Utah Sheriffs Warn Obama That They Will Go To War Over Guns

The Utah Sheriff's Association has sent a warning to Barack Obama. It was in the form of a letter in which they pledge to go to war over any plans by his administration to take guns away, even if that means they will lose their lives in the process.

The association called the demonizing of firearms in the wake of the number of mass shootings that America has endured as "foolish and prejudiced." They rightly pointed out that "Firearms are nothing more than instruments, valuable and potentially dangerous, but instruments nonetheless. Malevolent souls, like the criminals who commit mass murders, will always exploit valuable instruments in the pursuit of evil."

They also drew on their own experience in law enforcement, something that Barack Obama does not have, as they declared:

"Lawful violence must sometimes be employed to deter and stop criminal violence."

"Consequently," the letter continued, "the citizenry must continue its ability to keep and bear arms, including arms that adequately protect them from all types of illegality." Obviously, there is a veiled reference there to the tyranny and criminal activity of an oppressive government.

The Association wrote that they would be in prayer to the Almighty to guide the People's Representatives collectively as they grapple with regulations. They urged Obama to operate within the guidelines of the Constitution writing, "it is imperative this discussion be had in Congress, not silenced unilaterally by executive orders."

The letter went on to urged Obama to remember the Founders that created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights "in an effort to protect citizens from all forms of tyrannical subjugation."

Finally, they warned the administration and all federal agencies under the Executive Branch:

"We respect the Office of the President of the United States of America. Make no mistake, as the duly-elected sheriffs our our respective counties, we will enforce the rights guaranteed to our citizens by the Constitution. No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights--in particular Amendment II--has given them."

As of yet, there has been no talk of confiscation of firearms. However, that was true of Great Britain before the War for Independence as well. It finally resulted in that. My guess is that we will eventually see a push for that in the coming days.

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125 thoughts on “Utah Sheriffs Warn Obama That They Will Go To War Over Guns

  1. How about a armed million man march on DC and use the tools our forefathers gave us and clean this problem up!

  2. Sportster2005 says:

    FObama and the horse he rode in on, along with the majority of politicians, bankers, lawyers, judges, debt collectors, etc who serve the puppet masters that are trying to enslave the world and take control of the people and every thing of value. Don't forget, the people own it all, every government building, piece of property, vehicle, ship, plane and weapon of every type. The people own all the stuff through their labor and taxes.

  3. A very big KUDOS to the Sheriffs, with a capital 'S'! We need a lot more true American patriots and millions of like-minded citizens to stand should-to-shoulder with them and support, uphold, and defend, our Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

    They got the last part wrong in saying the the Second Amendment gives us the rights. The amendment guarantees us those rights, not gives them. Something given can be taken away. Those are inalienable rights that we are born with in this country, and guaranteed that our representative government will go to all lengths to protect for us. The liberal (Fascist) members of congress are not protecting our Second Amendment rights in Washington, and several states; they are actively subverting and infringing those rights, which have already been infringed and subverted in the past by unlawful regulations still on the books. "arms" means "armaments", and armaments are weapons of war, not skeet shooting, and not "hunting implements", and "shall not be infringed" means exactly that; the definition of "infringe" is: "Act so as to LIMIT or UNDERMINE (something); ENCROACH on." Any laws acting as to "limit" our Second Amendment rights are indeed infringing said rights. Period.

  4. There are many more Sheriffs standin up to this TYRANNY. Unlike our elected officials on both sides who don't have the Ba...

  5. the first casuality should be the muslum masquarding as prez

  6. Dang! Maybe it's time to move to Utah.

  7. Who the F'ck does he thinks he is, The F'k'n Loan Ranger?
    Maybe they will be the first to secede, great, By, by now...
    Don't expect any help from the National Guard, the FBI or even the border patrol to help you'll out.. Don't go away mad... Just go away...

  8. Lets take a look. The Columbine shooter/murderers (parents) DEMOCRATS,
    the Aurora shooter/murderer DEMOCRAT, gifford shooter/murderer DEMOCRAT, I have
    money on the SANDY shooter/murderer as a DEMOCRAT as well. If ANY of these
    people were NRA members the propagandist media would have 24 hour coverage on
    this for life. They were not NRA members dispite the call to kill NRA members
    by the DEMOCRATS. So who are the psychopaths that are calling for dead
    Americans, dead NRA members, dead gun owners, calling for total control.
    feinstein who has never relinquished her concealed carry permit. obama, biden,
    clinton Watched as four Americans were brutally murdered by terrorist then
    state “What difference does it matter”. Or Fast and Furious obama/holder
    ordered gun running that left pools of coagulated blood at their feet from both
    American and Mexican citizens.
    Leftist Socialist DEMOCRATS is the answer to all this carnage. The incidents
    have not only become more intense but more frequent since the islamic muslim
    terrorist gained the W/H.
    This will become a war well before the 2014 election. obama thinks if he says it all the sheep will follow. Maybe thats true for his fool drolls but theres the 50% out there that say anytime your ready.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  9. I know it does no good to contact these idiots - but has anyone contacted Diane Feinstein? I'm fixing to tell her off!

  10. Its time for a civil war anyways - Americans need to clean up and out our WH!

  11. Brian_R_Allen says:

    .... As yet, the fascists but talk of the confiscation of our firearms. However, the threat of confiscation was once also true of once-great Britain -- and resulted in the First War For American Independence. My guess is that days to come we will see a push for The Second War For American Independence ....

    For: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure."

    And God knows we've no current shortage of bloody tyrants. And that among We, The People, there are enough Patriots, still and warriors -- and all of the heroes -- and those few others who know who we are -- and from whence cometh our inalienable rights -- to provide the needed manure!

  12. The Tenth Amendment, the rightful remedy: http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com

  13. johnkohlenberg says:

    We have had 230 years without any problems, until the government stuck their nose into it and got involved. To much government is ruining our nation. Fewer politicians are better, along with term limits. No more career politicians.

  14. johnkohlenberg says:

    When it comes to war over gun confiscation, it will take a few casualties to drive the point home before the liberals and democrats will back off. Signs and threats won't do it.

  15. And now the other 49 states need to follow suit. I left out New York as it has a history of stupidity when it comes to gun laws.

  16. I'm moving to Utah.

  17. good for utah it is time for a civil war i am ready

    • I am not ready for a civil war however I will ot shirk my duty to defend our constitution against the tyrannical Islamic in office

  18. Too bad more Kentucky sheriffs aren't that loyal to the constitution.

    • I saw a video last week in which a Kentucky sheriff swore to fight the feds if they tried to enforce gun laws

  19. Jersey Oathkeeper says:

    G-d bless those Sheriffs.