Obama Wants Your Guns, But Homeland Security Says Defend Yourself With Scissors

Apparently, “Defend yourself with a legal firearm” is not part of the new Department of Homeland Security curriculum. They have now resorted to a training video that encourages you to use scissors to protect yourself in the event that you are a victim of a shooting. Perhaps this is an upgrade from them instructing border patrol agents to run and hide.

Hat tip: Conservative Videos

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42 thoughts on “Obama Wants Your Guns, But Homeland Security Says Defend Yourself With Scissors

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  2. Would these be "assualt scissors"?

  3. If These oh so smart politicians would begin to do the job they were elected to do, maybe we wouldn't be having these shootings. I went to school in the 40's and 50's and I don't remember reading about any shootings by young people when I was going to school and we had all kinds of firearms around back then, my father even had a German Lugar he brought back from WWII as I am sure many service men did when they came back from Europe when the war was over. My question to these, oh so smart, politicians is, What in the hell has happened in the last 60 years that makes our young people want to go on shooting rampages and kill people they don't even know? I'll give you a starting point, check on how the children are now being raised and by whom, is there any parent at home to give the child the parental guidance they need or to answer the child's question if they have a problem or are both parents to busy at work to really care about the child. I believe that when a couple decides to have a child, a decision should be made as to who is going to stay home and give that child the parental upbringing it needs in this day and age. I, am sick and tired of hearing couples say, "We both have to work to survive", I say, BULL, they both have to work so as to own that BMW or that Cadillac Escalade, the place down the shore, or those $5000.00 a year vacations or Cruises they feel they deserve, very few seem to really care what the child needs. Granted this isn't all parents but even a small percentage of children not being raised to care, will eventually cause a problem. There are, as far as I'm concerned, far to many unmarried and single parents in this day and age.

  4. There is nothing like taking a knife to a gun fight!! This has got to be one of the

    STUPIDEST ideas I have heard in a long while!!

  5. So if you are at a fast food place, just defend yourself with a spork? Stab your attacker with it, he will stop his attack and run away? Note to DC: Pot was legalized in the other Washington, not DC, fix yourself some strong black coffee and get back to some SERIOUS work....

  6. I just don't see the objectivity, the reality, the reasoning for this ignorant, stupid video. Would anyone in the DHS try to defend themselves in this manner???

  7. I'm sure a scissors will be very effective at 30 feet!
    Or are they talking about a 30.06 scissors?

  8. they also say you should find a place to hide and put heavy furniture in front of the door. this is stupid! if you block the door then it's no longer a hiding spot, your advertising your there. if this is what the people at homeland security are coming up with, we have no homeland security. it is up to us to protect the homeland because they are useless idiots.

  9. Oh yes, smart people ALWAYS bring scissors to a gun fight... well, they can keep their scissors.. I'll keep my little .38 and my CWP.

  10. Smirking Wolf says:

    There are so many LEO's DEAs Judges, Politicos whose life style depend on the 'war on drugs' and the illegal drug trade. (Yep that's right, Todo, some drugs are forbidden). Wonder if the legalization of drug movement has them thinking that outlawed firearms is the next big bribe, no I mean tribute, no I meant source of income? (I stop now-I don't need a sudden fatal accident for me or the family)

  11. The electorate showed us how dumbed down this country has become and thus the requirement to educate the sheep how to preserve their lives.
    Rather than reaching out to touch someone with a pair of scissors, my preference is to shout at them with a 45.

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      I believe a .45 ectomy will work much better than a pair of scissors! Rx - to stop assailant, place one .45 between eyebrows.

  12. This is proof of just how stupid these people in our government are. Even the ones I voted for are talking and acting stupid. OMG we are screwed

  13. retiredmillwright says:

    I once had to defend my self from a huge vicious feral dog as I was working in my garden next to my rural home, with a the nearest thing I could grab. I knew I was in a loosing fight if he ever got in close enough to get to my body and there was no retreat. I screamed for my wife to bring me a gun and she delivered my semi auto shotgun which took care of the feral dog.

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      I wonder if I could get a "Government Contract" making leather holsters for scissors? We can swap our scissors for their guns, er, uh, "Personal Defense Weapons." Or, I can work out a trade. I'll make them "ten scissor holsters" for every "Personal Defense Weapon" they give me. Now, I will have to find out "what size magazine" comes with them. : )

  14. They think its such a good idea, then lets trade. Homeland security can give us their guns and we'll give them our scissors.



    • Not much of chance of that if they are threatening me with scissors!

    • The other day, I watched a You Tube video about the confiscation and destruction of guns in the aftermath of Katrina. At the time it was happening, I didn't pay much attention (going through a divorce and not knowing or caring anything about guns.) Now, it's chilling. One person alone, couldn't possibly fend off the hoards of "officers," no matter how many weapons one has. I'm afraid it might happen again, without the "excuse" of Katrina. I read on another site today that the military is now training in neighborhoods and shooting blanks, while black helicopters fly overhead, to get people "used to it."

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      There won't be "just one person." Plus, if just one person "took out" one of the people doing the "confiscating," the numbers are on "our" side.

    • Not really, assuming it's 1 against 6. The 1 might take 1 out, but the other 5 would immediately take out that person, so it would be a push.

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      Okay, let's crunch numbers.

      There are 100 million gun owners. Each gun owner takes out "one" person. That is 100 million.

      There are 50 million gun owners. Each gun owner takes out "one" person. That is 50 million.

      There are 25 million gun owners. Each gun owner takes out "one" person. That is 25 million.

      Now, this is assuming that only "one" person is taken out per gun owner. So, If one gun owner takes out "two or more," that number goes up quite considerably.

      Now, if the SHTF, are you going out "fighting" or like a wuss?

    • I don't think you understood what I was saying, so I just edited my post. You are assuming the gun owner is going to live to talk about it. I'm not going to answer your last question except that I support the 2nd Amendment.

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      No problem about not answering the question. That is your decision.

      They don't have enough people. Yes, they get to shoot, and so do we. Now, each person, including those attempting to "confiscate" the weapons has to make a choice. I pray each person chooses "wisely."

    • I think the first sitting ducks will be the ones in states with the strictest gun laws. Here in CA, it's nearly impossible to get a concealed carry, so most folks can only use their weapons in case of a home invasion. Outside on the lawn doesn't count. They have to be inside the home.

      I could look it up, but does anyone know what gun laws were in place in Louisiana during Katrina?

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      Will attempt.

  17. Lorri Anderson says:

    I want to know what kind of drugs they are smoking, seriously. They honestly have to be on drugs there is no other reasoning behind it.

  18. Lorri Anderson says:

    I tell you what, they can give us their guns and we'll gladly let them use scissors. :-) sound like a plan?

  19. All of this just goes to show the level of stupidity we are having to deal with. This is in response to defending yourself with scissors. These people are total a holes