Julie Borowski Responds To Piers Morgan On Why Anyone Needs a Semi-Automatic Rifle

Piers Morgan keeps asking, "why does anyone need an assault rifle?" The AR-15 may look "scary" but it doesn't function that differently than a handgun or a shotgun. To ban guns/rifles based on how scary they look is...ignorant. The Token Libertarian Girl, Julie Borowski gives a bad impression of Piers Morgan, but does handle his arguments quite comically.

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5 thoughts on “Julie Borowski Responds To Piers Morgan On Why Anyone Needs a Semi-Automatic Rifle

  1. Piers Morgan is an Arsenal supporter. Tell him he needs an AR-15 to deal with those pesky Totenham F**ks. Hahahahahahahhahaa! JK LOL!

  2. retiredmillwright says:

    Piers Morgan is still amazed that a bunch of ragged Americans' armed with muskets, rifles, courage and the red a-- could whip the British army, the best trained and equipped army in the world at that time. It makes him angry that we Americans had to come over to Europe and pull Britain's bacon out of the fire in two world wars. Piers the answer is plain, Americans own guns, keep them in our homes and practice shooting them. Many of us are riflemen, not at all like the milk toast liberals like Piers who would never fight tyrants for the freedom of his country.

  3. 9/11 still weighs heavily on New Yorkers’ minds, as evidenced by the massive outcry against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Now, it appears, some New Yorkers are taking the War on Islam into the subways. A Muslim-hating woman was charged with murder as a "hate" crime for shoving a Queens man to his death in front of the #7 train.

    (Please note that if a muslim had done the same thing to a non-muslim the "authorities" would not

    have called it a hate crime).


  4. The enslavement of Africans you will see in this video is still being practiced in the oil-rich Gulf states, but today’s media refuse to report it because it would be “offensive to Muslims.”


  5. “Muslims discovered America,” says terror-linked CAIR’s Executive Director of Islamic Propaganda.