CA Claims To Save Lives By Confiscating Guns With New Legislation

It seems apparent that the article from the Palookaville Post that was satire about Senator Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer of California were at least on point in the direction of how these women think and how the State of California thinks. In a move that is very real with no satire involved, the Golden State has rolled out a major gun control package that was introduced by Senate Democrats. It even allows for the potential confiscation of the more than 166,000 legally registered semi-automatic rifles, all in the name of "saving lives."

State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacremento) defended the legislation on Thursday, telling California's citizens "California’s tough gun laws have been exploited long enough.”

“We can save lives by curbing the proliferation of guns designed to be fired and reloaded rapidly,” he said. “We can save lives by getting guns and ammunition out of the hands of the wrong people. We can save lives if every gun owner knows how to safely handle those guns. And if we can save lives, we must act to do so.”

While he used similar language to both Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein as he spoke of respecting the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to have firearms for hunting, sport and home defense, the legislation undermines all of that. When gun confiscation is a part of the legislation, you know exactly what these anti-American representatives respect. I'll let you know that they don't respect you, your rights or the Second Amendment.

Pro-Second Amendment advocates state the obvious infringement upon the Second Amendment. “Almost every item in the proposal is wildly unconstitutional,” said Gene Hoffman of Redwood City, co-founder and chairman of the Calguns Foundation gun rights group. He also said the state’s overreach may “accelerate the speed at which the Supreme Court takes these ideas off the table.”

"The violent criminals are simply not going to be affected by any of these proposals," Yih-Chau Chang, spokesman for the gun rights group Responsible Citizens of Californai said. "Following the law is the last thing they're going to do, so it's only going to affect law-abiding citizens."

According the Mercury News,

The 10-bill package constitutes the single largest gun control push in decades in the Golden State, which already boasts some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. It joins equally controversial proposals from Assembly Democrats that would regulate and tax ammunition sales and consider taking the state’s 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners.

This first unified California plan comes less than a month after New York adopted its own sweeping package of new gun controls and President Barack Obama announced a package of executive actions, all in the wake of December’s Connecticut schoolhouse massacre. Even as this plan emerged Thursday, House Democrats’ gun violence task force was announcing 15 “policy principles,” including protecting Second Amendment rights but also instituting universal background checks and reinstating a federal assault weapons ban.

The legislation is massive and sweeping. Not only does it include things that are found in Feinstein's current assault weapons ban bill but there are additional bills that would:

  • Require anyone wishing to buy ammunition to first get a permit by passing a background check, as Los Angeles and Sacramento already do.
  • Update the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination.
  • Prevent unregulated gun loans, with some exceptions, including hunting, in order to keep weapons from those who haven't passed background checks.
  • Require all handgun owners obtain a safety certificate every year, rather than the every-five-years requirement for purchases of new handguns.
  • Prohibit anyone barred from owning a weapon from living in a home where weapons are kept and to expand the list of crimes for which convictions result in being barred from gun possession.
  • Let the state Justice Department use money from the state's Dealer's Record of Sale system to eliminate the backlog of people identified as no longer allowed to own guns but not yet investigated and contacted by law enforcement.

One of two things must happen. Either American citizens in California must fight back against their tyrannical state and Federal government by exercising as much of the First Amendment as they can or leave the State the houses modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and let it completely sink off the deep end. Then find themselves a liberty loving state with like minded people who are not afraid to stand for what is right. Otherwise it appears that the new motto for those who support the law of the land in California is "Molon Labe!" Actually, that is all liberty loving Americans motto currently.

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  • pearler

    INALIENABLE Rights,these political whores are some of the most ignorant of the rights of we the people, of whom I am one.
    They could be perfect candidates for insane institutions!
    How the hell do these anti-rights,anti-American punks git elected ? Over and over?That is insanity;).
    Why,do our elected representatives continually try what England tried,back in the day of English rule ?
    I love the one rosie what's her name came up with about,our constitutional authors,only meant muskets;). No,rosie you ignorant ass. The most common gun of the time was the musket . Your dimwit comparison,is like saying the horse and buggy is all we can expect to drive;).
    If there had been uzi's,assault rifles,semi-auto handguns. The members of congress and all americans would have been using them.
    The time of "elected representatives" is no longer a necessity and this is what these political whores are trying to hide from us;).
    We the people sent representatives to Washington because the system of communication was to slow to make the wishes of the people known ! Thus we sent elected representatives to the capitol . In this day and time,we the people can go online and determine what is and what should not be. The majority rules;).Promise.
    We can now represent ourselves from our computer,thus doing away with the need of the snake oil bass turd con artist in Washington. We save the salary,pension,lobbying and remove the power of the few,to abuse the many.
    Have you not had enough ? Can you see the advantage to we the people running our affairs from the computer versus a yes man liar ? How does a presidential candidate justify paying millions to git a job that only pays thousands?
    When I realized this, I could not help but realize these punks did not have sound judgement on finances and of course the track record really tells it all;).
    Other than a couple,three accountants,we can git along just fine without the millionaire lawyers who continually divide our great nation against itself ,for their own personal gains.
    Stand and Demand no more !!!
    Yes we can, change the way these political whores have embedded themselves in our government.
    Change the vote and let the majority truly RULE !!!


    I left CA in 1986 and have never regretted it. I could see, even back then, that the place would be overrun by minority scum and the white folks would be too cowardly to fight back. Bob Dornan used to be in Congress and was narrowly "defeated" by a liberal Mexican in 1996, in an election with voter fraud by illegals. But this was the writing on the wall, the demographic change the left wanted via weak border enforcement. Look at CA today, the recent former mayor of L.A.'s a socialist Mexican and the city is bankrupt. He, like the recycled Gov. Moonbeam, ran the place into the ground and CA is also bankrupt. The left wants to do the same thing to TX, if that happens this nation if f***ed forever!

  • David Cook

    I would like to know how the democrates plan on going about removing every firearm from every gun owner in California. I don't think I would want the job of going around the state telling everyone I see to hand over their firearms. I would like to see Fienstien and Polosi try to take away the firearms from good honest American gun owners. What can we all do to stop this nonsense?

  • Whats it Matter

    Maybe its time we remove all of the lawyers from elected positions of office due to a conflict of interest? "The "Bar" Treaty of 1947"
    "Effectively Tying the Bar Associations of the Respective Pan-American States Together and subverting our Constitution to United Nations International Law." Look it up, I wonder how many of our state and federal elected officials are lawyers? Now ask why we are in the mess we are in with our leaders and the support being given to a UN Gun Control Treaty?

  • Harold Clark

    Only from the land of fruits and nuts; Fienstein, Boxer, Botox Pilosy etc.
    Like the criminals are going to allow the takeing of their weapons. If there was one brain among these legislatures, it would be lonely.

  • Whats it Matter

    In recent weeks I've heard of the idea of citizens getting with their local law enforcement and Provost Marshall and placing these traitors under citizen’s arrest so that they will have to face arrest and trial for treason, insurrection and/or other charges. At this time it has only been suggested on web based talk radio and needs much more research before the idea could have any chance of holding water. But I must say it is one way to skin the cat without having to draw a firearm and shoot it in the head first. In other words, less violent and more to the point of our distrust of our unelected (elected by fraud) chosen officials. Don't forget the constitution talks of "Common Law" not the law as we face it today. Our country is owned and operated by "we the people", not some "government corporation" and "OUR" Government is suppose to be working for us and the Right of the "PEOPLE to BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". What part of the word "INFRINGED" doesn't our state and federal governments understand? Our government leaders understood it in 1902 with the passage of "The Dick Act" in 1903. What part of the constitution or the bill of rights has changed that now allows for the encroachment of our 2nd Amendment right? Hunting rights have nothing to do with it. Sport shooting has nothing to do with it. Not after reading the intent of the 2nd Amendment as written by our founding fathers. The intention was clear and remains clear today. Along with the increase in technology of weaponry, we the people are already way behind compared to our government, the government we are tasked by our forefathers to keep free from tyranny. In fact, it is this commentators opinion; with the growing obsession of our governments to interfere with our rights under the constitution and bill of rights, the need for our right to bear arms without infringement has never been greater. How anyone, including the court of our nation can allow the infringement of our rights to continue, leaves for a bad taste of distrust in the direction our government is headed. I pray everyday that God will give resolve without ever having to use our 2nd amendment right and that this right will remain "in its silence" as a major factor in the continuing freedom of our nation under God. So for those of you "locked and loaded" out there, please stand down, but remain ready. Allow for the more peaceful, legal action to be exhausted before moving forward. I suggest the first step would be to file an injunction, stopping any new laws on the 2nd amendment from taking effect until its constitutionality can be determined by the SCOTUS. If they fail the people and our constitution by not upholding our rights, the chosen course left may become much clearer. If anyone should try to interfere in this legal resolve, let it be on their head, not "the peoples" for the outcome. This should stand true for both the federal and state governments. If they are really working for the good of the people, this idea should not be a problem.

  • A. Levy

    Save lives. Yes, Leftist Demoncrats are all for "saving lives", except for babies that is. The longer they keep us alive, the more they can control our lives with their irrational regulations and laws. And, as is always the case when we speak of irrational things, we speak of Mexifornia, the home of irrational thoughts and deeds.

    But there is a clue in this story, one that should tell you of their plans. I've been saying for a long time, the Left will use "health" as a way around the 2nd Amendment. Under the guise of "the peoples health", the Left has enormous power. (remember what they did to the tobacco companies? They will, and in fact have already started, to manipulate the public into believing the gun issue is actually a health issue, thereby giving them "broad" powers. They will, as always, use their MSM to con the people using their usual combination of fear, lies, exaggeration, and hysteria.

  • Russell

    Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile killed more people than all my family's firearms. Shouldn't Peoples Republik of Kalifornia ban Oldsmobiles, too?

  • Russell

    I am sure everybody is safer now in The Peoplea Republik
    of Kalifornia. Rest in Peace, Second Ammenment.

    Remember our veterans.
    All gave some; some gave all.
    Rest in peace my brothers.

    "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." -- Mohandas Ghandi, An Autobiography, Part V, Chapter XXVII, page 446.

    911 may take a few minutes to reach your house. My AR15 responds at 3,200 feet per second.

    "The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing." - Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619-1693), French economist and Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.” -- George Washington

    “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.” -- Alexander Hamilton

    "The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." --- Samuel Adams

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -- Thomas Jefferson

  • Wolf-Talker1

    California has a great idea, all hunting rifles with scopes should be reclassified as SNIPER RIFLES and Pump Shotguns as weapons of a tactical nature and be outlawed as well!

  • http://CAPTCHA True Patriot

    Send Mexifornia back to Mexico. Obozo is sellling America out anyhow. And California is next and how much did they pay Obozo?

  • BanditZeroThree

    I am in the financial services industry, living in the Free State of Florida. In the last three months, I have picked up two very wealthy clients who have fled the San Diego area for this AO. They place their children in private schools here, look for local charities to replace the same organizations to which they gave on the west coast and they purchase large waterfront homes. While I am grateful to the foolish voters in that state; I will not purchase goods or services which originate in that AO. No new iphone, no wine, no movies (Canada hosts enough movie productions to keep me entertained) have the idea. Adios Cali' !

  • http://-4=2 WASP

    Real American from the Free States of the US need to pack up some guns and ammo and go to the aid of the few non-commie, legal citizens left in Mexifornia.

  • T. Jefferson

    Oh my yes, I feel much safer now that only criminals have guns.

  • Tom T

    Most conservatives, libertarians and some democrats(the ones who wonder what has happened to their parents party) are getting pretty fed up with the direction the government has turned. I think the progressives (Marx 2.0) in both parties (yes they are in both parties) are pushing for some kind insurrection intentionally. They are about to get what they want should CA pass these laws but they will be surprised when 60% + of their forces switch sides when it starts.

    The government has tried prohibition and confiscations throughout our history and it only accomplishes two things, it creates a black market and creates new criminals where none existed before.

    This country was founded based on true freedom with limited government to protect those freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights not to regulate them. How free do you feel lately?....

  • http://CAPTCHA saqua

    Don't forget to ban matches and all fire starters since more people are killed in fires than by guns.

  • fwiw

    If it's all about "saving lives," ban autos, cigarettes, and alcohol. They are the cause deaths and debilitations more than any other reason.
    They treat us like idiots because we let them.