Numbers USA And Its Agenda 21 Connections Exposed

Many Americans have recently become outraged about Agenda 21. Global warming has also been proven to be a lie. But what no one has talked about yet is how organizations that are heavily supported by the patriot community are supporting this agenda and more. The Democrats are overtly supporting this agenda while the Republicans are covertly for the most part supporting it.

Freedom Fighter Radio is also the only website and radio show that has been exposing Numbers USA's globalist connections for years. There are many people who have and are speaking out against AGENDA 21. But they all refuse out of fear to point out that AGENDA 21 is being supported by and pushed by Numbers USA's board of Advisers. All of the groups and websites that have been and are supporting Numbers USA cannot deny that they are unaware of this information. If they do, then this will prove how irrelevant they are to include William Gheen of ALIPAC, Steve Elliot of Grassfire and the RNC along with many others.

Two groups that are listed on Numbers USA's board of Advisers are:

Earth First

To see how Roy Beck supports Earth Day click here;

And the Sierra Club. Visit those sites to see the true agendas of Numbers USA and Roy Beck. Earth First is also the group behind the Earth Summit's and are the ones who founded Earth Day which is celebrated on the same day as Lenin's birthday.

Also Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, a member of Numbers USA's Board Of Advisers, as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970.

Numbers USA Board of Advisers

In recent days, many patriots are becoming more aware of the threat of Sustainability and how it is part of the UN's Agenda 21. Well Roy Beck founder of Numbers USA is in support of the Sustainability Agenda. Roy Beck has received financial support from avowed eugenicist John Tanton, who has also been instrumental in starting Planned Parenthood clinics too. Roy Beck along with Tom Tancredo is listed as an author on Minnesotans For Sustainability

Roy Beck has received financial support from avowed eugenicist John Tanton, who has also been instrumental in starting Planned Parenthood clinics too. Roy Beck is the President of an organization which got help with its start from John Tanton.

John H. Tanton, M.D., is a retired ophthalmologist from Petoskey, Michigan, an influential activist who helped to start NumbersUSA a grassroots lobbying group. There is more proof about John and his associations at his own website.

We also oppose illegal immigration but do not think its wise to work with those with the agendas of John Tanton or anyone, such as Planned Parenthood, who condones the killing of unborn American children.

Tanton has also held national positions in environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club and Zero Population Growth, and local leadership positions in the Audubon Society and Planned Parenthood, which murders unborn children.

Forrest Wooldridge, aka Frosty Wooldridge, is also a major supporter of Sustainability, which is part of Agenda 21, and is also listed along with Tom Tancredo, as an author on Minnesotans For Sustainability.

View the above mentioned names along with others list as Sustainability Authors here.

America answer these questions! Are you opposed to the Cap and Trade? Are you pro-life? Do you support the Second Amendment? Do you support American Sovereignty? Do you oppose those that are promoting a global warming lie? Do you oppose the REAL ID act (which was designed by the DHS)? Do you oppose the NWO plan of Depopulation?

Then you must oppose Numbers USA, and all organizations that support and back Numbers USA. Why? Because Numbers USA has on their board of advisers individuals that are Socialist who support anti-freedom agendas. In an attempt to hide it from the public Numbers USA removed the information of the board of advisers from their website just days before the Cap and Trade bill passed in the House.

Is Agenda 21 a conspiracy theory or threat? The United Nations is dominated by Islamic nations and other under-developed states who share Obama’s vision of the American people on their knees.

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About Jim Stachowiak
Jim is the founder and editor of Freedom Fighter Radio. He refers to himself as an "Armed Infidel and Crusader Against The Beast’s Organized Religion of Government (The BORG), Islam, and any other Satanic Death Cult that would destroy our Liberty." Jim believes in and speaks out when he believes people are completely out of line and espousing views that endanger the United States Republic.

44 thoughts on “Numbers USA And Its Agenda 21 Connections Exposed

  1. If this is all true, Immigration reformers are between a rock and a hard place. These people have worked tirelessly to illustrate the damage done to American sovereignty by massive illegal immigration. Many people advocate common sense stewardship of our resources without crossing the line to Agenda 21 and climate fascism. I want to see where they fall on the spectrum before I react.

  2. It is because of the great organization, NumbersUSA, that the Kennedy/McCain amnesty attempt was killed. Your linking NumbersUSA to Agenda 21 is libelous and your motive must be to hurt the leading organization figting illegal immigration in the USA. Go here to fight against this latest mass amnesty for illegal aliens attempt.

  3. They're also teaching Agenda 21 in schools too. See (Globe Program), Green Cross International, UNESCO, and International Baccalauerate. That's why we need to abolish Dept. of Education. I say leave it up to the states and the locals like it should be!

  4. USAmerican100 says:

    Earth First link does not work.

  5. USAmerican100 says:

    Jim, I cannot find any "Board of Advisers" on the Numbers USA website. They have a "supporters" page, is that what you are referring to? If that's the case, these are people, not organizations.

  6. The morons,, the spongers, the leeches the shiftless, the lazy, the clueless keep electing the traitors, socialists the New world orderists the UNlackeys to high elected office . the government wants every body to have and RFID chip and a National ID Card but doesn't want them to prove they are eigible to vote????? And evidently nobody has enough time, money, political clout, ammunition, or balls enough to do a damn thing about it.

  7. Jim Stach is a disinfo nutjob and cannot be trusted people!!!!! He's William Gheen on steroids. Consider the source! All of these people he is slandering are part of the solution and Jim Stach is part of the PROBLEM. What a hysterical jerk!

  8. ALIPAC supports groups who have board members who are behind AGENDA 21

  9. I'm afraid I will still send those faxes until we have something better to fight with. I'll keep a watchful on them from now on tough.

  10. Thank you Freedom Outpost for publishing this article.
    I quit supporting Numbers USA during the 2008 presidential primaries, not because of anything exposed here, but because of the way they manipulated their numbers and ratings for the candidates being promoted by the GOP-E. Once I saw their willingness to be controlled in such a way it turned me off and led to the mistrust I continue to feel. At least now I know why!
    BTW, the National Right to Life did the same thing during the 2008 primary -- are they involved in some way with other nefarious plans? I mean, if Numbers USA can be so good on the illegal "immigration" thing, but so bad on most everything else, is it possible NRTL can excel at exposing the murderous abortion cabal, but be against everything else American patriots believe in? Just asking...

    • You are being a dumb ass by listening to Jim Stach - take it from personal experience

    • Wow...did I die and wake up at DU? You are calling me names and claiming something that is CLEARLY not true, since I posted 4 hours prior to that Jim Stach person you referred to. This is the first I've been on line since I got home from work and the first I've been to FreedomPost in a couple of weeks. After reading your posts here, it may be quite some time before I come back. I can get this kind of abuse on the yahoo news boards. Pathetic

  11. The overall goal of Agenda 21 and abortion on demand is to decrease the population of humans on earth and locate them to certain cities where they will not be allowed to leave unless they are granted special permission. All other areas of the planet will be a habitat for wildlife. This is the future these insane men and women want for your children. You can read about Agenda 21 and the global abortion program at the United Nations website.

  12. Just start tossing ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS out of OUR country.

  13. Lorri Anderson says:

    By the way anyone can go to UN website and search Agenda 21, and sustainable development. It is flat out disgusting and all about depopulation of the earth and control of the entire land and wealth of the earth. This goes along with those cute death panels in Obama care and all over the world. Look it up, not to mention you want to really see something neat? Look up Georgia Guide Stones Wikipedia and other articles, read what the inscription is. Sustainable development is a play on words to make people feel good about the agenda. Until you realize exactly what it's about. Then when you do it's like, omg how did I ever go along or believe in this.

  14. Lorri Anderson says:

    Just because they are the only game in town doesn't mean support them. Remember "you knock on the devils door too much he just may answer" and you may not like the answer you get, you never come out a winner when you deal with the devil

  15. This is upsetting. I have sent a bazillion faxes through Numbers USA.

  16. What is Tom Tancredo's name doing on a Sustainability Report about Minnesota?

    • Yeah, and I thought he was good guy. It proves you never know for sure.

    • You can paint a - wolf - to look like a sheep dog , but if you look close ,, you can see the fangs of the wolf.

      Never believe what you hear from them, always check to see what they do ...

    • Thank you! I waited to read all the comments before asking that same question!
      Has Tom gone over to the dark side...or was he always there to some degree?

    • Tom Tancredo was a Colorado Congressman. He has been a very strong advocate for legal immigration and the converse against ! I will check here in Colorado about the Adenda 21 charge!

    • Thanks for checking for us, Rochelle. Tom Tancredo, along with Duncan Hunter, were my favorite Congressmen. Being highly aware of Tom's work against the illegal invasion is why my eyebrows were raised on seeing his name in this article associated with Agenda 21.

    • A lot of the Agenda 21 groups will dupe people into supporting them by telling them that they are supporting planting more trees and of course people say - what's wrong with that. Then people like Jim Stach turn around and say look he supports all of Agenda 21. I bet Tancredo doesn't even know what Agenda 21 even is and you are all ready to burn him at the stake...

    • USAmerican100 says:

      Tancredo is listed as an author, this note is from their website:

      "The presence of an author does not imply an endorsement of this Website or acceptance of the views of other authors."

      Tancredo has also written opinions for the New York Times, that doesn't mean he supports the Times support for unrestricted immigration.

  17. Here's the rub and I hope readers can appreciate, because political action seems to have become all about buzzwords and not underlying ideas. First of all, just because a person cares about the environment, is not all pro-business polluter, does that mean I or they support Agenda 21? I hope not, because no one wants to live where the air is unbreathable and the water undrinkable, just to have a job. Bejiing has an airpollution problem now, because the factories that moved there didn't want to abide by US clean air standards. So there must be some kind of balance. "Sustainable" is another word that seems to've been co-opted. Some things are NOT sustainable! For example if I throw a gram of arsenic in your swimming pool every day, how long will it be before you or your family members show symptoms of arsenic poisoning, and do we care? Can we continue to treat the environment callously or should we care for it like good stewards? Yes we need industry and jobs, often the technology exists to do things much more efficiently but companies choose not to invest in improvements because they like doing things the way they're familiar. Humans resist change being forced upon them, no one likes being told what to do, and yet some people have enough cobwebs that their clocks need clearing!

    • About 5 yrs. ago, I was a die hard environmentalist contributing monthly donations to at least 11 environmental groups. I was also a Democrat at the time. I am no longer a Democrat, but neither am I a Republican. I have been a supporter of Numbers USA for the past 8 yrs. and know how instrumental they were in giving us a venue whereby we could influence the defeat of proposed immigration laws of the last 5 yrs.
      I totally agree that just by using the term "sustainability" does not mean one is supportive of Agenda 21, a truly insidious UN movement to which our gov't signed onto in the '90's
      I too still care about the environment, but know that the ecomomy and the environment are locked into a perpetual battle. It is our job to make sure a balance exists.
      In my letter to the Sierra Club cancelling my monthly donation, I stated the following:
      "That any environmental group that does not recognize the negative impact caused by massive illegal immigration on the environment does not deserve my money." That year, Former Governer Dick Lamb of CO was running for president of the Sierra Club and was insisting on a plank fighting illegal immigration. The Sierra Club hierarchy campaigned ferociously AGAINST him, he lost and the SC platform had NOTHING NEGATIVE to say about illegal immigration. Funny thing that way back then the # of illegal aliens in the country was usually estimated to be between 12 and 15 million and 5 yrs. later, 12 million is still the # most often mentioned.
      Tom Tancredo and Frosty Woolridge may have discussed "sustainability" when discussing the negative impact on water, land use, added CO2, urban sprawl, traffic congestion and the list goes on and on. The leap made here that the very use of the word SUSTAINABILITY means they or anyone else automatically supports Agenda 21 is disingenuous, ludicrous, and downright wrong.

  18. USAmerican100 says:

    Is there another organization with millions of members that are stopping excessive immigration/foreign influence in the USA which dilutes our rights, prosperity, and liberties? Until there is, Numbers USA is the only game in town.

    • ALIPAC is another great organization on immigration

    • HAHAHAHAHAH William Gheen is a carpet bagger and he is scamming money from good patriots and he does nothing at all to solve illegal immigration but play on the emotions of Americans for profit

    • So you have no problem then with an organization who has people on its board of advisers who are behind Agenda 21, abortion, gun control, and Obama? This is not my opinion but a documented fact as reflected in the membership of its board of advisers. Compromise sir is not an option and you are compromising then.

    • I have no problem with their positions on immigration and the effective lobbying they do to reduce it, in fact I support them. As for the other issues, how about pointing out their official documented positions of the organization on them, not what a couple of their members think about them.

    • Shut up Jim - you should be in a mental hospital

    • StuntmanSteve says:

      Grassfire also opposes illegal immigration and occasionally sends out petitions for various immigration issues , but aren't solely focused on it like Numbers USA is. I'll continue sending faxes via Numbers USA so long as I agree with their content.

    • CharlieSeattle says:


  19. Other things equal, correct usage will enhance the credibility of your important and timely articles. In the title of the present article, for example, you need the possessive "its," not "it's," which is a contraction of "it is." Sloppy editing may cause some readers to suspect sloppy research and reasoning, as well.

  20. retiredmillwright says:

    Good grief! Its no mystery why the US government the UN and their lackeys don't want the little Americans armed. They are taking our rights and forcing a terrible foreign agenda right down our throats