Combat Veterans With PTSD or TBI Losing The Right to Bear Arms

Politicians are introducing bills to disarm the very people that fought and risked their lives for our freedom and Bill of Rights. Over 127,000 Veterans have been placed on the Federal gun registry criminal check system because they have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). They are now unable to own a firearm.

Only 185 of them have realized they are on this list. At least a felon has his day in court. Do these combat veterans not even deserve that? Of all the attacks lately on the right to bear arms, this is a new low.

California law enforcement officers are petitioning the state to pass a bill so retiring officers can keep their "assault weapons." As it is, they are not allowed to keep their guns after they retire. California State law makers are considering this, while they take the right to bear arms away from returning combat veterans.  Senator Schumer (Democrat-NY) seems to be the latest politician after the 2nd Amendment from every angle possible. Even where he can't get the door open he's getting the doors unlocked and cracked.

Senator Tom Coburn (Republican-OK) has been fighting to stop the bill. He says, "All I am saying is at least let them have their day in court if you're going to take a fundamental right given under the Constitution."

However Senator Coburn's congressional aides state he has little support and is likely to drop his effort to amend this Defense Bill which contains this new law.

See more on this issue discussed at FOX News


So if you have been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI you could be the next veteran to receive a letter from the Veterans Administration stating you've lost your right to bear arms.  This is wrong on so many levels and will have a horrible affect on veterans. I was wounded in Iraq in 2004. After eighteen months in a medical hold company and a few surgeries I was medically discharged and told to go see my VA representatives. With seventeen injuries, they rated fifteen of them and I was rated 180% disabled. PTSD and TBI were two of my injuries. They gave me a prescription for anxiety, nightmares, migraines and depression. For the most part the medicine has helped.  Two months ago I received a letter from an informed friend saying, get off all your meds and tell your VA shrink your doing fine. Then go see a private psychiatrist. It hasn't been any fun but I have done it and am not seeking any private mental health therapy either.  I have also quit going to TBI classes for treatment.

My Nephew has been home for a few months after serving with the 173rd Airborne for four years. He stays in his house and doesn't leave. He also has PTSD and will not go to the VA for help because he is afraid of losing his guns. This new law will have this same affect on tens of thousands of returning combat veterans. I watch the news everyday. Have I missed something? Has there been a combat vet go on a mass shooting? The last one I saw was a disgruntled cop who had never even seen close quarters combat. I don't see them taking guns away from police officers.

See the letters that these Veterans are receiving.

Veterans and those who care about them need to start writing their Senators, Congressional Representatives and attending these Second Amendment rallies. Most importantly get the word out!

As a proud American, I volunteered to go to war and fight for our freedom and Bill of Rights. As I crossed the Iraqi border I thought of the 3,000 people murdered by Islamic terrorists.  I would have never guessed that my government would would fear our veterans, the very ones who defend everything this great nation is. Using this logic our founding fathers would have had their muskets taken away after winning our freedom and creating our nation. I am left to wonder what would happen if the Democrats win the House in 2014? I guess I'll look for a sheriff friendly county in Alaska somewhere.

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  • Arationofreason

    I like you Coburn but get off your ass and generate some support for our vets. This situation is a travesty. Why would any young man 'lay it all on the line" to be treated like this after his return.

  • theloneconsumer

    I come from a family of combat PTSD -Army and Marine family members. My Father was an Army medic in the Korean War. They used electro-shock therapy to deal with his PTSD. My old Marine Vietnam war POW boyfriend had a gun in every room, including the bathroom. I understood, because.....

    I was almost murdered as a young woman, by an early release prisoner who killed and tried to kill other women. I had PTSD real bad. THE VA Maryland hospital. She is the Mother of PTSD. A great book you all need to buy is the encyclopedia of all PTSD's, including combat. It is "I Cant Get Over It" by Aphrodite Matsakas. Also Trust After Trauma and Survivor Guilt.

    Your body and mind are striated. The MIND almost got the BODY killed. Do Not watch violent video's or TV's. Get a B-12 shot, eat vegetables, take Melatonin to sleep ( 5mg-10mg max.) Your adrenalin is a rocket. You need to gear down. Lose the "Tarzan and Jane" relationship. Spend some time with older Vets who will guide you, like the VFW vets.

    There is no comprehension why a complete stranger would want to destroy you.
    Sometimes I don't go to church. I want God to make sense. There is randomness in the Universe. Get over it. Move...Move...Move...And stop drinking so much!

  • James Everett Lott

    I was sent this letter. I went to my OIF Advocate and they arranged a appt with a VA Phsyc. I went to the appt and submitted 6 months of banks statements that reflect a healthy control of finances. They dropped the matter.

  • W_R_Monger

    An out of control government trying to control its war vets... This won't end well...

  • Patrick Poor

    PTSD is 100% curable when it is treated as a Dissociative Disorder, not as an Anxiety Disorder. I have done it many times. If you have PTSD find a therapist who is good at curing Dissociative Disorders. The Sidran Institute and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation have referral lists. You don't have to learn to live with PTSD.

    • JVB

      Excuse me, but you said PTSD is 100% curable and that you have done it "many times." I am a nurse and have worked mostly in psychiatric nursing, and my husband is a Vet with PTSD and TBI. If something is curable 100%, then you would not need to care for it "many times." Just a thought....

  • mike slaney

    The pie is eaten piece by piece, so are rights, freedom, and unity, if you can not unite you will all hang the death separately.

  • Hell_o_USA

    WTF??????????? Are they all OUT OF THEIR MINDS? When are we going to take their RIGHTS away from them, the Congress and President. They are TRULY OUT OF THEIR MINDS. I have never desired to own or fire a gun in my life....I now own one. I will be DAMNED if they are taking it away from me. Rermember I am now not enter my home without an invitation.......OR you may be SHOT.

  • Karen Braun

    of all the insulting things coming out of the corrupt govt, this is the worst........fine, i get PTSD and I get the tremendous challenges our men and women must live with but we have to support them.......the govt is only afraid. afraid of what? that we the people will rise up

  • Renkin2688

    Just another pathetic attempt to restrict arms to the very men and women that WILL cause the most resistance to the Nazi storm troopers that we call the US Government.

  • John

    Hitler Germany, 1938.


  • http://CAPTCHA Colt

    If I remember right the Clinton administration tried something like this when slick Willey was in office, and it went to court because one vet with PTSD was the victim of a sexual assault, while in the military. This is unconstitutional, and a violation of due process. On the form to purchase a firearm, (Form 4473) there is a question if the purchaser has ever been ADJUDICATED as a person with a mental disorder. ADJUDICATED, not judged by politicians who have some of their own problems, and personal body guards. This smells of a complete seizure of all our firearms, and I willing to wager that the secretary for the Dept of veterans affairs has been ordered by the administration to do this.

  • ignition

    As far as access to a CES, I will have a CES mailed to any American veteran for less than half of its market value, plus mailing costs. If our friends at Freedom Outpost will supply you with my email address - of - vice versa, I will follow up accordingly.

  • ignition

    PTSD and many such type "afflictions" are swiftly ameliorated by a small device that performs Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) This link provides very useful information. Having used such a device over a nine-year period, and having provided one to friends and relatives, it has worked for all of us. There are no unwanted side effects.

  • R.E.Massey

    Two words will do for me, MOLON LABE

  • gary

    The longest journey starts with single step. These people rely on others losing track of them.

  • Yank lll

    This is just an attempt to disarm those who the obamunist's believe can do the most damage to them in a revolution.. battle hardened combat vets.. mullah obama and his commie cadre making the same mistakes over and over again.. pissing of the wrong people each and every time .

    This is so stupid it's abdsurd.. American GI's are not the problem the obamunist's should fear.

    Communist's never were too smart, they just look it because they feed off stupid people.

    Yank lll

  • Wolf-Talker1

    With the Great Black Father in charge of the country and the Democratic Party riding high on the hog, no subject of the current Regime need not woory about their saftey or the saftey of their families. The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA will be there to protect everyone. Hence according to the current Regime, its loyal Subjects don't have a need to own fire arms!

  • T. Jefferson

    Never see a shrink. These people work for the government. People from all walks of life suffer in silence from some form of PTSD. You want help dealing with this? Your true friends are the best support group you will find. The VFW and American Legion also have support groups drawn from those like you who have been there done that and won't rat you out to the Feds.

  • Chele

    This is disgusting and discriminatory. Not every person with PTSD, TBI, or any other condition should be presumed dangerous on the basis of a diagnosis alone. This is an utter failure of due process, and I can't believe they are stripping our vets of their rights without any finding that particular individuals are in fact dangerous.

    They say they want to prevent violence by looking at mass shootings from every angle, including metal health care, but they just threw a major monkey wrench into having people seek treatment. How utterly sad and counterproductive. I don't see any effort being made at improving mental health services for vets and/or civilians who need them, just a lot of the usual hot air about mental health parity that neither the VA nor Medicare actually practice (nor private insurance companies), which seems like nothing but a distraction while the people with an agenda carry out their gun grab. What a sad state of affairs our country has fallen into.