Obama Walks Us Towards Socialism/Communism

What is this? How can we be “walking” towards Socialism/Communism? This cannot happen in the United States. Our nation has fought battles to stop this from happening in the world. Many of those fights have been undercover jobs and yet, here we are today, just a step or two from becoming a huge third world Socialist/Communist nation. All one has to do is go back and look at what the Communist Party of the United States laid out at their conference back on April 21-22, 2012. This conference was attended by none other than a host of those in the Democratic “Progressive” Caucus, along with the head of the AFL/CIO, Richard Trumka, who by the way, meets with or goes to the White House at least once a month, if not more.

How can this even be associated with the White House and the way President Obama “runs” the White House? That will all be answered by the written words of the Communist Party USA as can be found at the Communist Party USA's website.

Now with this web site, you can pretty much follow the course of President Obama and what he is doing. It is very sad to have to make such a statement about a sitting President, but once the format of the Communist Party USA is laid out below, one can easily see through the statements made by the Communist party USA and how close it relates to what Obama is doing while he is in the White House. The following parts will be shown and directed back to the Communist Party USA web site as listed above. This meeting was held in New York City, New York. How can we as a Freedom loving people even think about allowing the very people that hate our nation and what it does to have a meeting within our borders? Alas, the First Amendment grants them that right so we will not worry about that part, but it is the rest of what was stated there that we as a people should demand answers on.

Their meeting began with an introduction of fellow world Communists. Sam Webb recalls that it went like this:

“I welcome you to our annual conference.

I also want to extend a special welcome to Comrade Ana Maria Prestes Rabelo of the Communist Party of Brazil (PcdoB). Comrade Ana, who is a member of the Central Committee and International Department, will be with us all weekend.

We look forward to her presentation later today, which I'm sure will give us a picture of a party that skillfully works in a very complex situation.

We thank the Communist Party of Brazil for making this possible.

Before I get into my report, which should be understood as a work in progress, I thought it would be useful to say a few words about the thinking behind this conference. One might assume that a conference in an election year would focus laser-like on the present political moment.

Such an assumption is both right and wrong. This conference will not ignore the elections to be sure, but it does at the same time have a grander design. It will connect the dots so to speak between our immediate and our longer-range political tasks.

Or to put it differently, we hope to connect the struggle at the ballot box today with the struggle for socialism tomorrow.

We have discussed this relationship before, but not enough and not to everyone's satisfaction.

Too many comrades ask: do we have a strategy beyond defeating right wing extremism that leads in the direction of socialism? Have we given up the fight for an independent political formation lead by labor and the racially oppressed? Is socialism still our goal? And, most importantly, how do we get to socialism from here?”

Do some of these words ring true about our nation? The United States was never founded with any intent upon becoming a Socialist or Communist nation, but it is due to our beliefs and our Constitution that these freedom hating people can hold meetings and set up a strategy to dismantle our Constitution and our freedom. Now with this in mind let us show you the words directly from the Communist Party USA meeting and how it relates to what Barack Obama is stating.

Capitalism doesn't work

"Before addressing these questions, I want to make a case against capitalism.

Since its earliest days, capitalism has inflicted incalculable harm on humanity. Primitive accumulation, genocide, wars, slavery, ruthless wage exploitation, territorial annexation, racist, gender, and other forms of inequality - all this and more occupy prominent places in the history of capitalism.

And yet as ghastly as this is, the future could be even worse for a simple reason: capitalism's destructive power, driven by its inner logic to pump profits out the labor of working people, has grown exponentially compared to a century ago. Unless restrained and eventually dismantled, this power is capable of doing irreversible damage to our planet.

Consider some of the new dangers that make socialism necessary.

First is the prospect of unending war and mass annihilation. With the winding down of the Cold War, most people assumed that the war danger, conventional and nuclear, would ease. Subsequent events, however, have erased these modest hopes. The nuclear threat remains and imperialist driven conventional wars scar the landscape and brutally extinguish the lives of millions of people.

Another threat to humanity's future is environmental degradation. Almost daily we hear of species extinction, global warming, resource depletion, deforestation, desertification, and on and on to the point where we are nearly accustomed to this gathering catastrophe.

Our planet cannot indefinitely absorb the impact of profit-driven, growth-without-limits capitalism. Many scientists say that unless we radically change our methods of production and consumption patterns, we will reach the point where damage to the planet will become irreversible.”

In this part of their meeting we find several ideas of which Obama seems to repeat over and over and they seem to be in direct relation to the Communist Party USA. Let us pick this apart and make the connections.

The first thing that jumps out is the words, “Capitalism doesn’t work.” Now consider what they mean by this and see if maybe it has some type of relation to what the White House and some of the Socialists/Communists working there have stated. This is where it becomes an eye-opening event. Carol Browner, the assistant to Barack Obama for Energy and Climate Change, worked for Al Gore and then for President Bill Clinton as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. She has been around the block a few times and as a problem child having people around her facing criminal charges for forcing companies such as General Electric to spend money to clean up New York’s Hudson River. During that time Browner’s people had falsified information and tampered with lab results to make their charge against general Electric stand.

Now we said we would link some of this together to the White House so here it goes.

Browner also served as a “commissioner” of the Socialist International (SI), the umbrella group for 170 “social democratic, socialist and labor parties” in 55 countries. SI's “organizing document” cites capitalism as the cause of "devastating crises," "mass unemployment," "imperialist expansion," and "colonial exploitation" worldwide. Browner worked on SI's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which contends that "the developed world must reduce consumption and commit to binding and punitive limits on greenhouse gas emissions."

In her book Culture of Corruption, Michelle Malkin writes:

"By February 2009, [Browner] had already announced radical plans to declare carbon-dioxide emissions a danger to the public -- a move that could potentially subject not just power and chemical plants, refineries, and vehicles, but also schools, hospitals, and any other emitters of carbon dioxide to costly new regulations and litigation.[5]

Michelle Malkin, Culture of Corruption (Washington, DC: Regnery, 2009), p. 143.

But this single connection is not by itself.

“Following the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring of 2010, the White House commissioned the Secretary of the Interior, Kenneth Salazar, to issue a safety report as well as recommendations vis a vis future offshore oil drilling. A panel of seven outside advisors assisted Salazar in preparing this report, the final draft of which was sent directly to Carol Browner's office before being forwarded to President Obama. Browner’s staff promptly edited the Salazar document to imply, falsely, that the outside advisors had recommended a drilling moratorium. The tailored draft was then given to the President, who subsequently announced a moratorium on offshore oil drilling.”

Once again, this is just one person with another in line, that being Ken Salazar who is just as bad if not worse. Just how can this be even remotely linked to the Communist Party USA? Let us take a look at some more points. In this party's plan to build the United States into a Socialist state, it seems to have the very same ideas about the world as does Obama and his Staff.

“With the winding down of the Cold War, most people assumed that the war danger, conventional and nuclear, would ease. Subsequent events, however, have erased these modest hopes. The nuclear threat remains and imperialist driven conventional wars scar the landscape and brutally extinguish the lives of millions of people.

Another threat to humanity's future is environmental degradation. Almost daily we hear of species extinction, global warming, resource depletion, deforestation, desertification, and on and on to the point where we are nearly accustomed to this gathering catastrophe.

Our planet cannot indefinitely absorb the impact of profit-driven, growth-without-limits capitalism. Many scientists say that unless we radically change our methods of production and consumption patterns, we will reach the point where damage to the planet will become irreversible."

Here we see some comparisons to the Obama Administration in the very words of the Communist Party USA! Here we see the words, “…species extinction, global warming, resource depletion, deforestation, desertification, and on and on.” All we have to do is go back to a couple of the staff within the White House and we see the same words being uttered, like with Carol Browner, and Ken Salazar. It does not matter if these people will be or are still in office, it just matters that they seem to be holding true to the Communist Party USA ideology. In the meeting on April 21-22, 2012, the Communist Party USA stated:

“If the right wing gains in popularity and power it will be on the back of racism in the first place. The intensification of racism in words and deeds (including a wave of murders) in the wake of the 2008 elections is not by chance. It is the calculated policy of right wing extremists (including the GOP presidential candidates) who are desperate to beat the president at the polls as well as fatally fracture a people's movement that is growing in understanding, strength and unity.”

This is perhaps the most disturbing part of this entire meeting. Here it is disclosed openly that:

“The intensification of racism in words and deeds (including a wave of murders) in the wake of the 2008 elections is not by chance.”

Once again the right wing of the United States, the people who most want freedom and the strict rule of the Constitution, are being saddled with the race game and it is under the ploy of the Communist Party USA that this seems to stem from. But we also see this same type of “stereotyping” of the Republicans by President Obama himself, especially during the fiscal cliff talks. Is this part of the Communist Party USA or just a coincidence? We also see the mention of a wave of murders being a calculated policy of the right wing extremists, including the GOP presidential candidates! How can anyone even mention such a bizarre idea?

It seems that they wish to “change” the United states and call it by an old name, “Imperialism.” This could be why Obama hated much during his days of growing up with the influence from his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a very strong Communist.

“Still another danger is whether U.S. imperialism will peacefully accommodate to the rise of new competing powers and especially China. Or will it pursue a policy of maintaining global dominance by military means.

If history is any guide, there is ample reason to be concerned. The decline of dominant powers in the past (England for example) and the rise of new ones have brought in their wake war, instability, and even chaos in international relations.

No administration, including the present one, has shown any willingness to yield on U.S. primacy in world affairs. That doesn't auger well for the future.

Thus, the overriding question is: how do we get to socialism? After all, there is no direct path. Socialism can't be hot-housed. It takes more than militant slogans.”

These Communists even got into the economy of the world and the United States and they hoped the 2008 decline would help their chance to grab hold of America and change it into yet another 3rd world Socialist State.

The Communist Party USA went on to state:

“To make matters worse the extreme right is determined to pursue polices globally and domestically that will further impoverish working people - not to mention hasten the decline of U.S. capitalism.

I hope that the foregoing makes the case that socialism is not just a good idea, but an existential imperative - to preserve peace and our planet, to expand democracy, to eliminate gross racial, gender and other forms inequalities, and to provide a secure life for the billions living on this earth.”

Here they once again refer to the extreme right that will impoverish the people. It seems they may well have that backward since under Obama our nation has declined and been easing into poverty by some of the policies coming from the White House, such as the closing of drilling in Utah causing increase in gasoline prices and the stopping of the Keystone pipeline that would drive prices down. Instead, the cost of oil goes up by $10 a barrel since they have to use tank cars on railroads to move the oil. Here a link could be made directly to George Soros, but that is yet another story unto itself.

“Thus, the overriding question is: how do we get to socialism?" the CPUSA asks. "After all, there is no direct path. Socialism can't be hot-housed. It takes more than militant slogans.”

Here it seems that the Communist Party USA is setting the stage for violence of some sort. Can this happen here within our nation? All one has to do is look at the Wall Street Protesters to see the direct connection to the Communist Party and the White House supported them while declaring the “Tea Party” groups as being “radicals of the far right.” But with the next parts of this Communist ideology we will show the very same idea that seems to come from the Obama White House.

The CPUSA continued:

“In its formative period, the world communist movement had a disdainful attitude towards transitional forms and stages. The struggle for socialism was direct and compressed in time. It was damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

The operative slogans were "class against class," and "No Retreat, No Surrender."

Does this sound just a bit like what Obama is now doing? Is it a fact that Obama has pitted class against class and set up a small style war “class against class?” Now how is that for comparison? Does it become any clearer than that? I would hesitate to make such a statement about any other president, yet here it seems to be very true!

In the section titled “The Communists and the Left," The CPUSA stakes out its agenda for the future of America:

We also have to anticipate that multiple parties and movements will be a feature of the U.S. path to socialism.

That said, I would argue that our party has a unique role both now and in the future.

Our embrace of a theory of society and social change that is historical, ecological, dialectical, comprehensive and independently elaborated - without shortcuts, simplifications or official boundaries.

Our affinity to the American radical/democratic tradition.

Our use of class analysis and categories in a way that is broad and unifying.

Our focus on the real needs, struggles and interests of the working class and people.

Our commitment to equality and internationalism in their various forms.

Our determination to assist (and lead) in the building of a broad people's movement at the core of which is the multi-racial working class, people of color, women, and youth.

Our understanding of the special (central) place of the struggle against racism in the fight for social advance and socialism.

Our disposition for action, but not any kind of action, but united action along a specific strategic and tactical path.

Our accent on social processes and contradictions.

Our conviction that the multi-racial, male- female working class and its organized sector play a decisive role on the path to social progress and socialism.

Our refusal to confuse slogans and militancy for analysis.

Our insistence on making a concrete presentation of every question.

Our belief in the necessity of a broad strategic perspective.

Our use of flexible tactics that unite and move forward the labor led people's movement

Our appreciation of the interconnection between the struggle for democracy and the struggle for socialism.

Our ability to stay clear of false oppositions between partial and more advanced demands, between gradual and radical change, between electoral forms of action and direct action, between patriotism and anti-imperialism, between struggle against the state and struggle within the state, and between anti-capitalism and rifts in capital.

Our insistence that the electoral/legislative arena grows in importance as we move down the road to socialism.

Our belief that popular majorities make change.

Our vision of Bill of Rights socialism.

Our confidence in the democratic and revolutionary character of the American people.

I could go on, but I think my point that our party is unique and necessary to the revolutionary process at every stage.
What will it will look like

Socialism USA will not be drab. It will have a modern and dynamic feel, celebrate the best traditions of our nation, and give patriotism a new democratic content.

It will bring the social and democratic into the heart of our government, economy, media and culture.

It will complete the unfinished democratic tasks left to us by capitalism.

It will expand the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Our socialism will embrace people-centered values - in place of profit-centered values - as we overcome divisions of class, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual preference.

It will encourage new social arrangements to care for the very young and the very old.

U.S. socialism will insist on the separation of church and state, but it will also assume that people of faith and non-faith will be active participants in society.

It will also bring an end to exploitation of wage labor, not in one fell swoop, but over time.

A mixed economy operating in a regulated socialist market and combining different forms of state, cooperative and private property will define the economic landscape.

Such a mixture of ownership relations and market mechanisms does not preclude economic planning or a national investment strategy.

Finally, socialism will give priority to sustainability and sufficiency, not growth without limits.”

These words seem to blow directly from the White House and they spew from Obama’s mouth, always trying to lay blame where none is to be found. It looks like Obama is doing what the Communist Party USA wants him to do; destroy our Constitution and our rights no matter how it is done, through the legislature with the help of over 70 Democrat Socialists in the House of Representatives along with an ideology that takes from the people who work and gives to those whom do not wish to work. He is seeking to make all classes equal, just like the Communist Party USA wants.

Is this what we want for our nation? Is this what has become of our nation? Why have we, as a “free” people, sat back and allowed this type of action to continue without nearly so much as a whimper? Wake up United States of America before you go to sleep and wake up as the United Socialist States of America! Happy New Year, and may God once again turn us from this destructive path and put us on a path towards freedom.

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  • Disgusted!

    See the real reason we can't seem to recover from the intentional bankrupting of America? THIS ADMINISTRATION MUST BE IMPEACHED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!

  • Burlington

    The Commies Kryptonite is the one word that strikes fear into the heart of any conservative patriot---McCarthyism! They whither at the thought of being labeled a McCarthyite.

    Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB defector will tell you how they did it in this 1985 interview. All you have to do is watch this prophetic interview.
    Google---Yuri Bezmenov Daily Motion

  • xoxozo

    If you need proof of how far they've come watch this. Mac Carthy was RIGHT!!!
    If you can make the time watch this
    http://vimeo.com/52009124........ about the 11 min mark it shows
    proof of how far they've come since 1959

  • xoxozo

    PLEASE EVERYONE...TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THIS. IT GIVES ALL THE ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sending it to me Patriot!!
    I agree with you x0x0z0. I believe the current term for them is "Low
    Information Voters". I was calling them ignorant, but not as a
    pejorative but as a description although those that I called ignorant
    were taking offense. I prefer Low Information Voters better. I believe
    there is enough of them, that if informed the will see the light and the
    error or their ways.

    I've also been giving out this link to the Low Information Voters. It
    can't hurt. At least they can be making a decision on other criteria
    other than emotion and the "lemming effect". :)

    Grinding Down America

  • /.murphy

    If God is turning us away from a "destructive path" and back "towards freedom," then why did He permit Barack Obama to be re-elected?

    • Patriot

      Free Will? Just saying...
      Doesn't mean God's will. It's something we are now going to have to live with unfortunately.

  • Randy K

    "Capitalism doesn't work"? Hmm. Well, I (not so) humbly disagree. SLAVERY "doesn't work. Not here. "Give me Liberty or give me death" is ALIVE and WELL outside the loud-mouthed, tiny minded universe of the media and it's commie prostitician owners. The final step will ALWAYS be confiscation of the citizen's arms. Step right on out dog. Step right on out.

  • har82

    Hmm, - “walking” towards Socialism/Communism? - . Off hand I would say he thinks he is driving a Cobra with a 427 in it and is heading towards a dictatorship at - full throttle - .
    I don't see any - walking - lol.

  • mickey

    Why are we letting this Illegal/MuslimFraud/SOB/Obama, lead us into a socialsistic/communistic venture? Is there no one who will stunt the treasonous activities of this Illegal/Fraud/Muslim? He should have been IMPEACHED long ago, and thrown in jail for his treasonous actions against the U.S. How much longer are we going to let this guy go on, and he's not even legal, and he's passing all these bills?

    • The Freedom Fighter

      Obama is not Muslim. And there is nothing wrong with muslims, they believe in the same god as you. Your just being a racist a**hole.

    • har82

      Wrong sloppy joe , ... He is ,, in fact a muslim. And alah ,, is not the God of Abraham ,, but of Lucifer ,, the fallen one.
      I suppose you think if you tell a lie long and loud enough all will believe it lol.

      But only the - willfully ignorant - such as yourself ,, believe that hog wash .

    • The Freedom Fighter

      What do you have against Muslims?

    • Patriot

      How about having something against hypocrisy?
      He claims he's a Christian - no evidence.
      He wears a wedding ring which he's been wearing long before he met Michelle. The ring is inscribed "Allah is the only God!" He snubbed the Christian Prayer Breakfast, but he couldn't get to the Islamist temple fast enough to take his shoes off and head to the nearest prayer rug. He also has pledged allegiance to Islam. He was also quoted as saying the call to prayer was the most beautiful sound he ever heard.

      Gee, do you see any hypocrisy there? Do you still think he's a Cristian?

    • John Hunter

      he has opposed everything that is Christian. his words and actions betray him. There is nothing that indicates that he is Christian. Muslims lie when
      it is to their advantage to do so. he claimed to be Christian to buy the
      Christians vote.

    • har82

      Well for 1 ,, I am sick of hearing about them being offended at the drop of a hat ( get the f,,,k over it ) . 2nd , I am sick of hearing ( for the last 40 damn years no less ) in the - news - daily of yet more innocent people getting blown to smitherines just because .. 3 rd, they have no place in a free country where they are doing their best to instill - sharia - law. F,,,k that ... All in all, I am just sick of the lying b a s t a r d s I guess lol. I wouldn't trust a muslim any further than I would a politician . Frankly , I feel pretty much the same about both ,, those groups of lying pieces of trash .

    • Stephen Heard

      They are scumbags

    • Patriot

      What race is Islam by the way? I didn't read one racist comment regarding Obama in his post. His Indonesian school records clearly shows he is a Muslim. Once a Muslim always a Muslim. It is acceptable to murder a Muslim who attempts to convert to another religion. I think one would call someone who sees racism at the drop of the hat an A**Hole. No?

    • Stephen Heard

      Muslimes are pedofiles

    • John Hunter

      Everything says he is Muslim. he is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-American,
      anti-Israel, and pro Muslim, Pro-Islam. He said he is Muslim.

      And Allah is most definitely not the one true Sovereign, Creator, sustainer,
      and Savior God. Allah is a false idol.

  • drbhelthi

    How many SEAL members were murdered in the helicopter that the CIA/MOSSAD blew up - removing the potential testimony of the SEAL members and the chopper pilots - - - Mr. Panetta provided honest information, that no signal from the event was reaching the White House. Yet, he was promoted, instead of having one of the sudden, unpredictable heart attacks, or being discovered somewhere, a simple, quiet suicide, from a pistol shot to the back of his head.

    ' Da bloodclot Miss Hilly got gonna keep her from testifying.'
    Oh Yes ! The one published by the US media puppetry. Which puppetry faithfully publish whatever their CIA-MOSSAD contacts tell them to publish.” Honest behavior gets some people fired - - others murdered. Only Panetta was promoted. Only Panetta. Weird.

  • Ceejus!

    haha you're all racists

    • The Freedom Fighter

      Man, your the only person i've seen here that isn't a racist jerk.

  • Ceejus!

    Yay, socialism is the way, the truth, and the light!

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    Fear not said the Lord

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    Amazing people are just figuring this out!!! You could hear it in his speeches when he started campaigning in 2007.....so recognizable, it would take a moron not to see it!!!!!

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      lizaz ,, it seems the country is plumb full of liberal morons these days lol.


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      As you can clearly see, we have our share on this board as well. Morons that is :)