Pelosi MisQuotes Congressional Oath Of Office: "To Protect And Defend The American People"

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke at a House Democrat Steering and Policy Committee hearing on "Gun Violence Prevention: A Call to Action" in which she misquoted the oath of office that Representatives in Congress take. She actually claimed the oath was to "protect and defend" the Constitution and the American people.

“Earlier this month, shortly after Newtown, all members of Congress took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people,” Pelosi said. “To protect and defend. That is our first responsibility.”

“Today, members of the House Democratic Caucus have come together to fulfill that duty to confront the challenge of gun violence in our society and act to ensure the safety and security of our communities,” she said.

First take a look at the oath that the Speaker of the House of Representatives administers to representatives in Congress:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Notice that there is nothing in the oath that is about protecting and second that there is nothing in that oath about "the American people." Part of the issue with Socialists is their manipulation of terms. I've written on this previously. Cheryl Pass has written on this previously.

Pelosi is one who in the past administered this oath and now, when gathering with fellow socialists to talk gun control, she deliberately misquotes the oath, changing the word "support" to "protect" and inserting "the American People."

Before you think me engaging in a tempest in a teapot, take a look at the definition of the words. First Webster's 1828 dictionary defines "protect" as:

PROTECT', v.t. [L.protectus, protego; pro and tego; to cover; Gr. with a prefix; Eng. deck. See Deck.] To cover or shield from danger or injury; to defend; to guard; to preserve in safety; a word of general import both in a literal and figurative sense. Walls protect a city or garrison; clothing is designed to protect the body from cold; arms may protect one from an assault; our houses protect us from the inclemencies of the weather; the law protects our persons and property; the father protects his children, and the guardian his ward; a shade protects us from extreme heat; a navy protects our commerce and our shores; embassadors are protected from arrest.

Second, take a look at how Webster's defines "support":

SUPPORT, v.t. [L. supporto; sub and porto, to carry.]

1. To bear; to sustain; to uphold; as, a prop or pillar supports a structure; an abutment supports an arch; the stem of a tree supports the branches. Every edifice must have a foundation to support it; a rope or cord supports a weight.
2. To endure without being overcome; as, to support pain, distress or misfortunes.
3. To bear; to endure; as, to support fatigues or hardships; to support violent exertions. The eye will not support the light of the sun's disk.
4. To sustain; to keep from fainting or sinking; as, to support the courage or spirits.
5. To sustain; to act or represent well; as, to support the character or king Lear; to support the part assigned.
6. To bear; to supply funds for or the means of continuing; as, to support the annual expenses of government.
7. To sustain; to carry on; as, to support a war or a contest; to support an argument or debate.
8. To maintain with provisions and the necessary means of living; as, to support a family; to support a son in college; to support the ministers of the gospel.
9. To maintain; to sustain; to keep from failing; as, to support life; to support the strength by nourishment.
10. To sustain without change or dissolution; as, clay supports an intense heat.
11. To bear; to keep from sinking; as, water supports ships and other bodies; air supports a balloon.
12. To bear without being exhausted; to be able to pay; as, to support taxes or contributions.
13. To sustain; to maintain; as, to support a good character.
14. To maintain; to verify; to make good; to substantiate. The testimony is not sufficient to support the charges; the evidence will not support the statements or allegations; the impeachment is well supported by evidence.
15. To uphold by aid or countenance; as, to support a friend or a party.
16. To vindicate; to maintain; to defend successfully; as, to be able to support one's own cause.

So you see there is a clear difference in the terms that are used. To protect indicates that something needs protection, while support indicates that something or in this case someone bears under great stress to sustain something with all courage and strength and might in order to maintain what is being supported. Members of Congress are to support and defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. This would include the United Nations and even other members of Congress.

Congress is not called to protect the Constitution. They are called to support it and to defend it. The Constitution is there to protect the people in the United States.

But notice that Pelosi slips in the fact that she believes that her oath of office is to "protect and defend the American people." This is no where found in the oath, nor is it a part of Congress' task to protect and defend any of us. It is not part of their Constitutional duties. In fact, it is impossible for them to do so. But notice how the language changes because Pelosi is pushing an anti-gun agenda. Friends her little speech was a direct attack upon the Second Amendment to say, "You people of America don't need guns, we're here to protect you. It's our sworn duty." Well, that just isn't so.

While there is no specific oath in the Constitution for either Senators or Congressmen, there is a specific oath that must be taken by the President. According to Article 2, Section 1:

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

In this case the President is clearly called to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Why is it important for the President to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution?" Because he is one of the checks as the head of the Executive Branch. He is to make sure that Congress is not trying to push through legislation that would attack the Constitution, which is the law of the land. He is to be one that preserves it and defends it against such legislation and against the judicial branch, that would use its power to rule against the Constitution.

There are many things that could be cited that demonstrate where both Congress and the President have failed to uphold their oath of office to the Constitution. The USA Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, and the Affordable Care Act all come to mind. Now, we stand on the brink of what I believe will be a major attack upon the Constitution, under the guise of "protecting and defending the American people." I merely need to point to the infamous case of Roe v. Wade that assaulted life in the womb and the subsequent lack of the Executive branch to disregard their ruling as lack of upholding the oath of office. For if one cannot defend life, then one cannot defend liberty, which is what the Constitution is supposed to protect.

Pelosi didn't slip up. She knew exactly what she was saying. Rest assured this will become more of a phrase used and those of us who have voice must protest her twisting of the words of the oath. As one commentator wrote, "Once Pelosi is done with revising the oaths of office for Congress, the Constitution is waiting for her assault. Of course, she’ll have to stand in line behind Barack Obama."

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72 thoughts on “Pelosi MisQuotes Congressional Oath Of Office: "To Protect And Defend The American People"

  1. Anyone and everyone (President included), should be required to take a single (one-time) public oath, with any required corrections to be done immediately in the same original setting, ie., no follow-on, private or ceremonial "repeats". and the oath must follow exactly the wording as spelled out in our Constitution. Also, oaths administered in private or in a ceremony, should carry no weight and be grounds for immediate removal from office; and those who don't recite the oath exactly as written, at the official setting for the oath, should not be allowed to take office. Come on Congresspersons, get off of your duffs (being polite), and straighten out all of this mess. And, equally important, no oath should be accepted that is sworn or affirmed to, "on" any document wherein the overthrow of our Republic, Constitutional and freedom way of life, is advocated or demanded., i.e., the Qur'an, Communist Manifesto, etc---this is our Constitution and our rules must be followed, to the very letter. We should also explore the feasability of also charging those who actually do the "repeat after me" routine, which should be a manditory part of the oath process, i.e., any official who either intentionally utters a wrong oath or accepts an unconstitutional one, should be both charged with a felony, fined, lose their jobs and perhaps jail time when any congressperson the President or VP is so involved either as an oath giver or taker. Bottom line; "Power To The People!"

  2. The house is suppose to represent, that ain't happening. 4 years ago the president lied when he took the oath and he will undoubtably lie when he takes it again on the 21st. When Pelosi and Reid were in charge they embezzled trillions of dollars and the taxpayers have to pay more for their incompetency. They are not interested in creating jobs or making it easy for people to keep the ones they have.

  3. Pelosi, without the sligest doubt, rode the short bus!

  4. “protect and defend the American people.” Racist,,,, what about the illegals that you let in?Are they not subjects of yours that we now support?Do you consider them as Americans?Tell me pelooosi who do you give this oath to?God?or is that just some words that don't mean anything to you and your ilk?They need to add to that oath that if they don't up hold that oath then termination will be in order.So Help Me God.

  5. The democrat party should be ashamed that they elected this woman their House leader. She may the dumbest person to ever occupy a seat in the U.S House.

    • The morons of California have elected their top moron to represent them, problem is there is more morons that vote.

  6. MSGT Lucy Garza USMC (RET) says:

    . . . and we pay these imbeciles close to $175,000 per year for nonsense like this? Why don't they just come right out and tell us what we already know . . . that they want to destroy any freedoms and rights we have left?

  7. At this point I feel like the Federal government and the Congress, the EPA, the DOJ and the IRS, the Obamacare and the debt ceiling and the Democrat Party in particular are the domestic enemies that the Congress has sworn in this oath to protect us against. So, tell me, Nancy, just how are you going to protect us against you???

    Then, if the oath you took did contain the words "the American people", Obamacare would not have passed especially with the Democrats using the methods you used!!!

    Democrats, in particular, have not only stomped on the Constitution at every turn but they have completely forgotten it. They side step it every time it happens to get in the way of their agenda. So, every one of the OLD Congressmen and Senators have broken their Oath of Office and should be fired NOW!!!

  8. americanveteran says:


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