Constitutional Security Force Develops As Result of Police Chief's Efforts

I wrote last week about Police Chief Mark Kessler's call to citizens of Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania to join him and his police department in putting together a "reserve force" that could be called upon to help defend the city in the event of a foreign invasion or more precisely an invasion of the Federal government to confiscate firearms. Well, the response by readers and police departments across the country has been nothing short of incredible and as a result Kessler has expanded his small town "reserve force" to now include states nationwide. He is now referring to the movement as a "Constitutional Security Force."

I spoke with Chief Kessler a day or so after I released the article and he said the encouragement and response was tremendous. In fact, he indicated to me at that time that he was unprepared for the desire of other police departments to implement something similar in their areas, but he welcomed the opportunity to lead in that endeavor.

Several people wrote to Chief Kessler and several people even wrote to me expressing their support of such a movement and wondered how they might become involved.

As a result, Kessler posted the following about how others can become involved and now anyone, not matter their location, can become part of the Constitutional Security Force. Kessler writes:

I plan on taking the CONSTITUTIONAL SECURITY FORCE nationwide with chapters all over the country; there is much work to be done to achieve this historic feat. We are currently looking for monetary donations, equipment donations, so we can offer Firearms Training /certification Classes, First Aid Classes, Recon Courses, Basic Survival Courses, Sniper Course, Tactical Close Combat Firearms Training, and Much More!

As I stated in the previous article, this is not a militia, but a reserve force that can be called upon to assist police departments at certain times.

So far, in just one week his small "reserve force" has grown to become a nationwide project, headquartered in Pennsylvania. As of February 16, 2013, Chief Kessler had five active chapters in Indiana, West Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, and Kentucky!

Four more chapters have come on board with contact information since then. New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Missouri all now have contact information for their respective states!

What an amazing thing to witness in these desperate times as people begin to stand up for freedom! To see what one person stepping forward to do the right thing and how it is impacting others around the country is truly incredible. If you wish to support the efforts of Chief Kessler and the Constitutional Security Force, you can go here to help.

Chief Kessler will also be interviewed about these developments on Arising Republic Radio this Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9pm EST.

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  • blackyb

    There is that brave sheriff in Georgia to stand beside. Another brave man who displays leadership in times when many shrink from their duties. God bless this man too. We need to move to places where we can be there to assist. I believe it is time to band and knit together in one mind and one accord. The enemy is using the media to keep the chords as threads. I pray the brave go forth and pray as they go. All of us should stand in the capacity we have, and be of like mind and purpose to help those who have the gift of truth and leadership during these times of great threat to our nation.

  • Ltpar

    Patrick Duffy - Nice try but "your dog don't hunt here."

    As far as the Nazi Brown Shirts went; Hitler did rely on terror to achieve his goals. Lured by the wages, a feeling of comradeship, and the striking uniforms, tens of thousands of young jobless men put on the brown shirts and high leather boots of the Nazi Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilungen).Called the SA, these auxiliary policemen took to the streets to beat up and kill some opponents of the Nazi regime. Mere fear of the SA pressured into silence other Germans who did not support the Nazis.

    With the proposed Law Enforcement Reserve Force, first off it is locally organized and not a national political effort like the Brown Shirts. In actuality, I would expect to see the Obama organizing his own group in the near future, if it hasn't already started. Secondly, the local Law Enforcement Reserve Groups will not be staffed by young jobless men, but rather by normal members of their respective communities. Thirdly, the objective of Hitler, was to use the Brown Shirts to terrorize both the German and non-German population. The American Reserves common goal will be to train to support law enforcement in local emergencies, including natural, man made, or government induced. Lastly, while these citizens will be trained, I saw nothing of them wearing any type of uniform or even being issued a badge. If and when they were ever activated, they would then be sworn in as an official member of law enforcement, issued a badge and granted arrest powers. You can compare this concept to the current military Inactive Reserve Groups. While this idea will catch on in some forward thinking rural areas, I do not see it as a trend in metropolitian cities, which are already too far gone and most of the Chiefs are "political animals" rather than protectors of Public Safety. Hope I have cleared up your misinformation on the Nazi Brown Shirts?

  • blackyb

    God bless this brave man and his foresight to stand in times where others may shrink from their duty.

  • WhatsitMatter

    Well I think we found the silver lining in the big black cloud. That's great chief, stay with it! I keep reading about people needing to wake up. I think a lot of people are awake, they are just looking for the leaders to follow. Things are happening, we are getting stronger as we join together and organize. Do good for each other, help those in need and tell them to pass it along. Blessings!

  • CharlieSeattle

    CSF is a good Idea!

    But don’t put your name on a list.
    Not until you know who is really reading it.
    Just stay alert.

    Read more:

  • http://Dylan Senior Viking

    Jag, demcCall you're both right.
    Washington State needs Patriots who will stand up.
    How do we network?

  • Patrick Duffy

    This is not a good sign for the country. This is how the Nazi 'brown shirts' started - as a 'security force' for the motherland. It may appear 'good' now because they are seemingly opposing the tyrannical rise of federalism, but a 'police state' is bad, no matter WHO is amassing its power.

  • http://-4=2 WASP

    Like hell, it isn't a militia. It's EXACTLY what the founders had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. Just read the proceedings of the various state conventions called to consider the Bill of Rights. The big difference is that back then States Rights trumped the central gummint's rights. Then, Lincoln helped put an end to States Rights, and the feral gummint has grown in size, power, intrusiveness and stupidity ever since.

  • Gil Jones

    Great development. Add to Concealed Carry Permits optional "Auxiliary Deputy" status. Not only would it assist local police response time, and site containment info, but it would take the wind out of 'gun-control' sales. Also, utilize phone apps to formulate a civilian call center to interface with law enforcement...Semper Fi

  • JAG

    I think Washington State and New York need this more than anyone. It's going to be Ruby Ridge every day if there's no opposition.

  • Jr

    Lets see the Tennessee State Law Association get involved. The Volunteer State has ALWAYS stood for and protected the freedom of its citizens. Proud to support our Constitution and ALL of its Amendments, especially a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

  • Michael Rodriquez

    Passive ownership of a weapon makes you a potention felonius criminal. Thats the thinking that has driven this country to treat an unwanted preborn child to the same status of a criminal on death row awaiting execution. Our government wants absolute obedience without fear of retribution. They'll never get it, and history has shown us everytime one these "thugs" like OBAMA hgains power thousands die.

  • DEMcCall

    Outstanding Idea, I want to know when and where the Washington State chapter is going to be.

  • Mike

    Steve D,,, islam is not a religion,, its very simply a cult..and they are exactly what we are faced with in this situation.. no other cult has envaded our nation,, mexicans are harmless in this matter,, blacks will be nullified immediately.. we are invaded by muslems in washington dc,, nothing more

  • Deb

    I hope the sheriff in my area will do the same. He has already spoken out against gun control, but I would love to see him do what this police chief is doing. It saddens me that our government is so out of control that we are at this point, but I couldn't support his effort more and I hope many, many more will follow this man's example.

  • Joe Mama

    The flip-side of this is there will be a nice list of "insurgents" that can be targeted at a later date.

  • Steve D.

    "You must not belong to or support ANY organization that goes against humanity, race, or religion"

    In other words, you cannot oppose either Islam or third-world immigration. Personally, I'm getting really tired of people "standing up for America" who refuse to stand up for America, instead of some liberal myth of perfect tolerance and equality.

  • Ted M.

    Everyday I read the various forums & blogs covering the issues of "gun-control" . I see a great divide in our historic nation, and it pains my heart to think as a Viet-Nam era veteran, I once again see what I did during the "60's" . Is it time once again to rise up and bear arms ? I hear the voices of our forefathers and all our veterans asking if they died in vain ?
    If necessary, I will stand with my brother patriots and echo the words of a patriot of modern time; "Are you willing to die , to take my guns ?

  • Jim Logan

    THANK GOODNESS FOR PATRIOTS!!! This is a much welcomed act & brings some comfort to me as I'm sure to others. I know the amount of chapters will be increasing soon. The word will spread & you'll have a LOT of support. God Bless you all who support our Constitution.

  • A. Levy


    Do you find the Chief's actions scary? Actually, what should really scare you is that We The People have been pushed so far, and that our beloved country is under such serious threat from this Marxist govt., that the Chief's actions have become "very" necessary.