The Obama Executive Order The House Overwhelmingly Overturned

Last Friday Barack Obama caused quite a stir with his executive order that ended the freeze on wages for Congress and federal workers, giving them what amounted to an $11 billion pay raise. Among those getting more green was Vice President Joe Biden.

On Tuesday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation that blocked the pay raise. The Hill reports,

The House approved legislation on Tuesday that would block a pay increase for federal workers and members of Congress scheduled to take place in March.

Members voted 287-129 in favor of the bill from Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.). Just two Republicans opposed the legislation, and 55 Democrats supported it.

Republicans brought the bill up under a suspension of the rules in order to allow for quicker consideration, although that move also required a two-thirds majority vote.

The bill is a response to an executive order last Friday from President Obama that would end the two-year federal worker pay freeze, and increase congressional pay by about $1,000 for each member of the House and Senate.

GOP Eric Cantor (R-VA) tweeted:

Ed O'Keefe wrote, "The GOP-backed bill introduced late Monday would freeze the salaries of lawmakers and the nation’s 2 million federal employees for the remainder of fiscal 2013. Currently, federal worker salaries are frozen through the end of a short-term spending agreement that expires in March. As part of efforts to curtail the deficit, federal employees have not seen a cost of living increase in their paychecks in more than three years."

According to Twitchy, Rep. Darell Issa's office (R-CA) issued a statement on the matter:

On a bi-partisan vote of 287-129 the House of Representatives approved H.R. 6726, a bill to overturn the President’s executive order that gave an across the board pay hike to Members of Congress and federal bureaucrats. The President’s executive order will cost taxpayers $11 billion over the next 10 years. The bill was introduced by Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, R-Pa. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., led debate on the House Floor.

“The President, the Senate Majority, and the House Minority have not been able to agree to even the most meager spending cuts,” Issa said in the statement. “Yet the President’s executive order gives all members of Congress a salary hike on top of the $174,000 a year we already earn.”

The President’s executive order gave an across the board salary hike to white collar federal employees, whose average compensation exceeds $100,000. In January 2012, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a study which found that total compensation for federal employees was 16% greater than comparable private sector employees.

“The President’s across the board pay increase for white collar workers is not necessary to retain talented employees and just wastes taxpayer money,” Issa continued. “Federal employees have continued to receive promotions and within-grade pay increases over the past few years of the supposed ‘pay freeze,’ and voluntary separations from the federal government are near all-time lows.”

I'm just betting the Senate doesn't pass this measure. Wait and see. By the way, Obama doesn't seem to care, he split Washington to fly back to Hawaii as soon as the "deal was done" to finish up what will be a $7 million vacation at our expense.

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  • xyz

    I have had chronic back problems for over 12 years so I was unable to attend with the cold weather. However I will assure you that when it hits the fan I will be there taking out the communists and other obama supporters. I have gone to some gum shops recently and one thing that all the stores had in common was the tremendous sales of all semi-automatic long guns and semi-auto pistols. The walls were almost bare. Ammunition also was pretty much sold out. Practically the only ammo available was the expensive hollow point. The sales staff were amazed it was selling so fast. At least I had 8 boxes of .40 S&W ammo that I had bought a year ago. I also had 3 mags that are currently filled up and ready when the time comes up.

  • wm tipton

    The country is dying and this sh**bag gives the government a raise....whodda guessed it..

  • Razz

    You know if you really want to know how many Executive Orders Obama has signed, go to the Federal Register. They all have to be posted there. I just went there because I knew it had been 139 but now it is more and this is as of now. "144 Total Executive orders Issued"
    I went to the page and copied what it said. It is the Government's site for listing them. Also no voting machines defaulted to Obama. You assume there were voting machines everywhere and there aren't. I voted manually. People get the real facts instead of listening to internet gossip.

  • Arthur Ross

    "O" will do just what he wants to do.He doesn't care about congress or the constitution,he has already proven this on several occasions. We are just deluding ourselves if we think any differently. He has no RESPECT for anything that we as Americans hold dear. He has no respect for any religion other than islamic. He has no respect for our military or wounded warriors or their families. This man is a blemish on the office of President...

  • Robert Dungan

    So, The Legislative Body DOES have a nutsack. The question is, do they produce any swimmers?

  • marmo43

    I asked my senators and reps this question and i DID NOT get an answer. Imagine that!!!

  • Eddie Fudd

    We, The People will soon be sending an "Executive Order" to pack his trash, and head for Kenya--of which he is a citizen, and NOT the USA!

  • saxondog

    When will we here these words from the CIVIL SERVANTS in CONGRESS,to the American people.

    We the Congress have decided to actually submit to our OATH to Protect and defend the Constitution,and to Follow the LAW that is specified by the Constitution.

    So we clearly realize that our illegal activity by not passing a Federal Budget in the last 5 years by the Oct.Constitutional Mandate is illegal and we are freezing all Federal Employee Pay to all elected Federal officials until all elected federal Civil servants comply with the CONSTITUTION.

    Effective immediately,all EXSPENDITURE OF TAX PAYER MONEY IS HALFTED,INCLUDING TRAVEL,PAYROLL AND ALL MONEY not specifically listed in the Budget,required by the Constitution to be passed by Oct.of every year.

    We are truly sorry for breaking the LAW,and ask the American people to understand immediately all elected Federal Civil Servants will return to Washington,meet at the capitol and solve the one main issue confronting this Nation,SPENDING MONEY THAT DOES NOT ONE BELONG TO US,AND TWO EXSIST.

    OUR OATH of office requires a guaranty to the American people to follow the letter of the Law contained in the Constitution above all other concerns,we have failed repeatedly to Honor our word.

    Well do not hold your Liberal breath,of course it's just the LAW! I mean what is wrong with swearing an oath to get elected and then breaking the Law to ensure the real issue of retaining POWER and our National Greed is not the main issue that dictates our actions?

    Come on America,we will only break some of the Laws,it's not like stealing,lying,cheating really has harmed anyone? Its just our need to have more MILLIONAIRES in Congress that we are focused on.

    Hey after all,we need to maintain our standard of living,we have to have our vacations,extra expense accounts,staff,cars,airplanes,European trips to better represent the American People while they suffer through an economic disaster create by our terrible spending habits and our wasting of the Nations wealth.

    It really is OK,once were done everyone will be equal,at least every race but one,all will have equality that only is possible through poverty!

    Yet one race,THE LIFE LONG POLITICIAN WILL STILL BE millionaires,STILL HAVE EVERY CONVIENEINCE AND FREE TRAVEL so the RACE known as Politician may continue to act on the behalf of the American people while gaining all power and wealth possible.

    It is after all EQUALITY! So what's to worry? We have built all these nice F.E.M.A.Camps to house you all in,how fair is that? EVERYONE EQUALLY PROTECTED BY THE barb wire and razor wire double row fencing,the free burial is the same ,same cloths,food,housing,education,and air to breath,what more is needed people?

    Can't a Politician get a break,dammit!

  • Librrlintlickers

    Enough of this BULLSHIT!! IMPEACH, ARREST, REMOVE or IMPRISON this FRAUDULENT FREAK in the White House!! He has done enough economic damage and embarrassed the American people beyond repair.

  • Raymond Tokareff

    sorry on the wrong page not an Obama hater

  • David Nemirow

    Apparently this so-called do nothing Congress can do some things right. Bet Obama is POd.

  • Larry

    Let'em eat cake and obama can go to he11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't believe it.

    They actually did something.

  • Pam Peck

    Issa's office is right. Even though they don't get COLAs, they still get grade raises and promotions. This in and of itself is quite a lot of money that they really don't need for survival. We are getting the short end of the stick. SS got a 1.7 COLA Buttttttt they raised the cost of Medicare. I got a whopping $12.00 a month and I know a lot of other seniors feel the same way. How are we suppose to survive?

  • Skip Gilmore

    Finally, some balls !!!

  • Tarantula2

    I hope the House Republicans show the same kind of balls when the gun control legislation comes down...

  • cowboytex

    Who the HELL does this DICK think he is anyway!

  • kajundave

    And THIS is the way that the president........ by "executive order"..... cuts our government spending ?? Giving federal employees an $11 billion pay raise ??????!!!!! What a crime !!! And then - there is that little "vacation in Hawaii" that has now cost AMERICAN taxpayers SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS !!!!!! Criminal !!!

  • Kathleen

    harry reid wont bring the bill up he is crawled up obamas butt so much you will need a shovel to dig him out

    • icthelite

      Yeah, if you look real close you'll probably find Pelosi up there with him. Cuddle in each others arms. Now there's a vision for you.