Is This Obamacare Consequence Intended Or Unintended?

I'll tell you up front that it is my belief that the Affordable Care Act, which we refer to as Obamacare, has intended consequences. I say this because of the history and ideology of Barack Obama and many of the Democrats in power in Washington, D.C. However, I leave it up to the reader to determine for themselves if they believe this is intended or unintended. Windber Medical Center, just 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh will stop delivering babies after March 31 of this year. The reason? The new federal health care reform.

The big announcement came on Tuesday as the board of trustees said it will be closing the obstetrician wing of the hospital at the end of March. Hospital officials' decision was based on their belief that they can't afford to continue the obstetrician program because of obstetricians either leaving or refocusing their practices and the hospital can't afford it based on their projected reimbursements nuder Obamacare.

WJACTV reports,

The hospital said two of its doctors are leaving and two others have asked to shift the focus of their practice.

"Faced with having to replace four obstetricians, the board considered all of their strategic action and concluded they wanted to focus on the gynecological care further and to not offer obstetrician services," said Barbara Cliff, president and CEO of Windber Medical Center.

Obstetrician services will be provided through March, but those expecting after April 1 will be forced to find care elsewhere.

"Their obstetrician is working very closely with them to transition their care to another provider in another hospital," said Cliff.

While Ms. Cliff did state that this part of the hospital will be closing, they will be expecting to increase other services for women's health care.

"We do have open positions within the hospital that we will hope to be able to transfer some of those staff into," said Cliff. "We are (also) working with other hospitals should there be an interest of someone transferring to another hospital."

Those women expecting children in that area after March 31 should seek alternative hospitals, like the one in Johnstown (Memorial Medical Center), or do what our family does and skip the entire hospital experience and get a midwife and have your baby at home. In my opinion, it is cheaper and better for both mother and child.

Don't think this is an isolated issue with reference to Obamacare though. There is no doubt that over the next couple of years, unless this monstrosity is repealed, that we will see doctors leaving the practice, nurses leaving as well, and the health care system in general begin to go down the tubes because of all the Federal regulations and mandates. Perhaps Obama doesn't care about the people in this small Pennsylvania town. After all they are those that Obama spoke about as being "bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

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  • MSGT Lucy Garza USMC (RET)

    TWO things Ovomit doesn't like about his Affordable Care Act.

    NRA Exec.VP, Wayne La Pierre had a sit down with Sen. Harry Reid before the 2010 election when Reid was up for reelection. To keep the powerful NRA off his back, Reid agreed to included two pro-gun stipulations in the pending Affordable Health Care Act Bill for La Pierre's. NRA.

    1. The FIRST stipulations was, there would be a "NO GUN REGISTRATION" clause included in the new health care law, contrary what Sen. Diane Feinstein wants.

    2. The SECOND stipulation was, if Ovomit gets his way to have any and all doctors (and medical reports) to include the doctor's mandate to ask the patient if they owned any, or kept any guns in their homes. That (mandate) is true! However. the Affordable Health Care Act also gives the patient the "RIGHT TO REFUSE TO ANSWER" any questions remotely related to garnering any "firearms" information.

    Senators Reid and Feinstein are now furious that this will drastically affect the gun laws that Ovomit has proposed.

    Ovomit is a snake-like crafty sort and will do anything, legal or otherwise, to harshly restrict law abiding gun owners from their second amendment rights. Ever vigilant!

    "Complacency is the friend of your enemy." - Bart Nielsen 1968

  • vet

    When people go to the hospital to get treated and find that they don't see doctors anymore and that the bureaucrats in washington now tell the doctors what they can do and can't do then welcome to my world.The VA is no different,you don't get treated only monitored.Pills are the solution to all ills.The first thing you see is a paper that they want you to sign that says do not resuscitate.Because they are not equip to handle any thing that needs fixing.Only monitoring.Nurses and assistants are the only ones that you will see for now on.Read the bill.Doctors are only there now to give the patient what the government says that you can have.And if you think you can sue for malpractice,you would be wrong.Its the government.And I'll bet allot of you didn't know that you can only go to the doctor so many times because they allotted you only so much for the year.Why do you think people come here from canada and england?Because like theirs they have to wait to get fixed even when it is life threatening.The only recourse that you now have is to go to another country like clinton did and pay cash.What a great idea this is,and don't forget the ones that are here illegally get it for free.

  • afanaglenn

    It is like the trillion dollar deficits of Obama. Are they intended or not intended. I say they are intended with moe to come, all intended to further bankrupt the country, and turn us into a socialist state or maybe even a muslim state.

  • Jude O'Connor

    2700 pages of law and 13,000 additional pages, i don't think anyone can figure it out.

  • Average Joe

    obummer care is designed to bring our health care down to the leval of any other 3rd world country. obuthead thinks we have it to good. Of corse he will still get top notch medical attenshion at our exspence.

  • Greg137

    There should be a law that if Congress never read the law, then it should be passed let alone enforced! Now the hospitals will be out of a job, unless they want to reform the medical practices.. Or they could change the name of the industry, or the practices, too hide it..
    Without the hospitals what would be the point of healthcare much less Obamacare? If that weren't enough the Government is planning to get rid of non-for profits as well.. Obama the man that took away your medicine, and you healthcare, by ending care itself!!! Obama doesn't want anyone to receive healthcare!!!!!!!!! Take medicine out of the mouths of the sick and elderly; that is Obamacare!!! We should smear him for the problems he caused, and rightfully so, he WANTs TO euthinize granny, and let criminals rape her by taking away her shotgun...

  • William B. Doyle

    see this? AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie 1:31:39)

  • J J

    I think these consequences are completely intentional. I think Obama and the Democrats knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly what they expected was going to happen. They knew exactly how many Americans were going to suffer because of Obamacare and they chose to not care!!! Their ideology is much more important than any person, group of people including babies, children, elderly. Shame on them!!!!

  • Randy131

    The original opponents of Obamacare warned everyone that it would eventually destroy the private medical system of the USA, and eventually the healthcare insurers also. Obama and the Democrats always wanted a one-payer-system, and that is for the government to take over the entire medical and healthcare system of the USA so people will then pay only the government for their medical care, which will then be meted out by government bureaucrats, according to the cost to the government. Only the very rich will have private medical care, where they and their doctors will decide on their medical care, while everyone else will be at the mercy of the government's bureauscrats, and to see how that works one only has to check out Canada's and England' healthcare system. Why does the government want to control everyones' healthcare, for the same reason Obama and the Democrats are trying their damnest to get all the people they can on government assistance, so they can control the way they vote, and when Obamacare finally does all it's damage, and the government then takes over comlete control of our medical system, with that much control over the rest of the American people, the Democrats will never lose another election. Then we are a Republic in name only, as well as a free people in name only.

    • William B. Doyle

      AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie 1:31:39)

  • jamgus24

    simple answer, it's intended.

  • Don

    Obamacare is jest something that the Obama administration thought up one night in the bath houses in Chicago and told the rest of us the next day. Did they use any thought or any kind of research and the answer to that is no. They gave it the same amount of thought when the hooker Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass it to find out what is in it. Was it such a secret and the vault would not open before they voted for it well part of that may be true but there is no doubt that they were all drunk or high on some of Obama's drugs of many kinds. I am sure Nancy Pelosi was disappointed when she found out that Obama did not have any Botox at the party and I am also sure that the Botox was the first thing on her mind when she thought it would be free under Obamacare and it most likely will be free for her.

  • yellowjeepjane

    Thank you for reminding the readers about all of us in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately the majority here seem to overlook the fact that he insulted us and has stomped on the constitution everyday since he took oath. Southwest PA has never needed to worry about having excellent hospitals and physicians until the past few years. You also can't get mental health within close proximity of your home when facilities are ready to close their doors due to financial reasons. Your article is a reminder of a few other hospitals in the same region that have decided the same.

  • Don Bahn

    I am convenced there is nothing in Obamacare that was not intended, why else would it have to be passed before we could find out what is in it

    • TexasOlTimer

      That massive bill had previously been prepared and was just sitting and waiting to be passed. That's how they were able to ram it down our throats without "anyone" reading it. The Dems already knew what was in it and there weren't enough Republicans to vote it down (whether or not they knew what was in it.) Remember the locked doors Cavuto showed us on Fox News - day after day - where the Dems had locked the Republicans out of the room.

      The only thing Obama and his followers is wanting to do is bring down our country so it can be remade in their image (See Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals which Obama studied as an organizer in Chicago working with followers of Alinsky). Everything he does follows one or sometimes multiple rules of this radical.

  • reggiec

    The left has always wanted to reduce the population. Fewer doctors and the death panels will help accomplish their goals. They have to kill off us seniors to save Social Security.

    • CamoCoyote

      Another reason to get rid of us seniors is that we can see through the scam that fools the young and ignorant.