Columbine Victim Asks Obama "Whose Side Are You On?"

Evan Todd, a man who was shot and wounded at Columbine High School in 1999 as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold conducted one of the most stunning and devastating mass school shootings in the history of America, penned a letter to Barack Obama which called upon him to stand with freedom and with the people and not with thugs and criminals. Todd made logical arguments against gun bans, universal background check and high capacity magazine bans. Ultimately, he asked Obama "Whose side are you on?"

Todd's letter to Obama, as posted on The Blaze, reads:

Mr. President,

As a student who was shot and wounded during the Columbine massacre, I have a few thoughts on the current gun debate. In regards to your gun control initiatives:

Universal Background Checks

First, a universal background check will have many devastating effects. It will arguably have the opposite impact of what you propose. If adopted, criminals will know that they can not pass a background check legally, so they will resort to other avenues. With the conditions being set by this initiative, it will create a large black market for weapons and will support more criminal activity and funnel additional money into the hands of thugs, criminals, and people who will do harm to American citizens.

Second, universal background checks will create a huge bureaucracy that will cost an enormous amount of tax payers dollars and will straddle us with more debt. We cannot afford it now, let alone create another function of government that will have a huge monthly bill attached to it.

Third, is a universal background check system possible without universal gun registration? If so, please define it for us. Universal registration can easily be used for universal confiscation. I am not at all implying that you, sir, would try such a measure, but we do need to think about our actions through the lens of time.

It is not impossible to think that a tyrant, to the likes of Mao, Castro, Che, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and others, could possibly rise to power in America. It could be five, ten, twenty, or one hundred years from now — but future generations have the natural right to protect themselves from tyrannical government just as much as we currently do. It is safe to assume that this liberty that our forefathers secured has been a thorn in the side of would-be tyrants ever since the Second Amendment was adopted.

Ban on Military-Style Assault Weapons

The evidence is very clear pertaining to the inadequacies of the assault weapons ban. It had little to no effect when it was in place from 1994 until 2004. It was during this time that I personally witnessed two fellow students murder twelve of my classmates and one teacher. The assault weapons ban did not deter these two murderers, nor did the other thirty-something laws that they broke.

Gun ownership is at an all time high. And although tragedies like Columbine and Newtown are exploited by ideologues and special-interest lobbying groups, crime is at an all time low. The people have spoken. Gun store shelves have been emptied. Gun shows are breaking attendance records. Gun manufacturers are sold out and back ordered. Shortages on ammo and firearms are countrywide. The American people have spoken and are telling you that our Second Amendment shall not be infringed.

10-Round Limit for Magazines

Virginia Tech was the site of the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. Seung-Hui Cho used two of the smallest caliber hand guns manufactured and a handful of ten round magazines. There are no substantial facts that prove that limited magazines would make any difference at all.
Second, this is just another law that endangers law-abiding citizens. I’ve heard you ask, “why does someone need 30 bullets to kill a deer?”

Let me ask you this: Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Under this policy, criminals will still have their 30-round magazines, but the average American will not. Whose side are you on?

Lastly, when did they government get into the business of regulating “needs?” This is yet another example of government overreaching and straying from its intended purpose.

Selling to Criminals

Mr. President, these are your words: “And finally, Congress needs to help, rather than hinder, law enforcement as it does its job. We should get tougher on people who buy guns with the express purpose of turning around and selling them to criminals. And we should severely punish anybody who helps them do this.”

Why don’t we start with Eric Holder and thoroughly investigate the Fast and Furious program?

Furthermore, the vast majority of these mass murderers bought their weapons legally and jumped through all the hoops — because they were determined to murder. Adding more hoops and red tape will not stop these types of people. It doesn’t now — so what makes you think it will in the future? Criminals who cannot buy guns legally just resort to the black market.

Criminals and murderers will always find a way.

Critical Examination

Mr. President, in theory, your initiatives and proposals sound warm and fuzzy — but in reality they are far from what we need. Your initiatives seem to punish law-abiding American citizens and enable the murderers, thugs, and other lowlifes who wish to do harm to others.

Let me be clear: These ideas are the worst possible initiatives if you seriously care about saving lives and also upholding your oath of office. There is no dictate, law, or regulation that will stop bad things from happening — and you know that. Yet you continue to push the rhetoric. Why?

You said, “If we can save just one person it is worth it.” Well here are a few ideas that will save more that one individual:

First, forget all of your current initiatives and 23 purposed executive orders. They will do nothing more than impede law-abiding citizens and breach the intent of the Constitution. Each initiative steals freedom, grants more power to an already-overreaching government, and empowers and enables criminals to run amok.

Second, press Congress to repeal the “Gun Free Zone Act.” Don’t allow America’s teachers and students to be endangered one-day more. These parents and teachers have the natural right to defend themselves and not be looked at as criminals. There is no reason teachers must disarm themselves to perform their jobs. There is also no reason a parent or volunteer should be disarmed when they cross the school line.

This is your chance to correct history and restore liberty. This simple act of restoring freedom will deter would-be murderers and for those who try, they will be met with resistance.

Mr. President, do the right thing, restore freedom, and save lives. Show the American people that you stand with them and not with thugs and criminals.


Severely Concerned Citizen, Evan M. Todd

The problem is the Left only uses an emotional argument. They know gun control legislation and taking law abiding citizens guns won't work, but they are ridden with guilt and so instead of listening to their Creator who commands them to repent, they think they can solve the problem that depraved man has. They think they can stop all crime and all sin from occurring and they can't. They just create a haven for it to work in.

Mr. Todd's letter will probably make it in to "File 13" or as it is commonly called, the trash can." The Left do not want to have a national conversation on firearms. They want to have a national monologue about firearms. In the end there is no debate. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, with the purpose of keeping a free state, shall not be infringed. That is the law of the land and furthermore it is our God given duty and responsibility in the preserving of the lives of our families and our neighbors against tyranny, which for the Left only occurs in foreign lands. They don't even see their own tyranny in all of this.

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70 thoughts on “Columbine Victim Asks Obama "Whose Side Are You On?"

  1. HerrCapitanFick says:

    The people of this country has gotten so independent they walk around blind and stupid or maybe just don't care!

  2. If you thing the MUSLIM PUNK cares anything about US, forget it. He is a looser and a PRICK. He cares nothing about OUR country because he is not an AMERICAN. He is MUSLIM and a PUNK to boot. What a bunch of IDIOTS that elected the TERRORIST THREAT. That's what he is, a TERRORIST THREAT. DICK-HEAD and his BEASTY wife Michelle are the two biggest RACISTS in this country. Get RID of them both. My name is , LARRY VELASCO, Hispanic against anything and all that Osama Hussein Obama is.

  3. Who`s side are you on, That is a easy question to answer. obama is a communist and so were these men, Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Lenn, Qaddafi, Idi Amin, Mae Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, Kim Jongil and all were mass killers of innocent people, obama is on their side. surely you didn`t think obama was on your side.

  4. "If we can save just one more life," why not ban cars, trains, helicopters, alcohol, electricity, ladders, multi-story buildings, amusement park rides, living in California and, and, and... (Get the picture?)

  5. I believe that any thnking American knows who's side Obama is on, and it cetainly isn't America's. With his Islamic Brotherhood colleagues he is trying desperately to sidmantle the US Constitution, make as many people as possible dependent on the government for support, and make a run for dictator.

  6. Who'd-a-thunk we'd EVER have a president that we have to ask "who's side on you on, Mr. president?" !! Even the most inept & mis-guided dem's---from JFK's careless obsessions with his 'gratifications' despite threats to national security, to LBJ's foolish, simple-minded idea of a Great Society, to Jimminy Cricket Carter's glaring incompetence, and even to Billy Boy Clinton's very bad behavior & impeachment---not a one of them did we ever doubt their allegiance and love of their country. BUT this one, BO, is not even of that ilk. His allegiance is to an ideology other than what he took an oath to---the U.S. Constitution; BO truly believes he must tear down and put asunder all that HE doesn't like. If that's taking sides AGAINST US citizens and the foundations of our society, well, so be it.
    We are being destroyed from within . . . Kruschev's dire words hauntingly resonate with every executive order issued by this administration, by every cover-up, foreign & domestic, by every battle and fight BO picks with his 'opposition', his 'enemies'.
    BO's true intent becomes more and more apparent every day, yet his 'followers' are too far gone to step back and think for themselves----far too much invested in this strange guy that came out of nowhere to take this country to nowhere, aka the left's UTOPIA, (defined by Webster as NOWHERE).

  7. Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

    The problem is that not only the "so-called" President is totally unattached to the public or the intentions and definitions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights...But all of Washington D.C. as well are totally out of touch with what are the historical and fundamental reasoning and principals behind all that the American public are concerned with. Why do you think men such as Herman Cain and Allen West are so easily demonized by the liberal media???
    Let me ask one question..and no more....If all of those who say they "represent the true Americans" not the welfare recipients and socially dependent..but those who work and pay taxes..were to walk out of the government...what would happen??? Could the government continue?? Could the military continue to honor their oath?? The answer is if they can not do this then they are with this illegal usurping communist!

  8. God Bless this man.