Conservative Doctor Tells Why He Spoke Out Against Obama's Policies To His Face

After Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning, in which he stood up for conservative principles as Barack Obama looked on, he was invited on Fox News' "Hannity" with host Sean Hannity. As Hannity praised him for his "amazing speech," Carson took the time to explain why he believed he needed to speak out against Obama's policies right to his face.

In the first part of the interview, Carson spoke about the specifics he raised in the speech and why.

In the second half of the interview, he said that he found it "rare these days for people to speak the truth."

Many people have expressed such approval for Carson's speech that they indicated that they would like him to run for President. Hannity asked if he would consider such a run and he indicated that he would consider it an option down the road.

He also said that will many politicians declare "my way or the highway," he believes that "all good ideals don't reside in one party." He also indicated his willingness to debate anyone in the Obama administration on the current economic situation.

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  • Fr. John+

    I also don't appreciate the subtle understatement, that only a BLACK man can talk to the BLACK President.

    As people once said of Bush, I say with vehemence aginst the Obamanation, 'He's not MY President.'

    And I don't need a black man to speak for my views. His kind were slaves for 400 years, prior to Barack. Some of them still are; they've just changed massas- from the Plantation in the South, to the Plantation of FEDGOV.

  • TLady62

    This reply is to Linda: Dr. Carson's values are clearly at odds with the Democratic Party as it is today. The fact that in so many words he excoriated their standard bearer to his face is reason enough that he would probably not be welcome. Sadly, we also have RINOs within the GOP that would not welcome his way of thinking either.