Holy Cow! Tyranny at The Dairy

This morning I watched yet another video of something that disturbs me greatly: the events leading up to the "legal" theft of  several tons of cheese produced on a small family farm in Missouri. This, after the cheese had been embargoed for over 2 years and thus was no longer fit for consumption anyway. All of this was done in the name and at the expense of the taxpayers of Missouri, under the guise of  "food safety."

David Gumpert reports,

On Friday, the sad final scene of a two-and-a-half year tragedy will play out for Morningland Dairy. It is the once-thriving raw-cheese-making business that came under government assault in 2010 when two samples of its cheese were said to be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, even though no illnesses were ever reported.

The Missouri Milk Board and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ganged up on Morningland and obtained a court order to destroy 30,000 pounds of its cheese, implement a recall on many thousands more sold over the previous eight months, and shutter the cheese making business without providing clear guidance on how it could re-start. All this after a three-day inspection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration failed to turn up any sign of pathogens in its facilities.

Morningland fought the assault, and lost its court case, which is currently on appeal to the state’s supreme court. The embargoed cheese, after two-and-a-half years in a cooler, is pretty much rotten.

I'm not sure the greater public is aware of this, but in some states there is a near war on small dairies who produce and sell raw milk and cheese. I frequently get updates where small farmers are being raided for selling products that both the Founding Fathers and my grandfather were raised upon from their youth.

Personally, I've never drank raw milk, but I want to protect the rights of those who enjoy it and those who produce it as well. I think it's a valid question to ask: Are we really a "free people" when farmers in some states are not allowed to milk their own cows and sell that raw milk to those who enjoy it? I think not.

One of the many complaints against King George III in the Declaration of Independence was that he "erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Mather Byles, a tory clergyman in the colonial era, once asked "Which is better - to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?"

Though Mather Byles was no patriot, the question he posed was valid and seems to have found its fulfillment in our day.

Yet again, the people of this continent have swarms of officers, appointed at all levels of government, sent out to harass the people and eat out of their substance. And now the tyrants can embargo our substance until it spoils and then haul it away garbage trucks.

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About Rhett Kelley
A happily married father of 5, professional whip maker, beekeeper, Emergency Medical Technician, and imperfect follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you need a custom built whip, I'm your guy. You can follow my whip making adventures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RhettKelleyWhips
  • lokiswife

    Ironically, the FDA (Faulty Drug Administration) allows unsafe drugs and vaccines to be foisted on the American public, but gets their knickers in a knot when someone chooses to drink raw milk or eat raw cheese. Ah, yes, the raw milk and cheese producers don't pay in huge sums of money to our not-so-ethical FDA like the drug producers do...There is some interesting information on vaccines at the mercola.com site....

  • http://www.facebook.com/sljones037 Susan Lea Jones

    There is a group on Facebook called Institute For Justice that fights these types of injustices-please pass that on!

  • oldguy

    There are currently 12 and a half million people in this country with esophageil cancer from drinking soft drinks. Do you think the FDA would take on Coca Cola or Pepsi??? Absolutely not. They crawl in bed with them, take their million dollar bribes and all is hunky dory. I grew up on raw cowsmilk and butter and buttermilk. If you've never had blackberry cobbler with cream spooned off the top of fresh whole milk then you've never lived. Or home made biscuits with fresh whole butter. Wow. We do indeed live in a communist country. If I want to drink fresh whole cows milk then it is my right to seek out a trusted farmer and buy it. Not some slime off the shelf whose dairy cows have been fed some ghastly recombinant DNA that will kill me.

  • LMorris

    I got to enjoy fresh goat milk...took some getting used to but it was also more filling than processed milk. I sometimes wonder about people who are "allergic" to milk (including my own son). Are they allergic to the milk or the process of make it what it is now? I have not been able to find raw milk, otherwise I would love to put it to the test. I know some gluten reactions is due to the chemical changes to the DNA of the seeds to make them drought and pest resistent; even finding grain to make bread for my son and myself that has not been re-engineered is very difficult if not impossible. I wonder if these people face the same challenges as the raw milk dairy farmers?

  • BigUgly666

    Every "natural" farmer needs to have a pig sty with 10 or 12 pigs - they will eat "anything". When the "government" thugs come knocking, introduce them to your pig sty.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    I used to drink Alta Dena Dairy raw milk. My daughter grew up drinking it. It is no longer available due to government harassment. The only way to gt raw milk is to have your own cow. And whatever you do don't give some to your neighbors.

  • Sharon E

    Our new laws are absolutely crazy.

  • Georgiagirl64

    I'm beginning to wonder about Missouri. First they want parents to have to register their guns at the schools and now this. What's going on out there?

  • The Reader

    I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. I drank raw milk every day-there wasn't any other milk. When I went to school and they tried to force me to drink milk I would puke-the only milk I ever drink is on occasion when I can go to my relatives farms. I once met a woman who was a chemical scientist-she told me what milk is. Do you know they have to make store bought/pasterized milk white-It is no longer white when they get done with it. but yes they have a chemical for that. :)

  • isthisnameokay

    Whoever brings suit against Americans, needs to pay for it out of their own pockets -- Why should I be required to pay for a case I don't agree with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rumsower Montie Rumsower

    I don't care WHAT laws were passed. This is THEFT of PRIVATE property. NO decent judge would issue a writ to allow this. No real sheriff would ALLOW this type of crime to happen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

    I miss my cow! She was a mean old cougar, and took every chance to make me look like a fool, but she gave great milk! I miss making my own butter, buttermilk, and having the raw milk and cream to use when I needed it!
    Had a Mennonite neighbor who sold milk, but was shut down because of 6' of dirt between the cows and the door---the husband had not had time to pour the cement, and the state shut them down permanently!
    They were not the only ones, though. In our area of farming, the rich farmers got all the money that was earmarked for us smaller ones, and we were squeezed out of funds for planting, equipment and a lot of other things!
    The State of Missouri isn't bad, just that Jeff City, the capitol, is misinformed on so many things!

  • SGM Bob

    I drank raw milk, ate butter from raw milk, had cottage cheese from raw milk and never knew it was bad for me. Funny -- the FDA wasn't there to haul our milchcow away. My, how progress has affected us. Then again, I guess that depends on who is calling it progress!