Glock Girl: "Somebody Picked The Wrong Girl"

A new advertizement by gun maker Glock will make you cheer and laugh. Watch as this guy picks the wrong girl to break in on.

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  • disqus_SqJjzM5xnh

    simple as this...the door opens, bang he's dead!

  • Testa Sterone

    I would have armed myself after the first door knock with nobody visible through the peephole and then called 911 to check out the front door. I would not have checked the front door the 2nd time or stood in front of it in case he decides to bust it in and knock me on my keister. When he came through the front door, his welcoming committee would have been me, my pistol and a hollow point between the eyes!!!

  • Tyger

    Love it.

  • Timmy

    Notice how the criminals in all commercials are white,why don't they show an accurate commercial where the criminal is a ni66er?

  • Joseph P. Martino

    I'm not that keen on Glocks. They don't fit my hand right. Other people like them, however, and that's all that matters.

    In any case,, I'm glad to see the ad. It gives the right idea.

  • pFeather

    Love it. The only problem was she should have blown him away and saved us taxpayers money.