Feinstein Gun Bill's Purpose: "Dry Up The Supply Of These Weapons"

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) set up to unveil her new and improved "Assault Weapons Ban" bill today in Washington, D.C. With a display of 10 semi-automatic weapons, which she did obtain permission from both D.C. police and Capitol Hill police, Feinstein promoted her bill.

Obviously she did something that David Gregory didn't do and that was obtain permission from the police to display items that are banned by law in D.C., though quite honestly it made no difference in Gregory's case because he was not arrested or prosecuted for his blatant violation of the law. But keep in mind veterans are thrown in jail for violating similar laws.

Notice that the CNN host calls this "theatrics." This is nothing more than appeal to emotion. It is not an appeal to the mind and that is what liberals have picked up on.

I would like to know where Sen. Feinstein obtained these weapons. Who was the person or persons that provided them to her for display? One thing to demonstrate the utter ridiculousness of even the permission given by police was a flimsy theater-style railing that was put up to keep people back from the display of weapons as part of the permission granted.

Today at her press conference to introduce the bill, Feinstein said, "The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time."

Feinstein said that she was "incensed that our weak gun laws allowed these mass killings to be carried out again and again and again in our country." Yes, we'll not that gun control laws like "Gun Free Zones" are a directly related to this issue, but we don't have weak gun laws.

"Weapons, designed originally for the military to kill large numbers of people in close combat, are replicated for civilian use," she blathered. "They fall into the hands, one way or another, of grievance killers, or gangs, or those who are mentally unstable or ill. They are sold out of trunks and backseats of automobiles in cities (and we might add sometimes with the federal government's approval and watchful eye as they pass into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria)."

Feinstein also attempted to say this happens at gun shows as well, "with no questions asked." Considering that prosecution doesn't follow through I would ask her what difference does it make?

While she listed several places where mass shootings have taken place, she wrongly stated that in each the shooter used a semi-automatic assault weapon or large capacity ammunition magazine. Friends, pay close attention here. This is the heart of the matter. The incident in Tucson was with a semi-automatic handgun, not a rifle. The weapons that are on the market in gun stores are simply firearms. They are not military weapons and they are not assault weapons.

"Military style assault weapons have but one purpose, and in my view, that is a military purpose, to hold at the hip, if possible, to spray fire, to be able to kill large numbers of people," she said, demonstrating her utter ignorance. First you don't hold the weapon at your hip. It is held up at the shoulder. We are a moral people so quite often our strikes are surgical and we attempt to minimize casualties by being very accurate. Thus, why weapons, such as the AR-15, were manufactured.

Now she claims that more than 350 people have been killed and 450 injured since her first assault weapons ban expired in 2004. She doesn't cite any source for her numbers and since her definition of "assault weapons" has increased to include semi-automatic handguns and shotguns, we should be suspicious of the Senator's comments here.

"Today," she said, "my colleagues and I are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture, importation of 'assault weapons' and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than ten rounds." With this legislation Sen. Feinstein is, in effect, doing just what the British did to the our Founding Fathers.

While she talks about the new weapons that have come out being more "lethal" and "technologically advanced" than previous models, what she fails to account for if the fact that is a good thing. It is good because the Second Amendment is about the people having arms to create a militia and you don't create militia with BB guns and .22 caliber weapons, but with similar arms to that of your opposition, which in the case of the Second Amendment, assumes that your opposition is an oppressive and tyrannical government. The reason it assumes that is because it includes the reason for the militia, "being necessary to the security of a free state."

She said that her previous bill limited rifles, handguns and shotguns to two military characteristics. However, in this legislation it has been limited to one.

On top of that, she is targeting the "slide iron stock," which makes the AR-15 mimic an automatic weapon. We commonly refer to it as a "bump stock." However, no worries, I'm currently developing a device to add that will not change or alter the stock, but provide the same results at a fraction of the price, giving you even greater control of the weapon. This and "thumb hold stocks" and "bullet buttons" are some of the "loopholes" she seeks to close in the bill.

This legislation also eliminates a 10 year sunset, which means it will be in effect perpetually.

She then tells us what it will not effect and note, the things she cites has absolutely nothing to do with the Second Amendment. "It (the bill) will not effect hunting or sporting firearms. Instead the bill protects hunters and sportsmen by protecting 2,200 specifically named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes. They are by make and model exempted from the legislation."

Again, nothing in the Second Amendment about hunting and sports shooting. What the legislation should be about is protecting all arms, not some.

Finally she said that the bill will "subject existing or grandfathered weapons (these are weapons you already own) to a background check in the event the weapon is sold or transferred."

She doesn't tell you about the mandatory registration in a national database for those weapons and the additional $200 tax per weapon on those you already own, for obvious reasons.

While she talks about trying to recognize certain rights, none of those rights she spoke of are in the context of the Second Amendment. She says that "No weapon is taken from anyone." However, she makes clear what her intentions are, "The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time."

Senator Feinstein should be treated as a traitor by introducing this legislation as it violates her oath of office to support the Constitution and the Second Amendment. This is as direct an attack on the Second Amendment as the British were imposing upon our Founding Fathers and their arms prior to the War for Independence. Let's seek to solve this peacefully by flooding our Congressmen and Senators' offices demanding that they strike this legislation down and that they hold Senator Feinstein accountable for her actions. Here's a link to contact your representatives.

The NRA has responded to her legislation:

Senator Feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law-abiding citizens for decades. It's disappointing but not surprising that she is once again focused on curtailing the Constitution instead of prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health system. The American people know gun bans do not work and we are confident Congress will reject Senator Feinstein's wrong-headed approach.

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  • violater1

    Frankenbitchstein! DROP DEAD your Daddy Satan needs you in Hell to terrorize presen residents! You need to get a life but preferrably a death! Perhaps another of your minions will hear voices and run over you with an 18 wheeler then your other idiots like reid and pelosi can start a drive to outlaw semi's!

  • MrInterpid

    Old hag D Feinstein has hit the bad luck trifecta, old, fugly and mentally ill all at the same time.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    DHS has requested to placed an order for 7000 AR-15's. Sounds like they are trying to dry up the supply of AR-15's. How much ammo will they need for those 7000 guns? Looks like they are trying to dry up the 5.56 x 45mm and .223 Remington ammo.

  • petroskhan

    I wonder...how does one bring charges against a senator, congressman, etc., for violating the oath of office?

    I assume that the oath means something, and is more than ceremonial; there must be SOME repercussions for violating that oath. There should be some legal venue for bringing such charges against one violates that oath, other than relying on other politicians to do so.

  • sengal

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    Then send it on to five other people, including the one who sent it to you. Within hours five people have prayed for you and you caused a multitude of people to pray for other people. Then, sit back and watch the power of God work in your life.

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  • sengal

    Fuckenstein packs a weapon yet deprives responsible citizens from owning one. Since when is her life more important than ours? It time for this old hag to retire. She's beginning to look more and more like an old man in drag...

  • Krazeehors

    Diane Feinstein takes the award for STUPID!! This woman would not know what an "assault weapon" was if someone hit her in the face with the butt of said weapon!!
    However, my son (in the Army) doesn't even know what an assault weapon is, because his MILITARY "INSTRUCTORS" are teaching these kids that an assault weapon is "any weapon that fires 3 or more bullets with each squeeze of the trigger." A true assault weapon fires every round in the magazine with ONE trigger pull until it is empty; and they have been outlawed since 1934(?).
    Further, our military does NOT "HOLD THE WEAPON AT THE HIP AND SPRAY BULLETS."
    That statement takes the cake for "stupid comment of the millenium," so far.
    Remember, it was Ms. Feinstein who released (via press conference) critical evidence regarding the "Night Stalker Killller" that allowed him to change his modus operandi and murrderrr even more people.

  • Dianna9490

    Diane Feinstein needs to remember - SHE WILL BE IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE OVER THIS ONE! She needs to RETIRE ALONG WITH PELOSI AND REID! I will never give up my arms and I will be DAMNED if she - Oblummer or Holder take away my 2nd Ammendment without a fight! They are such CROOKS!

  • http://twitter.com/jsbrodhead Jeff Brodhead

    That Frankenstein is a dried up old hag. That's what being Progressive does to ya - sucks the life.

  • Tim Newton

    Hopefully this stiffnecked rebellious pinko bleeding heart jew will assume room temperature before we begin to lose our weapons.Why do these tit turd liberals always seem to want to exclude different groups in cases like this?

  • Georgiagirl64

    Anybody ever notice how much like a lizard Feinstein looks in the above picture? Remember those stupid science fiction movies about lizards taking over the world? Just saying................

  • Jimmie Simmons

    This woman is just plain stupid, but it took a whole lot of stupid people to vote her into office.
    Dang, that would fit the president too.

  • EdinNola

    Ms. Feinstein is knowingly violating the Constitution. In doing so she is not only making a mockery of her integrity and her oath of office, she is breaking the law. She is a criminal and must be publicly denounced as such.
    Forget about defending the second amendment. That is the law, it needs no defense at this time. Attack the criminals who are breaking the law. Primarily Obama, Feinstein and Cuomo.

  • cranky old dog

    The biggest enemy this country has now and has ever had for that matter,currently occupies the white house. Obama, Holder,Reid,ect,ect. As we point fingers and argue over the legalities of their actions they plunder and destroy this country, knowingly handing us over to our enemies. The time will eventually come to close the curtian on the Obama administration or close the curtian on America ,as it is clear our constitution is not respected or protected by our commander in chief . Stand stedfast and defend your rights now or kneel and obey your masters later !

  • KDS

    Could Feinstein be related to the infamous Scrooge! She has that old bat look about her, like rolling pin action. Punishment for everyone that doesn't think that she is right. Hey, but
    when she had a gun that was okay? She will keep hers because she will claim she needs it.
    But take ours away, when all were doing is the same thing.

  • Dan

    My letter to Sen. Feinstein on this subject;
    Dear Senator Feinstein;

    Prior to decades of propaganda and redundant or conflicting weapons laws discouraging people from owning means of protecting themselves or answering a neighbor's call for help, crime in America was very rare. America was much like Switzerland. Schools had Rifle Teams. Stevens and Winchester both made boy's training rifles that were more common than footballs.
    Murder or bank robbery was so rare it made Coast to Coast Headline News. Only banks and jewelry stores had burglar alarms. People rarely bothered to lock their home and left key chains in ignitions of their cars. Home Invasion was only possible at isolated farm houses because a call for help in the city brought armed neighbors from every direction in a matter of seconds. It was safe for children to play in parks or for Grandmothers to go for cool evening walks.

    Today after 20,000 anti-gun laws murder is so common it barely makes page 3 of the local paper.
    Legislators have intimidated and disarmed many people and discourage those who do own guns from helping others. If you let your child go to a park alone in some neighborhoods you may see his picture on milk cartons. Criminals own the streets and parks. If Grandma went for a cool evening stroll you might find her in the city morgue. Homes are kept locked with deadbolt locks and are still not safe. People put bars on the windows of their homes! Even autos have alarms!
    Each one of the 20,000+ anti-gun laws make Americans a little bit more helpless and vulnerable to violent crime. Statistics prove beyond doubt that by making crime safer these laws encourage people to become violent criminals. States that have passed Shall Issue CCW laws see an immediate reduction in violent crime and their streets become safer.
    Modern technology has actually made firearms more necessary because hidden cameras and silent alarms harden commercial targets. Many criminals are now turning to Home Invasion.
    Some of the Home Invaders are more interested in rape, torture and murder than money.
    All Home Invaders have ways to force occupants to divulge the location of hidden valuables.

    Our Government is doing everything they can to endanger the public and promote violent crime by laying off Police, making a mockery of Judge's sentences by early release of criminals from prisons and disarming civilians to render them helpless and unable to defend themselves or respond to a neighbor's call for help.

    All of this is common knowledge any Legislator should know and raises the question;
    Why do our Legislators want us to be robbed, raped, tortured and murdered in our homes?

    Most respectfully;

  • CJ

    WE will not comply, period. Arrest us and take it to the Supreme Court. We win and then we sue the pants off of them all....