Patriot Groups To Burn Obama In Effigy On January 19, 2013

Burning an effigy is so 1776, right? Right. As the American colonists burned an effigy of King George III, so Americans of the 21st century will burn an effigy of Barack Obama this coming Saturday and just so no one can play the race card, they will be burning an effigy of Bill Clinton as well and that particular fire will be started by Miami's "Michael the Black Man," who has called for "good people Latin, Black and White to unite."

So where did such a thing come from? Well it isn't new. Recently burning an effigy of George W. Bush by a crowd of hundreds occurred in Montreal, Canada.

Pakistani's have burned Barack Obama in effigy. Afghans have burned an effigy of Obama. Now Americans are set to do the same in protest to Obama's attacks upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American people.

But this is all about reliving the past, while looking to the future. For it was our forefathers who did the same to an effigy of King George iii for far less than what today's politicians are doing to the American people.

John Attarian, writes an excellent analysis of the situation between today and the time of the Revolutionary War and I think presents a fair and accurate depiction of King George III, which is well worth your time to read. He writes:

More to the point, by every measure, our government is more tyrannical towards Americans than King George’s at its worst.

Granted, the British did some harsh stuff. They send regiments to Boston, closed the port, and quartered soldiers in colonists’ homes. But only after repeated attempts to conciliate the colonies had gotten them nowhere and had prompted only more defiance. There is no comparison, absolutely none, between the final British crackdown and what’s happening in "free" America.

The Bostonians asked for what they got. We didn’t.

Trampling the rights it supposedly exists to protect (or so the Declaration of Independence would have you believe), our government routinely commits tyrannies that Good King George never dreamed of.

On January 19, 2013 there will be a burning of Barack Hussein Obama in effigy. Organizers have said it will be an "open carry," peaceful demonstration. Thought an effigy will be burned, the event is not to promote violence but to express the grievances of the people against their government.

It will take place at Dove World Outreach in Gainesville, Florida. According to the site promoting the event:

We will burn an effigy of Barack Hussein Obama on a bonfire of political protest at 2 pm EDT, Saturday January 19th, 2013. He lied his way back into the White House. But he does not get a free pass just because he is black.

We protest in disgust, in civil disobedience, in anger, in hope, in prayer, that the Untied States of America will wake up. We protest in proclamation: I did not vote for him. He must be impeached, removed, because he is a liar, a deceiver, a murderer, he is anti-American, anti-Christ.

America is in dire straights. We are facing economic collapse. We murder, through abortion, thousands of children a day. We promote the perverted LGBT agenda. We appease and support the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam.

Let us pray, but let us not only pray. As the Bible says, faith without works is dead. Let is also do something. Let us stand up, let us protest. It is our time, it is our voice, let us save America.

Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp will be joined by Jim host of Freedom Fighter Radio and Michael the Black Man. Michael also plans to burn an effigy of Bill Clinton.

As Attarian demonstrated in his article, pointing even to presidents of the past, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but a liberty issue.

Special guests at the Saturday event will probably include members of the Secret Service. There has not been word if there will be prostitutes waiting for them at their hotel or not. The event will also be live streamed at


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  • kenny1801

    Oh, GOODY!!!

  • Guest

    EXCELLENT!!! How much do you want to bet that there will be several arrests made by police spurred on by secret service people who will probably be undercover in the crowd? Do you think the liberal media will broadcast this and just how will they report it?? I wish I could be there just to watch and see what happens but I'd probably end up in jail too.

  • Lisa B.

    Please be careful with this effort. There will be so many who won't understand this and we know the media will purposely lead them to misunderstand. This will be seen, in general, as an act of violent anger. I understand the significance as rooted in history, yet I think we can agree most Americans aren't adequately schooled in history. Possibly half of the American public will agree with this sentiment. However, the other half will file this away as another reason to shut us out of the public sphere. We could, unwittingly, be undermining our effort to reach out and educate those whom the elite have deceived. After all, we are people who believe in personal responsibility. Ultimately, we are responsible for how our message lands on others.

  • Retired Lt Col, USAF

    Extremely bad idea...I have been a leader in the patriot movement since the beginning and THIS WILL NOT END WELL! No, I am NOT a troll, libtard, democrap or any other progressive idiot. But you all are useful idiots...playing right into the hands of the progressive, communist traitors. I AM a veteran, having served this country for 28 oath doesn't have an expiration date. So call me what you will for disagreeing with this, but strongly recommend you reconsider this action. Further, I question whether you are true patriots or just plants being used to prove the patriot movement is full of whackos and extremists.

  • Wal22nut

    I'm an active Conservative and can tell you absolutely this is a VERY BAD IDEA. If nothing else, think of the negative photo-op this would give the Liberals! It will galvanize the idea the Left wants to spread about us, that we're a bunch of dangerous extremists. Please don't do this!

  • brabbie2002

    Works for me. Why not have a lottery to see who gets to light the match. You would make millions! Too bad that thing he calls his wife, ms I need a vacation, isn't represented up there also.

  • flydaryl

    What an AWESOME idea!! I hope the idiot in charge sees it happening also!

  • cmdorsey

    GOOD for them! Not much left for us to do peacefully and legally thru the justice system because the JUSTICE SYSTEM is against us also. THANKS for giving them hell!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    Certainly no worse than black liberal female representative who advocated "hanging" repubs fro trees. OR the fool who said he would tie gun advocates to the back of his pick up and drag them through the streets. OR the Prez referring to opponents as The Enemies who should be stuffed in the back of the bus while it runs off the cliff!
    IF burning OUR FLAG has been allowed burning effigies should be no problem. Unless you believe in VooDoo!


    this is sooo good;; I want to thank these people;; what is good for bill ayers,obama radicals is good eno9ugh for these communists to experience as well..can we roast the "FAT A666ED" MICHAEL MOORE AS WELL, FEED THE MEAT TO OUR DOGS.

  • Kenny_Ray

    Niggernomics have struck....

  • Bo Kassa

    Pray Psalm 109:8~15

  • beijingyank

    The Emperor has no clothes! Barky does have a fraudulent and very illegal Social Security Number/Card, however.

  • tom

    Do not forget, January 20th every fly the Stars and Striprs u[side down.

    • Conservative-Veteran

      I will be flying the flag of the 13 colonies at half staff with the Gadsen flag below it.



  • Gil Jones

    Let's have a "laugh-in," screw the protest. When you look between the lines there's really not much happening other than what the media spins. The clue is in "Rules For Radicals" #1 says: "power is not what you think you have, but what others think you have." The communist, the few, only have the media, which are sitting right next to diddly-squat.

    What could it be, 535 to a few thousand running a psy'oops PR campaign on 300 million? Let'em make all the laws they want, so what, might be able to enforce .0001% of them. They're a joke, who's motto is, "Duh, I'm mart." Laugh at them while you burn their effigy, and call the event a laugh-in. Ridicule is powerful, doesn't cost a dime, ignore them. ...Semper Fi

  • pduffy

    Just think. The colonists burned King George in effigy for a 2% tax on tea. They thought that was tyranny?

  • Ragga

    They're going to burn chairs?

    • babygirl825

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL MINE is still sitting out there waiting for something with brains to do something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Wallace

    Carry on, patriots.

  • Barbara Sanford

    The time for this has come. The rest of the world needs to know what we think of this traitor to our country, who has walked all over our Constitution and most likely was fraudulantly elected for a second term. He is not fit to lead this Christian nation.

    • babygirl825

      HOPEFULLY it will be broadcast, instead of just shoved up the asses of the lame stream media to hide again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Lineman

    I'm flying my stars and stripes at half mast inauguration day in respect for all the men and women who have died for this country

    • jmark72

      And the death of our Constitution under ObaMao's illegal (fraud) administration.