departments across the country has been nothing short of incredible and as a result Kessler has expanded his small town "reserve force" to now include states nationwide. He is now referring to the movement as a "Constitutional Security Force."

I spoke with Chief Kessler a day or so after I released the article and he said the encouragement and response was tremendous. In fact, he indicated to me at that time that he was unprepared for the desire of other police departments to implement something similar in their areas, but he welcomed the opportunity to lead in that endeavor.

Several people wrote to Chief Kessler and several people even wrote to me expressing their support of such a movement and wondered how they might become involved.

As a result, Kessler posted the following about how others can become involved and now anyone, not matter their location, can become part of the Constitutional Security Force. Kessler writes:

I plan on taking the CONSTITUTIONAL SECURITY FORCE nationwide with chapters all over the country; there is much work to be done to achieve this historic feat. We are currently looking for monetary donations, equipment donations, so we can offer Firearms Training /certification Classes, First Aid Classes, Recon Courses, Basic Survival Courses, Sniper Course, Tactical Close Combat Firearms Training, and Much More!

As I stated in the previous article, this is not a militia, but a reserve force that can be called upon to assist police departments at certain times.

So far, in just one week his small "reserve force" has grown to become a nationwide project, headquartered in Pennsylvania. As of February 16, 2013, Chief Kessler had five active chapters in Indiana, West Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, and Kentucky!

Four more chapters have come on board with contact information since then. New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Missouri all now have contact information for their respective states!

What an amazing thing to witness in these desperate times as people begin to stand up for freedom! To see what one person stepping forward to do the right thing and how it is impacting others around the country is truly incredible. If you wish to support the efforts of Chief Kessler and the Constitutional Security Force, you can go here to help.

Chief Kessler will also be interviewed about these developments on Arising Republic Radio this Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9pm EST.

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  • B Vaunsson

    "To stand and defend (all parts) of the U.S. Constitution is not forbidden or unlawful, but encouraged, if that government denies it citizens those inalienable (God Given) rights by tyrannical means." - Vice president John Adams (President of the US Senate March 4th 1789

  • B Vaunsson

    It is said that if the evil forces of a nation take away or restrict the rights of it's citizens, those citizens will rise up to destroy that evil.

    "Complacency is the friend of your enemy." - Bart Nielsen 1968

  • Patrick Henry

    @ Steve Racer
    Unfortunately the Dick Act of 1902 mandates that ALL State Militias be registered with the Attorney General so they will know who you are. Keeping it to local PEACE Officers control should put a buffer in there.

  • Patrick Henry

    Patrick Duffy
    Slummer already stated HE wanted a civilian security force as well funded and trained as the Army. He is going to get it, just not what he had in mind.

  • http://N/A Thomas Stevens

    The penalty for treason against this country is to be hung by the neck until
    dead.It's not just Ovomit and his group this covers the Senate and Congress also.These people better start thinking about which side of the
    line they will stand on.We should also include the DOJ,F.B.I and the Secret Service,they all have a hand in protecting this idiot.

  • http://4+1=5 cap21

    where do police chiefs and sheriffs in nevada stand

  • reggiec

    to A Voice Crying Out ...
    First of all if you are not a troll, the mere fact that you are posting here already has you on a list. Secondly if those who signed the Declaration of Independence felt as you do, we would still be colonies under England. Freedom requires you to stand for something and to say so.

  • A Voice Crying Out

    Beware FALSE FLAGS.

    You 'register' with the militia, and the Feds have a NICE LIST which the liberals in the news will GLADLY demand according to "Freedom of Information" laws, and publish every 'DEAD-icated patriot's name, address and all other information.

  • http://CAPTCHA Candace Partin

    Reserve force excellent solution. Be careful of those who want to join. Look at history. Espionage infiltration huge concern!

  • Ray

    How do we post this info on Face Book & Tea Party Community?

  • Big-T

    Praise the lord & pass the ammunition !

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Now, you only have to be careful that a corrupt federal or state government -or an establishment politician from either party- doesn't try to hijack the movement, and you're golden.

  • http://CAPTCHA grannylake

    Finally, a voice of reason has been heard above the din of the uninformed.

  • BrandyS

    Steve Racer I tend to agree with you on this one. The States have the US Constitutional Right to have their own Militia and that is an Inalienable Right covered by the 2nd Amendment. I applaud Kessler and all the others that are standing up for our Rights; but, we should always be vigilant. Making sure "WE THE PEOPLE" are the ones that control these movements to insure that is "By the People for the People" and not a way for this obomanation of a goverment to get the names of those that will stand and fight. obomanation is a pre-emptive striker and if he sees this as a threat (which he will) he will come for the names that sign up. As in our Founding Fathers days these names should be protected in and by a local group and not broadcast across the Country.

  • http://na Steve Racer

    I can't say it's not a good idea without further investigation, but why not the militia of the several states as Constitutionally intended? Why do we have to come up with another similar idea which may be counter to the legal authority enumerated within the founding documents? Curious what Dr. Vieira would say about this group. His works are highly regarded on the subject. Don't want to sound like the good being the enemy of the perfect, but revitalizing what has historically worked seems a better idea. Maybe I'm off base.

  • DE Navarro

    Praise God. I've been praying for and waiting for this to happen. All you sick-in-the-head government tyrants and enemies of the American ideal and Constitution, you are on notice, the modern day Minutemen have arrived.

    Let all the Doctor Scott's and Paul Revere's rise also, and the Washingtons, Franklins, Adamses, Hamiltons of our day whatever their name or nationality - every Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and other who loves this country, join together and take a stand against the tyranny of the wayward US Government.

  • freedomringsforall

    Praise God for this officer!
    May God continue to bless and help this officer and all others in this endeavor!
    He obviously understands the foundation of this nation and the purpose of this experience in governance whether he has studied it or not.

    It is an absolute breath of fresh air and great inspiration to see these law enforcement officers doing the right thing in their positions to serve and protect.
    It has been so often lately that we have seen an increase in violent police officers taking advantage of their position to opress others rather than to help others.

    We are one step away from a total dictatorship.
    The 2nd amendment!

  • Jimmy Cosby

    We the people are coming!! Politicans you are warned

  • blackyb

    I will repeat because of mispelling:'" Let No Man Put Asunder What God has joined together...."'

  • blackyb

    The time is now. Connect while it is possible to do so and send the message forth that we intend to keep and stand by our Constitution and the Laws intended for this great nation. Do not ever forget to pray to our Creator and stand first and formost for Him and ask his blessings upon your work to keep True to the things of God and strengthen this country. This country should be kept Under God, indivisible. God says let no man put asunder what got has joined together. This is not meant solely for marriage, but in the Spirit of things this constitution of Laws above what man may consider has been joined by God's Spirit to mans and we should never have let this get as far as it has. Remember the Ten Commandments and bind them upon even the clothing of the children for them to remember to bind them upon their hearts.