What Goes Around, Comes Around: Journal News Editor's Name & Address Published

Well it just got real for The Journal News, the publication that publicly released an interactive map of gun permit holders in two counties in New York. Not only was there the release of the names of many of the publication's workers which led to them hiring armed guards, but now the editor of The Journal News has been discovered and her personal information has been brought to light.

FreedomFighterRadio reports,

In retaliation against the New York newspaper — the Journal News — that published the addresses of those pistol permit holders in two of the state’s counties, a blogger has created a map pinpointing the addresses of the newspaper’s employees.


It can be assumed that most if not all the employees of the Newspaper Journal News do not own guns and that their homes are all Target Rich Environments aka Gun Free Homes based upon the papers anti-gun positions. I wonder how soon criminals will pick up on this and break into these unarmed homes? Only time will tell.

Anyone know where to find CynDee Royle,
Editor of the Journal-News?

We do

Not only did this site get her personal info, but they have published all means of communication for her, including phone number, Twitter, Facebook and much more. Even what kind of car she drives and a picture of her family. The details emerged after Mrs. Royle's information was discovered due to her not using her married name, but her maiden name. The site also published the Publisher's and writer's information as well.

Now friends, it is a shame that things have come to this, but here's the reality: If The Journal and News are intent on providing private information to the general public as to who has firearms, then it is well within the public's interest to know who those publishing these things are and where they live as well. As I said before, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

So, while I am not concerned for the majority of gun owners that The Journal News put out, simply because they have means to defend themselves, I'll just bet this will demonstrate the hypocrisy of the newspaper by these individuals crying that they are victims and that their privacy has been violated. They've already demonstrated their hypocrisy when it comes to firearms.

Let it be a warning to all those who want to start disseminating private information. The web is a powerful tool.

Additionally legislators have stepped up to enact law that would keep people like The Journal News from getting private information such as that which they published regarding gun permit holders. The Rockland Times reports,

Rockland County Legislator Frank Sparaco will announce a resolution to condemn the decision by the Journal News to post the names and addresses of lawful pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester Counties. Legislators Jay Hood, Jr., Aron Wieder, Toney Earl and Christopher Carey will join Sparaco to condemn the action.

Legislators Sparaco, Schoenberger, Hood, Wieder, Earl and Carey will announce support of proposed state legislation to amend the penal law in relation to the confidentiality of information contained in an application for a pistol license. Legislators Schoenberger and Sparaco will recommend a program by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office for the free distribution of firearms cable safety locks to owners of firearms who are residents of Rockland County.

Information like The Journal News should never be published to push an agenda, especially when that agenda is against Constitutional rights and the responsibility heads of homes have in protecting their families.

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  • postit4them

    someone in their town needs to go out and put signs out that say this home owner hates Guns and has no Guns in their home,and put it in their yard and around their home,I saw a article with a picture that showed and neighbor of a Gun hater put a sign in his front yard that said my neighbor dose not believe in Gun ownership and has no gun and had a arrow pointing to Gun hater neighbor's house that would shut all those big mouth's up,I think if you want to support No Guns then it should be posted in your front yard ,It's easy not to support Guns when you can let people assume you may or may not have a gun in your home to protect yourself but if everyone knows you don;t have one BYE,BYE Good night sleep! or coming home to no break-in.

    • don

      Great one! post signs pointing to their homes,Awesome someone needs to do it! up there and to all Gun opposition,Most homes don't get broken in to because they don't know if you have a Gun or not,But if they know you will have no more stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

    I wonder how many of these fools are so glad there is a 2nd amendment to protect THEIR ideas and THEMselves!

  • http://www.facebook.com/donald.harvey.3133 Donald Harvey

    can we not get all these liberal gun grabber officials addresses and post them. such as diane feinstein, barbara boxer, and so on

  • jlbs

    Thank you to this blogger who had the nerve to throw this right back into their arrogant faces. Our conservatives and repubs in Congress could learn a lot from this person.

  • SGM Bob

    Way to go! Give it back to these idiots tenfold.

  • weaz1


  • geneww1938

    Search and read '2500 times last year alone legal gun'...! Truth or Fiction and Snoops can't find the dozens of postings. Maybe they do not like the truth.

  • Greg

    Lets distribute the list of liberal aholes to all VFW's, DAV's and let them have some fun!!!

  • Breeze

    If I lived near her/them, I would drive by and throw my garbage on their lawn.

    • reggiec

      ...or really loud firecrackers any where near them. It could create CTS; Current traumatic syndrome

  • Public_Citizen

    The logical conclusion to be derived from this article is that;

    One: The publishers and employees of the "newspaper" have a liberal agenda and are most likely among those without a firearm readily accessible to ward off a burglary or home invasion robbery.
    Two: The publisher and employees have good jobs and their homes probably contain a lot of "stuff" that is readily fenced by a professional thief.
    Three: These are low risk/high return targets.
    Four: Anybody on the published list needs to be calling a moving company, yesterday.

  • jvb1980808

    The stupidest part of all of this is that this idiotic rag DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING? Are liberals seriously this arrogant that they continue to think their low down games can't be turned back on them? Of course they whine and end up wanting MORE regulation but that regulation 99% of the time is a result of THEIR ABUSES OF THE SYSTEM! And they NEVER wise up! How CAN they claim to be of superior intelligence and be this STUPID?

    • reggiec

      Yes they are that stupid. The intellectual and reasoning ability of liberals is inversely proportional to their level of indoctrination.

    • ladyceo

      Liberals NEVER think of consequences! NEVER!

    • http://twitter.com/AlRoberts3 Al Roberts

      Simple: Excessive self esteem aka egotistical maniac.

  • Anonymous 2112

    liberals are the most hateful people on this planet. They are not human, they are zombies with an advanced brain disease. They just like to exert their dominance and when it gets turned on them they whine. I am all for opening season on liberals. I say post their info and let the criminals go do what they do best. If a liberal uses a gun, it should be the death penalty, even if they use it in self defense. A liberal should be required to opt out of the 2ndA and not allowed to defend themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Ejercito/1192560348 Michael Ejercito

    Here is what we needed to know about gun permit holders.

    New York is a may-issue state. this means that officials have the discretion to deny permits, even to those who are not statutorily barred from owning a pistol.

    How many of the permit holders were celebrities? Elected officials and their immediate relatives? Donors to the political campaigns of incumbent elected officials?

    And how many of them were elected officials who favored strict gun control laws?

    That is what we needed to know, not the home addresses.

  • LarryR

    The "outing" door swings both ways, doesn't it? Let's see how the newspaper folks like that!!

  • The Old Man

    I wonder how she feels now ???

    • vet

      I would guess that she feels like joining the NRA.

    • reggiec

      or something like under garmets in a really big wad.

  • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

    Good! It's time we just give it right back to them in the face. They do it to us All.The.Time and they have us so 'afraid' to speak, it's TIME to shove back!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    It's public knowledge! Sound Familiar????????????

    • Al

      Judges who let burglars (gun thieves) off is public knowledge too. If the paper was serious about guns it would expose this sorry miscarrage of justice.

    • http://twitter.com/AlRoberts3 Al Roberts

      Publish an ongoing additive list of judges rulings that do this. Just keep adding to each judges' talley.

  • dad666

    couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of moronic liberals. Keep up the good work

  • retiredmillwright

    Liberals like to dish it out but don't ever give them a dose of their own medicine, they whine and cry like spoiled little brats with no upbringing.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Or get hired guns to protect themselves from law abiding citizens!!!!! Such hypocritical fools!
      I bet if a car backfires outside of their offices, there would be a 911 call instantly, about a few heart attacks and broken bones and heads for trying to get under their desks in a heartbeat!

    • sha49tn

      ROFLOL!! You just gave me my laugh for the day!

    • KingofThings

      Hey shipmate! You don't know me but I was Navy too. Thank you for your service!

    • sha49tn

      Yep, & just about every rep or Senator either carries themselves,or are surrounded by those who do. Even Feinstein is licensed to carry

    • http://twitter.com/AlRoberts3 Al Roberts

      One of two things;
      Feinstein is a hypocrit. OR
      Feinstein is controlled by those who want to totally disarm the nation before taking over.

    • Al

      The publishing of names and addresses is getting out of hand. There have to be a good number of gun owners who suscribe to The Journal News and they could have more impact by canceling thier subscriptions. The problem with guns is that they are in the wrong hands and they get there by theft. What needs to be published is the names and known addresses of the criminals who break into homes and steal guns which are prime targets of thieves. A person can have multiple convictions of burglaries and still get off with probation. The theft of guns should be a major crime punishable by strict manditory sentencing. This is where gun control should start.

  • fliteking