Benghazi: White House Changes Story On Phone Calls Again

Last Friday I wrote about how the White House had sent a letter to Congress that said that Barack Obama didn’t make one single phone call on the night of September 11, 2012 as the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi were taking place. Well just how the narrative on Benghazi has changed over and over with this administration, they have changed their story again. Now, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Obama called then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at approximately 10pm EST on the night of the Benghazi attacks.

CNS News reports,

That was more than six hours after the attacks started, more than an hour before Tryone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed--and about the time that Clinton first released a statement linking the attacks to “inflammatory material posted on the Internet,” a reference to an anti-Muslim video on YouTube.

“Like every president before him, he has a national security adviser and deputy national security adviser,” Carney told on Tuesday. “He was in regular communication with his national security team directly, through them, and spoke with the secretary of state at approximately 10 p.m. He called her to get an update on the situation.”

Carney was responding to questions from about who Obama communicated with on the evening of Sept. 11, 2012. Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told the Senate Armed Services Committee they first notified the president of the attack during a Sept. 11, 2012 meeting that began at 5 p.m. and ran for about 30 minutes. They also told the committee they did not talk to Obama or anyone else at the White House after that meeting.

The Washington Times made clear that, "The White House has said Mr. Obama was kept up to date on the attack by his staff, though after being alerted to the attack in a pre-scheduled afternoon meeting he never spoke again with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin E. Dempsey or then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton."

It was on that night the Secretary Clinton released a statement on the attack in Benghazi in which she linked an anti-Muslim video as the cause of it. “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet," Clinton said. "The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

CNS confirmed with several news outlets, including the Associated Press, Reuters, and, about the timing of their stories about Clinton's statement. The stories hit the wire within the hour of Clinton's statement being made public around 10pm.

I'm wondering how much longer the Senate Armed Services Committee is going to put up with the blatant lying of this White House and it's administration before they have had enough. In fact, I'm wondering when the American people are going to seriously burn up the White House phone lines demanding an end to this nonsense and real accountability, responsibility and punishment for all involved in what is becoming more clearly understood to be a cover-up in which American citizens died.

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  • WhiteFalcon

    I wish someone in the press or the Congress would get up the nerve to flat out ask Clinton and/or Ovomit, "Who came up with the lie?" Also, "When are you going to free the guy whose First Amendment rights you violated when you put him in prison?"

  • Doc Savage

    Time to Impeach Obama

  • Chuck

    It is such a tangled mess of lies now that it really dosen't matter, anymore. Obama and his dishonest Sec of State provided the Benghazi staff with no security and just let people die. Neither showed any real remorse for the Americans killed, or concern for the attack. They have both issued a string of lies that would make a sophomore high school debater laugh.

    • disqus_Wsiw6CEOeC

      They are two pea brains in the same pod. They are both pathological liars. What do you expect from such low life scum?

    • WhiteFalcon

      You can bet it matters to the guy that made the vidio that only two or three people ever saw before Clinton and Ovomit accused him of causing all this mess and then they threw him in prison, and he did nothing wrong!

  • Terry T

    The administration did nothing to prevent the attacks, did nothing to help after the attacks started, lied to the American people and Congress after the incident, and continue to cover-up the truth months after. Incompetence – negligence - treason

  • Tom B.

    Clip; "But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.” End of Clip.

    This is why this administration openly admits to having a "kill list"?

  • Greta

    They used to yell "Bush lied and people died" as a nonsense statement. But the truth is that "O'Bama and Clinton lied and 4 people really died a horrible death". We need accountability not a man who believes that he's God or a king or something.

  • Barbara

    Where are the 30 survivors? Why are they not speaking out? What do they know that Obama does not made public? Are they even alive?

  • v steve

    Communist lie and change their story all the time and so do muslims. There is nothing you can do with them they will never change the only thing to do is remove them form our government and not let them in.

  • Robert Norwood

    I imagine he was working on his putt at the time. He had a campaign rally scheduled for the next day but let's face it - you don't need a lot of prep in addressing a low information Kool-Aid drinking crowd so I imagine boning up on his putt took up most of his attention. You see, this is what you get when you have a president who does not have the first notion of Presidential leadership. We've heard this before - he's lazy. He loves the glitz and the attention, the job title but not the job.This is just a big game to him. He's much better suited for jobs like Pimp, 3 Card Monty dealer, Game Show Host, stuff like that.

    What you say, pick up the phone? Shee-it, that my job? They all be in danger? Benghazi? What hell is that? You all hang on while I check out my job description.

  • d4texas

    From: M. D. McGranahan
    This is not disturbing ... it is infuriating, far and beyond words, and from the beginning stunk, like rotting fish!!!!!
    I received this message yesterday. IF this proves to be true, it is impeachable grounds. It also may help explain why Petreaus was forced out a few days before the Benghazi hearings coming up. It explains a lot of behavior by Obama and his administration - the pulled security, the "stand down" orders, and blaming that stupid video. The fireworks are coming. It will be the first of many disasters ahead. Please share.

    My brother-in-law (a rabid Obama supporter) posted this on Facebook:

    According to sources in the State Department and the CIA, and intercepted communications from the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama "staged" the attack in Benghazi in order to create a monumental "October Surprise" that would guarantee him re-election.

    Yes, you read that right, and no, I'm not making this up. Obama, we now know, is and has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood secretly to engineer the release of the "Blind Sheik," Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

    In Obama's October Surprise, he intentionally set up the consulate to have no security so that Chris Stevens could be kidnapped, and held for ransom by Al-Qaeda (and the Muslim Brotherhood). Then, several days before the election, the plan was to trade Chris Stevens for the Blind Sheik, making himself look like a hero, and all but guaranteeing re-election.

    This was one of the top reasons why Obama was so insistent on the Muslim Brotherhood getting $1.2 Billion in U.S. Aid. They were to have a primary role in getting Obama re-elected. That is why, even though they knew days before the attack that it was going to occur, no effort was made to bolster security. It was intended to be non-existent. The Libyan security forces were intended to quietly slip into the night when the attack began. And they did, just as planned. That is why, even though 2 C-130U gunships, which were built SPECIFICALLY for this kind of attack, and which could have saved the lives of our people there and were a mere 45 minutes away, were never scrambled at any time during the attack.

    There was to be no resistance whatsoever. That is why there were not one, but TWO armed drones flying over the consulate during the conflagration... our CIA operatives on the ground were painting targets because they knew air cover was available. That is why, even though requesting support and backup three times, their requests were NOT ignored, but were intentionally, specifically DENIED three times, and they were told to "stand down," which basically means to "surrender." That was part of Obama's plan.

    They were not to fight back. That would potentially undermine the kidnapping effort and cause unnecessary "complications." That is why, even though the CIA operatives and ex-Navy Seals were on the ground, providing real-time reports, and even though they were "lighting up" the source of the mortars attacking the compound with lasers, no gun ships or support ever came. They weren't supposed to resist.

    That wasn't "part of the plan." It also wasn't part of the plan for one of the CIA operatives to intentionally defy Obama's orders, and who rescued the body of Sean Smith and then stood up again orders, and engaged the enemy who was attacking American soil. It was supposed to be "clean." Quick. Efficient.

    Kidnap the Ambassador and get out. Then Save The Day in the "nick of time." They didn't factor in a tiny group of highly trained ex-Navy Seals/CIA operatives... American Patriots and heroes. Even though they eventually lost their lives in the firefight, they managed to employ the full measure of their skills, and took out over 80 attackers in the process... which enraged the attackers, who were led to believe that they would encounter no resistance.

    THAT is why Ambassador Stevens was raped (sodomized), murdered, and dragged through the streets. In their warped minds, they believed that they had been betrayed by the U.S. yet again. They believed that Obama was their friend. They believed that they were going to get their beloved Blind Sheik back. And yet, here were 80 of their own... dead by American hands.

    Obama was asked directly in an interview if he denied their request for assistance, he refused to answer, and instead droned on with a canned response promising to "bring those responsible to justice."

    Former CIA and State Dept. personnel are coming out now with damning evidence that indicts President Obama, and reveals the truth about what is going on. Hillary Clinton, who is now openly laying the blame at the feet of the President, after falling on her sword in a premature show of loyalty for the Administration.

    The "Video" defense was carefully crafted WEEKS in advance, to explain the attack. If this doesn't outrage you, If you are not moved enough to contact your congressman about this, you are not worthy of your citizenship.

    Serenity is not Freedom from the Storm, but Peace with in it........ In GOD We Trust

    M. D. McGranahan

  • Lougjr1

    I have been calling for Obama's impeachment for some time over fast & furious and Benghazi which I am convinced that nothing gets done without
    Mr. Obama's knowledge and authority. All these (B) Democratic senators
    are on the leftist band wagon so we need a majority in the senate somehow in 2014. Conservatives must go all out to do whatever is necessary to accomplish this or we will have given away the greatest country ever existed on this earth !

  • Terra

    Same old bullcrap! Can't figure out why all the lies keep coming and nobody does a thing about it. It's like a Terror movie....." Untouchables" getting away with the murders of 4 great Americans. God Bless those killed in Benghazi!!!!!

  • Bruce Feher

    If the left can't lie, cheat or steal to get what they want, it's not worth having.

  • Richard carlton

    Obama is up to his ears in this and could be impeached.

  • BigJohn555

    I want to know who gave the orders to "Stand Down," and who gave the orders to remove 2 Flag Officers because they were refusing to Stand Down - as far as I know, only the SecDef or the White House can do that.

  • http://none charles e. smith

    Every thinking American should have a bumper sticker that say "Never forget Benghazi"

  • pearl

    It's silly for anyone to ask "when the American people are going to seriously burn up the White House phone lines demanding an end to this nonsense and real accountability, responsibility and punishment for all involved ..."
    It's time, instead, for intelligent people to draw conclusions from the evidence, which is clear and convincing. The people in charge of our national security decision making, including the illegal alien at the top, Clinton, Panetta, and ALL those who ignored the desperate pleas of those who were murdered, have blood on their hands and are guilty of treason. Nothing less. We must begin to decisively identify what is happening and what must be done. Any more hedging on the truth will bring us closer to the destruction of our republic.

  • JayCee

    Which lie will he use next, does he have them numbered for quick reference ?
    Who gets to be the scapegoat this time ?
    Is the catchphrase "clusterf u c h" still being used to describe Barrys' antics ?